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Ehsan Sehgal is a Pakistani-Dutch poet and writer. He moved to the Netherlands in 1978 to avoid persecution during the General Zia era in Pakistan and has lived in the Netherlands since. Ehsan Sehgal began his literary career in 1967. His first publication was a novel, but his consequent books were all collections of poetry. He writes mostly in the poetic form called ghazal but has also written Ruba'i, Nazm, Qataa, and Naat. He also writes in the meter called Beher and is well versed in poetry meter of the Urdu language. Zarb-e-Sukhan is a collection of the collections, and he is famous as of that book. Besides the novel and books of poetry, he published a collection of quotes and articles in 1999. In 2010, having lived in the Netherlands for over three decades, he also published a collection of aphorisms in Dutch and having the desire to share his ideas with a Dutch audience. The book, in Dutch De Wijze Weg ("The Wise Way"), was translated by Naeem Arif. The Wise Way is also published in both the English and Urdu languages. Daily Dawn mentioned him, one of those a few Pakistani English poets, whom poetry, has been traveled, and acknowledged abroad and homeland as well. His latest collection of English prose poems is Breathing Words. Various Pakistan singers have sung his ghazals and naats. He has been praised by many Urdu writers and poets, especially by Ibn-e-Insha who has appreciated Sehgal's literary work in his weekly written columns in Akhbar-e-Jahan Karachi. An author writes, "As far as the poetic justice in Sehgal's writing is considered, it is debatable. In spite of some shortcomings, he keeps on writing which is good. His work over a period of time has been acknowledged." A journalist of English newspaper The News International wrote in an interview that "Going through Sehgal's poetry one is instantly aware of a strong message, an intellectual depth, and a sharp poetic sensibility." A famous poet of India Nida Fazli and Pakistani journalist and writer Sultana Mehr compared his poetry with the style of Ghalib and Allama Iqbal. Sehgal has received awards of Molana Maher-ul-Qadri Award in 2001 from Urdu Trust London, U.K, Allama Shariq Jamal Award in 2005 from Bazm-e-Shaoor-e-Adab in Jaipur, India, and Faiz Ahmad Faiz Award in 2011 from Urdu Tahreek Aalmi London, U.K, in recognition of his best poetry works. He has also received Pride of Performance by Maraqaba Hal Holland, The Hague, Netherlands in December 2013. He also writes prose poetry in English. More here -https://www.conservapedia.com/Ehsan_Sehgal

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Victim Of Own Decision 239 ViewsRate it:
Never Think 206 ViewsRate it:
I Want To Kidnap You 204 ViewsRate it:
Untitled Memory 199 ViewsRate it:
I Love You 195 ViewsRate it:
The Breathing Memories 192 ViewsRate it:
You Just Do Not Know 189 ViewsRate it:
The Waves Of Love 188 ViewsRate it:
As Cracked Mirror 187 ViewsRate it:
You Are The Life 186 ViewsRate it:
I Am Raising 186 ViewsRate it:
As You Want 185 ViewsRate it:
Self-Praise 183 ViewsRate it:
One Who Is Unaware 182 ViewsRate it:
Your Favourite Objects 178 ViewsRate it:
Devoted To God 178 ViewsRate it:
Perhaps You Come Back 178 ViewsRate it:
Facebook 177 ViewsRate it:
Your Name 176 ViewsRate it:
I Become Silent 176 ViewsRate it:
A Bowl Of Vision 175 ViewsRate it:
Who Am I 174 ViewsRate it:
Justice That Doesn't Exist 174 ViewsRate it:
My Protector 173 ViewsRate it:
Essence Of Poetry 172 ViewsRate it:
Move Or Forget 172 ViewsRate it:
Such Ones 171 ViewsRate it:
A Sweet Heart 170 ViewsRate it:
I Am The Mystery 169 ViewsRate it:
You And Nightingale (Bulbul) 167 ViewsRate it:
Someone's Love 167 ViewsRate it:
Fly Away 166 ViewsRate it:
The Terms Of Evil 166 ViewsRate it:
Might-Right-Veto 165 ViewsRate it:
I Am A Victim Of Criminals 165 ViewsRate it:
Empty Of Humanity 165 ViewsRate it:
It's You 165 ViewsRate it:
How Is It 163 ViewsRate it:
Insight and Love 163 ViewsRate it:
Love, And It Is 161 ViewsRate it:
A Sweet Heart 160 ViewsRate it:
Approve My Love 160 ViewsRate it:
The Waves Of Waiting 158 ViewsRate it:
Someone, Who Never Exist 157 ViewsRate it:
Have A Good Time, Have A Good Life 156 ViewsRate it:
The Purity 156 ViewsRate it:
Under Arrest 155 ViewsRate it:
I Am Sorry 154 ViewsRate it:
Whirlpool Of Life 153 ViewsRate it:
Very Sorry 153 ViewsRate it:
Love's Breath 153 ViewsRate it:
Oh, My Beloved Princess 152 ViewsRate it:
Empty Of Life 152 ViewsRate it:
See In The Eyes 151 ViewsRate it:
Daughter's Day 151 ViewsRate it:
Hoping A Miracle 151 ViewsRate it:
Journey Of Desperate 151 ViewsRate it:
Beautiful Feeling 151 ViewsRate it:
War Of Memories 150 ViewsRate it:
I Yield Not 150 ViewsRate it:
I Wish I Could 150 ViewsRate it:
Love Between Dynasty And Dreamer 147 ViewsRate it:
Thinking Of You 147 ViewsRate it:
Love With Truth 147 ViewsRate it:
Until My Last Breath 147 ViewsRate it:
Description Of Writing 146 ViewsRate it:
Alone 146 ViewsRate it:
Princess Of Love Dynasty 145 ViewsRate it:
A Tearful End 145 ViewsRate it:
A Character Of Dream 145 ViewsRate it:
Love That Failed 145 ViewsRate it:
The Truth Wins 144 ViewsRate it:
Prophetic Way 143 ViewsRate it:
Like A Firefly 143 ViewsRate it:
I Believe But 142 ViewsRate it:
Dilemma 142 ViewsRate it:
Prove Yourself 142 ViewsRate it:
Humanity Breathes Into Me 142 ViewsRate it:
Independent Life 142 ViewsRate it:
It Is The Life 141 ViewsRate it:
My Inheritance 141 ViewsRate it:
God Breezes In My Aorta 139 ViewsRate it:
Goodbye O My Love 138 ViewsRate it:
Deaf, Dumb, Blind 138 ViewsRate it:
My Love Is My Imagination 138 ViewsRate it:
A Long Distance 138 ViewsRate it:
I Lost My Entity 138 ViewsRate it:
If Ever You 137 ViewsRate it:
My Weakness 136 ViewsRate it:
My Entity 135 ViewsRate it:
Your Destination 134 ViewsRate it:
Prison Of Pride 133 ViewsRate it:
The Prisoner Population 133 ViewsRate it:
Oh Poor Heart 132 ViewsRate it:
Someone Beloved 132 ViewsRate it:
Eyes Theft 131 ViewsRate it:
Like An Angel 130 ViewsRate it:
The Symbolic Beauty 130 ViewsRate it:
The Failed Migration 130 ViewsRate it:
Real Love 130 ViewsRate it:
Unfairly Divided World 129 ViewsRate it:
I Am Yours 128 ViewsRate it:
Feeling Of Beauty 128 ViewsRate it:
Forgive me 127 ViewsRate it:
Nothing Is Truth 127 ViewsRate it:
May I Ask 127 ViewsRate it:
I Miss You 127 ViewsRate it:
Colour Prevails 127 ViewsRate it:
Please Cash My Thirst 127 ViewsRate it:
Incomplete Without You 127 ViewsRate it:
Decision 126 ViewsRate it:
Visionary Conception 125 ViewsRate it:
My Tears 125 ViewsRate it:
The Old Memories 124 ViewsRate it:
Never Believe 123 ViewsRate it:
We Lose, Not Love 123 ViewsRate it:
Remembrance Travels With Me 122 ViewsRate it:
Become Unique 122 ViewsRate it:
SAY IT NOW 121 ViewsRate it:
I Am Mysterious 119 ViewsRate it:
Relieve Me 117 ViewsRate it:
In Your Heartbeats 117 ViewsRate it:
I Know You Love Me 117 ViewsRate it:
O God, Forgive Me 117 ViewsRate it:
A Question 114 ViewsRate it:
Perception Of Reality 113 ViewsRate it:
The Past 113 ViewsRate it:
Smile For Hiding Sorrow 112 ViewsRate it:
Five Qualities 110 ViewsRate it:
Life Within Life 110 ViewsRate it:
Sadism 109 ViewsRate it:
O' My Heart 109 ViewsRate it:
When I Think 108 ViewsRate it:
Every Beat Of Heart 108 ViewsRate it:
Thought Of You 108 ViewsRate it:
Do Not Forget 108 ViewsRate it:
About You, For You 107 ViewsRate it:
Fight With Criminal thoughts 106 ViewsRate it:
The Motivation 105 ViewsRate it:
Quality Of The Entity 105 ViewsRate it:
The Defeat Of Life 104 ViewsRate it:
Just One Call 104 ViewsRate it:
Love In Imaginations 102 ViewsRate it:
I Face War On Ego 102 ViewsRate it:
World Is As Crocodile 100 ViewsRate it:
I Am For You 100 ViewsRate it:
Your Choice 100 ViewsRate it:
Truth Liberates You 100 ViewsRate it:
The Pure Truth 99 ViewsRate it:
Definition Of Love 99 ViewsRate it:
Love Holds The Values 98 ViewsRate it:
New Year Or Burning OF Income 96 ViewsRate it:
I Adore You 96 ViewsRate it:
Please, Please Just Once Call Me 96 ViewsRate it:
It is Just YOU 95 ViewsRate it:
Gift Me, Your Love 94 ViewsRate it:
Inbox Message 94 ViewsRate it:
You Live In Me 93 ViewsRate it:
Waiting 92 ViewsRate it:
I Love You 92 ViewsRate it:
Mother 90 ViewsRate it:
The Mental Slavery 90 ViewsRate it:
Everywhere, You 88 ViewsRate it:
My Soul 86 ViewsRate it:
More Than It Was 86 ViewsRate it:
Whenever She 86 ViewsRate it:
Get Up 86 ViewsRate it:
Empty Life 85 ViewsRate it:
Your Lies 85 ViewsRate it:
Time Has Passed 85 ViewsRate it:
Love And Soul 84 ViewsRate it:
I Am Always Late 84 ViewsRate it:
I Can Only Cry 83 ViewsRate it:
Please Don't Ask 82 ViewsRate it:
Eid Mubarak 81 ViewsRate it:
My Immortal Life. 80 ViewsRate it:
The Doom Of Fate 80 ViewsRate it:
You Ignored Me 78 ViewsRate it:
Such Ones 77 ViewsRate it:
You Are My Poetry 77 ViewsRate it:
Nameless Story 76 ViewsRate it:
Your Choice 76 ViewsRate it:
The Failure Of Life 76 ViewsRate it:
It Is Not Easy 75 ViewsRate it:
You Will Find Me Waiting 75 ViewsRate it:
Someone Waits For You 74 ViewsRate it:
If You Come 74 ViewsRate it:
WhatsApp 72 ViewsRate it:
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 72 ViewsRate it:
Love Until Death 72 ViewsRate it:
Awaiting Your Arrival 72 ViewsRate it:
As Fresh Breeze 72 ViewsRate it:
Insight and Love 72 ViewsRate it:
I Couldn't Tell 71 ViewsRate it:
Just Feel Me 71 ViewsRate it:
The River Of The Tears 70 ViewsRate it:
Essence Of Poetry 70 ViewsRate it:
Real Love 70 ViewsRate it:
Your Influence 69 ViewsRate it:
As A Gold 68 ViewsRate it:
Be My Guest 68 ViewsRate it:
Would You Do That? 68 ViewsRate it:
Palestine Never Disappears 68 ViewsRate it:
The Concept Of Love 67 ViewsRate it:
I Am The Truth 66 ViewsRate it:
Ego's Prisoner 66 ViewsRate it:
If You Lose 66 ViewsRate it:
Define My Dreams 65 ViewsRate it:
You Lost 65 ViewsRate it:
You Broke Me 65 ViewsRate it:
Whom Shall I Love 65 ViewsRate it:
The Iron Dynasty 65 ViewsRate it:
The Dream Of You 64 ViewsRate it:
The Compelled 64 ViewsRate it:
Love With God Is Pure 63 ViewsRate it:
The Waves 62 ViewsRate it:
I Haunt Her 62 ViewsRate it:
The Deprived-Smile 62 ViewsRate it:
When The Heart Burns 62 ViewsRate it:
Addicted Of Social Media 60 ViewsRate it:
Tears Behind Smile 60 ViewsRate it:
Cancer 60 ViewsRate it:
The Migration 60 ViewsRate it:
I Reject You 60 ViewsRate it:
I Become Silent 60 ViewsRate it:
We Fell In Love 59 ViewsRate it:
It Looks As 58 ViewsRate it:
I Always Feel You 58 ViewsRate it:
Journey Of True Love 57 ViewsRate it:
I waited For Love 57 ViewsRate it:
It Was You 57 ViewsRate it:
Humans Journey 56 ViewsRate it:
Fortune Is Not My Fate 55 ViewsRate it:
Where And Why? 55 ViewsRate it:
I Write 55 ViewsRate it:
When Are You Coming? 55 ViewsRate it:
The Right Decision 55 ViewsRate it:
The Human 54 ViewsRate it:
Truth And Cross 53 ViewsRate it:
The Drought Season 53 ViewsRate it:
Divine's Lights 53 ViewsRate it:
I Have Left 53 ViewsRate it:
Such People 53 ViewsRate it:
The Essence Of Life 51 ViewsRate it:
Such Days 51 ViewsRate it:
How Crazy I Was 50 ViewsRate it:
Not This And That 50 ViewsRate it:
As Cracked Mirror 50 ViewsRate it:
Within You, Is You 50 ViewsRate it:
Hoping A Miracle 49 ViewsRate it:
Hi For You 49 ViewsRate it:
Beloved Land 48 ViewsRate it:
No One Is Fair 48 ViewsRate it:
The Valence 48 ViewsRate it:
Oh My Angel 48 ViewsRate it:
God's Justice 47 ViewsRate it:
What I Do 47 ViewsRate it:
The Game Of Bloodshed 47 ViewsRate it:
Unsigned Hopes And Dreams 45 ViewsRate it:
Confusion Under Confusion 45 ViewsRate it:
I Am Not An Angel But 45 ViewsRate it:
My Task 44 ViewsRate it:
Deportation 44 ViewsRate it:
Empower Me 43 ViewsRate it:
I Always Lost 43 ViewsRate it:
Essence Of True Love 43 ViewsRate it:
Only Feel To Feel 42 ViewsRate it:
Be Fair 42 ViewsRate it:
The God Lives In Me 42 ViewsRate it:
The Waves Of Love 42 ViewsRate it:
I Lost My Life For Nothing 41 ViewsRate it:
Satisfaction Is Life 41 ViewsRate it:
The Death of Mother 41 ViewsRate it:
The Real Success 40 ViewsRate it:
War Of Memories 40 ViewsRate it:
Yes 39 ViewsRate it:
Daughter's Day 39 ViewsRate it:
As Sun Shines 38 ViewsRate it:
My Love Bird 38 ViewsRate it:
Perhaps I Was Unjust 37 ViewsRate it:
The Raindrops 37 ViewsRate it:
Description Of Writing 37 ViewsRate it:
You Just Do Not Know 37 ViewsRate it:
See In The Eyes 36 ViewsRate it:
Would You Suffer 36 ViewsRate it:
The Self-assurance 36 ViewsRate it:
Whirlpool Of Life 36 ViewsRate it:
The Purity 36 ViewsRate it:
I Lost My Life For Nothing 35 ViewsRate it:
Open-Minded 34 ViewsRate it:
Self-Praise 34 ViewsRate it:
One Who Is Unaware 34 ViewsRate it:
Who Am I 34 ViewsRate it:
The Breathing Memories 34 ViewsRate it:
Independent Life 34 ViewsRate it:
I Am Still In Love 33 ViewsRate it:
Deception, In Love 33 ViewsRate it:
You Were My Success 33 ViewsRate it:
I Want To Kidnap You 33 ViewsRate it:
I Wish I Could 33 ViewsRate it:
Incomparable Love 32 ViewsRate it:
The Silly Hope 32 ViewsRate it:
My Values 32 ViewsRate it:
Love Increases 32 ViewsRate it:
As Sun Shines 32 ViewsRate it:
Definition Of Fame 31 ViewsRate it:
A Dream Stayed A Dream 31 ViewsRate it:
I Know 31 ViewsRate it:
My Protector 31 ViewsRate it:
Intelligent and Clever 31 ViewsRate it:
Your Answer Is My Fate 30 ViewsRate it:
Let Be So 30 ViewsRate it:
I Can Only Cry 30 ViewsRate it:
To Be Human 30 ViewsRate it:
I Cry On Failure 30 ViewsRate it:
Victim Of Own Decision 30 ViewsRate it:
I Love You 30 ViewsRate it:
Far Away 29 ViewsRate it:
The Fly Away 29 ViewsRate it:
I Am A Love 29 ViewsRate it:
You Lost 28 ViewsRate it:
Feel Me 28 ViewsRate it:
The False People 28 ViewsRate it:
I Believe But 28 ViewsRate it:
Love With Truth 28 ViewsRate it:
Missing A Name 27 ViewsRate it:
If You Do Not Say 27 ViewsRate it:
What You Did 27 ViewsRate it:
Land Of Soul 27 ViewsRate it:
The Grief Of Heart 27 ViewsRate it:
Coronavirus 27 ViewsRate it:
I Am Too Late 27 ViewsRate it:
Love, And It Is 27 ViewsRate it:
I Am The Mystery 27 ViewsRate it:
I Am A Victim Of Criminals 27 ViewsRate it:
Prove Yourself 27 ViewsRate it:
Win Your Truth 26 ViewsRate it:
I Won For Defeat 26 ViewsRate it:
Only Feel Me 26 ViewsRate it:
The Crazy Ones 26 ViewsRate it:
Dogs Petition 26 ViewsRate it:
The Game Was Over 26 ViewsRate it:
The World Of Lies 26 ViewsRate it:
Untitled Memory 26 ViewsRate it:
If Ever You 26 ViewsRate it:
Still Miss 26 ViewsRate it:
No One Saw Symptoms 25 ViewsRate it:
The Breath 25 ViewsRate it:
A Thought 25 ViewsRate it:
Ash Of Fate 25 ViewsRate it:
A Reality Inside The Reality 25 ViewsRate it:
King Of Love 25 ViewsRate it:
Your Destination 25 ViewsRate it:
The Iron Dynasty 24 ViewsRate it:
Hold Me Before 24 ViewsRate it:
Love, Be Upon You 24 ViewsRate it:
Such A Trust 24 ViewsRate it:
The Impure Time 24 ViewsRate it:
I Am Here For You 24 ViewsRate it:
Indelible Love 24 ViewsRate it:
For All That 24 ViewsRate it:
The Sign Of True Love 24 ViewsRate it:
Intelligent and Clever 24 ViewsRate it:
Love, Justice, Respect 24 ViewsRate it:
Distance, Distance, Distance 24 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Reach 24 ViewsRate it:
Your Favourite Objects 24 ViewsRate it:
Whenever I looked Back 23 ViewsRate it:
Please Teach Me, Love 23 ViewsRate it:
Girls Are Flowers 23 ViewsRate it:
The Tears 23 ViewsRate it:
Hunter And Hunt 23 ViewsRate it:
Your Name 23 ViewsRate it:
Lonely Life 23 ViewsRate it:
Victim Of Own Dreams 23 ViewsRate it:
Thirsty Love 23 ViewsRate it:
A Firefly 23 ViewsRate it:
The Future 23 ViewsRate it:
How Will You Reply? 23 ViewsRate it:
It Is The Life 23 ViewsRate it:
Princess Of Love Dynasty 23 ViewsRate it:
Deaf, Dumb, Blind 23 ViewsRate it:
Journey Of Desperate 23 ViewsRate it:
Uncomparable 22 ViewsRate it:
I Remember When You 22 ViewsRate it:
Cannot Realize 22 ViewsRate it:
You Will Realize 22 ViewsRate it:
Still In Mind 22 ViewsRate it:
I Was Wrong 22 ViewsRate it:
Win Yourself Instead 22 ViewsRate it:
Ah My Dreams 22 ViewsRate it:
The Power Of Thought 22 ViewsRate it:
Love Between Dynasty And Dreamer 22 ViewsRate it:
Crying Is Fate Of Life 22 ViewsRate it:
The Old Memories 22 ViewsRate it:
Our Prayers' Prisoner 21 ViewsRate it:
The Vision 21 ViewsRate it:
Your Silly Pride 21 ViewsRate it:
Dialogue With Humanity 21 ViewsRate it:
Recognition 21 ViewsRate it:
If It Is Not As 21 ViewsRate it:
You 21 ViewsRate it:
A Naked Truth 21 ViewsRate it:
A Simple Way 21 ViewsRate it:
My Life Is, YOU 21 ViewsRate it:
Fall In Love 21 ViewsRate it:
I Am A Traitor 21 ViewsRate it:
Killers Of Dreams 21 ViewsRate it:
Have A Good Time, Have A Good Life 21 ViewsRate it:
Still Miss 21 ViewsRate it:
I Realize That 21 ViewsRate it:
Western Passport 20 ViewsRate it:
Too Late 20 ViewsRate it:
Don't Translate 20 ViewsRate it:
My Smiles 20 ViewsRate it:
The Truth Within Reality 20 ViewsRate it:
Weary Of My Life Journey 20 ViewsRate it:
I Am Not The Same 20 ViewsRate it:
Dilemma 20 ViewsRate it:
If I Am 20 ViewsRate it:
Self-Imposed Punishment 20 ViewsRate it:
I Do Not Know That I Know 20 ViewsRate it:
Dome With Echo Of Memories 20 ViewsRate it:
Song Of My Soul 20 ViewsRate it:
A Broken One 20 ViewsRate it:
Truth About Love 20 ViewsRate it:
Hope Within Hope 20 ViewsRate it:
I Am Raising 20 ViewsRate it:
I Remember When You 20 ViewsRate it:
Alone 20 ViewsRate it:
To Rule My Whole 19 ViewsRate it:
It Is A Father's Day 19 ViewsRate it:
Deprived Life 19 ViewsRate it:
See You 19 ViewsRate it:
Time Didn't Care 19 ViewsRate it:
Capability 19 ViewsRate it:
Victim Of Thoughts 19 ViewsRate it:
Only Feel 19 ViewsRate it:
Perhaps You Still Remember 19 ViewsRate it:
Feel And Breathe 19 ViewsRate it:
When Memories Hurt 19 ViewsRate it:
The Ways 19 ViewsRate it:
I Reject You 19 ViewsRate it:
It Is My Destination 19 ViewsRate it:
Time Heals 19 ViewsRate it:
I Carry Every Defeat 19 ViewsRate it:
Who I Am 19 ViewsRate it:
An Angel-Character Justin Trudeau 19 ViewsRate it:
Butterfly and Poet 19 ViewsRate it:
Every Day 19 ViewsRate it:
I Found Myself 19 ViewsRate it:
My Tears 19 ViewsRate it:
Needy Or Not Needy 19 ViewsRate it:
Until My Last Breath 19 ViewsRate it:
My Madness 18 ViewsRate it:
One Should Understand 18 ViewsRate it:
Weary Of Hopes 18 ViewsRate it:
Burden Of Thoughts 18 ViewsRate it:
Hard To Live 18 ViewsRate it:
King Of Love 18 ViewsRate it:
Do You Believe? 18 ViewsRate it:
It Was Not The Murder 18 ViewsRate it:
The Migration   18 ViewsRate it:
Cereals 18 ViewsRate it:
Destiny 18 ViewsRate it:
The Change 18 ViewsRate it:
I And You 18 ViewsRate it:
Love Language 18 ViewsRate it:
For You 18 ViewsRate it:
It Is My Wish 18 ViewsRate it:
Lights Of Divine 18 ViewsRate it:
Unspoken Love 18 ViewsRate it:
The Way Of Feeling 18 ViewsRate it:
My Loneliness 18 ViewsRate it:
Philosophy of Life 18 ViewsRate it:
West Is The Cage Of White Hypocrisy 18 ViewsRate it:
Waiting 18 ViewsRate it:
Three Words 18 ViewsRate it:
Very Sorry 18 ViewsRate it:
The Terms Of Evil 18 ViewsRate it:
Never Together 18 ViewsRate it:
I Am Sorry 18 ViewsRate it:
Pixel and Wisdom 17 ViewsRate it:
Don't Love Me 17 ViewsRate it:
Surrendering Is Humiliation 17 ViewsRate it:
Possibility 17 ViewsRate it:
Morally And Visionary Dead 17 ViewsRate it:
Where Is My Home 17 ViewsRate it:
Today Is A Father Day 17 ViewsRate it:
Morals 17 ViewsRate it:
The life 17 ViewsRate it:
With Sinking Hopes 17 ViewsRate it:
Mental Collapse 17 ViewsRate it:
For A Better Life 17 ViewsRate it:
Oh My Angel 17 ViewsRate it:
My Heart 17 ViewsRate it:
A Candle 17 ViewsRate it:
My name is love 17 ViewsRate it:
I Feel Relax 17 ViewsRate it:
Western Civilized Terror 17 ViewsRate it:
Do Not Tease Me 17 ViewsRate it:
I Am Only Yours 17 ViewsRate it:
Listen 17 ViewsRate it:
Waiting For You 17 ViewsRate it:
End Of Life 17 ViewsRate it:
A Dream Man 17 ViewsRate it:
O' Dear Friend 17 ViewsRate it:
Breaking The Trust 17 ViewsRate it:
The Butterflies 17 ViewsRate it:
Rumi, Chocolate, Dynasty 17 ViewsRate it:
You And Hope 17 ViewsRate it:
Lonely Life 17 ViewsRate it:
A Sharp and Bitter Question 17 ViewsRate it:
F Of Flower, B Of Beauty 17 ViewsRate it:
Glimmer As Stars 17 ViewsRate it:
A Song Of Prisoner 16 ViewsRate it:
Speak To Interpret 16 ViewsRate it:
Death At Every Step 16 ViewsRate it:
Impossibility 16 ViewsRate it:
You Defeated Yourself 16 ViewsRate it:
You Lost All 16 ViewsRate it:
I Was Serious 16 ViewsRate it:
Self Of Me 16 ViewsRate it:
The Secret 16 ViewsRate it:
My Choice Is, You 16 ViewsRate it:
The Balance 16 ViewsRate it:
Alone I And You 16 ViewsRate it:
The Ruined Life 16 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Or Hell 16 ViewsRate it:
The Kingdom of Fragrance 16 ViewsRate it:
It Was Not The Murder 16 ViewsRate it:
Royalties Of the Earth 16 ViewsRate it:
Why 16 ViewsRate it:
The Game Is Over 16 ViewsRate it:
I Don't Regret 16 ViewsRate it:
Do Not Wait 16 ViewsRate it:
Give And Receive 16 ViewsRate it:
Girls Are Flowers 16 ViewsRate it:
You And Nightingale (Bulbul) 16 ViewsRate it:
Devoted To God 16 ViewsRate it:
Thinking Of You 16 ViewsRate it:
Your Silly Pride 16 ViewsRate it:
As Water Of Lake 16 ViewsRate it:
My Flower Beauty 15 ViewsRate it:
Revelation Of The Living 15 ViewsRate it:
I Have Password 15 ViewsRate it:
I Cannot Eliminate 15 ViewsRate it:
The Truth 15 ViewsRate it:
Who Are You? 15 ViewsRate it:
As Ocean 15 ViewsRate it:
Heartbeat 15 ViewsRate it:
Visible And Invisible 15 ViewsRate it:
The Human 15 ViewsRate it:
Someone 15 ViewsRate it:
A Wave Of Fragrance 15 ViewsRate it:
I Know 15 ViewsRate it:
Afraid Of Love 15 ViewsRate it:
Penalty Of Love 15 ViewsRate it:
It Is You; I Worship 15 ViewsRate it:
Actuality 15 ViewsRate it:
Using Each Other 15 ViewsRate it:
Come And Take 15 ViewsRate it:
Hold Me 15 ViewsRate it:
No Shelter 15 ViewsRate it:
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 15 ViewsRate it:
Open-minded 15 ViewsRate it:
First And Last Love 15 ViewsRate it:
Feel And Breathe 15 ViewsRate it:
Someone's Love 15 ViewsRate it:
Do You Believe? 15 ViewsRate it:
Body And Soul 15 ViewsRate it:
A Tearful End 15 ViewsRate it:
The sign of true love 15 ViewsRate it:
Only For You 15 ViewsRate it:
Why And How 14 ViewsRate it:
Ending Destiny 14 ViewsRate it:
For The Life 14 ViewsRate it:
Eliminate Wrong Ways 14 ViewsRate it:
Love Forever 14 ViewsRate it:
I Still Eat Apple 14 ViewsRate it:
Such Cruelties 14 ViewsRate it:
Still Waiting For You 14 ViewsRate it:
A Visual Dream 14 ViewsRate it:
Insensitive 14 ViewsRate it:
It Is My Message 14 ViewsRate it:
Our Tragedy 14 ViewsRate it:
The Leaders 14 ViewsRate it:
Only For You 14 ViewsRate it:
Similarity Of Words 14 ViewsRate it:
Humiliation 14 ViewsRate it:
Acquaintance 14 ViewsRate it:
Accept My Love 14 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted That 14 ViewsRate it:
The cute 14 ViewsRate it:
As My Love Of Life 14 ViewsRate it:
Conception 14 ViewsRate it:
Love is Breath 14 ViewsRate it:
I Know You 14 ViewsRate it:
When Thought Lands 14 ViewsRate it:
Edge Of Knife 14 ViewsRate it:
My Love Is Castle 14 ViewsRate it:
Goodbye 14 ViewsRate it:
Perception 14 ViewsRate it:
See You 14 ViewsRate it:
Unsigned Hopes And Dreams 14 ViewsRate it:
Mirage Of Memories 14 ViewsRate it:
To Rule My Whole 14 ViewsRate it:
The Vision 14 ViewsRate it:
Mother 14 ViewsRate it:
Eyes Theft 14 ViewsRate it:
Beautiful Feeling 14 ViewsRate it:
Judgement Day 14 ViewsRate it:
Imagination Of Love 14 ViewsRate it:
May I Ask 14 ViewsRate it:
Feeling Of Feeling 14 ViewsRate it:
The Failed Migration 14 ViewsRate it:
Empty Of Humanity 14 ViewsRate it:
Devoted Life 13 ViewsRate it:
Life Within Dust 13 ViewsRate it:
If That Fails 13 ViewsRate it:
I Realize That 13 ViewsRate it:
My Memories 13 ViewsRate it:
I Know How To Live 13 ViewsRate it:
In The Name Of God 13 ViewsRate it:
Fresh Breeze 13 ViewsRate it:
Beyond All Barriers 13 ViewsRate it:
Flower In Followers 13 ViewsRate it:
Patience Is My Power 13 ViewsRate it:
Pics and Writings 13 ViewsRate it:
Unexpressed Love 13 ViewsRate it:
Inbox 13 ViewsRate it:
Time Has Taught Me 13 ViewsRate it:
Selfish-minded 13 ViewsRate it:
A Visionary Love 13 ViewsRate it:
Me And You 13 ViewsRate it:
My Fate 13 ViewsRate it:
Happy Birthday 13 ViewsRate it:
Heart Of My Heart 13 ViewsRate it:
Power Of Love 13 ViewsRate it:
The Hunting Each Other 13 ViewsRate it:
The Fear 13 ViewsRate it:
You Felt It 13 ViewsRate it:
Truthful 13 ViewsRate it:
My New Year, Is You 13 ViewsRate it:
Name 13 ViewsRate it:
Exhaustion 13 ViewsRate it:
Dragon and Uninvited Guest 13 ViewsRate it:
Just Tell Me 13 ViewsRate it:
Human Exists, Not Humanity 13 ViewsRate it:
I Love You Too 13 ViewsRate it:
The Ability 13 ViewsRate it:
I Can Only Cry 13 ViewsRate it:
Islam 13 ViewsRate it:
Shut up 13 ViewsRate it:
A Wave Of Fragrance 13 ViewsRate it:
I Can Die But 13 ViewsRate it:
Love Defines 13 ViewsRate it:
Pray, It's Free 13 ViewsRate it:
the qurintie ends 13 ViewsRate it:
Your Generosity 13 ViewsRate it:
The Truth Within Reality 13 ViewsRate it:
Humanity Breathes Into Me 13 ViewsRate it:
Wave Of Dismay 13 ViewsRate it:
Prophetic Way 13 ViewsRate it:
Fall In Love 13 ViewsRate it:
A Long Distance 13 ViewsRate it:
Your Influence 13 ViewsRate it:
A Blank Cheque 12 ViewsRate it:
You Have Lost 12 ViewsRate it:
Let Me Free 12 ViewsRate it:
Treasure Of Tears 12 ViewsRate it:
Sweet And Bitter 12 ViewsRate it:
I Am Not The Same 12 ViewsRate it:
Worthless Pearls 12 ViewsRate it:
Staying Silent 12 ViewsRate it:
A wish 12 ViewsRate it:
Simplicity 12 ViewsRate it:
What Is A Notability 12 ViewsRate it:
A Dream Man 12 ViewsRate it:
When Memories Hurt 12 ViewsRate it:
Oh, My Land 12 ViewsRate it:
Feeling Of Feeling 12 ViewsRate it:
Only A Fiction 12 ViewsRate it:
Go Away 12 ViewsRate it:
Someone Still Awaits 12 ViewsRate it:
Journey Of Time 12 ViewsRate it:
The Smile, A Free Therapy? 12 ViewsRate it:
Truthful 12 ViewsRate it:
Burden On life 12 ViewsRate it:
Old Subject 12 ViewsRate it:
My Destiny 12 ViewsRate it:
Cunning Eyes 12 ViewsRate it:
Pseudo Name 12 ViewsRate it:
Without Valentine's Context 12 ViewsRate it:
You Can't Imagine It 12 ViewsRate it:
I Do Not Deserve 12 ViewsRate it:
Atomic Bomb Then And Now 12 ViewsRate it:
My Love Is Forever 12 ViewsRate it:
If You 12 ViewsRate it:
Crying Destiny 12 ViewsRate it:
What Is Love 12 ViewsRate it:
Victim Of Thoughts 12 ViewsRate it:
My Flower Beauty 12 ViewsRate it:
Pixel and Wisdom 12 ViewsRate it:
Not All Desires Fulfilled 12 ViewsRate it:
How Is It 12 ViewsRate it:
For The Life 12 ViewsRate it:
Cereals 12 ViewsRate it:
My Beloved Left Me Alone 12 ViewsRate it:
Flowers Of Love 12 ViewsRate it:
First And Last Love 11 ViewsRate it:
A Visionary Love 11 ViewsRate it:
My Beloved Left Me Alone 11 ViewsRate it:
It Is My Life 11 ViewsRate it:
Your Magic Eyes 11 ViewsRate it:
You and I 11 ViewsRate it:
Alphabet F 11 ViewsRate it:
Bitterness Of Life 11 ViewsRate it:
Love Means YOU 11 ViewsRate it:
Not Require 11 ViewsRate it:
Just A Joke 11 ViewsRate it:
The Hope 11 ViewsRate it:
Truth Is Peace 11 ViewsRate it:
Filthy 11 ViewsRate it:
I Feel The Same 11 ViewsRate it:
Fragrance Of Bloom 11 ViewsRate it:
The Winner 11 ViewsRate it:
Concerns Of Elderly Parents 11 ViewsRate it:
Oh My Beloved 11 ViewsRate it:
My Kingdom 11 ViewsRate it:
East and West Conversation Freedom of Expression 11 ViewsRate it:
Possibility 11 ViewsRate it:
Runway 11 ViewsRate it:
I Carry Your Imagination 11 ViewsRate it:
If You 11 ViewsRate it:
Your Tears 11 ViewsRate it:
Exploration And Hope 11 ViewsRate it:
Accidents Change Life 11 ViewsRate it:
Tell The Way 11 ViewsRate it:
I Do Not Believe 11 ViewsRate it:
No Escape 11 ViewsRate it:
A Cultural Depression 11 ViewsRate it:
The Lies 11 ViewsRate it:
Human Of Love 11 ViewsRate it:
Deliberately 11 ViewsRate it:
My Fate 11 ViewsRate it:
Facebook 11 ViewsRate it:
Deliberately 10 ViewsRate it:
Imagination 10 ViewsRate it:
I Still Miss 10 ViewsRate it:
I Am At My Destination 10 ViewsRate it:
Our Deeds 10 ViewsRate it:
As Water Of Lake 10 ViewsRate it:
Just Feel 10 ViewsRate it:
Stay Calm 10 ViewsRate it:
Someone, Who Never Exist 10 ViewsRate it:
Hi For You 10 ViewsRate it:
Time Heals Every Wound 10 ViewsRate it:
Be The Witness 10 ViewsRate it:
Brutality 10 ViewsRate it:
A Wave Of Fragrance 10 ViewsRate it:
What To Say 10 ViewsRate it:
Loving Myself to Love You 10 ViewsRate it:
Your Dynasty 10 ViewsRate it:
I Write For Decades 10 ViewsRate it:
The Journey of Human and Sun 10 ViewsRate it:
Press Advice 10 ViewsRate it:
The Light Of The Crescent Moon 10 ViewsRate it:
O' God, Save Us 10 ViewsRate it:
You Just Flirted 10 ViewsRate it:
The Unique Eyes 10 ViewsRate it:
Just One Face 10 ViewsRate it:
Love Was There 10 ViewsRate it:
Dream Reality 10 ViewsRate it:
I Remember 10 ViewsRate it:
To Wait 10 ViewsRate it:
As The Blame 10 ViewsRate it:
The Silly Hope 10 ViewsRate it:
Yes 10 ViewsRate it:
Do Not Tease Me 10 ViewsRate it:
Weary Of Hopes 10 ViewsRate it:
I Am Only Yours 10 ViewsRate it:
The Change 10 ViewsRate it:
Oh Poor Heart 10 ViewsRate it:
A Tearful End 10 ViewsRate it:
The Life Colours 10 ViewsRate it:
The Hope 10 ViewsRate it:
I Know How To Live 10 ViewsRate it:
Weary Of My Life Journey 10 ViewsRate it:
Oh, My Life FB 9 ViewsRate it:
The Retribution 9 ViewsRate it:
Your Generosity 9 ViewsRate it:
Wave Of Dismay 9 ViewsRate it:
Taste 9 ViewsRate it:
Journey Of Hopes 9 ViewsRate it:
My Posts 9 ViewsRate it:
My Dream 9 ViewsRate it:
Outcome Of Courage 9 ViewsRate it:
Mother And Father 9 ViewsRate it:
Concerns Of Elderly Parents 9 ViewsRate it:
Follow 9 ViewsRate it:
The Result Of Unawareness 9 ViewsRate it:
Old And New Year 9 ViewsRate it:
I Love Fragrance Of Blossom 9 ViewsRate it:
I Dance In Preventative Play 9 ViewsRate it:
Always Love You 9 ViewsRate it:
Philosophy Of Life 9 ViewsRate it:
Please 9 ViewsRate it:
The Unique 9 ViewsRate it:
Like, An Expired Lamp 9 ViewsRate it:
A Prisoner Of The Hague 9 ViewsRate it:
The Mean People 9 ViewsRate it:
Trend Of Ignoring 9 ViewsRate it:
Into My Life 9 ViewsRate it:
If The Hope Ended 9 ViewsRate it:
Nothing To Erase 9 ViewsRate it:
Consideration 9 ViewsRate it:
Definition Of Fame 9 ViewsRate it:
Married With Tears 9 ViewsRate it:
Cost Nothing 9 ViewsRate it:
If I AM 9 ViewsRate it:
It Scares Me 9 ViewsRate it:
I Went Everywhere 9 ViewsRate it:
Brighten My Heart 9 ViewsRate it:
To Be Human 9 ViewsRate it:
Love and Life 9 ViewsRate it:
Feeling Of Truth 9 ViewsRate it:
Marvelous Freedom 9 ViewsRate it:
Protect Me 9 ViewsRate it:
A Dream Stayed A Dream 9 ViewsRate it:
One Should Understand 9 ViewsRate it:
Uncomparable 9 ViewsRate it:
In The Name Of God 9 ViewsRate it:
Burden Of Thoughts 9 ViewsRate it:
The Grief Of Heart 9 ViewsRate it:
A Naked Truth 9 ViewsRate it:
Guilt 9 ViewsRate it:
Me And You 9 ViewsRate it:
The Partition Of Hearts 9 ViewsRate it:
F and B 9 ViewsRate it:
It's You 9 ViewsRate it:
I Would Divorce 8 ViewsRate it:
The Point 8 ViewsRate it:
Deceiving-Face 8 ViewsRate it:
Notice But How 8 ViewsRate it:
Told and Untold 8 ViewsRate it:
A Simple Way 8 ViewsRate it:
The Tea 8 ViewsRate it:
Against The Reality 8 ViewsRate it:
Tell The Truth 8 ViewsRate it:
In Your Heartbeat 8 ViewsRate it:
Just A Pillow 8 ViewsRate it:
Live For Others 8 ViewsRate it:
I Believe 8 ViewsRate it:
Breathing-Truth 8 ViewsRate it:
A Stolen Heart 8 ViewsRate it:
I Cannot Laugh 8 ViewsRate it:
Purification 8 ViewsRate it:
Christmas And New Year 8 ViewsRate it:
Time And Life 8 ViewsRate it:
My Immortal Life 8 ViewsRate it:
Dreamers 8 ViewsRate it:
Reality And Purity 8 ViewsRate it:
I Cannot Adjust Settings 8 ViewsRate it:
The Ideal-mate 8 ViewsRate it:
O' Dear Friend 8 ViewsRate it:
The Honey 8 ViewsRate it:
Options 8 ViewsRate it:
Whenever I Say 8 ViewsRate it:
I Lost Life And Time 8 ViewsRate it:
My Past 8 ViewsRate it:
I Am Alive Forever (Bhutto) 8 ViewsRate it:
Sign Of Love 8 ViewsRate it:
The Entire Life 8 ViewsRate it:
Coronavirus or Chinavirus? 8 ViewsRate it:
The Mystery 8 ViewsRate it:
Under Self-analyzing 8 ViewsRate it:
Failed Love 8 ViewsRate it:
Your Absence 8 ViewsRate it:
Incomparable Love 8 ViewsRate it:
Devoted Life 8 ViewsRate it:
The Dream Of You 8 ViewsRate it:
The Waves 8 ViewsRate it:
The life 8 ViewsRate it:
You Have Lost 8 ViewsRate it:
Let Me Free 8 ViewsRate it:
Feel Me 8 ViewsRate it:
My Posts 8 ViewsRate it:
I Write For 7 ViewsRate it:
To Feel You 7 ViewsRate it:
My Feeling 7 ViewsRate it:
Dama Dam Mast Qalandar 7 ViewsRate it:
My Real Story, In A Poem 7 ViewsRate it:
It Is My Message 7 ViewsRate it:
Oh Dear 7 ViewsRate it:
I Knew 7 ViewsRate it:
Lesson Of Time 7 ViewsRate it:
I Miss My Father 7 ViewsRate it:
Fragrance of Blossom 7 ViewsRate it:
You 7 ViewsRate it:
Rain and Sea 7 ViewsRate it:
Goodbye 7 ViewsRate it:
The Result of Your Decisions 7 ViewsRate it:
Listen 7 ViewsRate it:
You are in My Heart And Prayers 7 ViewsRate it:
DeathTowards Alive 7 ViewsRate it:
Key 7 ViewsRate it:
Character And Life 7 ViewsRate it:
Love, which Holds Distance 7 ViewsRate it:
One Of That 7 ViewsRate it:
As Like A Tree 7 ViewsRate it:
The Faith Of Truth 7 ViewsRate it:
If Shut Down 7 ViewsRate it:
Donation For History 7 ViewsRate it:
Worthless Life 7 ViewsRate it:
Success Will Kiss 7 ViewsRate it:
I Even Wish 7 ViewsRate it:
Corona, China, Virus Of 2020 7 ViewsRate it:
We Fool Ourselves 7 ViewsRate it:
Nature In Conversation 7 ViewsRate it:
You Lost 7 ViewsRate it:
Oh, My Life FB 7 ViewsRate it:
Phobia Of Wikipedia 7 ViewsRate it:
Today Is A Father Day 7 ViewsRate it:
The Impure Time 7 ViewsRate it:
Western Passport 7 ViewsRate it:
Why And How 7 ViewsRate it:
A wish 7 ViewsRate it:
Who? 7 ViewsRate it:
Revelation Of The Living 7 ViewsRate it:
My Life Is, YOU 7 ViewsRate it:
My Life 7 ViewsRate it:
Your Name 7 ViewsRate it:
Land Of Soul 7 ViewsRate it:
Sweet And Bitter 7 ViewsRate it:
For All That 7 ViewsRate it:
The Point 7 ViewsRate it:
The Spirit Of Love 6 ViewsRate it:
Willingness 6 ViewsRate it:
God Is Near Aorta 6 ViewsRate it:
Love Stays For You 6 ViewsRate it:
Love Harps 6 ViewsRate it:
If It Is Not As 6 ViewsRate it:
Childhood Habit 6 ViewsRate it:
You Were Deadly Fool 6 ViewsRate it:
Rhyme Of True Love 6 ViewsRate it:
The Beauty 6 ViewsRate it:
Dilemma and Confusion 6 ViewsRate it:
I Still Remember 6 ViewsRate it:
The Drama Within A Drama Breaking News Of CNN 6 ViewsRate it:
Be Not Late 6 ViewsRate it:
The Faces 6 ViewsRate it:
Shadow 6 ViewsRate it:
I Am Still Single 6 ViewsRate it:
Description Of Life 6 ViewsRate it:
Tomb Of Desires 6 ViewsRate it:
Too Late 6 ViewsRate it:
The Way You 6 ViewsRate it:
I Am Here For You 6 ViewsRate it:
Deception, In Love 6 ViewsRate it:
Eid Mubarak 6 ViewsRate it:
Surrendering Is Humiliation 6 ViewsRate it:
Speak To Interpret 6 ViewsRate it:
Might-Right-Veto 6 ViewsRate it:
Hold Me Before 6 ViewsRate it:
Impossibility 6 ViewsRate it:
My Memories 6 ViewsRate it:
Perhaps You Still Remember 6 ViewsRate it:
With Sinking Hopes 6 ViewsRate it:
Goodbye O My Love 6 ViewsRate it:
It Is My Wish 6 ViewsRate it:
I Write For 6 ViewsRate it:
Me And You 6 ViewsRate it:
You Will Realize 6 ViewsRate it:
Borrow My Eyes 6 ViewsRate it:
The Partition Of Hearts 6 ViewsRate it:
Feeling Of Feeling 6 ViewsRate it:
Empty Of Life 6 ViewsRate it:
Happy Birthday 6 ViewsRate it:
Unfairly Divided World 6 ViewsRate it:
The Deadly Silence 6 ViewsRate it:
Maybe That You Are 5 ViewsRate it:
A Father's Wish 5 ViewsRate it:
Cheater 5 ViewsRate it:
The Hope 5 ViewsRate it:
Wounded Life 5 ViewsRate it:
Distinction 5 ViewsRate it:
Illusion Or Verity 5 ViewsRate it:
The Miracles 5 ViewsRate it:
On The Same Place 5 ViewsRate it:
Love For World 5 ViewsRate it:
Most Wanted 5 ViewsRate it:
Question Marks Of Coming Years 5 ViewsRate it:
I Can't Run Away 5 ViewsRate it:
End Of Humanity 5 ViewsRate it:
Wrong Expectation 5 ViewsRate it:
To Own Me 5 ViewsRate it:
Today and Tomorrow 5 ViewsRate it:
At Every Step 5 ViewsRate it:
Tenacity 5 ViewsRate it:
Under Spy Eye 5 ViewsRate it:
When I Ask 5 ViewsRate it:
I Invent New Weapons 5 ViewsRate it:
Thornlike Journey 5 ViewsRate it:
Win Your Truth 5 ViewsRate it:
Time Heals 5 ViewsRate it:
Only Feel Me 5 ViewsRate it:
Don't Translate 5 ViewsRate it:
The Tears 5 ViewsRate it:
Life Within Dust 5 ViewsRate it:
The Fly Away 5 ViewsRate it:
Hard To Live 5 ViewsRate it:
Love's Breath 5 ViewsRate it:
Magic Love 5 ViewsRate it:
Death At Every Step 5 ViewsRate it:
I Still Eat Apple 5 ViewsRate it:
Still In Mind 5 ViewsRate it:
Victims, Not Patients 5 ViewsRate it:
King of Love and Humanity 5 ViewsRate it:
Ending Destiny 5 ViewsRate it:
Oh, My Land 5 ViewsRate it:
Destiny 5 ViewsRate it:
Against The Reality 5 ViewsRate it:
Worthless Pearls 5 ViewsRate it:
I Am A Traitor 5 ViewsRate it:
The Winner 4 ViewsRate it:
Don't Try 4 ViewsRate it:
Can't Turn Back 4 ViewsRate it:
Is The Goodness Defeated? 4 ViewsRate it:
The light collection 4 ViewsRate it:
How 4 ViewsRate it:
Ending Of Human Journey 4 ViewsRate it:
Hunt For Hunting 4 ViewsRate it:
O' My Beloved Princess 4 ViewsRate it:
The Last Hope 4 ViewsRate it:
Splitting 4 ViewsRate it:
The Sold Flower 4 ViewsRate it:
Humanity Is Crying 4 ViewsRate it:
The Fatigue Of Life 4 ViewsRate it:
Flower-Natured 4 ViewsRate it:
Dialogue With Humanity 4 ViewsRate it:
Please Teach Me, Love 4 ViewsRate it:
You Still Breathe 4 ViewsRate it:
Beloved Land 4 ViewsRate it:
Perhaps I Was Unjust 4 ViewsRate it:
Whenever I looked Back 4 ViewsRate it:
Only Feel 4 ViewsRate it:
It Is The Way 4 ViewsRate it:
Deprived Life 4 ViewsRate it:
I Cry On Failure 4 ViewsRate it:
A Song Of Prisoner 4 ViewsRate it:
Hunter And Hunt 4 ViewsRate it:
My Heart 4 ViewsRate it:
Such Cruelties 4 ViewsRate it:
Thirsty Love 4 ViewsRate it:
Too Late 4 ViewsRate it:
Poverty Of Organs 4 ViewsRate it:
Waiting For You 4 ViewsRate it:
The Blessed Ones 3 ViewsRate it:
Ahed Tamimi Of Palestine The Voice Of Freedom 3 ViewsRate it:
The Death Of Equity 3 ViewsRate it:
Mystical Dreams 3 ViewsRate it:
The Breath 3 ViewsRate it:
Ash Of Fate 3 ViewsRate it:
The Real Success 3 ViewsRate it:
I Am Still In Love 3 ViewsRate it:
The Father's Day 3 ViewsRate it:
It Is My Life 3 ViewsRate it:
The Truth 3 ViewsRate it:
Too Late 3 ViewsRate it:
No One Saw Symptoms 2 ViewsRate it:
Freedom Of Press 2 ViewsRate it:
Perpetual War 2 ViewsRate it:
Don't Love Me 2 ViewsRate it:
Far Away 2 ViewsRate it:
The Retribution 2 ViewsRate it:
Our Prayers' Prisoner 2 ViewsRate it:
Love Cries 2 ViewsRate it:
What You Did 2 ViewsRate it:
Morally And Visionary Dead 2 ViewsRate it:
I Would Divorce 2 ViewsRate it:

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