Famous poems by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis:

A Haven MarredRate it:
A change of AirRate it:
A Song of RainRate it:
A Square DealRate it:
An Old Man MusesRate it:
Care Free Bloke's CigarRate it:
Frank and his Little BankRate it:
Hist!Rate it:
The Dark HorseRate it:
The TeacherRate it:
'Ave a 'eart!Rate it:
An Error in CreationRate it:
Kids!Rate it:
The Cosinic CurveRate it:
'UrryRate it:
DadRate it:
EchoesRate it:
'Jim'Rate it:
CackleRate it:
The Stones of GoshRate it:
A New Damon And PythiasRate it:
BondsRate it:
Brothers O' MineRate it:
Old Town TypesRate it:
The Banana's LullabyRate it:
'A Gallant Gentleman'Rate it:
'Billy'Rate it:
'Bobbie' for BrotherhoodRate it:
'Bosses Don't Seem Right' - A Christmas MonologueRate it:
'But'Rate it:
'Eats'Rate it:
'Fathercraft'Rate it:
'Got-a-Fag'Rate it:
'I Dips me Lid'Rate it:
'Jack'Rate it:
'Jim Of Maribyrnong'Rate it:
'John T'Rate it:
'KSmith'Rate it:
'Mac'Rate it:
'Me, A Sinner'Rate it:
'Musterin'Rate it:
'Ned'Rate it:
'Paw'Rate it:
'Stone the Crows'Rate it:
'The Lone Wolf Of Canberra'Rate it:
'The Wonga Pigeon'Rate it:
'The Yellow Tailed Thornbill'Rate it:
A Ballad for Elderly KidsRate it:
A Ballad of FreedomRate it:
A Beauty HintRate it:
A Blind Man in the StreetRate it:
A BouquetRate it:
A Bush ChristmasRate it:
A Case for KingsRate it:
A Chantey of Labor's LostRate it:
A Cricket CasualtyRate it:
A Deep Sea ChanteyRate it:
A Different MeaningRate it:
A Different RouteRate it:
A Digger's TaleRate it:
A Dirge of the Morning AfterRate it:
A Dogs' ViewRate it:
A Duty Done - 1933Rate it:
A Duty Done - 1935Rate it:
A Fair ExchangeRate it:
A Fair RiskRate it:
A Fair SpinRate it:
A Fair WarningRate it:
A Few Lines to BeautyRate it:
A Few Remarks on Goats, Asses and the Dead HandRate it:
A Forest SceneRate it:
A Freak of SpringRate it:
A Guide for PoitsRate it:
A Holy WarRate it:
A Hymn Of HeatRate it:
A Land ShantyRate it:
A Letter From EnglandRate it:
A Letter to the FrontRate it:
A Likely LadRate it:
A Lonely ManRate it:
A Love LetterRate it:
A Love SongRate it:
A Matter Of DegreeRate it:
A Matter Of PrivacyRate it:
A Message: Armistice Day 1936Rate it:
A Mixed CrewRate it:
A Morning SongRate it:
A New Year ThoughtRate it:
A New Year's ToastRate it:
A Post-Cup TaleRate it:
A Quest for TophetRate it:
A Song Of AnzacRate it:
A Spring SongRate it:
A War MarchRate it:
A Warning to LadiesRate it:
A Woman's WayRate it:
Accent ConsciousRate it:
AccorjinsRate it:
Adulations Artful AidRate it:
Advance AustraliaRate it:
Aesthete in the AvenueRate it:
Affable AlfRate it:
African InterludeRate it:
Aha! BewareRate it:
Aldermen and AntirrhinumRate it:
All Fools' DayRate it:
An Appeal to End AppealsRate it:
An Appeal to WomenRate it:
An Apt PupilRate it:
An Echo from AfricaRate it:
An EpitaphRate it:
An Old MasterRate it:
Another Economic RiddleRate it:
Another FusionRate it:
Antarctic PioneersRate it:
AnticlimaxRate it:
AnzacRate it:
Anzac EveRate it:
Anzac Square: What The Digger SaidRate it:
Arch CriminalRate it:
Armistice Day 1933Rate it:
Armistice: To His Dead Cobber From The Sentimental BlokeRate it:
Art is Long - Hair is ShorterRate it:
As Between PensionersRate it:
As Old George SaidRate it:
Asking Too MuchRate it:
Aunt Evangeline ApprovesRate it:
Autumn InterludeRate it:
Autumn SongRate it:
Averted ViolenceRate it:
Bacchus MarshRate it:
Ballad of Bopard DefiedRate it:
Ballad of Captious CriticsRate it:
Ballad of LiegesRate it:
BallaratRate it:
Barley GrassRate it:
Beauty's BlemishRate it:
Beef TeaRate it:
Before the WarRate it:
BenallaRate it:
BendigoRate it:
BertRate it:
BillRate it:
Billy's PolicemanRate it:
Bird - SeedRate it:
Bird SongRate it:
Bird Song - CrowRate it:
Bird Song - KookaburraRate it:
Birds, Batsmen and BowlersRate it:
Birthday HonoursRate it:
Black and WhiteRate it:
Black SaturdayRate it:
Black-OutRate it:
BlokesRate it:
BobbieRate it:
Bones, A.B. is RemindedRate it:
Bottle-O BennyRate it:
Bountiful RainRate it:
Breathing-TimeRate it:
Bridles for ButterfliesRate it:
BrightRate it:
Brightness Breaches and the BeakRate it:
Brown's TramRate it:
BushmenRate it:
Caesar RedivivusRate it:
Call for ContributionsRate it:
CamperdownRate it:
Carnival TimeRate it:
CataclysmRate it:
CharityRate it:
CheekRate it:
Cherchez La FemmeRate it:
CherryRate it:
Christmas SceneRate it:
City of DreamsRate it:
Cobbers and QuidsRate it:
ColacRate it:
Come Ye HomeRate it:
Conducted TourRate it:
Confidential CanberraRate it:
ConsummationRate it:
ConvalescenceRate it:
CookedRate it:
CoquetteRate it:
CorryongRate it:
Cosmic Comic ReliefRate it:
Country DoctorsRate it:
Country PubsRate it:
Country Roads ~ Pretty SallyRate it:
Country Roads ~ The New Chum RoadRate it:
Country Roads ~ White Horse RoadRate it:
Country Towns - BoortRate it:
Country Towns - PortlandRate it:
CowRate it:
Culture and CopsRate it:
Cup CoupletsRate it:
CuppacumalongaRate it:
Dad on the TestRate it:
Dad's Philanthropic PlanRate it:
DandenongRate it:
DargoRate it:
DawnRate it:
DefinitionsRate it:
Digger SmithRate it:
Dinner and DintyRate it:
Discerning Mr. MurphyRate it:
Disputed BoundariesRate it:
Distrust AppearancesRate it:
DogsRate it:
DoreenRate it:
Down, But Not OutRate it:
Drapers DummiesRate it:
Duck an' FowlRate it:
Dummy BridgeRate it:
DuskRate it:
DustRate it:
Early Morning TeaRate it:
Earth's Oldest ShowRate it:
EchucaRate it:
Election AftermathRate it:
Emily AnnRate it:
Ep - and - EinRate it:
ErbRate it:
EscapeRate it:
Ethics for InfantsRate it:
Farewell Cable TramRate it:
Fiduciary FriendshipRate it:
Fire BugsRate it:
Fitzmickle UnbendsRate it:
FlamesRate it:
For A Canberra TabletRate it:
For The DefenceRate it:
Forbidden FruitRate it:
Frank the JesterRate it:
FrankensteinRate it:
FredRate it:
French LeaveRate it:
From Fame to FowlsRate it:
Fruit of EarthRate it:
Fruits of VictoryRate it:
Further Afric EchoesRate it:
Fust Mate JoeRate it:
FutilityRate it:
Galloping DaysRate it:
Galloping HorsesRate it:
Gardeners GrouchRate it:
GeelongRate it:
Gentlemen!Rate it:
George Jones ReflectsRate it:
George Jones WondersRate it:
Get WorkRate it:
Ghost That Wouldn't Lie StillRate it:
Ginger's CobberRate it:
Git-Yer-GunRate it:
Glory!Rate it:
Going to SchoolRate it:
Golden SilenceRate it:
Good FridayRate it:
Goophic PhantasmRate it:
Granny Discovers Another TigerRate it:
Green WallsRate it:
Grey ThrushRate it:
Grey Thrush at the DoorRate it:
Growing PainsRate it:
Growing UpRate it:
Guardian AngelsRate it:
GusRate it:
Hakim KahnRate it:
Half a ManRate it:
Happy Heathen: (With limited apologies to G.K.C.)Rate it:
HatsRate it:
Haw!Rate it:
HealesvilleRate it:
Heat-WaveRate it:
Heigh, Ho!Rate it:
Her Majesty the RoseRate it:
His Bread And His ArtRate it:
HitchedRate it:
Hitting It Up With HitlerRate it:
Hoch Der Hausfrau!Rate it:
HopeRate it:
Hopeful HawkinsRate it:
How we backed the FavouriteRate it:
Hundreds And ThousandsRate it:
Hymn of FutilityRate it:
I WonderRate it:
Ideal And AftermathRate it:
If Cohen WouldRate it:
If It's Modern It's RightRate it:
IgnoramusRate it:
IlluminationsRate it:
ImmuneRate it:
Important PeopleRate it:
In A Forest Garden: A Promise of SpringRate it:
In Spadger's LaneRate it:
In The DoldrumsRate it:
In The First Elective MinistryRate it:
In TimeRate it:
InevitableRate it:
IngavarRate it:
Intangible TigersRate it:
Introducing the Day FamilyRate it:
Introduction to Ginger MickRate it:
Introduction: Rose of SpadgersRate it:
InuredRate it:
It Isn't CricketRate it:
It Was Never ContemplatedRate it:
It's No Joke to One BlokeRate it:
January 2ndRate it:
JimRate it:
Jim's GirlRate it:
John GalsworthyRate it:
Joi, The GlugRate it:
Jones M.P.Rate it:
Jove's OpportunityRate it:
K'ShooRate it:
Kemal - The Posh PashaRate it:
KilmoreRate it:
Kilts, Ye KenRate it:
King Billy Chips InRate it:
Kisses And The Rhythmic PrincipleRate it:
Knights Of The Never NeverRate it:
Laissez-FaireRate it:
LandlubbersRate it:
LangwidgeRate it:
Last LandfallRate it:
Last VerseRate it:
Laura DaysRate it:
Lay Of Last MonkeyRate it:
Leg TheoryRate it:
Legs And The ManRate it:
LilydaleRate it:
LimitationsRate it:
Lines Written in HospitalRate it:
Listen, Elaine!Rate it:
Listeners LuckRate it:
Little Miss MuffetRate it:
Logic and Spotted DogRate it:
LonelinessRate it:
LorneRate it:
LotsertimeRate it:
Loving But Leaving (A Sob Song for Conscientious Crooners)Rate it:
LullabyRate it:
Ma Mammy's Done Me In: A New Theme SongRate it:
Mad, But Not So MadRate it:
Mallee WifeRate it:
MarRate it:
March FliesRate it:
March of MemoriesRate it:
Masefield, Poet And ManRate it:
MateshipRate it:
MelbaRate it:
Mid-Winter MonodyRate it:
MilduraRate it:
Modern HygieneRate it:
Monday MorningRate it:
MoonlightRate it:
More for the MoneyRate it:
Morning GloryRate it:
Mother's DayRate it:
Mr Fitzmickle Has A Test Match FrightRate it:
Mugga MuggaRate it:
Murray's RideRate it:
MuttonRate it:
My EpitaphRate it:
My ScenarioRate it:
NarcissusRate it:
NocturneRate it:
Obadiah BellRate it:
OgsRate it:
Old Black JackoRate it:
Old Bob BlairRate it:
Old Farmer JackRate it:
Old Jim ShoreRate it:
Old Pete ParradayRate it:
Old Town Types No 20 - Mr Blades the ButcherRate it:
Old Town Types No. 10 - Big Doc LittlejohnRate it:
Old Town Types No. 12 - Mrs Munn, The NurseRate it:
Old Town Types No. 13 - Larrikin LukeRate it:
Old Town Types No. 15 - Mrs Felix DonnettRate it:
Old Town Types No. 16 - Mr TankRate it:
Old Town Types No. 18Rate it:
Old Town Types No. 21 - Mr Woolin-WisterRate it:
Old Town Types No. 22 - The BakerRate it:
Old Town Types No. 23 - Little Miss MixRate it:
Old Town Types No. 25 - Black Peter MylohRate it:
Old Town Types No. 26 - Dr. Andy DeverauxRate it:
Old Town Types No. 28 - Lah-Di-Dah LaneRate it:
Old Town Types No. 29 - Miss Trapp, The Music TeacherRate it:
Old Town Types No. 4 - Our Mr. TrimRate it:
Old Town Types No. 5 - Mr Mead The PrinterRate it:
Old Town Types No. 6 - Flash PhilRate it:
Old Town Types No. 7Rate it:
Old Town Types No. 9 - Long John, The SnobRate it:
Old Town Types No.1 - The Old TownRate it:
Old Town Types No.11Rate it:
Old Town Types No.15 - Mrs Felix DonnettRate it:
Old Town Types No.17- Mr Bodge the BankerRate it:
Old Town Types No.2 - Red MattRate it:
Old Town Types No27 - Sergeant Mat McGillicuddyRate it:
OmeoRate it:
On the Road to JerichoRate it:
On With the Dance!Rate it:
One Dull ManRate it:
One Happy ManRate it:
One Hundred YearsRate it:
Our Black BrudderRate it:
Our CowRate it:
Our Rampant Coat-Of-ArmsRate it:
Our StreetRate it:
Our Town AwakesRate it:
Out WestRate it:
Over the FenceRate it:
Perpetual MotionRate it:
Pilot CoveRate it:
PlaytimeRate it:
PoetsRate it:
Politics for Tots: Lesson 2~ "The Party"Rate it:
Polly DibbsRate it:
PossumRate it:
Preface: Old Gosh RhymeRate it:
Quantum SufficitRate it:
RabbitsRate it:
Red RobinRate it:
RedivivusRate it:
RenascenceRate it:
Riding SongRate it:
Roamin' FreeRate it:
RoseRate it:
Sanctuary Scorned [1936]Rate it:
Sari BairRate it:
Sawin' WoodRate it:
Sling It!Rate it:
Son of a FoolRate it:
Song of Insane GardenerRate it:
Song of SnobsRate it:
Spike WeggRate it:
Spots Through the AgesRate it:
Spring DeliriumRate it:
SuburbiaRate it:
Summer SanctuaryRate it:
Swingin' DouglasRate it:
Sym, Son of JoyRate it:
Tea TalkRate it:
Termarter SorceRate it:
The Age of ReasonRate it:
The Alcoholic AlbatrossRate it:
The Also-RanRate it:
The Alternative - 1908Rate it:
The Alternative - 1927Rate it:
The Anonymous AltruistRate it:
The Ant ExplorerRate it:
The Anti-SocialistRate it:
The ApologistRate it:
The Artist and the AldermanRate it:
The Austral-aiseRate it:
The Automatic UmpireRate it:
The AxemanRate it:
The BakerRate it:
The Ballad of Bill's BreechesRate it:
The BandRate it:
The Bar-Room PatriotRate it:
The BarberRate it:
The Barber's StoryRate it:
The Barter BoomRate it:
The Battle Of The WazzirRate it:
The BattlerRate it:
The Bench and the Blonde in BlackRate it:
The Bleating of the SheepRate it:
The Bloke Wot Gits The GirlsRate it:
The Blue KingfisherRate it:
The Bolshie NurseRate it:
The Boobook OwlRate it:
The Boon of DiscontentRate it:
The BoreRate it:
The Boys Out ThereRate it:
The Bridge Across the CrickRate it:
The Broken SanctuaryRate it:
The Broken-TeapotRate it:
The Bronze-Wing PigeonRate it:
The BucolicsRate it:
The BuildersRate it:
The Bulldog BreedRate it:
The Bush FireRate it:
The Bush VeteranRate it:
The Cab Horses' StoryRate it:
The CallRate it:
The Call Of StoushRate it:
The CalmRate it:
The Candid CandidateRate it:
The Capital SiteRate it:
The CastawayRate it:
The CensorRate it:
The Chase of AgesRate it:
The Children of the SunRate it:
The CircusRate it:
The ClerkRate it:
The Corpse That Won't Lie StillRate it:
The Creed of Old George JonesRate it:
The Criminal WarRate it:
The CrisisRate it:
The CrusadersRate it:
The DanceRate it:
The Dawn DanceRate it:
The Day of UnrestRate it:
The Deadly DummyRate it:
The DebateRate it:
The DefenceRate it:
The Demon MilkRate it:
The DictatorRate it:
The Dinkum Aussie BlockRate it:
The Disagreeable MusicianRate it:
The Disillusioned FuseRate it:
The Dominant MaleRate it:
The Dove Has A WordRate it:
The Down-Hill TrackRate it:
The DramaRate it:
The Dream and the CupRate it:
The Drought King's TrumpeterRate it:
The DroversRate it:
The Dusky Wood-SwallowRate it:
The Eastern Shrike-TitRate it:
The Elusive New Zoo GnuRate it:
The End of JoiRate it:
The Eternal CircleRate it:
The ExceptionRate it:
The ExilesRate it:
The ExpertRate it:
The Expert and The ApricotRate it:
The Faith of Old George JonesRate it:
The Faith of Old George Jones [2]Rate it:
The Faithless FantodsRate it:
The Fall of FitzmickleRate it:
The Faltering KnightRate it:
The Famine and The FeastRate it:
The Farmer's LamentRate it:
The Fate of a HarpistRate it:
The Fool and the FireRate it:
The Fortunes of Grandison LeeRate it:
The FowlRate it:
The Freetrade Rabbit PieRate it:
The GameRate it:
The Genesis of Gloom [Australian Variety]Rate it:
The Germ ChaserRate it:
The Gloomy VictorianRate it:
The Glug QuestRate it:
The Golden AgeRate it:
The Golden WhistlerRate it:
The GoldfinchRate it:
The Great God GuffRate it:
The Grey FantailRate it:
The Grey GoshawkRate it:
The Griefs of Ancient GoshRate it:
The Ground ThrushRate it:
The Growth of SymRate it:
The Hacking SongRate it:
The HandicapRate it:
The Heart of the DoveRate it:
The Heritage Of EaseRate it:
The Hidden CityRate it:
The High PriestRate it:
The Hoary PrecedentRate it:
The Holy ConstitutionRate it:
The Homeward TrackRate it:
The HulkRate it:
The Hundredth YearRate it:
The HymnRate it:
The I'd like to be........ seriesRate it:
The Idle SonRate it:
The IdolatorsRate it:
The Impervious IcebergRate it:
The IncorrigibleRate it:
The IncubusRate it:
The Indian MynaRate it:
The InsectRate it:
The InterloperRate it:
The IntroRate it:
The IntroRate it:
The InvalidRate it:
The Joy RideRate it:
The KickRate it:
The KidRate it:
The KidRate it:
The Kid Around The CornerRate it:
The Kindly CopperRate it:
The Knight's ReturnRate it:
The LackRate it:
The Land Down-UnderRate it:
The Last SundownerRate it:
The Leader That Was PushedRate it:
The League Of YouthRate it:
The Lean, Brown ManRate it:
The Liberal ConstitutionRate it:
The LingothatweuzeRate it:
The Lips Of AgesRate it:
The ListenerRate it:
The Listening WeekRate it:
The Little Black CormorantRate it:
The Little HomesRate it:
The Little PeopleRate it:
The Little Red DogRate it:
The Logic Of Anti-SoshRate it:
The Long Road HomeRate it:
The Looking GlassRate it:
The LoversRate it:
The Lure Of SpringRate it:
The Lure of TreesRate it:
The Lyre-Tailed MenuraRate it:
The MadmanRate it:
The Magpie LarkRate it:
The MarchRate it:
The Martyr of BoviniaRate it:
The Martyred DemocratRate it:
The Mellowing Of JoeRate it:
The MendicantsRate it:
The Mercenary ViewRate it:
The Merry SportsmenRate it:
The Milch KangarooRate it:
The Milk BillyRate it:
The MinglersRate it:
The MirrorRate it:
The Modern CherubRate it:
The Mooch O' LifeRate it:
The Mountain LabouredRate it:
The Music of your VoiceRate it:
The MysticRate it:
The Oil from Bill ShaneRate it:
The Old Brass RailRate it:
The Old Gunn's Gully LineRate it:
The Old ShantyRate it:
The Old White HorseRate it:
The Over-Fed FuseRate it:
The Pallid CuckooRate it:
The PhilistineRate it:
The PiemanRate it:
The PlayRate it:
The PorterRate it:
The PostmanRate it:
The PushRate it:
The Reaper in the BushRate it:
The Rhymes of SymRate it:
The Roads' EndRate it:
The Rose and the BeeRate it:
The SailorRate it:
The Satin Bower-BirdRate it:
The SeerRate it:
The Sentimental BlokeRate it:
The Shorter WeekRate it:
The ShrineRate it:
The Silent MemberRate it:
The Silver-EyeRate it:
The Singing SoldiersRate it:
The SirenRate it:
The Song of the Sulky StockmanRate it:
The SpoilersRate it:
The Spotted HeifersRate it:
The Stoush O' DayRate it:
The Straight GriffinRate it:
The Stror 'At CootRate it:
The SwagmanRate it:
The Swanks of GoshRate it:
The TravellerRate it:
The TriantiwontigongolopeRate it:
The VisionRate it:
The Warrior KingRate it:
The Way OutRate it:
The Weary PhilosopherRate it:
The White FoxgloveRate it:
The Wicket Cricket CriticRate it:
The WobbleRate it:
The WobblersRate it:
The Woes of BillRate it:
The Wonders of the One Pound NoteRate it:
The WooerRate it:
The Yellow RobinRate it:
There Once Was A Fellow Called CrollRate it:
There's a Good Time ComingRate it:
Things to ComeRate it:
This Momentous MummeryRate it:
ThistledownRate it:
To a Dead MateRate it:
To The Boys Who Took The CountRate it:
To the Memory of Claude MarquetRate it:
ToolangiRate it:
Two VeteransRate it:
Uncle JimRate it:
Upon the Road to RockaboutRate it:
ValeRate it:
Vi'litsRate it:
WaitingRate it:
WalhallaRate it:
Wanderers LostRate it:
WangarattaRate it:
Wangled by the WaysideRate it:
WarRate it:
War SongRate it:
War's End Armistice Day 1935Rate it:
WarrnamboolRate it:
Washing DayRate it:
We Mean to SayRate it:
WearyRate it:
Week-endsRate it:
WestRate it:
WetRate it:
WhalesRate it:
WheatRate it:
When So DispogedRate it:
When The Sun's Behind The HillRate it:
Whose Blame?Rate it:
Why a Picnic, Jane?Rate it:
Why!Rate it:
WinterRate it:
Winter RhapsodyRate it:
Wisdom after VictoryRate it:
Wooloomooloo (A Riddle)Rate it:
Work or ReflectionRate it:
Yarra FlatsRate it:
Yarra GlenRate it:
YarrawongaRate it:
You and IRate it:
Youth RevisitedRate it:
Yule Fever (With apologies to the King's Minstrel)Rate it:

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