Famous poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar:

In Summer TimeRate it:
A Song (#1)Rate it:
DeathRate it:
Dream Song IRate it:
Johnny SpeaksRate it:
My Corn-Cob PipeRate it:
TemptationRate it:
The Corn-Stalk FiddleRate it:
The DebtRate it:
The ParadoxRate it:
We Wear the MaskRate it:
In the MorningRate it:
RetortRate it:
EncouragementRate it:
On The RiverRate it:
Liza MayRate it:
A Coquette ConqueredRate it:
A Spring WooingRate it:
Good-NightRate it:
The ConquerorsRate it:
A Back-Log SongRate it:
A Banjo SongRate it:
A Border BalladRate it:
A Boy's Summer SongRate it:
A Bridal MeasureRate it:
A Cabin TaleRate it:
A CareerRate it:
A ChoiceRate it:
A Christmas FolksongRate it:
A ConfidenceRate it:
A Corn-SongRate it:
A Death SongRate it:
A Drowsy DayRate it:
A Farm House by the RiverRate it:
A Florida NightRate it:
A FrolicRate it:
A Golden DayRate it:
A GrievanceRate it:
A HymnRate it:
A Lazy DayRate it:
A LetterRate it:
A Little Christmas BasketRate it:
A Lost DreamRate it:
A Love LetterRate it:
A Love SongRate it:
A LyricRate it:
A MadrigalRate it:
A Misty DayRate it:
A MusicalRate it:
A Negro Love SongRate it:
A Plantation MelodyRate it:
A Plantation PortraitRate it:
A PleaRate it:
A Poem Of FaithRate it:
A PrayerRate it:
A PreferenceRate it:
A RoadwayRate it:
A Sailor's SongRate it:
A Song (#2)Rate it:
A Song (#3)Rate it:
A Song (#3)Rate it:
A SpiritualRate it:
A Starry NightRate it:
A Summer PastoralRate it:
A Summer's NightRate it:
A Thanksgiving PoemRate it:
A Warm Day In WinterRate it:
A Winter's DayRate it:
AbsenceRate it:
AccountabilityRate it:
AdviceRate it:
After a VisitRate it:
After Many DaysRate it:
After The QuarrelRate it:
After While. A Poem Of FaithRate it:
Alexander Crummell--DeadRate it:
AliceRate it:
An Ante-Bellum SermonRate it:
An Easy Goin' FellerRate it:
An Old MemoryRate it:
AnchoredRate it:
AngelinaRate it:
AppreciationRate it:
At Candle-Lightin' TimeRate it:
At Cheshire CheeseRate it:
At Lofting-HoltRate it:
At NightRate it:
At Sunset TimeRate it:
At the TavernRate it:
BalladRate it:
BalladeRate it:
Behind The ArrasRate it:
Bein' Back HomeRate it:
Beyond The YearsRate it:
Black Sampson Of BrandywineRate it:
BlueRate it:
Booker T. WashingtonRate it:
Breaking The CharmRate it:
By Rugged WaysRate it:
By The StreamRate it:
Changing TimeRate it:
Chrismus Is A-Comin'Rate it:
Chrismus On The PlantationRate it:
ChristmasRate it:
Christmas CarolRate it:
Christmas In The HeartRate it:
Circumstances Alter CasesRate it:
Columbian OdeRate it:
Common ThingsRate it:
CommunionRate it:
ComparisonRate it:
ConfessionalRate it:
ConfirmationRate it:
Conscience And RemorseRate it:
CuriosityRate it:
CurtainRate it:
Dat Ol' Mare O' MineRate it:
DawnRate it:
DayRate it:
De Critters' DanceRate it:
De Way T'ings ComeRate it:
Deacon Jones' GrievanceRate it:
DeadRate it:
DelyRate it:
DespairRate it:
Dey know.Rate it:
DifferencesRate it:
Dinah Kneading DoughRate it:
DiplomacyRate it:
DirgeRate it:
Dirge For A SoldierRate it:
Disappointed.Rate it:
DiscoveredRate it:
DistinctionRate it:
DouglassRate it:
Dream Song IIRate it:
Dreamin' TownRate it:
DreamsRate it:
DrizzleRate it:
EmancipationRate it:
EncouragedRate it:
EquipmentRate it:
Ere Sleep Comes Down To Soothe The Weary EyesRate it:
EveningRate it:
ExpectationRate it:
FaithRate it:
Farewell To ArcadyRate it:
FishingRate it:
Foolin' Wid De SeasonsRate it:
For The Man Who FailsRate it:
ForeverRate it:
Frederick DouglassRate it:
From The Porch At RunnymedeRate it:
FulfillmentRate it:
Growin' GrayRate it:
Harriet Beecher StoweRate it:
He had his DreamRate it:
Her Thoughts And HisRate it:
HopeRate it:
How Lucy BackslidRate it:
How Shall I Woo TheeRate it:
Howdy, Honey, HowdyRate it:
Hunting SongRate it:
HymnRate it:
IfRate it:
If I Could But ForgetRate it:
In An English GardenRate it:
In AugustRate it:
In MayRate it:
In SummerRate it:
In The Tents Of AkbarRate it:
InspirationRate it:
Invitation to LoveRate it:
IoneRate it:
Itching HeelsRate it:
James Whitcomb RileyRate it:
JealousRate it:
JiltedRate it:
Joggin' ErlongRate it:
Just Whistle A BitRate it:
Keep A Song Up On De WayRate it:
Keep A-Pluggin' AwayRate it:
KidnapedRate it:
L'EnvoiRate it:
Li'l' GalRate it:
LifeRate it:
Life's TragedyRate it:
LimitationsRate it:
LincolnRate it:
Little Brown BabyRate it:
Little Lucy LandmanRate it:
LonesomeRate it:
Long AgoRate it:
LongingRate it:
LoveRate it:
Love And GriefRate it:
Love DespoiledRate it:
Love's ApotheosisRate it:
Love's CastleRate it:
Love's ChasteningRate it:
Love's DraftRate it:
Love's HumilityRate it:
Love's PhasesRate it:
Love's SeasonsRate it:
Love-SongRate it:
Lover's LaneRate it:
LullabyRate it:
Lyrics Of Love And SorrowRate it:
Mare RubrumRate it:
MelancholiaRate it:
Merry AutumnRate it:
MisapprehensionRate it:
MorningRate it:
Morning Song Of LoveRate it:
MortalityRate it:
My Lady Of Castle GrandRate it:
My Little March GirlRate it:
My Sort O' ManRate it:
My Sweet Brown GalRate it:
Nature And Art. To My Friend Charles Booth NettletonRate it:
NightRate it:
Night Of LoveRate it:
Night, Dim NightRate it:
Noddin' By De FireRate it:
NoonRate it:
Nora: A SerenadeRate it:
Not they who soarRate it:
Nutting SongRate it:
OctoberRate it:
Ode for Memorial DayRate it:
Ode to EthiopiaRate it:
OldRate it:
On A Clean BookRate it:
On A Sea WallRate it:
On The Death Of W. C.Rate it:
On The Dedication Of Dorothy HallRate it:
On The RoadRate it:
One LifeRate it:
OpportunityRate it:
Over The HillsRate it:
PartedRate it:
Passion And LoveRate it:
PhilosophyRate it:
PhyllisRate it:
Poor Withered RoseRate it:
PossessionRate it:
PossumRate it:
Possum TrotRate it:
PrecedentRate it:
PremonitionRate it:
PreparationRate it:
PrometheusRate it:
PromiseRate it:
ProtestRate it:
Puttin' The Baby AwayRate it:
Rain-SongsRate it:
ReligionRate it:
ReluctanceRate it:
RememberedRate it:
ResignationRate it:
ResponseRate it:
RetrospectionRate it:
Riding To TownRate it:
Right's SecurityRate it:
Robert Gould ShawRate it:
RosesRate it:
Roses And PearlsRate it:
ScampRate it:
She Gave Me A RoseRate it:
She Told Her BeadsRate it:
Ships that Pass in the NightRate it:
Signs of the TimesRate it:
SilenceRate it:
Slow Through The DarkRate it:
Snowin'Rate it:
Soliloquy Of A TurkeyRate it:
SongRate it:
Song Of SummerRate it:
Sonnet On An Old Book With Uncut LeavesRate it:
Speakin' At De Cou't-HouseRate it:
Speakin' O' ChristmasRate it:
Spring FeverRate it:
Spring SongRate it:
Summer in the SouthRate it:
SunsetRate it:
SupposeRate it:
SympathyRate it:
The AwakeningRate it:
The BarrierRate it:
The BohemianRate it:
The Boogah ManRate it:
The CaptureRate it:
The ChangeRate it:
The Change Has ComeRate it:
The ChaseRate it:
The Colored BandRate it:
The Colored SoldiersRate it:
The CrisisRate it:
The DanceRate it:
The Death Of The First BornRate it:
The DelinquentRate it:
The Deserted PlantationRate it:
The Dilettante: A Modern TypeRate it:
The DiscoveryRate it:
The DisturberRate it:
The DoveRate it:
The DreamerRate it:
The End Of The ChapterRate it:
The Fisher Child's LullabyRate it:
The Forest GreetingRate it:
The Fount Of TearsRate it:
The GarretRate it:
The GourdRate it:
The Haunted OakRate it:
The King Is DeadRate it:
The KnightRate it:
The LapseRate it:
The Lawyers' WaysRate it:
The LessonRate it:
The Lily Of The ValleyRate it:
The Looking-GlassRate it:
The Lover And The MoonRate it:
The Made to Order SmileRate it:
The Making UpRate it:
The Master-PlayerRate it:
The MastersRate it:
The Meadow LarkRate it:
The Memory Of MarthaRate it:
The Monk's WalkRate it:
The Murdered LoverRate it:
The MysteryRate it:
The Mystic SeaRate it:
The NewsRate it:
The Ol' TunesRate it:
The Old Apple-TreeRate it:
The Old CabinRate it:
The Old Front GateRate it:
The Old HomesteadRate it:
The PartyRate it:
The PathRate it:
The Phantom KissRate it:
The PhotographRate it:
The Place Where The Rainbow EndsRate it:
The Plantation Child's LullabyRate it:
The PoetRate it:
The Poet and his SongRate it:
The Poet And The BabyRate it:
The PoolRate it:
The QuiltingRate it:
The Real QuestionRate it:
The Right to DieRate it:
The Rising Of The StormRate it:
The RivalsRate it:
The River Of RuinRate it:
The Sand-ManRate it:
The SecretRate it:
The SeedlingRate it:
The SongRate it:
The SparrowRate it:
The Spellin'-BeeRate it:
The Stirrup CupRate it:
The SumRate it:
The TrystRate it:
The Turning Of The Babies In The BedRate it:
The Unlucky AppleRate it:
The Unsung HeroesRate it:
The ValseRate it:
The VeteranRate it:
The VisitorRate it:
The Voice Of The BanjoRate it:
The Warrior's PrayerRate it:
The Wind And The SeaRate it:
The WooingRate it:
The WraithRate it:
Then And NowRate it:
TheologyRate it:
Thou Art My LuteRate it:
Till The Wind Gets RightRate it:
Time To Tinker 'Roun'!Rate it:
To E. H. K.Rate it:
To A Captious CriticRate it:
To A Dead FriendRate it:
To A Lady Playing The HarpRate it:
To A Violet Found On All Saint's DayRate it:
To An IngrateRate it:
To DanRate it:
To J.Q.Rate it:
To LouiseRate it:
To PfrimmerRate it:
To The Eastern ShoreRate it:
To The Memory Of Mary YoungRate it:
To The MiamiRate it:
To The RoadRate it:
To The SouthRate it:
Toast to DaytonRate it:
Trouble In De KitchenRate it:
Twell De Night Is Pas'Rate it:
TwilightRate it:
Two Little BootsRate it:
Two SongsRate it:
UnexpressedRate it:
VagrantsRate it:
Vengeance Is SweetRate it:
Wadin' In De CrickRate it:
WaitingRate it:
WeltschmertzRate it:
What's The UseRate it:
When A Feller's Itching To Be SpankedRate it:
When All Is DoneRate it:
When de Co'n Pone's HotRate it:
When dey 'Listed Colored SoldiersRate it:
When Malindy SingsRate it:
When Sam'l SingsRate it:
When The Old Man SmokesRate it:
When Winter Darkening All AroundRate it:
Whip-Poor-Will And Katy-DidRate it:
Whistling SamRate it:
WhittierRate it:
Why Fades A DreamRate it:
Winter SongRate it:
Winter's ApproachRate it:
With The LarkRate it:
Worn OutRate it:
Yesterday And To-MorrowRate it:

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