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Ehsan Sehgal is a Pakistani-Dutch poet and writer. He moved to the Netherlands in 1978 to avoid persecution during the General Zia era in Pakistan and has lived in the Netherlands since. Ehsan Sehgal began his literary career in 1967. His first publication was a novel, but his consequent books were all collections of poetry. He writes mostly in the poetic form called ghazal but has also written Ruba'i, Nazm, Qataa, and Naat. He also writes in the meter called Beher and is well versed in poetry meter of the Urdu language. Zarb-e-Sukhan is a collection of the collections, and he is famous as of that book. Besides the novel and books of poetry, he published a collection of quotes and articles in 1999. In 2010, having lived in the Netherlands for over three decades, he also published a collection of aphorisms in Dutch and having the desire to share his ideas with a Dutch audience. The book, in Dutch De Wijze Weg ("The Wise Way"), was translated by Naeem Arif. The Wise Way is also published in both the English and Urdu languages. Daily Dawn mentioned him, one of those a few Pakistani English poets, whom poetry, has been traveled, and acknowledged abroad and homeland as well. His latest collection of English prose poems is Breathing Words. Various Pakistan singers have sung his ghazals and naats. He has been praised by many Urdu writers and poets, especially by Ibn-e-Insha who has appreciated Sehgal's literary work in his weekly written columns in Akhbar-e-Jahan Karachi. An author writes, "As far as the poetic justice in Sehgal's writing is considered, it is debatable. In spite of some shortcomings, he keeps on writing which is good. His work over a period of time has been acknowledged." A journalist of English newspaper The News International wrote in an interview that "Going through Sehgal's poetry one is instantly aware of a strong message, an intellectual depth, and a sharp poetic sensibility." A famous poet of India Nida Fazli and Pakistani journalist and writer Sultana Mehr compared his poetry with the style of Ghalib and Allama Iqbal. Sehgal has received awards of Molana Maher-ul-Qadri Award in 2001 from Urdu Trust London, U.K, Allama Shariq Jamal Award in 2005 from Bazm-e-Shaoor-e-Adab in Jaipur, India, and Faiz Ahmad Faiz Award in 2011 from Urdu Tahreek Aalmi London, U.K, in recognition of his best poetry works. He has also received Pride of Performance by Maraqaba Hal Holland, The Hague, Netherlands in December 2013. He also writes prose poetry in English. More here -https://www.conservapedia.com/Ehsan_Sehgal

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WhatsAppRate it:
Unsigned Hopes And DreamsRate it:
Victim Of Own DecisionRate it:
Yesterday, Today and TomorrowRate it:
Beloved LandRate it:
WaitingRate it:
Definition Of FameRate it:
Empower MeRate it:
Missing A NameRate it:
Never ThinkRate it:
The BreathRate it:
The Breathing MemoriesRate it:
The Waves Of LoveRate it:
Win Your TruthRate it:
I Won For DefeatRate it:
Love, And It IsRate it:
Perhaps I Was UnjustRate it:
To Rule My WholeRate it:
Western PassportRate it:
A ThoughtRate it:
As Cracked MirrorRate it:
Ash Of FateRate it:
I Am Still In LoveRate it:
If You Do Not SayRate it:
Incomparable LoveRate it:
My ProtectorRate it:
One Who Is UnawareRate it:
Self-PraiseRate it:
Whenever I looked BackRate it:
YesRate it:
Your Favourite ObjectsRate it:
Deprived LifeRate it:
I Can Only CryRate it:
I Remember When YouRate it:
Love, Be Upon YouRate it:
No One Saw SymptomsRate it:
Only Feel MeRate it:
Please Teach Me, LoveRate it:
The Iron DynastyRate it:
The Silly HopeRate it:
Too LateRate it:
Whirlpool Of LifeRate it:
You Are The LifeRate it:
A Dream Stayed A DreamRate it:
As You WantRate it:
Cannot RealizeRate it:
Description Of WritingRate it:
Essence Of PoetryRate it:
Far AwayRate it:
God's JusticeRate it:
Hold Me BeforeRate it:
I Am RaisingRate it:
I Lost My Life For NothingRate it:
Love Between Dynasty And DreamerRate it:
Move Or ForgetRate it:
My MadnessRate it:
One Should UnderstandRate it:
Open-MindedRate it:
Our Prayers' PrisonerRate it:
Pixel and WisdomRate it:
See YouRate it:
Such A TrustRate it:
The Fly AwayRate it:
The Real SuccessRate it:
To Be HumanRate it:
UncomparableRate it:
AloneRate it:
CapabilityRate it:
Deception, In LoveRate it:
Eid MubarakRate it:
Feel MeRate it:
I Believe ButRate it:
I Want To Kidnap YouRate it:
I Wish I CouldRate it:
It Is A Father's DayRate it:
Might-Right-VetoRate it:
Oh, My Life FBRate it:
PossibilityRate it:
Revelation Of The LivingRate it:
See In The EyesRate it:
Speak To InterpretRate it:
Surrendering Is HumiliationRate it:
The Impure TimeRate it:
The VisionRate it:
Time Didn't CareRate it:
Very SorryRate it:
War Of MemoriesRate it:
What You DidRate it:
Who Am IRate it:
You LostRate it:
Your GenerosityRate it:
Your Silly PrideRate it:
A Blank ChequeRate it:
A Song Of PrisonerRate it:
A Sweet HeartRate it:
As Sun ShinesRate it:
Devoted LifeRate it:
Dialogue With HumanityRate it:
Don't Love MeRate it:
Empty Of HumanityRate it:
Girls Are FlowersRate it:
Hunter And HuntRate it:
I Am Here For YouRate it:
I Am The MysteryRate it:
I Love YouRate it:
If It Is Not AsRate it:
Independent LifeRate it:
It Is The LifeRate it:
My Flower BeautyRate it:
Oh, My Beloved PrincessRate it:
Only FeelRate it:
RecognitionRate it:
The Dream Of YouRate it:
The RetributionRate it:
The TearsRate it:
Today Is A Father DayRate it:
Victim Of ThoughtsRate it:
Weary Of HopesRate it:
Where Is My HomeRate it:
Your GenerosityRate it:
A Naked TruthRate it:
A Tearful EndRate it:
A Visionary LoveRate it:
Burden Of ThoughtsRate it:
Daughter's DayRate it:
Death At Every StepRate it:
DeliberatelyRate it:
Devoted To GodRate it:
Don't TranslateRate it:
Empty Of HumanityRate it:
Ending DestinyRate it:
Feel And BreatheRate it:
First And Last LoveRate it:
Goodbye O My LoveRate it:
Hard To LiveRate it:
Hoping A MiracleRate it:
How Is ItRate it:
I Am A Victim Of CriminalsRate it:
I Yield NotRate it:
ImpossibilityRate it:
Journey Of DesperateRate it:
Land Of SoulRate it:
Love's BreathRate it:
Morally And Visionary DeadRate it:
MoralsRate it:
Perhaps You Come BackRate it:
Princess Of Love DynastyRate it:
Revelation Of The LivingRate it:
Someone, Who Never ExistRate it:
The lifeRate it:
The PurityRate it:
The WavesRate it:
Treasure Of TearsRate it:
Under ArrestRate it:
Wave Of DismayRate it:
YouRate it:
You And Nightingale (Bulbul)Rate it:
Your DestinationRate it:
Your GenerosityRate it:
A Character Of DreamRate it:
A Simple WayRate it:
CerealsRate it:
Deaf, Dumb, BlindRate it:
DilemmaRate it:
Do You Believe?Rate it:
Eyes TheftRate it:
Fly AwayRate it:
For All ThatRate it:
Forgive meRate it:
God Breezes In My AortaRate it:
Have A Good Time, Have A Good LifeRate it:
Humanity Breathes Into MeRate it:
I Have PasswordRate it:
I Know How To LiveRate it:
I Realize ThatRate it:
I Was SeriousRate it:
I Wish I CouldRate it:
I Would DivorceRate it:
I Write ForRate it:
If That FailsRate it:
If You Do Not SayRate it:
ImaginationRate it:
Indelible LoveRate it:
Insight and LoveRate it:
It Was Not The MurderRate it:
Justice That Doesn't ExistRate it:
King Of LoveRate it:
Let Me FreeRate it:
Life Within DustRate it:
Love ForeverRate it:
My SmilesRate it:
My WeaknessRate it:
Perhaps You Still RememberRate it:
Prophetic WayRate it:
Prove YourselfRate it:
Sweet And BitterRate it:
The Migration  Rate it:
The Old MemoriesRate it:
The Symbolic BeautyRate it:
The Terms Of EvilRate it:
The Truth WinsRate it:
The Truth Within RealityRate it:
The WaysRate it:
The WinnerRate it:
Thinking Of YouRate it:
Unfairly Divided WorldRate it:
Weary Of My Life JourneyRate it:
When Memories HurtRate it:
Why And HowRate it:
With Sinking HopesRate it:
Worthless PearlsRate it:
You Have LostRate it:
You Lost AllRate it:
You Will RealizeRate it:
Your InfluenceRate it:
Your NameRate it:
Your NameRate it:
A CandleRate it:
A Sweet HeartRate it:
A wishRate it:
Alphabet FRate it:
As Water Of LakeRate it:
Beautiful FeelingRate it:
Bitterness Of LifeRate it:
DestinyRate it:
Eliminate Wrong WaysRate it:
For The LifeRate it:
I Reject YouRate it:
I Still Eat AppleRate it:
If Ever YouRate it:
In The Name Of GodRate it:
Like A FireflyRate it:
Love With TruthRate it:
My Beloved Left Me AloneRate it:
My HeartRate it:
My MemoriesRate it:
My TearsRate it:
Oh My AngelRate it:
Relieve MeRate it:
Someone's LoveRate it:
Still In MindRate it:
Such CrueltiesRate it:
Such OnesRate it:
The ChangeRate it:
The Grief Of HeartRate it:
Thirsty LoveRate it:
Time HealsRate it:
You Just Do Not KnowRate it:
Untitled MemoryRate it:
Do Not Tease MeRate it:
I Am YoursRate it:
If I AmRate it:
It Is My WishRate it:
I Cry On FailureRate it:
A Dream ManRate it:
A Long DistanceRate it:
Against The RealityRate it:
Approve My LoveRate it:
As OceanRate it:
Become UniqueRate it:
Beyond All BarriersRate it:
DecisionRate it:
Dialogue with humanityRate it:
Don't TryRate it:
Empty Of LifeRate it:
Every Beat Of HeartRate it:
FacebookRate it:
Fall In LoveRate it:
Feeling Of FeelingRate it:
Flower In FollowersRate it:
Fresh BreezeRate it:
Go AwayRate it:
God Is Near AortaRate it:
Happy BirthdayRate it:
Heart Of My HeartRate it:
HeartbeatRate it:
Hi For YouRate it:
I Always LostRate it:
I Always LostRate it:
I Am A TraitorRate it:
I Am At My DestinationRate it:
I Am MysteriousRate it:
I Am Not The SameRate it:
I Am Only YoursRate it:
I Am SorryRate it:
I And YouRate it:
I Become SilentRate it:
I Cannot EliminateRate it:
I Know You Love MeRate it:
I Miss YouRate it:
I Still MissRate it:
In Your HeartbeatRate it:
In Your HeartbeatsRate it:
Intelligent and CleverRate it:
It Is My LifeRate it:
It Is My MessageRate it:
It's YouRate it:
Just A PillowRate it:
Lights Of DivineRate it:
Like An AngelRate it:
ListenRate it:
Lonely LifeRate it:
Love In ImaginationsRate it:
Love Means YOURate it:
Love Stays For YouRate it:
May I AskRate it:
Maybe That You AreRate it:
Me And YouRate it:
Mental CollapseRate it:
My Choice Is, YouRate it:
My DreamRate it:
My EntityRate it:
My FateRate it:
My FeelingRate it:
My Life Is, YOURate it:
My name is loveRate it:
My PostsRate it:
My ValuesRate it:
Nothing Is TruthRate it:
Oh DearRate it:
Oh Poor HeartRate it:
Oh, My LandRate it:
Only A FictionRate it:
Only For YouRate it:
Our TragedyRate it:
Patience Is My PowerRate it:
Pics and WritingsRate it:
Real LoveRate it:
Self Of MeRate it:
SimplicityRate it:
Someone Still AwaitsRate it:
TasteRate it:
Tell The TruthRate it:
The BalanceRate it:
The Failed MigrationRate it:
The HopeRate it:
The LeadersRate it:
The PointRate it:
The Sign Of True LoveRate it:
The TruthRate it:
The Waves Of WaitingRate it:
Until My Last BreathRate it:
Victim Of Own DreamsRate it:
Waiting For YouRate it:
What Is A NotabilityRate it:
Who Are You?Rate it:
WillingnessRate it:
Win Yourself InsteadRate it:
Your Magic EyesRate it:

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