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Tour Abroad of Wilfrid the Great
Alexander MacGregor Rose
hard-hearted, he Lif' w'at you call de hat, An' say, "Ma reine, you mus' not fret, For little t'ingRate it:

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What I Have Seen #5
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
may be he does-may be he does! I don't say he doesn't, but may be he does! I saw his candidate sipRate it:

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Yet Dish
Gertrude Stein
are getting, bad left log lope, should a court say stream, not a dare long beat a soon port. XIVRate it:

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Zaza, The Female Slave
Anonymous Americas
sea. Where the sweet Joliba, Kisses the shore, Say, shall I wander By thee never more? Where the swRate it:

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A Tongue—to tell Him I am true!
Emily Dickinson
Midnight—happened—say— If once more—Pardon—Boy— The Magnitude thou may Enlarge my Message—If too vRate it:

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A Song Of Parting
Edith Nesbit
And I, 'mid rapture and tears, found voice to say 'Farewell--my Love--to leave you is to die, I Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
is gone, gone, gone with lost Atlantis, (Never say I didn't give you warning). In Seventeen NinetyRate it:

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Gertrude Stein
The Irish lady can say, that to-day is every day. Caesar can say that every day is to-day and they say that every day is as they say. In this way w...Rate it:

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A Cabin Tale
Paul Laurence Dunbar
THE YOUNG MASTER ASKS FOR A STORY Whut you say, dah? huh, uh! chile, You 's enough to dribe me wile. Want a sto'y; jes' hyeah dat! Whah' 'll I git...Rate it:

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A Letter of Advice
Winthrop Mackworth Praed
to your father and mother, My own Araminta, say 'No!' Miss Lane, at her Temple of Fashion, TaugRate it:

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A Point Of Honour
Alfred Austin
one, for mother wants to know what they have to say. There! At my breast be good and still! What quRate it:

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Alabama Song
Bertolt Brecht
we must die Oh, moon of Alabama We now must say say good-bye We've lost our good old mamma And muRate it:

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Amours de Voyage, Canto II
Arthur Hugh Clough
I. Claude to Eustace. What do the people say, and what does the government do?--you Ask, and I Rate it:

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An Echo from Africa
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
da oyster bar. Now Nicko he grinda da tooth an' say, 'Da white-a man rule, by gar!' Sammo, da sluRate it:

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An Old Song Ended
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
is nearly come.” “For a token is there nought, Say, that he should bring?” “He will bear a ring I gRate it:

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Any Wife To Any Husband
Robert Browning
truth, and who dost love me now As thine eyes say, as thy voice breaks to say--- Shouldst love soRate it:

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Asking in Vain
Charles Harpur
one another Once the sum of all sweet gain? Say then—say unto thy mother, Shall we ever meRate it:

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At Candle-Lightin' Time
Paul Laurence Dunbar
an' de smoke is drawin' prime, My ole 'ooman says, 'I reckon, Ike, it 's candle-lightin' time.' DeRate it:

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Rabindranath Tagore
You say that father write a lot of books, but what he write I don't understand. He was reading to you all the evening, but could you really mak...Rate it:

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Avon's Harvest
Edwin Arlington Robinson
drown except he save himself. To her I could say nothing, and to him No more than tallied with a Rate it:

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Bishop Blougram's Apology
Robert Browning
break of day! You do despise me then. And if I say, "despise me,"--never fear! I know you do not Rate it:

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De Profundis
Thomas Hardy
better he were not here. The stout upstanders say, All's well with us: ruers have nought to rue!Rate it:

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Augusta Davies Webster
grave. I know what you're thinking and will not say; But you need not fear; I am growing brave NRate it:

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Digger Smith
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
a man; an' grins. Judged be 'is nerve, I'd say 'e was worth two Uv me an' you. Then 'e digRate it:

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Epistles to Several Persons: Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot
Alexander Pope
should lead you to true glory. Let what others say about you be their concern; whatever it is, theyRate it:

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