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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer and politician.

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Famous poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

PoetryRate it:
Book Of GloomRate it:
Self-DeceitRate it:
The FreebooterRate it:
The MisanthropeRate it:
Restless LoveRate it:
To The Rising Full MoonRate it:
AprilRate it:
Autumn FeelingsRate it:
In SummerRate it:
Minstrel's Book - DiscordRate it:
Welcome And FarewellRate it:
To LinaRate it:
Book Of Love - Love's TormentsRate it:
Book Of Suleika - Suleika's LoveRate it:
FoundRate it:
The Wanderer's Night-SongRate it:
After-SensationsRate it:
At Midnight HourRate it:
Book Of Suleika - Love For LoveRate it:
For EverRate it:
MarchRate it:
By The River IIRate it:
Comfort In TearsRate it:
The Convivial Book - Can The Koran From Eternity Be?Rate it:
A LegacyRate it:
A ParableRate it:
A Plan The Muses EntertainedRate it:
A Plan The Muses Entertained.Rate it:
A SymbolRate it:
A Symbol.Rate it:
AdmonitionRate it:
Admonition.Rate it:
After-Sensations.Rate it:
Alexis And DoraRate it:
Anacreon's GraveRate it:
Anacreon's Grave.Rate it:
Anniversary SongRate it:
Anniversary Song.Rate it:
AnotherRate it:
Another.Rate it:
Answers In A Game Of QuestionsRate it:
Answers In A Game Of Questions.Rate it:
Apparent DeathRate it:
Apparent Death.Rate it:
April.Rate it:
As Broad As It's LongRate it:
AuthorsRate it:
Ballad Of The Banished And Returning CountRate it:
Before A Court Of JusticeRate it:
Blindman's BuffRate it:
Book Of Contemplation - FirdusiRate it:
Book Of Contemplation - Five ThingsRate it:
Book Of Contemplation - For WomanRate it:
Book Of Contemplation - SuleikaRate it:
Book Of Hafis - The UnlimitedRate it:
Book Of Hafis - To HafisRate it:
Book Of Love - One More PairRate it:
Book Of Love - The TypesRate it:
Book Of Parables - All Kinds Of MenRate it:
Book Of Parables - Bulbul's SongRate it:
Book Of Parables - From Heaven There Fell Upon The Foaming WaveRate it:
Book Of Parables - In The Koran With Strange DelightRate it:
Book Of Parables - It Is GoodRate it:
Book Of Paradise - The Privileged MenRate it:
Book Of ProverbsRate it:
Book Of Suleika - Hatem 01Rate it:
Book Of Suleika - Hatem 02Rate it:
Book Of Suleika - Hatem 03Rate it:
Book Of Suleika - In Thousand FormRate it:
Book Of Suleika - Suleika 01Rate it:
Book Of Suleika - Suleika 02Rate it:
Book Of Suleika - Suleika 03Rate it:
Book Of Suleika - Suleika 04Rate it:
Book Of Suleika - The Loving One AgainRate it:
Book Of Suleika - The Loving One SpeaksRate it:
Book Of Suleika - The ReunionRate it:
Book Of Suleika - The Sublime TypeRate it:
Book Of Suleika - These Tufted BranchesRate it:
Book Of Timur - The Winter And TimurRate it:
Book Of Timur - To SuleikaRate it:
BurialRate it:
By The RiverRate it:
Calm At SeaRate it:
Cat-PieRate it:
CelebrityRate it:
CharadeRate it:
ChristelRate it:
Conflict Of Wit And BeautyRate it:
Constancy In ChangeRate it:
Coptic SongRate it:
CourageRate it:
Death-Lament Of The Noble Wife Of Asan AgaRate it:
Declaration Of WarRate it:
Dedication - The Poems Of GoethRate it:
DepartureRate it:
Different Emotions On The Same SpotRate it:
Different ThreatsRate it:
Effects At A DistanceRate it:
EpiphaniasRate it:
EpitaphRate it:
Ergo Bibamus!Rate it:
Ever And EverywhereRate it:
ExcuseRate it:
Explanation Of An Ancient WoodcutRate it:
Explanation Of An Antique GemRate it:
Faithful EckartRate it:
FarewellRate it:
Finnish SongRate it:
First LossRate it:
Flower-SaluteRate it:
Food In TravelRate it:
Fortune Of WarRate it:
FromRate it:
FromRate it:
FromRate it:
FromRate it:
From An Album Of 1604Rate it:
From EgmontRate it:
From Faust - I. DedicationRate it:
From Faust - II. Prologue In HeavenRate it:
From Faust - III. Chorus Of AngelsRate it:
From Faust - IV. Chorus Of SpiritsRate it:
From Faust - Second Part - I.Rate it:
From Faust - V. Margaret At Her Spinning-WheelRate it:
From Faust - VI. Scene--A GardenRate it:
From Faust - VII. MARGARET, Placing Fresh Flowers In The Flower-Pots.Rate it:
From Gotz Von BerlichingenRate it:
From Iphigenia In TaurisRate it:
From The MountainRate it:
GanymedeRate it:
General ConfessionRate it:
Genial ImpulseRate it:
Ginkgo BilobaRate it:
Gipsy SongRate it:
GrowthRate it:
Happiness And VisionRate it:
HatemRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - I. KalliopeRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - II. TerpsichoreRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - III. ThaliaRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - IV. EuterpeRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - IX. UraniaRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - V. PolyhymniaRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - VI. KlioRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - VII. EratoRate it:
Hermann And Dorothea - VIII. MelpomeneRate it:
Human FeelingsRate it:
IdyllRate it:
In A WordRate it:
It Is GoodRate it:
Johanna SebusRate it:
JoyRate it:
Joy And SorrowRate it:
LegendRate it:
Leopold, Duke Of BrunswickRate it:
Like And LikeRate it:
Lily's MenagerieRate it:
Lines On Seeing Schiller's SkullRate it:
Living RemembranceRate it:
LongingRate it:
Lose The Day LoiteringRate it:
Love As A Landscape PainterRate it:
Love's DistressesRate it:
Lover In All ShapesRate it:
Mahomet's SongRate it:
Maiden WishesRate it:
MayRate it:
May SongRate it:
May Song IIRate it:
Measure Of TimeRate it:
MignonRate it:
Minstrel's Book - Song And StructureRate it:
Minstrel's Book - TalismansRate it:
Minstrel's Book - The Four FavoursRate it:
Mischievous JoyRate it:
Morning LamentRate it:
MotivesRate it:
My GoddessRate it:
My Own PropertyRate it:
Neither This Nor ThatRate it:
NemesisRate it:
New Love, New LifeRate it:
Next Year's SpringRate it:
Night SongRate it:
Night ThoughtsRate it:
November SongRate it:
Old AgeRate it:
On The DivanRate it:
On The LakeRate it:
On The New YearRate it:
Open TableRate it:
Paulo Post FuturiRate it:
PetitionRate it:
Phoebus And HermesRate it:
Playing At PriestsRate it:
Premature SpringRate it:
PresenceRate it:
PreservationRate it:
ProcemionRate it:
PrometheusRate it:
ProverbsRate it:
ProximityRate it:
Proximity Of The Beloved OneRate it:
ReciprocalRate it:
Reciprocal Invitation To The DanceRate it:
Rhymed DistichsRate it:
RinaldoRate it:
River LiliesRate it:
Rollicking HansRate it:
Roman Elegies IRate it:
Royal PrayerRate it:
Rules For MonarchsRate it:
SakontalaRate it:
SamenessRate it:
She Cannot EndRate it:
Should E'er The Loveless DayRate it:
Sicilian SongRate it:
Sir Curt's Wedding-JourneyRate it:
SolitudeRate it:
Song Of FellowshipRate it:
SongsRate it:
Sound, Sweet SongRate it:
Spirit Song Over The WatersRate it:
Such, Such Is He Who Pleaseth MeRate it:
Swiss SongRate it:
SymbolsRate it:
Table SongRate it:
Tame XeniaRate it:
The Beauteous Flower - Son Of The Imprisioned CountRate it:
The Beautiful NightRate it:
The BestRate it:
The Bliss Of AbsenceRate it:
The Bliss Of SorrowRate it:
The Book Of Paradise - The Favoured BeastRate it:
The Book Of Paradise - The Seven SleepersRate it:
The Boundaries Of HumanityRate it:
The BrethrenRate it:
The Bride Of CorinthRate it:
The BridegroomRate it:
The BuyersRate it:
The Chosen CliffRate it:
The Christmas-BoxRate it:
The Consecrated SpotRate it:
The ConvertRate it:
The Convivial Book - Ye've Often, For Our Drunkenness,Rate it:
The Country SchoolmasterRate it:
The Coy OneRate it:
The CriticRate it:
The Dance Of DeathRate it:
The Death Of The FlyRate it:
The Destruction Of MagdeburgRate it:
The Dilettante And The CriticRate it:
The Doubters And The LoversRate it:
The Drops Of NectarRate it:
The Eagle And The DoveRate it:
The EpochsRate it:
The Erl-KingRate it:
The ExchangeRate it:
The Faithless BoyRate it:
The FarewellRate it:
The First Walpurgis-NightRate it:
The FishermanRate it:
The Fool's EpilogueRate it:
The Fox And The CraneRate it:
The Fox And The HuntsmanRate it:
The Friendly MeetingRate it:
The Friendly MeetingRate it:
The FrogsRate it:
The GarlandsRate it:
The German ParnassusRate it:
The GobletRate it:
The God And The Bayadere - An Indian LegendRate it:
The GodlikeRate it:
The Goldsmith's ApprenticeRate it:
The Happy CoupleRate it:
The HeathroseRate it:
The Hunter's Even-SongRate it:
The InstructorsRate it:
The King Of ThuleRate it:
The Legend Of The HorseshoeRate it:
The Loving One Once MoreRate it:
The Loving One WritesRate it:
The Magic NetRate it:
The Maid Of The Mill's RepentanceRate it:
The Maid Of The Mill's TreacheryRate it:
The Maiden SpeaksRate it:
The Metamorphosis Of PlantsRate it:
The MinstrelRate it:
The Mountain CastleRate it:
The Mountain VillageRate it:
The MusagetesRate it:
The Muse's MirrorRate it:
The Muses' SonRate it:
The New AmadisRate it:
The New AmorRate it:
The OriginalsRate it:
The Page And The Miller's DaughterRate it:
The Pariah - LegendRate it:
The Pariah - The Pariah's PrayerRate it:
The Pariah - The Pariah's ThanksRate it:
The Prosperous VoyageRate it:
The Pupil In MagicRate it:
The Rat-CatcherRate it:
The ReckoningRate it:
The Remembrance Of The GoodRate it:
The Rule Of LifeRate it:
The Rule Of Life ExpandedRate it:
The SameRate it:
The Sea-VoyageRate it:
The Shepherd's LamentRate it:
The Soldier's ConsolationRate it:
The SpinnerRate it:
The Spirit's SaluteRate it:
The Spring OracleRate it:
The Stork's VocationRate it:
The Traveller And The Farm-MaidenRate it:
The Treasure DiggerRate it:
The Unequal MarriageRate it:
The VioletRate it:
The VisitRate it:
The Walking BellRate it:
The WandererRate it:
The Wanderer's Storm-SongRate it:
The WarningRate it:
The Way To BehaveRate it:
The WeddingRate it:
The Wedding NightRate it:
The WranglerRate it:
The YelpersRate it:
The Youth And The MillstreamRate it:
Thoughts On Jesus Christ's Decent Into HellRate it:
Threatening SignsRate it:
Three Palinodias - 01Rate it:
Three Palinodias - 02 Conflict Of Wit And BeautyRate it:
Three Palinodias - 03 Rain And RainbowRate it:
To BelindaRate it:
To CharlotteRate it:
To Father KronosRate it:
To His Coy OneRate it:
To LidaRate it:
To LunaRate it:
To MignonRate it:
To My Friend - Ode IRate it:
To My Friend - Ode IIRate it:
To My Friend - Ode IIIRate it:
To The Chosen OneRate it:
To The Distant OneRate it:
To The Golden Heart That He Wore Around His NeckRate it:
To The GrasshopperRate it:
To The HusbandmanRate it:
To The Kind ReaderRate it:
To The MoonRate it:
Trilogy Of Passion 01 To WertherRate it:
Trilogy Of Passion 02 ElegyRate it:
Trilogy Of Passion 03 AtonementRate it:
True EnjoymentRate it:
ValedictionRate it:
Vanitas! Vanitatum Vanitas!Rate it:
Venetian Epigrams IRate it:
WarningRate it:
Wedding NightRate it:
Wedding SongRate it:
When I Was Still A Youthful WightRate it:
When The Fox Dies, His Skin CountsRate it:
Who'll Buy Gods Of LoveRate it:
Winter Journey Over The Hartz MountainRate it:
With A Golden NecklaceRate it:
With A Painted RibbonRate it:
Wont And DoneRate it:

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