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George Meredith was the head of the Meredith family who, with the Amos family, were the first settlers on the east coast of Tasmania.

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Famous poems by George Meredith:

Modern Love XIX: No State Is EnviableRate it:
VioletsRate it:
PoetryRate it:
Song (Untitled #2)Rate it:
Song--SpringRate it:
A Faith On TrialRate it:
Angelic LoveRate it:
On The Tombstone Of James Christopher Wilson (d. April 11, 1884) In Headley Churchyard, SurreyRate it:
M. M.Rate it:
Modern Love XLI: How Many a ThingRate it:
A Ballad Of Fair Ladies In RevoltRate it:
A Ballad Of Past MeridianRate it:
A Certain PeopleRate it:
A Garden IdylRate it:
A Later AlexandrianRate it:
A Preaching From A Spanish BalladRate it:
A Reading Of Life--The Test Of ManhoodRate it:
A Reading Of Life--The Vital ChoiceRate it:
A Reading Of Life--With The HuntressRate it:
A Reading Of Life--With The PersuaderRate it:
A Roar Through The Tall Twin Elm-TreesRate it:
A Stave Of Roving TimRate it:
Agamemnon In The FightRate it:
Alsace-LorraineRate it:
AlternationRate it:
An Orson Of The MuseRate it:
Aneurin's HarpRate it:
Angela Burdett-CouttsRate it:
AntigoneRate it:
AppreciationRate it:
Archduchess AnneRate it:
Ask, Is Love divineRate it:
At The CloseRate it:
At The FuneralRate it:
AtkinsRate it:
Autumn Even-SongRate it:
Beauty Rothraut (From Moricke)Rate it:
BellerophonRate it:
Breath Of The BriarRate it:
By Morning TwilightRate it:
By The Rosanna--To F.M. Stanzer Thal, TyrolRate it:
Camelus SaltatRate it:
CassandraRate it:
Change In RecurrenceRate it:
ChillanwallahRate it:
Clash In Arms Of The Achaians And TrojansRate it:
ContinuedRate it:
Continued - IIRate it:
Continued - IIIRate it:
DaphneRate it:
Dirge in WoodsRate it:
Earth And ManRate it:
Earth And The Wedded WomanRate it:
Earth's PreferenceRate it:
Earth's SecretRate it:
EmpdeoclesRate it:
England Before The StormRate it:
Foresight And PatienceRate it:
Forest HistoryRate it:
FragmentsRate it:
France--December 1870Rate it:
Gordon Of KhartoumRate it:
Grace And LoveRate it:
Grandfather BridgemanRate it:
Hard WeatherRate it:
HawardenRate it:
HernaniRate it:
Hymn To ColourRate it:
Hypnos On IdaRate it:
Il Y A Cent AnsRate it:
Internal HarmonyRate it:
Invitation To The CountryRate it:
IrelandRate it:
Islet The DachsRate it:
J. C. M.Rate it:
John LacklandRate it:
Joy Is FleetRate it:
Juggling JerryRate it:
JulyRate it:
Jump-To-Glory JaneRate it:
King Harald's TranceRate it:
Lines To A Friend Visiting AmericaRate it:
London By LamplightRate it:
Love in the ValleyRate it:
Love Is Winged For TwoRate it:
Love's GraveRate it:
Lucifer in StarlightRate it:
Lucifer in StarlightRate it:
ManfredRate it:
Margaret's Bridal EveRate it:
MarianRate it:
Marshalling Of The AchaiansRate it:
Martin’s PuzzleRate it:
Meditation under StarsRate it:
MelampusRate it:
Men And ManRate it:
Milton--December 9, 1608: December 9, 1908Rate it:
Modern LoveRate it:
Modern Love I: By This He Knew She WeptRate it:
Modern Love II: It Ended, and the MorrowRate it:
Modern Love III: This Was the WomanRate it:
Modern Love IV: All Other Joys of LifeRate it:
Modern Love IX: He Felt the Wild BeastRate it:
Modern Love L: Thus Piteously LoveRate it:
Modern Love V: A Message from HerRate it:
Modern Love VI: It Chanced His Lips Did MeetRate it:
Modern Love VII: She Issues RadiantRate it:
Modern Love VIII: Yet It Was Plain She StruggledRate it:
Modern Love X: But Where Began the ChangeRate it:
Modern Love XI: Out in the Yellow MeadowsRate it:
Modern Love XII: Not Solely That the FutureRate it:
Modern Love XIII: I Play for Seasons, Not EternitiesRate it:
Modern Love XIV: What Soul Would BargainRate it:
Modern Love XL: I Bade My Lady ThinkRate it:
Modern Love XLII: I Am to Follow HerRate it:
Modern Love XLIII: Mark Where the Pressing WindRate it:
Modern Love XLIV: They Say That PityRate it:
Modern Love XLIX: He Found HerRate it:
Modern Love XLV: It Is the SeasonRate it:
Modern Love XLVI: At Last We ParleyRate it:
Modern Love XLVII: We Saw the SwallowsRate it:
Modern Love XLVIII: Their SenseRate it:
Modern Love XV: I Think She SleepsRate it:
Modern Love XVI: In Our Old Shipwrecked DaysRate it:
Modern Love XVII: At Dinner She Is HostessRate it:
Modern Love XVIII: Here Jack and TomRate it:
Modern Love XX: I Am Not of ThoseRate it:
Modern Love XXI: We Three AreRate it:
Modern Love XXII: What May the WomanRate it:
Modern Love XXIII: 'Tis Christmas WeatherRate it:
Modern Love XXIV: The Misery Is GreaterRate it:
Modern Love XXIX: Am I FailingRate it:
Modern Love XXV: You Like Not That French NovelRate it:
Modern Love XXVI: Love Ere He BleedsRate it:
Modern Love XXVII: Distraction is the PanaceaRate it:
Modern Love XXVIII: I Must Be FlatteredRate it:
Modern Love XXX: What Are We FirstRate it:
Modern Love XXXI: This Golden HeadRate it:
Modern Love XXXII: Full Faith I HaveRate it:
Modern Love XXXIII: In Paris, at the LouvreRate it:
Modern Love XXXIV: Madam Would Speak With MeRate it:
Modern Love XXXIX: She YieldsRate it:
Modern Love XXXV: It Is No Vulgar NatureRate it:
Modern Love XXXVI: My Lady unto MadamRate it:
Modern Love XXXVII: Along the Garden TerraceRate it:
Modern Love XXXVIII: Give to ImaginationRate it:
Mother To BabeRate it:
My ThemeRate it:
NapoleonRate it:
Nature And LifeRate it:
Night Of Frost In MayRate it:
October 21, 1905Rate it:
Ode To The Spirit Of The Earth In AutumnRate it:
On ComoRate it:
On Hearing The News From VeniceRate it:
On The Danger Of WarRate it:
Outer And InnerRate it:
Outside The CrowdRate it:
Over The HillsRate it:
Paris And DiomedesRate it:
PastoralsRate it:
Penetration And TrustRate it:
PerianderRate it:
Phaethon--Attempted In Galliambic MeasureRate it:
PhantasyRate it:
Phoebus with AdmetusRate it:
Pictures Of The RhineRate it:
ProgressRate it:
RequiemRate it:
Seed-TimeRate it:
Sense And SpiritRate it:
ShemselniharRate it:
SocietyRate it:
SolonRate it:
Song (Untitled #10)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #11)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #12)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #13)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #3)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #4)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #5)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #6)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #7)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #8)Rate it:
Song (Untitled #9)Rate it:
Song (Untitled#1)Rate it:
Song in the SonglessRate it:
Song--AutumnRate it:
Sorrow And JoysRate it:
South-West Wind In The WoodlandRate it:
SunriseRate it:
Tardy SpringRate it:
The Appeasement Of DemeterRate it:
The Beggar's SoliloquyRate it:
The Burden Of StrengthRate it:
The Cageing Of AresRate it:
The CallRate it:
The Century Of GaribaldiRate it:
The CrisisRate it:
The Crown Of LoveRate it:
The Day Of The Daughter Of HadesRate it:
The Death Of WinterRate it:
The Discipline Of WisdomRate it:
The Doe: A Fragment (From Wandering Willie)Rate it:
The Emperor Frederick Of Our TimeRate it:
The Empty Purse--A Sermon To Our Later Prodigal SonRate it:
The Flower Of The RuinsRate it:
The Garden Of EpicurusRate it:
The Head Of Bran The BlestRate it:
The Horses Of AchillesRate it:
The Hueless LoveRate it:
The Invective of AchillesRate it:
The Invective of Achilles--V. 225Rate it:
The LabourerRate it:
The Lady C. M.Rate it:
The Lark AscendingRate it:
The Last ContentionRate it:
The Lesson of GriefRate it:
The Longest DayRate it:
The Main RegretRate it:
The Mares Of The CamargueRate it:
The MeetingRate it:
The Night-WalkRate it:
The Nuptials Of AttilaRate it:
The Old ChartistRate it:
The Olive BranchRate it:
The Orchard And The HeathRate it:
The Patriot EngineerRate it:
The Poetry Of ChaucerRate it:
The Poetry Of ColeridgeRate it:
The Poetry Of KeatsRate it:
The Poetry Of MiltonRate it:
The Poetry Of ShakespeareRate it:
The Poetry Of ShelleyRate it:
The Poetry Of SoutheyRate it:
The Poetry Of SpenserRate it:
The Poetry Of WordsworthRate it:
The Point Of TasteRate it:
The Promise In DisturbanceRate it:
The Question WhitherRate it:
The Rape Of AuroraRate it:
The RevolutionRate it:
The Riddle For MenRate it:
The Sage Enamoured And The Honest LadyRate it:
The Shipwreck Of IdomeneusRate it:
The Sleeping CityRate it:
The Song Of CourtesyRate it:
The Song Of TheodolindaRate it:
The South-WesterRate it:
The Spirit Of ShakespeareRate it:
The Star SiriusRate it:
The State Of AgeRate it:
The Sweet O' The YearRate it:
The Teaching Of The NudeRate it:
The Three MaidensRate it:
The Three Singers To Young BloodRate it:
The Thrush In FebruaryRate it:
The Two BlackbirdsRate it:
The Two MasksRate it:
The Voyage Of The 'Ophir'Rate it:
The WarningRate it:
The Wild RoseRate it:
The Wild Rose And The SnowdropRate it:
The Wisdom Of EldRate it:
The Woods Of WestermainRate it:
The World's AdvanceRate it:
The Year's ShreddingsRate it:
The Years Had Worn Their Season's BeltRate it:
The Young Princess -- A Ballad Of Old Laws Of LoveRate it:
The Young UsurperRate it:
The Youthful QuestRate it:
Time And SentimentRate it:
To A Friend Lost (Tom Taylor)Rate it:
To A NightingaleRate it:
To A SkylarkRate it:
To Alex. Smith, The 'Glasgow Poet,' On His Sonnet To 'Fame'Rate it:
To Cardinal ManningRate it:
To Children: For TyrantsRate it:
To J. M.Rate it:
To Robin RedbreastRate it:
To The Comic SpiritRate it:
Trafalgar DayRate it:
Twilight MusicRate it:
Union In DisseveranceRate it:
Unknown Fair FacesRate it:
When I would ImagineRate it:
Whimper Of SympathyRate it:
Will O' The WispRate it:
Wind On The LyreRate it:
Winter HeavensRate it:
Woodland PeaceRate it:
Woodman And EchoRate it:
Young ReynardRate it:
Youth In AgeRate it:
Youth In MemoryRate it:

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