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Alice Guerin Crist
people-but poor Tim meant no harm when he’s say. “Aw! g’long, go-to-hell, go-to-hell now! In a mildRate it:

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A New Year's Time At Willards's
James Whitcomb Riley
care!' old Willards used to say, 'Take care--! Let Marg'et have her way, An' S'repty, you go off anRate it:

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Thomas Hardy
as new-spun silk, will the neighbours say, 'He was a man who used to notice such things'? If it beRate it:

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An Anatomy Of The World...
John Donne
and slack'd, Thought it some blasphemy to say sh'was dead, Or that our weakness was discovereRate it:

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That's My Final Decision
Mario William Vitale
to my toe Streets are someone enemy but they say they want to friend me it won't be long you sRate it:

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The Battle Rages
RJ Intindola
The Battle Rages The touch of their hands can say more than a thousand spoken words. It’s a different feeling than someone I haven’t seen or neve...Rate it:

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The Troubadour. Canto 4 E (Reunion)
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
lip, It has been mine that cup to sip. I may not say with what deep dread The words of my first sonRate it:

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The Wrong That I Have Done
Kevin Ryan Murray
caused you this pain I have no excuse I cant say it was just an accident Because I know what I'vRate it:

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For Selma
Langston Hughes
In places like Selma, Alabama, Kids say, In places like Chicago and New York... In places like Chicago and New York Kids say, In place...Rate it:

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Marsupial Bill: Part Second.
James Brunton Stephens
an' yell; Me run — him run — me catch — him say ‘Tree scalp if you no tell.’ 10 So, when the learneRate it:

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Ghost House
Robert Frost
him begin far enough away Full many a time to say his say Before he arrives to say it out. It is uRate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
for the words of time they'll ave the last say Oh the words of time, they'll have the last say AndRate it:

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A Question
Frederick George Scott
are ye wise? "We can tell from a bone," ye say, "An animal's shape and size, And the size Rate it:

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A Song Of Trafalgar
Edith Nesbit
mouth. But he who taught us the word to say Grew dumb as his Victory sang, And England mourned oRate it:

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Sinister Sooth
Robert William Service
You say I am the slave of Fate Bound by unalterable laws. I harken, but your words I hate, Your damnable Effect and Cause. If there's no hope for h...Rate it:

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Some Account of a New Play
Richard Harris Barham
a 'plot' and a 'farce'-- you hate farces, you say -- Take another 'plot,' then, viz. the plot of aRate it:

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A Fond Kiss
Robert Burns
sighs and groans I'll wage thee. Who shall say that Fortune grieves him, While the star of hope sheRate it:

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Fire and Ice
Robert Frost
Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twi...Rate it:

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Essay on Man
Alexander Pope
the ways of God to Man. 1. Say first, of God above, or Man below, What can we reasRate it:

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In The Fashion
Alan Alexander Milne
but me. If I had sixpence I would buy one; I’d say to the shopman, ‘Let me try one’; I’d say to thRate it:

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The Friar's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer
have said muche thing right well, I say; But, Dame, here as we ride by the way, Us needeth not but Rate it:

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The night wind
Eugene Field
the long hours through?" And the night would say in its ghostly way: "Yoooooooo! Yoooooooo! Rate it:

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'Monstre' Balloon
Richard Harris Barham
Mister Gye -- Mr. Frederick Gye. 'At Paris,' says he, 'I've been up very high, A couple of hundreRate it:

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A Bushman's Love
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
You say we bushmen cannot love— Our lives are too prosaic: hence We lose or lack that finer sense That raises some few men above Their fellows, set...Rate it:

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A Castaway
Augusta Davies Webster
to mend, new clothes to make, then go and say my prayers, or carry soup, or take a little walk and Rate it:

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