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Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an author of - ' LONGEST BOOK written by a mortal - COLLECTED POETRY ' , which has a Print Length of 5254 pages on the Amazon Kindle . The Poet's style of Poetry / literature is unique and has never ever been written before or experimented on the mortal planet by any mortal . Though his Poetry / literature is normal and natural . 10 Different National Records held by Parekh with the Limca Book of Records India are for - (1) Being the First Indian Poet to be published / featured in McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme which is the World's Number 1 English Rhyming Dictionary - for his poem: Come Lets Embrace our New Religion (2) Being the First Indian Poet to have won Poet of the Year Award at the Canadian Federation of Poets which is Canada's National Poetry Body endorsed by Governor General of Canada (3) Being the First Indian Poet to be published in a Commonwealth Newsletter for his poem on AIDS which is 'Aids doesn't kill. Your Attitude kills (4) Being the First Indian Poet to win an EPPIE award for best poetry e-book (5) Writing the most number of letters to and receiving the most number of replies from World Leaders and World Organizations (6) Being the First Indian Poet to be Goodwill Ambassador to the International Goodwill Treaty for World Peace - GoodwillTreaty.org (7) Being the First Indian Poet whose Poems have been made into Films at Youtube.com - The World's largest video sharing website (8) Being the 1st Indian Poet to be featured for his Poetry Book - 'Love versus Terrorism- Poems on Anti Terror, Peace' , at Wattpad.com - The World's most popular ebook community and largest website for reading books on mobile phones (9) Being the first Indian Poet whose video reciting a Poem on Nelson Mandela , has been placed at the official website of the Government of South Africa (10) Having authored LONGEST BOOK written by a mortal - COLLECTED POETRY - which is of Print Length 5254 pages and currently has approximately 1.15 million words , financially selling in the Amazon.com Kindle Store United States at - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003Y8XLKQ . The Indian Poet has written thousands of varied poems on - God , Peace , Love , Anti Terrorism , Friendship , Life , Death , Environment, Wildlife , Mother , Father , Children , Parenthood , Humanity , Social Cause , Women empowerment , Poverty , Lovers , Brotherhood . His Books and Poems have had millions of viewers and downloads on the Internet . Parekh is an author of 47 varied Books which include - 1 God ( volume 1 to volume 4 ) , The Womb ( volume 1 to volume 2 ) , Love Versus Terrorism ( Part 1 to Part 2 ) , You die; I die - Love Poems ( Part 1 to Part 16 ) , Life = Death ( volume 1 to volume 10 ), The Power of Black ( volume 1 to volume 2 ) , If you cut a tree; you cut your own mother , Hide and Seek ( part 1 to part 8 ) , Longest Poem written by Nikhil Parekh - Only as Life . These Books comprise of nearly a 7000 pages of his Poetry in their entirety . The Poet's Poetry has had the patronization of several versatile World Leaders including the Queen of England . Visit http://nikhilparekh.net ; the webpage .

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To Forget Her Was Impossible 343 ViewsRate it:
100 Holes 207 ViewsRate it:
Limca Book Of Records - India And Her People At Their Very Best. 188 ViewsRate it:
BLACK FOR THE BLIND. 172 ViewsRate it:
Table Salt 167 ViewsRate it:
Busy 163 ViewsRate it:
How Would You Choose To Welcome God On Diwali? 162 ViewsRate it:
Life's A Brilliant Mixture Of It All 159 ViewsRate it:
Neither Could Life Stop Death; Neither Could Death Stop Life. 152 ViewsRate it:
Aftermath's Of Pinching 152 ViewsRate it:
A Gift Called Life 148 ViewsRate it:
I Promise 146 ViewsRate it:
Redder Than The Reddest Of Rose—my Valentine. 145 ViewsRate it:
God Himself 143 ViewsRate it:
The Religion Of Mankind 142 ViewsRate it:
Till The Time He Commanded 141 ViewsRate it:
I Spoke Allah 141 ViewsRate it:
Food and its victorious power. 141 ViewsRate it:
Rain, Rain And Triumphant Rain 141 ViewsRate it:
A Tribute To The Nobel Prize (Nobelprize.Org) - My Humble Salutation . 138 ViewsRate it:
Life's A Complete Circle. 137 ViewsRate it:
ALLAH 133 ViewsRate it:
Life = Death 133 ViewsRate it:
Had All Your So-Called Manliness Died? 132 ViewsRate it:
Inevitable Death 131 ViewsRate it:
The Chapter Of Love. The Chapter Of Life. 129 ViewsRate it:
Will You Be My Valentine? 128 ViewsRate it:
Life Is As Omnipotent As God 128 ViewsRate it:
I Resided 127 ViewsRate it:
If Only I Could Win Every Heart 125 ViewsRate it:
Without Her Hands In Mine 121 ViewsRate it:
The Palatial waters 121 ViewsRate it:
The Oblivious desert 119 ViewsRate it:
1 And 100 116 ViewsRate it:
Greatest Love 112 ViewsRate it:
Whirlpools Of despondence 112 ViewsRate it:
A Big No 111 ViewsRate it:
True And Immortal Lover. 111 ViewsRate it:
The Inner Voice Of Mind 111 ViewsRate it:
Fishing In Moonlit Jungle 109 ViewsRate it:
The Main Ingredient Of My Thoughts 108 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Breathe, Sleep, Eat With Your Name 107 ViewsRate it:
Black 107 ViewsRate it:
Destined To Be Dead . When God wants . 107 ViewsRate it:
The Exotic Effect Of Air 106 ViewsRate it:
Father And Mother 104 ViewsRate it:
But You Looked The Best 103 ViewsRate it:
Just Marrying Her 103 ViewsRate it:
Don't Mess With Love 101 ViewsRate it:
Holy Marriage 101 ViewsRate it:
As Important 101 ViewsRate it:
The Noble Citizens Of Tomorrow 101 ViewsRate it:
Abbrevatious Blood 100 ViewsRate it:
You're My Breath 97 ViewsRate it:
When I thought 88 ViewsRate it:
1 GOD 88 ViewsRate it:
Nothing 81 ViewsRate it:
Delightful Farm 80 ViewsRate it:
Fantasy Seldom Becomes Reality 79 ViewsRate it:
100 Percent Natural . 72 ViewsRate it:
Whispers 67 ViewsRate it:
Longest Poem Written By Nikhil Parekh - Only As Life 67 ViewsRate it:
No Organism Is A Born Terrorist 66 ViewsRate it:
Once Again 63 ViewsRate it:
Nails 61 ViewsRate it:
Poetry - Happy New Year. 60 ViewsRate it:
Wagon Of Love 60 ViewsRate it:
Long Live Godly Life 55 ViewsRate it:
Patience-The Greatest Artist 54 ViewsRate it:
Happy Birthday 52 ViewsRate it:
Tablets Of Immortal Love. 52 ViewsRate it:
1 Million Gods 49 ViewsRate it:
Game Of love 49 ViewsRate it:
100 Bones 48 ViewsRate it:
If Rape Is Inevitable; Enjoy It. 47 ViewsRate it:
Each Beat Of My Heart 45 ViewsRate it:
No Money, No Honey 44 ViewsRate it:
Can True Love Ever Dream Of Being Destroyed 43 ViewsRate it:
Love, Love And Only Love 43 ViewsRate it:
Love; Love And Simply Love 43 ViewsRate it:
The Rain And My New Born Baby Daughter 43 ViewsRate it:
Renunciation 39 ViewsRate it:
I Failed 39 ViewsRate it:
A To Z Immortal Love 38 ViewsRate it:
C'mon Shoot me. 37 ViewsRate it:
Unity 36 ViewsRate it:
Scent And Spice 36 ViewsRate it:
Kill The Smoke. Stamp The Cigarette. Quit Smoking Forever. 35 ViewsRate it:
10 Foot "X" 5 Foot Corpse. 34 ViewsRate it:
Each Life loves 34 ViewsRate it:
Life Is Not A Feature Film 33 ViewsRate it:
Why Did I Love To Perpetually Love. 33 ViewsRate it:
A Tribute To The Home Soil 32 ViewsRate it:
31st December- The Most Enviable Bachelor. 32 ViewsRate it:
After Every Devil There Is God 32 ViewsRate it:
Electronic Emperor 32 ViewsRate it:
Music: The Food For Life 32 ViewsRate it:
Habits 31 ViewsRate it:
Poetry; Poetry And Only Poetry 31 ViewsRate it:
Remember This. The Next Time You Set Out To Rape. 31 ViewsRate it:
Complete Control 30 ViewsRate it:
Each Heart. 30 ViewsRate it:
Freedom 30 ViewsRate it:
Had Room For None Else 30 ViewsRate it:
Life In The Heart Of 30 ViewsRate it:
Love After love 29 ViewsRate it:
Q & A 29 ViewsRate it:
Drinking My Own Anger 29 ViewsRate it:
Every Day Is A New Day 29 ViewsRate it:
Passionate Love 28 ViewsRate it:
Fantastic Beginning 28 ViewsRate it:
Tablet Of soap 28 ViewsRate it:
Yours Truly In Dirt 28 ViewsRate it:
All That I Could Ever Dream Of 27 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Love- Is In Giving Happiness. 27 ViewsRate it:
Tails 27 ViewsRate it:
Waiter Come Here Please 27 ViewsRate it:
The Fruit Of Ever-Pervadingly Fructifying Love. 26 ViewsRate it:
I Felt good 25 ViewsRate it:
Naked Eyes 25 ViewsRate it:
The Perfect Male Attire 25 ViewsRate it:
Expressing Love 24 ViewsRate it:
A Poet, And His Immortal Poetry. 24 ViewsRate it:
A Writer Without A Pen 24 ViewsRate it:
Made Me realize 24 ViewsRate it:
Your Velvety shadow 24 ViewsRate it:
On My Own Feet 23 ViewsRate it:
A True Man 23 ViewsRate it:
Bird's Eye view 23 ViewsRate it:
Lets Forget This Society 23 ViewsRate it:
Necessity Is The Mother Of Beginning 23 ViewsRate it:
The Indian cow 23 ViewsRate it:
The Last Thing I Did Before Going Off To Sleep 23 ViewsRate it:
All I Want Is Everything 22 ViewsRate it:
By The Grace Of God 22 ViewsRate it:
Chocolate Brown Plum Tree 22 ViewsRate it:
Don't Break My Heart 22 ViewsRate it:
Fatherhood 22 ViewsRate it:
Give Me Death Instead 22 ViewsRate it:
Had Left Me Forever 22 ViewsRate it:
In The Eyes Of Hatred 22 ViewsRate it:
One Of My Fellow Kind 22 ViewsRate it:
Solely Mine 22 ViewsRate it:
The Signature Of Immortal Love 22 ViewsRate it:
A True Lover 21 ViewsRate it:
Against The Devil's Whine 21 ViewsRate it:
Alligator On The Prowl In Full Moon 21 ViewsRate it:
But Immortally Fearless Love. 21 ViewsRate it:
Cuckoo Clock 21 ViewsRate it:
Don't Just Say It 21 ViewsRate it:
Entirely Naked. 21 ViewsRate it:
If I Had Your Love 21 ViewsRate it:
Lead Life Like A Man 21 ViewsRate it:
Life- An Immortal Poetry 21 ViewsRate it:
Man Comes Without Anything. Lives Without Anything. Dies Without Anything. 21 ViewsRate it:
Quit Ragging Or Go To Hell 21 ViewsRate it:
Success 21 ViewsRate it:
The Natural bend 21 ViewsRate it:
There's An Animal In Each One Of Us. 21 ViewsRate it:
Where Were you? 21 ViewsRate it:
You Were My Heart Beat 21 ViewsRate it:
Young And Innocent At Heart 21 ViewsRate it:
A Death More Horrific Than What Death Could Ever Be 20 ViewsRate it:
Before 20 ViewsRate it:
Clinging Tightly To The Body Of My Mother 20 ViewsRate it:
Fiery Passionate 20 ViewsRate it:
From Earthly Jail To Heaven 20 ViewsRate it:
From The Devil's Perspective 20 ViewsRate it:
Life's The Way You See It 20 ViewsRate it:
Love Is magic 20 ViewsRate it:
Our Love Story Was Being Perpetually Written 20 ViewsRate it:
Our Relation 20 ViewsRate it:
Perpetually And Extraordinarily Spicy 20 ViewsRate it:
Police 20 ViewsRate it:
Unpardonable Crime 20 ViewsRate it:
Who Could Have Ever Imagined 20 ViewsRate it:
Every Heart Dreamt Of 19 ViewsRate it:
Hair 19 ViewsRate it:
Happiness 19 ViewsRate it:
Heaven As Well As Hell 19 ViewsRate it:
I Am Only; My Heart's Slave 19 ViewsRate it:
If The World Were Upside Down 19 ViewsRate it:
Place Me In Her Immortal Feet 19 ViewsRate it:
Portrayal Of god 19 ViewsRate it:
Sacrifice 19 ViewsRate it:
The World outside 19 ViewsRate it:
Time After Time After Time. Each Time. Everytime. 19 ViewsRate it:
Writing Poetry 19 ViewsRate it:
Your Love For Me 19 ViewsRate it:
Yours Only forever 19 ViewsRate it:
Godly Parents 18 ViewsRate it:
A Carpet Of Life 18 ViewsRate it:
A Spell Of Immortal Happiness 18 ViewsRate it:
abcd 18 ViewsRate it:
Abortion—the Greatest Sin 18 ViewsRate it:
Addiction 18 ViewsRate it:
Blessedly Immortal 18 ViewsRate it:
Bomb Blast 18 ViewsRate it:
Every Day- A New Gift From The Omniscient Creator 18 ViewsRate it:
Faster Than The Speed Of Light 18 ViewsRate it:
Free Saliva 18 ViewsRate it:
Good Shot 18 ViewsRate it:
I Live To Die Oneday. And Die To Live Everyday. 18 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted You To Live For A Thousand Centuries 18 ViewsRate it:
Just Unite 18 ViewsRate it:
Kavya -The Afternoon Of 2nd April 18 ViewsRate it:
Killer Earthquake 18 ViewsRate it:
License To love 18 ViewsRate it:
Life Means more 18 ViewsRate it:
Make Love Every Moment; Every Day 18 ViewsRate it:
Neutral 18 ViewsRate it:
No Drinks 18 ViewsRate it:
One God 18 ViewsRate it:
Scolding 18 ViewsRate it:
The Certificate Of Life 18 ViewsRate it:
The Garland Of Immortal Love 18 ViewsRate it:
The Very First Breath Is Infact Death 18 ViewsRate it:
Tragedy On Four Wheels 18 ViewsRate it:
Ultimate Reality 18 ViewsRate it:
Urges 18 ViewsRate it:
You Are My Beloved 18 ViewsRate it:
You Could Yet Make Him Happy 18 ViewsRate it:
A Woman's World 17 ViewsRate it:
All That We Could Do 17 ViewsRate it:
At Your doorstep 17 ViewsRate it:
Atleast Don't forget 17 ViewsRate it:
Be Fanatic 17 ViewsRate it:
Crack 17 ViewsRate it:
Don't Expect From Human Beings. 17 ViewsRate it:
Each Time You Lift The Cricket World Cup-We're Proud To Be A True Indian 17 ViewsRate it:
Even If You Placed 17 ViewsRate it:
Give Me Perpetual Death Instead 17 ViewsRate it:
Hinges 17 ViewsRate it:
I Saw 17 ViewsRate it:
If I Had A Thousand Lives 17 ViewsRate it:
If I Had Closed My Breath Yesterday 17 ViewsRate it:
Keeping Her love 17 ViewsRate it:
Life Was. 17 ViewsRate it:
Love -Part 2 17 ViewsRate it:
Never Snatch 17 ViewsRate it:
No Retirement. 17 ViewsRate it:
Ointments 17 ViewsRate it:
One Must learn 17 ViewsRate it:
People More Criminal Than Him. 17 ViewsRate it:
Remarry 17 ViewsRate it:
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar - Blessedly Best 17 ViewsRate it:
Season Of love 17 ViewsRate it:
Simply The best 17 ViewsRate it:
Solitariness. 17 ViewsRate it:
Tomorrow Never comes 17 ViewsRate it:
Voices 17 ViewsRate it:
Were You sleeping? 17 ViewsRate it:
What I Was Unconquerably Sure About 17 ViewsRate it:
Your Best Company, Is You Yourself 17 ViewsRate it:
Your Heart Was The Best 17 ViewsRate it:
Everytime 16 ViewsRate it:
12.0 Clock 16 ViewsRate it:
A Humble Prayer-Bless Me 16 ViewsRate it:
A Job Is A Job 16 ViewsRate it:
A Lifetime 16 ViewsRate it:
A Pitcher Full Of Gold 16 ViewsRate it:
Accept Me 16 ViewsRate it:
Aids Doesn't Kill. Your Attitude Kills. 16 ViewsRate it:
Atleast Don't Do That Sin 16 ViewsRate it:
Batting Prodigy 16 ViewsRate it:
Bits And pieces 16 ViewsRate it:
Blame It 16 ViewsRate it:
Bless My heart 16 ViewsRate it:
Broken Heart 16 ViewsRate it:
Changing Faces Of Weather 16 ViewsRate it:
Circular Filament For Survival 16 ViewsRate it:
Death Will Always Remain Death 16 ViewsRate it:
Forever And Pricelessly One 16 ViewsRate it:
Hair Cutting saloon 16 ViewsRate it:
Half Hearted 16 ViewsRate it:
Heavenly Poetry 16 ViewsRate it:
If Only You'd Spent A Single Minute 16 ViewsRate it:
Ignite The Lamp Of Humanity 16 ViewsRate it:
It Was A Female's Omnipotent Womb 16 ViewsRate it:
It Was Impossible To Leave You O! God! 16 ViewsRate it:
Life Is So Much Like The Cobweb. 16 ViewsRate it:
Life Overrules death 16 ViewsRate it:
Live Life Higher Than The Clouds 16 ViewsRate it:
Moneyhood 16 ViewsRate it:
Never Live In Death; Never Die In Life 16 ViewsRate it:
Newly Born eyes 16 ViewsRate it:
Nobody's Ever Stopped You 16 ViewsRate it:
Perils Of Old Age 16 ViewsRate it:
Please Don't mind 16 ViewsRate it:
Poem On Blood Donation- Donating Blood- Means Loving It All The More 16 ViewsRate it:
Sinful Identity 16 ViewsRate it:
Small Box Of Matchsticks 16 ViewsRate it:
The Speed Of Life 16 ViewsRate it:
Unbiased Beauty 16 ViewsRate it:
Until You Veritably Die! 16 ViewsRate it:
Watermelon. 16 ViewsRate it:
When God Opened His Mouth 16 ViewsRate it:
When I Saw The Sun Rising In The Sky 16 ViewsRate it:
Why Did You Come Into My Life? 16 ViewsRate it:
Why Not We Forever Live In The Same Breath? 16 ViewsRate it:
With Great power 16 ViewsRate it:
You And i 16 ViewsRate it:
Your Kiss 16 ViewsRate it:
Forgive Me 15 ViewsRate it:
I Just Want Your Love 15 ViewsRate it:
"Indifference"-The Greatest "Difference" 15 ViewsRate it:
1000 Feet Below The Earth 15 ViewsRate it:
2 Hearts 15 ViewsRate it:
A Dance In Luxury Cotton 15 ViewsRate it:
A Palace Of Dreams 15 ViewsRate it:
Bangle Of love 15 ViewsRate it:
Born To love 15 ViewsRate it:
Clinging To My Beloved 15 ViewsRate it:
Companion. 15 ViewsRate it:
Depression 15 ViewsRate it:
Destined To love 15 ViewsRate it:
Falling Forever In Love 15 ViewsRate it:
Fifty Fifty 15 ViewsRate it:
Forever Alive 15 ViewsRate it:
He Was Our Creator 15 ViewsRate it:
He Was The one 15 ViewsRate it:
I Salute you 15 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Make The World A Better Place 15 ViewsRate it:
I Was existing 15 ViewsRate it:
I'll Keep Trying Hard 15 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Mother 15 ViewsRate it:
Instincts 15 ViewsRate it:
Love Is The Most Sacred Form Of God 15 ViewsRate it:
Magnificently Enchanting night 15 ViewsRate it:
More And More Closer 15 ViewsRate it:
Mothers 15 ViewsRate it:
My Baby Daughter's Originality. 15 ViewsRate it:
No End-Products 15 ViewsRate it:
No Smoking 15 ViewsRate it:
O! Divinely beloved 15 ViewsRate it:
Once Again Back In The Creator's Heaven 15 ViewsRate it:
Once Upon A Time 15 ViewsRate it:
Only To prove 15 ViewsRate it:
Religion Of humanity-2 15 ViewsRate it:
Route To examinations 15 ViewsRate it:
Seaside Hut 15 ViewsRate it:
Silver Cobweb 15 ViewsRate it:
Simply Useless 15 ViewsRate it:
Stay Happy; Stay Alive 15 ViewsRate it:
Stitched 15 ViewsRate it:
The Arrow Of Love 15 ViewsRate it:
The Sole And Most Ardent Slave 15 ViewsRate it:
Their Immortal love 15 ViewsRate it:
There Was No Man Born Perfect 15 ViewsRate it:
To Make My Heart Special 15 ViewsRate it:
Ultimate Messiah Of Humanity 15 ViewsRate it:
Unstoppable. 15 ViewsRate it:
We're All humans. 15 ViewsRate it:
What Is it 15 ViewsRate it:
What Reason Had You 15 ViewsRate it:
When I Remember You 15 ViewsRate it:
You Lived In My Heart 15 ViewsRate it:
100 M Sprint 14 ViewsRate it:
A Game Of Chess 14 ViewsRate it:
A Heart For Another Heart. 14 ViewsRate it:
A Little Bit Of 14 ViewsRate it:
A Place In Heaven 14 ViewsRate it:
A Single Growl 14 ViewsRate it:
Alive As A Ghost 14 ViewsRate it:
An Earnest Prayer For Every Other Husband On This Earth. 14 ViewsRate it:
As I Forever Had Her Support. 14 ViewsRate it:
Astoundingly Sensitive - Part 2 14 ViewsRate it:
Beauty In Pure Candlelight 14 ViewsRate it:
Because She Had Made My Food With Love. 14 ViewsRate it:
Before Going To Sleep 14 ViewsRate it:
Bind Us together 14 ViewsRate it:
Careers In love 14 ViewsRate it:
Chase 14 ViewsRate it:
Control It 14 ViewsRate it:
Cravings 14 ViewsRate it:
Destiny 14 ViewsRate it:
Equal Equanimity 14 ViewsRate it:
Every Day 14 ViewsRate it:
Existence 14 ViewsRate it:
Fortune Strikes In The Desert 14 ViewsRate it:
God Loves all 14 ViewsRate it:
God Sitting On Your Shoulder 14 ViewsRate it:
Greedy 14 ViewsRate it:
I Care A Damn About This World 14 ViewsRate it:
I Felt The Most Immortal Woman. 14 ViewsRate it:
I Live To Savor Love 14 ViewsRate it:
I Was Fed Up 14 ViewsRate it:
If My Car Could Run On Pure Water 14 ViewsRate it:
If There Was Anything That Could Bite A Man 14 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Soldiers - Part 2 14 ViewsRate it:
Immortally Living art. 14 ViewsRate it:
Immortally Yours 14 ViewsRate it:
In Every Bit Of 14 ViewsRate it:
Indefatigable Nature 14 ViewsRate it:
Into How Many Parts Would You Divide The Child After Divorce? 14 ViewsRate it:
It Was God Who Inspired Me To Be A Poet. 14 ViewsRate it:
It Was God Who Came Into My Life 14 ViewsRate it:
Just The Same As The Previous Beat. 14 ViewsRate it:
Life Is musical 14 ViewsRate it:
Live Each Moment Of Your Life 14 ViewsRate it:
My Best Friend- The Lord Almighty. 14 ViewsRate it:
My Son 14 ViewsRate it:
Omnipresent Mother 14 ViewsRate it:
Our Very First Wedding Night 14 ViewsRate it:
Please Come Back O! Beloved - Part 2 14 ViewsRate it:
Pointing Back- Questioningly And Unforgivably At You 14 ViewsRate it:
Red Ant power 14 ViewsRate it:
Strings 14 ViewsRate it:
Sunrise To sunset 14 ViewsRate it:
The Brave Are Definitely Those 14 ViewsRate it:
The Most Immortal Of Them All 14 ViewsRate it:
The Signature Of Love 14 ViewsRate it:
There Was No Greater Slave 14 ViewsRate it:
To All Affluent Existing 14 ViewsRate it:
To Make Her Happy 14 ViewsRate it:
To My Mother - Best Wishes On Your Fascinating Birthday. 14 ViewsRate it:
Too Romantic Is Too Good 14 ViewsRate it:
Unprepared 14 ViewsRate it:
Victory Shall Forever Be 14 ViewsRate it:
When I Wasn't Breathing 14 ViewsRate it:
Without The Slightest Of Hindrance Setting In. 14 ViewsRate it:
Womb. 14 ViewsRate it:
You'll Have To Stay Alive 14 ViewsRate it:
Your Immortal slave 14 ViewsRate it:
1: Infinite 13 ViewsRate it:
31st December—my Ultimate Hero. 13 ViewsRate it:
A Complete 100 Floors 13 ViewsRate it:
A Full Day Of Sunshine 13 ViewsRate it:
A Hearty Breakfast 13 ViewsRate it:
A House With Sea Water 13 ViewsRate it:
All Day And Night 13 ViewsRate it:
And Still Expect 13 ViewsRate it:
And Then I Met Her 13 ViewsRate it:
And You Human Being 13 ViewsRate it:
Anecdotes Of fantasy 13 ViewsRate it:
Aromatic Hair oil 13 ViewsRate it:
Artists Are Not Taught; They Are Born 13 ViewsRate it:
Bald 13 ViewsRate it:
Beautiful Dwelling 13 ViewsRate it:
Because 13 ViewsRate it:
Believe It Or Not 13 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Man 13 ViewsRate it:
Bless Me With Poetry. 13 ViewsRate it:
But I Could Still Love 13 ViewsRate it:
Can Never evolve 13 ViewsRate it:
Effects Of Musk Perfume 13 ViewsRate it:
Fear 13 ViewsRate it:
God-The Best And Greatest Poet Of All 13 ViewsRate it:
He Was The Creator 13 ViewsRate it:
Holding Back 13 ViewsRate it:
Home Sweet home 13 ViewsRate it:
How Dare Did You Ever Think? 13 ViewsRate it:
I Liked The Way 13 ViewsRate it:
I Simply Didn't Want To Waste My Today 13 ViewsRate it:
If Ever I Had The Privilege 13 ViewsRate it:
If Indeed There Was Any Dearth 13 ViewsRate it:
If You Cut A Tree; You Cut Your Own Mother. 13 ViewsRate it:
If You Really Wanted 13 ViewsRate it:
If Your Love Was True 13 ViewsRate it:
Immortally United mankind 13 ViewsRate it:
Infront Of 13 ViewsRate it:
It Was Only When 13 ViewsRate it:
Just Because 13 ViewsRate it:
Kleptomania 13 ViewsRate it:
Leave Me alone. 13 ViewsRate it:
Let Them Get Married. 13 ViewsRate it:
Mahatma Gandhi 13 ViewsRate it:
Majestically Tanned 13 ViewsRate it:
Mother 13 ViewsRate it:
Mother And child 13 ViewsRate it:
No Clouds 13 ViewsRate it:
No Formality 13 ViewsRate it:
No Training 13 ViewsRate it:
Non Violence 13 ViewsRate it:
O! How He Wished And Wished And Wished. 13 ViewsRate it:
Object Of desire 13 ViewsRate it:
Only In Your Priceless Heart 13 ViewsRate it:
Passionate 13 ViewsRate it:
Please 13 ViewsRate it:
Promise Me 13 ViewsRate it:
Remarriage 13 ViewsRate it:
She Really, Truly And Immortally Loved You. 13 ViewsRate it:
Silent Spectators 13 ViewsRate it:
Simply Not enough 13 ViewsRate it:
Slab Of Peanut Butter 13 ViewsRate it:
Soapy Springs For Luxurious Cleansing 13 ViewsRate it:
Start Being creative 13 ViewsRate it:
Tantalising My heart 13 ViewsRate it:
The Other Name Of Life 13 ViewsRate it:
The Power Of My Love 13 ViewsRate it:
The True martyrs 13 ViewsRate it:
There And Then Itself 13 ViewsRate it:
There Was A Time 13 ViewsRate it:
There Was Something In Her 13 ViewsRate it:
Through The Tunnels Of 13 ViewsRate it:
Titanic-The Ship Of Immortal Love And Dreams. 13 ViewsRate it:
To The Service Of Mankind 13 ViewsRate it:
Tools 13 ViewsRate it:
Unconquerable Lovers 13 ViewsRate it:
Under The Very Broadest Of Daylight 13 ViewsRate it:
Welcoming Her back 13 ViewsRate it:
When I Was A Child 13 ViewsRate it:
When In Deep Sleep 13 ViewsRate it:
Where There Is No Love 13 ViewsRate it:
Who Was she? 13 ViewsRate it:
You Can Kiss Me; Only If 13 ViewsRate it:
Will You Still Accept Me As Your Husband? 12 ViewsRate it:
A Homicidal Beggar 12 ViewsRate it:
A Poem A Day; Keeps The Doctor Away. 12 ViewsRate it:
A Single Devil 12 ViewsRate it:
A Wall Of Blackness- Our Most Sadistic Savior. 12 ViewsRate it:
Alive 12 ViewsRate it:
All That Was Needed 12 ViewsRate it:
An Infinite Lives; An Infinite Deaths 12 ViewsRate it:
As If The Most Ultimate Of Kings. 12 ViewsRate it:
Be Prepared. - Part 2 12 ViewsRate it:
Beware 12 ViewsRate it:
Blotches 12 ViewsRate it:
Boredom 12 ViewsRate it:
Bounce 12 ViewsRate it:
Brutally Broken heart 12 ViewsRate it:
But It Is My Humble Plea! 12 ViewsRate it:
Coiled Springs 12 ViewsRate it:
Cold Soda drink 12 ViewsRate it:
Dancing In Her Heart 12 ViewsRate it:
Delinquent Loneliness 12 ViewsRate it:
Do You Have Any Idea? 12 ViewsRate it:
Don't You Worry Sweetheart 12 ViewsRate it:
Every Beat Of Yours Is Priceless 12 ViewsRate it:
Every Heart 12 ViewsRate it:
Forever In love 12 ViewsRate it:
Full Stop. 12 ViewsRate it:
God Gifted brain. 12 ViewsRate it:
God Knows It For Sure 12 ViewsRate it:
Godly Alphabet "i" 12 ViewsRate it:
Good Thoughts Need To Be Rightly Implemented. 12 ViewsRate it:
Greed And selflessness 12 ViewsRate it:
How The Hell Can You Say? 12 ViewsRate it:
I Missed you 12 ViewsRate it:
If Being A Man Is All About 12 ViewsRate it:
If The Clouds Showered Gold Instead Of Rain 12 ViewsRate it:
Immortally Splashed 12 ViewsRate it:
Imprisoned 12 ViewsRate it:
Infidelity Galore 12 ViewsRate it:
Inimitably Divine mother 12 ViewsRate it:
Irrevocably Conventional society 12 ViewsRate it:
It Really Doesn't Matter 12 ViewsRate it:
It Was impossible 12 ViewsRate it:
It Was Only When - Part 2 12 ViewsRate it:
Just A Big Zero 12 ViewsRate it:
Just A Moment Ago 12 ViewsRate it:
Just Me And My Creator 12 ViewsRate it:
Life Leads To Realization 12 ViewsRate it:
Life Without A Purpose 12 ViewsRate it:
Life—An Immortal Victory 12 ViewsRate it:
Lifeless Commodity 12 ViewsRate it:
Love Is priceless 12 ViewsRate it:
Love Versus terrorism 12 ViewsRate it:
Magical Palm 12 ViewsRate it:
man And god 12 ViewsRate it:
Maximum Pleasure 12 ViewsRate it:
My Adventures Of The Jungle 12 ViewsRate it:
My Silence Will Speak To You 12 ViewsRate it:
No Control. 12 ViewsRate it:
No Stoppages 12 ViewsRate it:
Nothingness 12 ViewsRate it:
Ocean Of dreams 12 ViewsRate it:
Once Again tomorrow 12 ViewsRate it:
One Step forward 12 ViewsRate it:
Our Relationship. 12 ViewsRate it:
Signals 12 ViewsRate it:
Sleep 12 ViewsRate it:
Solely Ardent winners. 12 ViewsRate it:
Spectacularly Majestic life 12 ViewsRate it:
Thanking The creator 12 ViewsRate it:
The Art Was Always Yours 12 ViewsRate it:
The Beats Of Immortal Love 12 ViewsRate it:
The Most Priceless Thing 12 ViewsRate it:
The Smile On My Lips 12 ViewsRate it:
The Splinters Of Love 12 ViewsRate it:
The Tale Of A Car Tyre 12 ViewsRate it:
The Titanic 12 ViewsRate it:
The Ultimate Gifts Of The Almighty Lord 12 ViewsRate it:
The Wave Of Love 12 ViewsRate it:
There Was No Heart Born 12 ViewsRate it:
Ultimate Master 12 ViewsRate it:
Utterly Helpless 12 ViewsRate it:
Whetting Appetite For Love 12 ViewsRate it:
Why Don't You Kill Me Forever? 12 ViewsRate it:
Why Don't You See 12 ViewsRate it:
Wings Of love 12 ViewsRate it:
You. Yes It Was Only You O! Beloved 12 ViewsRate it:
Saluting The Street Dogs. 11 ViewsRate it:
Go Green 11 ViewsRate it:
3 Complete Days,3 Complete Nights 11 ViewsRate it:
A Bucket Of Breath 11 ViewsRate it:
Amalgamation 11 ViewsRate it:
Ambulance 11 ViewsRate it:
As Long as 11 ViewsRate it:
Balance 11 ViewsRate it:
Be Captured. 11 ViewsRate it:
Becoming One In Mind; Body And Spirit-As The Sunlight Kissed 11 ViewsRate it:
Beds 11 ViewsRate it:
Blocked Nose 11 ViewsRate it:
Blood Red Apple Juice 11 ViewsRate it:
Both The Hands Of My Creator 11 ViewsRate it:
Brake Fail 11 ViewsRate it:
Bubbles 11 ViewsRate it:
But At Least Don't 11 ViewsRate it:
But Still Loving You And Only You 11 ViewsRate it:
But Yet I Surrendered 11 ViewsRate it:
Commit This Sin. Again And Again And Again. 11 ViewsRate it:
Completely Capture 11 ViewsRate it:
Day Versus Romantic Night 11 ViewsRate it:
Dear Daddy 11 ViewsRate it:
Different Destinies 11 ViewsRate it:
Does That Stop My Heart From Throbbing? 11 ViewsRate it:
Don't Kill. But Forever Conquer. 11 ViewsRate it:
Don't Talk To Two Lovers 11 ViewsRate it:
Earnest Hanger 11 ViewsRate it:
Earthquake 11 ViewsRate it:
Enchanting Paradise 11 ViewsRate it:
Entering The New Millennium 11 ViewsRate it:
Evolution 11 ViewsRate it:
Find Me A Girl? 11 ViewsRate it:
For Me To Be Ever Possessed 11 ViewsRate it:
Forever And Only Yours 11 ViewsRate it:
Half A victory 11 ViewsRate it:
Human - Part 2 11 ViewsRate it:
Husband & wife 11 ViewsRate it:
I Loved Them More 11 ViewsRate it:
I Really, Truly And Shall Forever Love You 11 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Humanity 11 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Wife 11 ViewsRate it:
Immortally Mine 11 ViewsRate it:
Impossible 11 ViewsRate it:
In My dreams 11 ViewsRate it:
In Order To Wipe My Sins 11 ViewsRate it:
Irrespective 11 ViewsRate it:
It Does Definitely Matter 11 ViewsRate it:
Its Simply The Way You See It 11 ViewsRate it:
I've Fallen In Love With You Ice-Cream 11 ViewsRate it:
Journey Through The Atlantic 11 ViewsRate it:
Just One Stare Of Hers 11 ViewsRate it:
King Of The Village 11 ViewsRate it:
Laughter The Best Medicine 11 ViewsRate it:
Love Had Never Seemed So Immortal 11 ViewsRate it:
Maximum Comfort 11 ViewsRate it:
Mrs. Namita Shah-You Mean The World To My Child. 11 ViewsRate it:
My Life Without You 11 ViewsRate it:
My Mind 11 ViewsRate it:
My Royal rhythm. 11 ViewsRate it:
Nature's Glamorous beauty 11 ViewsRate it:
Noodles 11 ViewsRate it:
Perpetual Command 11 ViewsRate it:
Praying For Forgiveness- To God And His Holy Messengers 11 ViewsRate it:
Rewriting History With Poems Of Immortal Love 11 ViewsRate it:
Searching True love. 11 ViewsRate it:
Share With me 11 ViewsRate it:
Smile 11 ViewsRate it:
Starved 11 ViewsRate it:
Still Craving For More 11 ViewsRate it:
Success Would Forever Be Yours 11 ViewsRate it:
Such A Man Was I 11 ViewsRate it:
The Art Of Shaving 11 ViewsRate it:
The Cold Blooded Rock 11 ViewsRate it:
The First Thing I Would Do 11 ViewsRate it:
The Language Of My Heart 11 ViewsRate it:
The Silence Of Death. 11 ViewsRate it:
The Sole And Only Voice Of My Daughter 11 ViewsRate it:
The Sound Of The Heart 11 ViewsRate it:
The True Spirit Of Life 11 ViewsRate it:
Thermometer 11 ViewsRate it:
Think Of The Almighty Creator 11 ViewsRate it:
Touch 11 ViewsRate it:
Traces Of adulteration 11 ViewsRate it:
True History Shall Forever Be Created 11 ViewsRate it:
True Love 11 ViewsRate it:
Unconquerably And Solely The Omniscient Lord! 11 ViewsRate it:
Veritable Death mine 11 ViewsRate it:
Wasn't It Unimaginably Strange? 11 ViewsRate it:
What About him 11 ViewsRate it:
What Use ? 11 ViewsRate it:
What's There In A Name 11 ViewsRate it:
When Two Hearts Bonded Together 11 ViewsRate it:
Will I Love You Ever Do? 11 ViewsRate it:
Yet I Felt Lonely 11 ViewsRate it:
You Can Never Break Our Perpetual Love 11 ViewsRate it:
You Can't Strangulate Yourself And Still Lead Life 11 ViewsRate it:
You Only Tell Me What To Do; O! Almighty Lord. 11 ViewsRate it:
You Were Indeed My Loving Wife 11 ViewsRate it:
YouWeren't Condemning The Black Cat.YouWere Infact Condemning God Who Evolved It In The First Place. 11 ViewsRate it:
Your Immortal beats 11 ViewsRate it:
A Child Smiles 10 ViewsRate it:
A Valiant Seed 10 ViewsRate it:
A Whole New Chapter 10 ViewsRate it:
After A Tired Day In Office 10 ViewsRate it:
After Bathing In The First Showers Of Priceless Rain 10 ViewsRate it:
All Blood Is Red. All Bones Are White. All Sweat Is Golden. For It Is Not The Color Of Our Skins, Bu 10 ViewsRate it:
All I Could Do! 10 ViewsRate it:
All I Ended Up Doing 10 ViewsRate it:
An Island Of Loose Sand 10 ViewsRate it:
Best Friend 10 ViewsRate it:
Bury Me Near The Mosque Of My Creator. 10 ViewsRate it:
But Only To Irrefutably Ensure 10 ViewsRate it:
Can There exist 10 ViewsRate it:
Chalk Stick. 10 ViewsRate it:
Cluster Of teeth 10 ViewsRate it:
Come Lets Embrace Our New Religion 10 ViewsRate it:
Dance - Part 2 10 ViewsRate it:
Death- The Greatest Equalizer. 10 ViewsRate it:
Devoured 10 ViewsRate it:
Die Just once 10 ViewsRate it:
Doing Is believing 10 ViewsRate it:
Don't Cease 10 ViewsRate it:
Don't Make Me Insensitive 10 ViewsRate it:
Equally Intolerable 10 ViewsRate it:
Even As The Night Falls 10 ViewsRate it:
Even Before I Could Take Birth 10 ViewsRate it:
Existing As one 10 ViewsRate it:
Favorite Workshop 10 ViewsRate it:
Finding Heaven On Earth- In The Prostitute's Form 10 ViewsRate it:
Forever God 10 ViewsRate it:
Foundations 10 ViewsRate it:
Fresh Birth. 10 ViewsRate it:
Give All My Life To Her 10 ViewsRate it:
Give Her My Life 10 ViewsRate it:
Give Me Just One Chance O! Omnipotent Almighty Lord 10 ViewsRate it:
God Made Me - Poem 2 10 ViewsRate it:
God Please Bless Me With Sleep 10 ViewsRate it:
Greatest Art 10 ViewsRate it:
Greatness 10 ViewsRate it:
Handkerchief 10 ViewsRate it:
He Who Definitely Knew That He'd Die. 10 ViewsRate it:
Hearts 10 ViewsRate it:
Hell And beyond 10 ViewsRate it:
How His Planet Behaved As The Wind Blew 10 ViewsRate it:
How Starved Was I? 10 ViewsRate it:
Hunch Backed camel 10 ViewsRate it:
If Its From Your Heart 10 ViewsRate it:
If My Heart Was Made Of Steel 10 ViewsRate it:
If Only 10 ViewsRate it:
If You Really Loved Her 10 ViewsRate it:
In Order To Sign The Bond Of Love 10 ViewsRate it:
It Was nice 10 ViewsRate it:
Kissing 10 ViewsRate it:
Leaves 10 ViewsRate it:
Lets Pray For Love 10 ViewsRate it:
Life And death 10 ViewsRate it:
Life Is A Lovebird 10 ViewsRate it:
Living. 10 ViewsRate it:
Love 10 ViewsRate it:
Made Only For Each Other 10 ViewsRate it:
Man Had 10 ViewsRate it:
Man-The Biggest Hypocrite 10 ViewsRate it:
Me And My Boss 10 ViewsRate it:
My Only obsession 10 ViewsRate it:
Never In My Entire Life 10 ViewsRate it:
Newspaper 10 ViewsRate it:
No Overtaking 10 ViewsRate it:
No Shortcut 10 ViewsRate it:
Nobody Is A Slave Of Anybody. 10 ViewsRate it:
Not The Tiniest Of Difference At All 10 ViewsRate it:
Now Or never 10 ViewsRate it:
O! Heavenly mother 10 ViewsRate it:
On The Other Side 10 ViewsRate it:
One Woman 10 ViewsRate it:
Please Don't Ever Leave Me 10 ViewsRate it:
Please Save The Planet 10 ViewsRate it:
Precious 10 ViewsRate it:
Reborn To love 10 ViewsRate it:
Same Requirement 10 ViewsRate it:
Smoke 10 ViewsRate it:
Solely An Immortal Mother. 10 ViewsRate it:
Solely On The Beats Of Immortal Love 10 ViewsRate it:
Sun God 10 ViewsRate it:
Sweat Bath 10 ViewsRate it:
The Candle Wax Palace 10 ViewsRate it:
The Darker Side And The Brighter Aspect 10 ViewsRate it:
The Flame Of Truth 10 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest victory 10 ViewsRate it:
The Lord Was Watching You 10 ViewsRate it:
The Midas touch 10 ViewsRate it:
The Ultimate sir 10 ViewsRate it:
The United family 10 ViewsRate it:
The Very First Time 10 ViewsRate it:
There Was Nothing Wrong 10 ViewsRate it:
There Were times 10 ViewsRate it:
Till The time 10 ViewsRate it:
Till The Time We Lived. 10 ViewsRate it:
Transform Me Into A Child 10 ViewsRate it:
Two Women 10 ViewsRate it:
Violence 10 ViewsRate it:
What Is The Need Of? 10 ViewsRate it:
What Made You Ever Think 10 ViewsRate it:
When I realized 10 ViewsRate it:
When We Fell In Love - Part 2 10 ViewsRate it:
Whilst Today She Had Solely Become. 10 ViewsRate it:
Yet Inside 10 ViewsRate it:
You Were My Creator 10 ViewsRate it:
Biscuit Of Black Iron 9 ViewsRate it:
Why Did he 9 ViewsRate it:
2 Centimeters Of Brain 9 ViewsRate it:
A Contact Lens 9 ViewsRate it:
A Day In The Life Of A Beggar 9 ViewsRate it:
A Heart Palpitating With Mine 9 ViewsRate it:
Absolutely Useless 9 ViewsRate it:
After Death 9 ViewsRate it:
After Marriage 9 ViewsRate it:
After She Left Me 9 ViewsRate it:
After We die. 9 ViewsRate it:
Always Listening To The Tunes Of My Heart 9 ViewsRate it:
Am I Unforgivingly Unjust? 9 ViewsRate it:
An Absolute winner 9 ViewsRate it:
Any Form Of Life Was Better Than Death 9 ViewsRate it:
As Long As I Had Priceless Hope 9 ViewsRate it:
Ask My life 9 ViewsRate it:
Astoundingly Sensitive 9 ViewsRate it:
At Your Godly Feet 9 ViewsRate it:
At Your Timelessly Divine Feet 9 ViewsRate it:
Blessedly Reborn 9 ViewsRate it:
Can You Find Me 9 ViewsRate it:
Charred To death 9 ViewsRate it:
Children Are Like God. 9 ViewsRate it:
Clean Bowled 9 ViewsRate it:
Collisions 9 ViewsRate it:
Congregation Of numbers 9 ViewsRate it:
Death - A Countless Times Better 9 ViewsRate it:
Devilishly Decrepit alcohol 9 ViewsRate it:
Disastrously Abandoned me 9 ViewsRate it:
Do You Have A Heart At All 9 ViewsRate it:
Don't Have Anything To Do 9 ViewsRate it:
Don't Worry 9 ViewsRate it:
Dream House 9 ViewsRate it:
Electric Rays Of Bliss 9 ViewsRate it:
Electrocution 9 ViewsRate it:
Eternal Creation 9 ViewsRate it:
Even In The Deepest Sleep Of Your Death 9 ViewsRate it:
Every Breath That I Inhaled 9 ViewsRate it:
Every Human Was Beautiful 9 ViewsRate it:
Expurgations 9 ViewsRate it:
For Anything & Everything—anytime & Anywhere 9 ViewsRate it:
For Me—what Made Bryant Mcgill Truly Royal. 9 ViewsRate it:
Found My Own Corpse 9 ViewsRate it:
Free Of cost 9 ViewsRate it:
Freshly Born 9 ViewsRate it:
God Bless all 9 ViewsRate it:
Good Morning sunshine 9 ViewsRate it:
Having Fun 9 ViewsRate it:
Her Slave, Her Admirer, Her Lover 9 ViewsRate it:
Hide And seek 9 ViewsRate it:
Houses 9 ViewsRate it:
How Could You Ever Dream 9 ViewsRate it:
I Had, I Dreamt, I Made 9 ViewsRate it:
I Hate The High Society 9 ViewsRate it:
I Still failed 9 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Accept 9 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Be Unconquerably Sure 9 ViewsRate it:
I Would Still Continue To Love Her 9 ViewsRate it:
If I Were To Choose 9 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Bonding 9 ViewsRate it:
Impregnably Soaked 9 ViewsRate it:
Impressed 9 ViewsRate it:
In Order To Break The Monotony 9 ViewsRate it:
In Order To Repair 9 ViewsRate it:
In Our Succeeding Lives 9 ViewsRate it:
In The Next Birth 9 ViewsRate it:
Is Anybody listening? 9 ViewsRate it:
It Was Impossible To Emulate The Creator 9 ViewsRate it:
It Was Indefinitely Impossible. 9 ViewsRate it:
It Was Only So That 9 ViewsRate it:
Just Because -Part 2 9 ViewsRate it:
Just One girl 9 ViewsRate it:
Kavya- My New Born Daughter 9 ViewsRate it:
Keep Me satisfied 9 ViewsRate it:
Leaving Me Open-Mouthed. 9 ViewsRate it:
Lets Make It Even Better 9 ViewsRate it:
Live Life Truly Kingsize 9 ViewsRate it:
Love Eases life 9 ViewsRate it:
Love Me - Poetry 2 9 ViewsRate it:
Man- The Maker Of His Own Destiny 9 ViewsRate it:
Miraculously Uniting Crimson Blood. 9 ViewsRate it:
Monday To sunday 9 ViewsRate it:
More Stranger 9 ViewsRate it:
Morsels Of Invincible Love 9 ViewsRate it:
My Baby 9 ViewsRate it:
My Poetry 9 ViewsRate it:
My Talk Had No End 9 ViewsRate it:
Newness 9 ViewsRate it:
No Brakes On Love 9 ViewsRate it:
No Chance For Time To Speak 9 ViewsRate it:
No Ghosts 9 ViewsRate it:
No Mind Should Never Ever Be Wasted 9 ViewsRate it:
No Teaching 9 ViewsRate it:
No Updations. 9 ViewsRate it:
O! Blessed writer! 9 ViewsRate it:
O! Immortal beloved. 9 ViewsRate it:
Ocean Of blood 9 ViewsRate it:
Only If I Would 9 ViewsRate it:
Only One door 9 ViewsRate it:
Only Those 9 ViewsRate it:
Passing Through Her Heart 9 ViewsRate it:
Perpetual Were The Moments 9 ViewsRate it:
Please Forgive me 9 ViewsRate it:
Powerless 9 ViewsRate it:
Preliminary Investigation 9 ViewsRate it:
Rather Than Feeling Depressed 9 ViewsRate it:
Rebuilding A New Gujarat 9 ViewsRate it:
Replacements 9 ViewsRate it:
Roots 9 ViewsRate it:
Rope Of love 9 ViewsRate it:
Seven Stars- A Peculiar Configuration 9 ViewsRate it:
She Laughed And Laughed And Laughed To Death 9 ViewsRate it:
Sitting Beside them 9 ViewsRate it:
Stages Of A Day 9 ViewsRate it:
Stop 9 ViewsRate it:
Suddenly Metamorphosed 9 ViewsRate it:
Sun- Our Sole Reservoir Of Strength. 9 ViewsRate it:
Sunday 9 ViewsRate it:
Sweat 9 ViewsRate it:
Sweet Success 9 ViewsRate it:
Sympathy Is Worse Than Death 9 ViewsRate it:
Tell Me Why? 9 ViewsRate it:
The Flag Of Love 9 ViewsRate it:
The Goddess Of Love 9 ViewsRate it:
The King Of The Current Moment 9 ViewsRate it:
The Man, The Orphan, The Die Hard Lady 9 ViewsRate it:
The Million Dollar Kiss 9 ViewsRate it:
The Photo Of My God 9 ViewsRate it:
The True challenge 9 ViewsRate it:
The Waves Of Immortal Love 9 ViewsRate it:
There Was God To Protect Me 9 ViewsRate it:
Through Them. 9 ViewsRate it:
Time 9 ViewsRate it:
To Win Her Back 9 ViewsRate it:
Tomorrow's Of love 9 ViewsRate it:
Torturous Ghost 9 ViewsRate it:
Tsunami- The Wave Of Death; Death And Only Inconsolable Death. 9 ViewsRate it:
Uncrowned King 9 ViewsRate it:
United Together 9 ViewsRate it:
Water Is precious 9 ViewsRate it:
What I Do Know 9 ViewsRate it:
What Is Life Without Love? 9 ViewsRate it:
What's Love All About? 9 ViewsRate it:
When I Sliced My Heart 9 ViewsRate it:
When Ridiculed By My Very Own Beloved 9 ViewsRate it:
Whispering Of nature 9 ViewsRate it:
You Simply Couldn't Hide 9 ViewsRate it:
You Were In My Every Heartbeat 9 ViewsRate it:
Forgive Me O! Lord 8 ViewsRate it:
Lets Love Each Other 8 ViewsRate it:
24 X 7 X 365 8 ViewsRate it:
A Generation Which Never Loses. We Are Generation Y 8 ViewsRate it:
A Glass Of Water 8 ViewsRate it:
A Parasite From A Paradise 8 ViewsRate it:
A Peep Into The Life Of A Eunuch 8 ViewsRate it:
A Single Heartbeat Of Hers. 8 ViewsRate it:
A World Of United Existence 8 ViewsRate it:
Actions 8 ViewsRate it:
Adopt The Girl Child. 8 ViewsRate it:
All Blood Is Passionate Red. 8 ViewsRate it:
All I Ended Up Doing - Part 2 8 ViewsRate it:
An Infinite Times Better 8 ViewsRate it:
Angels Of The Sky 8 ViewsRate it:
As The Wind Blew 8 ViewsRate it:
Back In business. 8 ViewsRate it:
Believable 8 ViewsRate it:
Beneath Your heart 8 ViewsRate it:
Between Life And Death 8 ViewsRate it:
Big Thumb 8 ViewsRate it:
Bizzare Act On Humanity 8 ViewsRate it:
Blankets 8 ViewsRate it:
Blessed Or Not Blessed 8 ViewsRate it:
Both Me And My Wife 8 ViewsRate it:
Bury Me alive 8 ViewsRate it:
Business Of love 8 ViewsRate it:
Can Never Ever Forget 8 ViewsRate it:
Dance 8 ViewsRate it:
Deep Ocean Of Secrets 8 ViewsRate it:
Doggedly Blind 8 ViewsRate it:
Don't Make me 8 ViewsRate it:
Don't Yet die 8 ViewsRate it:
Drinks 8 ViewsRate it:
End & start 8 ViewsRate it:
Eternal E-paper 8 ViewsRate it:
Even Greater 8 ViewsRate it:
Except The girl 8 ViewsRate it:
Extractions 8 ViewsRate it:
Fanatically In love 8 ViewsRate it:
Flames Of Miraculous Love 8 ViewsRate it:
Footprints 8 ViewsRate it:
Fragments Of love 8 ViewsRate it:
Garden Hosepipe 8 ViewsRate it:
Ghost Of Lost Love 8 ViewsRate it:
God Immortally loves 8 ViewsRate it:
God Made me 8 ViewsRate it:
Goddamned Are those 8 ViewsRate it:
Godly Womb 8 ViewsRate it:
Hands 8 ViewsRate it:
Happening Everywhere 8 ViewsRate it:
Hatching Open 8 ViewsRate it:
Heartbeat 8 ViewsRate it:
How About Immortal Love? 8 ViewsRate it:
How Could You Ever Call 8 ViewsRate it:
How Could You Ever Expect? 8 ViewsRate it:
How Could You Ever Forget 8 ViewsRate it:
Humanity And happiness 8 ViewsRate it:
I Live To Love 8 ViewsRate it:
I Loved You And Still Hated You 8 ViewsRate it:
I Might Be Jobless 8 ViewsRate it:
I Preferred To Call 8 ViewsRate it:
I Preffered To Die Infinite Deaths 8 ViewsRate it:
I Salute those 8 ViewsRate it:
I Still Profoundly Remember 8 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted The World To Recognize 8 ViewsRate it:
I Was Definitely Proud 8 ViewsRate it:
I Was Not God 8 ViewsRate it:
I Was Still Skeptical To Leave You Outside 8 ViewsRate it:
I Was Sure To Fall In Love 8 ViewsRate it:
I Wished For Time To Stop 8 ViewsRate it:
I Write because 8 ViewsRate it:
I'd Definitely Commit Suicide 8 ViewsRate it:
Idea 8 ViewsRate it:
If Only I Were God 8 ViewsRate it:
If You Really Had The Urge To Clean Something 8 ViewsRate it:
Immortally Afraid 8 ViewsRate it:
Impossible For you 8 ViewsRate it:
Impossible To imprison 8 ViewsRate it:
In The Eyes Of My Beloved 8 ViewsRate it:
Infallibly Married. Yet You Say That I'm A Bachelor! 8 ViewsRate it:
Infinite Infinity 8 ViewsRate it:
Irrespective Of Whether You Get Your Girl's Love Or Not 8 ViewsRate it:
It Was Perfectly Normal 8 ViewsRate it:
Jump 8 ViewsRate it:
Just Doesn't end 8 ViewsRate it:
King Cactus 8 ViewsRate it:
Let A Child Smile 8 ViewsRate it:
Let Your heart 8 ViewsRate it:
Life 8 ViewsRate it:
Life Is A Dedication 8 ViewsRate it:
Light Of love 8 ViewsRate it:
Living Single-Handedly And Singularly In Itself. 8 ViewsRate it:
Love Stories Are Immortal 8 ViewsRate it:
Love You 8 ViewsRate it:
Loved By Her Love 8 ViewsRate it:
Make Me One Of Your Disciple 8 ViewsRate it:
Man Eater At Large 8 ViewsRate it:
Married 8 ViewsRate it:
Modern Day Devil- Money 8 ViewsRate it:
Mood 8 ViewsRate it:
Mother & The artist. 8 ViewsRate it:
My Broken Heart Needed 8 ViewsRate it:
My Complaint 8 ViewsRate it:
My Heart Relied On 8 ViewsRate it:
Natural Drink 8 ViewsRate it:
Never Say die 8 ViewsRate it:
No Dividers 8 ViewsRate it:
Nostalgia 8 ViewsRate it:
On The Gallows Of 8 ViewsRate it:
One Instant 8 ViewsRate it:
Only Those - part 2 8 ViewsRate it:
Orphan On The Street 8 ViewsRate it:
Our divinely honeymoon. 8 ViewsRate it:
Our Love Would Immortally Conquer. 8 ViewsRate it:
Penalizing Hell 8 ViewsRate it:
Perception Of A Jungle 8 ViewsRate it:
Perfect Examples 8 ViewsRate it:
Platform Of love 8 ViewsRate it:
Please Say Something Atleast 8 ViewsRate it:
Pult (Peace, Unity, Love, Truth.) 8 ViewsRate it:
Reflections Of childhood 8 ViewsRate it:
Royal Love itself. 8 ViewsRate it:
Sadly Without Its Beats 8 ViewsRate it:
She Loved Her Baby More Than She Loved Her God 8 ViewsRate it:
Sketch In Natural Color 8 ViewsRate it:
Skin 8 ViewsRate it:
Sky Of Pious Peace. 8 ViewsRate it:
Sleep Still refused 8 ViewsRate it:
Snake Leather belt 8 ViewsRate it:
Something That Pours From The Heart 8 ViewsRate it:
Swimming Pool 8 ViewsRate it:
Switch Of The Air-Conditioner Please 8 ViewsRate it:
Tarzan Of The Jungle 8 ViewsRate it:
Thank You 8 ViewsRate it:
The Best I Could Do 8 ViewsRate it:
The Best thing 8 ViewsRate it:
The Biggest Victory For Me 8 ViewsRate it:
The Biscuit Of Love 8 ViewsRate it:
The Day - part 2 8 ViewsRate it:
The First Thing That Flooded My Mind 8 ViewsRate it:
The First Thing; The Only Thing 8 ViewsRate it:
The Gentle giant 8 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest curse 8 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest Shock Of My Life 8 ViewsRate it:
The Only person 8 ViewsRate it:
The Only Route To Heaven 8 ViewsRate it:
The Rubber man 8 ViewsRate it:
The Thing I Hated The Most 8 ViewsRate it:
The Tree Of Love 8 ViewsRate it:
The Tycoon And I 8 ViewsRate it:
The World Outside After Bath 8 ViewsRate it:
There Was A Corner Of My Mind 8 ViewsRate it:
There Was Something In That Voice 8 ViewsRate it:
There Were none 8 ViewsRate it:
Thinking Of tomorrow 8 ViewsRate it:
Through The Corner Of My Eye 8 ViewsRate it:
Through The Eyes Of Newly Born Rat 8 ViewsRate it:
True Satisfaction 8 ViewsRate it:
United Existence 8 ViewsRate it:
United Human kind 8 ViewsRate it:
Unmarried 8 ViewsRate it:
Walking Backwards 8 ViewsRate it:
Walking Between Life And Death 8 ViewsRate it:
Water 8 ViewsRate it:
We've All Been Sent To Win. 8 ViewsRate it:
What Use Was It? - Part 2 8 ViewsRate it:
When I Touched Your Omnipresent Feet 8 ViewsRate it:
When I Wandered Through The Lane Of Love 8 ViewsRate it:
Where On Earth Can I Find 8 ViewsRate it:
Where There Is Love 8 ViewsRate it:
While Passing By Her House 8 ViewsRate it:
Who's Bothered The Tiniest Of Death 8 ViewsRate it:
Why Just ‘happy Birthday' Once A Year? 8 ViewsRate it:
With The Blessings Of Almighty God 8 ViewsRate it:
Without The Immortal Love Of A Woman 8 ViewsRate it:
Without The Slightest Of Fear 8 ViewsRate it:
Without Waiting 8 ViewsRate it:
Without You O! Beloved 8 ViewsRate it:
Woman 8 ViewsRate it:
Would You Ever Believe 8 ViewsRate it:
You Just Fall In Love 8 ViewsRate it:
A Death More Treacherous 7 ViewsRate it:
A Modern Kitchen 7 ViewsRate it:
A Single Beat. 7 ViewsRate it:
Adorable Sister 7 ViewsRate it:
After Meeting her 7 ViewsRate it:
All Hunger Quenched By Rain 7 ViewsRate it:
All That I Wanted To See 7 ViewsRate it:
An Encounter With A Mosquito 7 ViewsRate it:
An Infinite Times Bigger. 7 ViewsRate it:
As All The Heart Ever Knew. 7 ViewsRate it:
As The Lord Almighty Had Let You Come 7 ViewsRate it:
Autobiography 7 ViewsRate it:
Bath 7 ViewsRate it:
Beautiful 7 ViewsRate it:
Bless Me With Love. 7 ViewsRate it:
Blessedly Alive 7 ViewsRate it:
Blessing You 7 ViewsRate it:
Bringing A Smile On Your Face 7 ViewsRate it:
But What About Those? 7 ViewsRate it:
Can You? 7 ViewsRate it:
Ceiling Fan 7 ViewsRate it:
Compassionately In love 7 ViewsRate it:
Cursed Terrorism 7 ViewsRate it:
Dead And Still Living With Me 7 ViewsRate it:
Death-The Absolute King Of Optimism. 7 ViewsRate it:
Divinely Mother 7 ViewsRate it:
Divorce 7 ViewsRate it:
Do Something 7 ViewsRate it:
Dressed For love 7 ViewsRate it:
Dying For The First Time 7 ViewsRate it:
Entirely On Their Own 7 ViewsRate it:
Entirely Your Very Own Decision 7 ViewsRate it:
Even After This Earth; Was No Longer Mine 7 ViewsRate it:
Except The divine 7 ViewsRate it:
Fake Godfather 7 ViewsRate it:
Five Star. 7 ViewsRate it:
Flood 7 ViewsRate it:
For My Eternal Mother 7 ViewsRate it:
Forever. 7 ViewsRate it:
God Loves All Those Heart's 7 ViewsRate it:
Hand-In-hand. 7 ViewsRate it:
Happy Married life 7 ViewsRate it:
Heart To heart 7 ViewsRate it:
Hot Water bottle 7 ViewsRate it:
How Can I Ever Love? 7 ViewsRate it:
Human Emotions 7 ViewsRate it:
Human Tendency 7 ViewsRate it:
I Do Definitely Know; And Have Always Known. 7 ViewsRate it:
I Inconsolably died 7 ViewsRate it:
I Loved it 7 ViewsRate it:
I Think I Am In Love 7 ViewsRate it:
I Would Die; Die; And Most Certainly Die 7 ViewsRate it:
I'd Just started 7 ViewsRate it:
If I Were An Immortal Heartbeat 7 ViewsRate it:
If I Were Your Heart 7 ViewsRate it:
If The Heart Danced Out 7 ViewsRate it:
If The Heart Ever Had A Tongue 7 ViewsRate it:
If There Was Anybody 7 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Electricity 7 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Lover 7 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Lovers 7 ViewsRate it:
Impossible "Possible". 7 ViewsRate it:
Impossible To hide. 7 ViewsRate it:
In My Search For Love. 7 ViewsRate it:
In Order To Perpetually Attain "God" 7 ViewsRate it:
In Return. 7 ViewsRate it:
In The end 7 ViewsRate it:
Into The Shoes Of A True Lover. 7 ViewsRate it:
Its Because There Existed Your Perpetual Heart. 7 ViewsRate it:
Just 4 alphabets 7 ViewsRate it:
Just So that 7 ViewsRate it:
Kept Calling Me Father 7 ViewsRate it:
Life - Poetry 2 7 ViewsRate it:
Life- A Non-Negotiable Compromise 7 ViewsRate it:
Life After death 7 ViewsRate it:
Life Shouldn't Slip And Fly 7 ViewsRate it:
Life, Love And Humanity 7 ViewsRate it:
Lighting The Lantern Of My Love 7 ViewsRate it:
Live No evil 7 ViewsRate it:
Long Iron 7 ViewsRate it:
Looking Forward to 7 ViewsRate it:
Losing My virginity 7 ViewsRate it:
Love Is. 7 ViewsRate it:
Lover's Eye. 7 ViewsRate it:
Man Of The Moment 7 ViewsRate it:
Mirrors 7 ViewsRate it:
Mouse Trap 7 ViewsRate it:
My Mortal Friend's Birthday. 7 ViewsRate it:
My Newborn daughter 7 ViewsRate it:
My Toothbrush 7 ViewsRate it:
Never Ask 7 ViewsRate it:
No Guarantee 7 ViewsRate it:
Not A Penny More; Not A Penny Less. 7 ViewsRate it:
Obsessed To sleep 7 ViewsRate it:
Omnisciently Ameliorating god. 7 ViewsRate it:
One Day 7 ViewsRate it:
On-The-Spot Death-Without A Helmet. 7 ViewsRate it:
Past, Present And Future Life 7 ViewsRate it:
Pillar Of love 7 ViewsRate it:
Please Come soon 7 ViewsRate it:
Please Stop war 7 ViewsRate it:
Poetry 7 ViewsRate it:
Rain, Rain And Unstoppably Rain 7 ViewsRate it:
Reach Out To Humanity, God Will Reach Out To You 7 ViewsRate it:
Ready To die 7 ViewsRate it:
Rectangular Bar Of Chewing Gum 7 ViewsRate it:
Relax 7 ViewsRate it:
Rocking Chair 7 ViewsRate it:
Roof Top terrace 7 ViewsRate it:
Sadly No beats 7 ViewsRate it:
School Bag 7 ViewsRate it:
School Laboratory 7 ViewsRate it:
Seeking Solace 7 ViewsRate it:
She Loved Me For My Money 7 ViewsRate it:
Since time 7 ViewsRate it:
Speed Breaker 7 ViewsRate it:
Spirit Never dies 7 ViewsRate it:
Stamp 7 ViewsRate it:
Stealing My heart 7 ViewsRate it:
Stop Ghastly Female Foeticide Right Now! 7 ViewsRate it:
Stream Of love 7 ViewsRate it:
Style 7 ViewsRate it:
That I Was Blind - A Poem To Sensitize Those With Eye-Sight Towards Those Who Are Blind. 7 ViewsRate it:
The Best Of The Best Of The Infinite Best 7 ViewsRate it:
The Best ride 7 ViewsRate it:
The Best Way To Pay Him Back 7 ViewsRate it:
The Blue ocean 7 ViewsRate it:
The Chapter Of Existence 7 ViewsRate it:
The Creator Was Present In Each Heartbeat Of Immortal Love 7 ViewsRate it:
The Day 7 ViewsRate it:
The Day I Didn't Breathe 7 ViewsRate it:
The Exact Definition Of Anti Terrorism-Immortal Love. 7 ViewsRate it:
The Final thought 7 ViewsRate it:
The First And Last Name. 7 ViewsRate it:
The Heaven Of Immortal Love. 7 ViewsRate it:
The Last Day Of His Life 7 ViewsRate it:
The Mosque Of My Omnipotent Creator. 7 ViewsRate it:
The Perfect housewife 7 ViewsRate it:
The Sea Of Love 7 ViewsRate it:
The Spearhead Of Love 7 ViewsRate it:
The Sun Of Love Was Ours 7 ViewsRate it:
The Very 1st One 7 ViewsRate it:
The Very First Time In My Life 7 ViewsRate it:
The Wife And The Mistress. 7 ViewsRate it:
The World Trade Center Shall Stand Tall Forever -Tribute To America, Part 4 7 ViewsRate it:
Their Kiss Was Unbreakable. 7 ViewsRate it:
There Was something 7 ViewsRate it:
Thirst 7 ViewsRate it:
Through The Pages Of My Heart 7 ViewsRate it:
Till The Time You Were Magnificently Alive 7 ViewsRate it:
Today's The day 7 ViewsRate it:
Tomorrow- The Most Perpetually True Champion 7 ViewsRate it:
Towards The Hearbeat Of Omnipotent Life. 7 ViewsRate it:
Trying To Hide Deeper 7 ViewsRate it:
Unassailable Lord almighty 7 ViewsRate it:
Unconquerable 7 ViewsRate it:
United We Stand, Divided We Fall 7 ViewsRate it:
Was It His Fault? 7 ViewsRate it:
We Aren't afraid 7 ViewsRate it:
What Is A Poem? 7 ViewsRate it:
What Was Happening Wrong 7 ViewsRate it:
When Almighty Lord Spoke 7 ViewsRate it:
When I Listened To My Heart 7 ViewsRate it:
When I Woke Up From Sleep 7 ViewsRate it:
When The Heart Erred 7 ViewsRate it:
When We Fell In Love 7 ViewsRate it:
While Today 7 ViewsRate it:
Whisky Complexioned Hair Wig 7 ViewsRate it:
Who The Hell Ever Said; That Sweat Stinks? 7 ViewsRate it:
Why Do you? 7 ViewsRate it:
Why The Hell Have You Made This Ghastly Bullet? 7 ViewsRate it:
Will Never lose 7 ViewsRate it:
With An Existence Such As This 7 ViewsRate it:
Without Life 7 ViewsRate it:
Without My Priceless Beloved 7 ViewsRate it:
Worry. Worry. Worry. Infinite Times Worry. 7 ViewsRate it:
You Don't Need To Teach 7 ViewsRate it:
A Born Lover 6 ViewsRate it:
A Tribute To My Grandparents 6 ViewsRate it:
A True Poet 6 ViewsRate it:
acne 6 ViewsRate it:
After A Good Nights Sleep 6 ViewsRate it:
After Consuming A Barrel Of Wine 6 ViewsRate it:
All A Person Could Take Beneath His Grave 6 ViewsRate it:
All Of Her. 6 ViewsRate it:
Angry Young man 6 ViewsRate it:
Art And manipulation 6 ViewsRate it:
Artillery For survival 6 ViewsRate it:
As You Fell Into The Gorge Of Immortal Love 6 ViewsRate it:
Assemblage Of Heavenly Blue 6 ViewsRate it:
At Least once 6 ViewsRate it:
Bar Magnet 6 ViewsRate it:
Be Conquered 6 ViewsRate it:
Bearded 6 ViewsRate it:
Beauty Needs To Be Appreciated 6 ViewsRate it:
Born Only to 6 ViewsRate it:
Breaking Barriers 6 ViewsRate it:
Broken Hearts 6 ViewsRate it:
But At Least Allow Me 6 ViewsRate it:
But Atleast Love Me When I'm Alive 6 ViewsRate it:
But What To Do With This Heart 6 ViewsRate it:
Buttons 6 ViewsRate it:
Bye 6 ViewsRate it:
Cakes 6 ViewsRate it:
Candid Impression 6 ViewsRate it:
Caps 6 ViewsRate it:
Casting An Immortal Spell 6 ViewsRate it:
Chalk Powder 6 ViewsRate it:
Colored 6 ViewsRate it:
Complete 6 ViewsRate it:
Complete Surrender 6 ViewsRate it:
Compositions 6 ViewsRate it:
Countless Lives 6 ViewsRate it:
Crab Poison 6 ViewsRate it:
Cute Creases. 6 ViewsRate it:
Dance Upon Every Chance. 6 ViewsRate it:
Definitions 6 ViewsRate it:
Dehradun And Mussorrie (India) . 6 ViewsRate it:
Deserved To Be Kissed 6 ViewsRate it:
Diffusing 6 ViewsRate it:
Dividers 6 ViewsRate it:
Do You know ? 6 ViewsRate it:
Don't Love Me Like That 6 ViewsRate it:
Don't You Dare O! Devil 6 ViewsRate it:
Dying In Your Perpetual Lap 6 ViewsRate it:
Embrace Unconquerable life 6 ViewsRate it:
Every Time I Took Breath 6 ViewsRate it:
Failure 6 ViewsRate it:
Fantasy 6 ViewsRate it:
Fantasy Meal 6 ViewsRate it:
Father 6 ViewsRate it:
First - Part 2 6 ViewsRate it:
Fodder Through rhyme 6 ViewsRate it:
Followed 6 ViewsRate it:
For Infinite lives 6 ViewsRate it:
For Me To Breathe 6 ViewsRate it:
Fountain Pen 6 ViewsRate it:
Free 6 ViewsRate it:
Freedom From life 6 ViewsRate it:
Fully Engrossed 6 ViewsRate it:
Glass Of love 6 ViewsRate it:
Grow More trees 6 ViewsRate it:
Heavenly Sensuousness 6 ViewsRate it:
Home & paradise 6 ViewsRate it:
How Does It Really Matter 6 ViewsRate it:
Human Heart 6 ViewsRate it:
Humanitarian Sect 6 ViewsRate it:
I Can't believe 6 ViewsRate it:
I Did Know For Sure 6 ViewsRate it:
I Finally won 6 ViewsRate it:
I Invite you 6 ViewsRate it:
I Longed For Those Moments 6 ViewsRate it:
I Really Don't Know 6 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted 6 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Breathe, Sleep, Live With Your Name 6 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Love 6 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Paint 6 ViewsRate it:
I Was Ardently Dying To Die 6 ViewsRate it:
I Wasn't prepared 6 ViewsRate it:
I Would Consider Myself The Richest 6 ViewsRate it:
I Would Make It Feel Beautiful 6 ViewsRate it:
I'd Still Instantaneously Die. 6 ViewsRate it:
Immaculate Tie 6 ViewsRate it:
Impregnably Married 6 ViewsRate it:
In The Current Moment 6 ViewsRate it:
In The Realms Of Sacrosanct Marriage 6 ViewsRate it:
Indian Widow 6 ViewsRate it:
Infinite Times better 6 ViewsRate it:
Infront Of The Omnipresent Almighty Lord. 6 ViewsRate it:
Invaluable Blood 6 ViewsRate it:
Is This why? 6 ViewsRate it:
Its Entirely Upto You 6 ViewsRate it:
Just A single 6 ViewsRate it:
Just A Single Beat -Part 2 6 ViewsRate it:
Just A Singleton Ray Of Blessed Sunshine 6 ViewsRate it:
Just Forget It Buddy 6 ViewsRate it:
Just One Of Them 6 ViewsRate it:
Just Where Were You? 6 ViewsRate it:
Lasting Impression 6 ViewsRate it:
Leaving My Past Well Behind 6 ViewsRate it:
Lets Leave It To The Creator 6 ViewsRate it:
Like Nobody else 6 ViewsRate it:
Live And Let Live 6 ViewsRate it:
Live Life wholeheartedly 6 ViewsRate it:
Love - A Perpetual Poison 6 ViewsRate it:
Love At First Sight - Part 2 6 ViewsRate it:
Love Is blind 6 ViewsRate it:
Love Perpetually 6 ViewsRate it:
Love Story. 6 ViewsRate it:
Man of the moment 6 ViewsRate it:
Medicine Magic 6 ViewsRate it:
More Immortally Godly Than Ever Before. 6 ViewsRate it:
My Forever Single Droplet Of Sweat. 6 ViewsRate it:
My Garishly Striped Helmet 6 ViewsRate it:
My Heart Was Pure Indian 6 ViewsRate it:
No Accommodations. 6 ViewsRate it:
No Heart Except Hers 6 ViewsRate it:
No Heart Should Ever Miss 6 ViewsRate it:
No Options After Death. 6 ViewsRate it:
No Prison. Just Heaven. 6 ViewsRate it:
No Swapping 6 ViewsRate it:
Not Made, But Uncontrollably Mad 6 ViewsRate it:
Omnipotent Almighty 6 ViewsRate it:
Omnipotent Raindrop 6 ViewsRate it:
On My day 6 ViewsRate it:
On The Roads Of Love 6 ViewsRate it:
On The Station Of Love 6 ViewsRate it:
Only After 6 ViewsRate it:
Only For Your Immortal Beats 6 ViewsRate it:
Only One 6 ViewsRate it:
Paint My heart 6 ViewsRate it:
Pipes 6 ViewsRate it:
Please Don't Forget To Pray 6 ViewsRate it:
Pond Of water 6 ViewsRate it:
Questions 6 ViewsRate it:
Rainbow 6 ViewsRate it:
Realization 6 ViewsRate it:
Reference 6 ViewsRate it:
Retired 6 ViewsRate it:
Service To The Divine! 6 ViewsRate it:
Shall We 6 ViewsRate it:
Signing Your heart 6 ViewsRate it:
Simply Denied To Die 6 ViewsRate it:
Slum Children 6 ViewsRate it:
Snatch Me instead 6 ViewsRate it:
Sole Plus point 6 ViewsRate it:
Solely In Your Immortal Heart 6 ViewsRate it:
Start And end 6 ViewsRate it:
Stop Killing animals 6 ViewsRate it:
Strip 6 ViewsRate it:
Sweet Alarm clock 6 ViewsRate it:
Tears Might Have Dried From My Eyes 6 ViewsRate it:
That Exactly And Perpetually Meant 6 ViewsRate it:
That Woman 6 ViewsRate it:
The Bride 6 ViewsRate it:
The Cavity Was Purely Mine 6 ViewsRate it:
The Color Of My Cheeks 6 ViewsRate it:
The Dress In Pure And Powerful Black 6 ViewsRate it:
The First one 6 ViewsRate it:
The Heart Of Betrayal 6 ViewsRate it:
The History teacher 6 ViewsRate it:
The Lord's Most Favorite Child. 6 ViewsRate it:
The Most Treasured Thing For My Heart 6 ViewsRate it:
The Omnipresent mother 6 ViewsRate it:
The Only panacea 6 ViewsRate it:
The Plate Of Love 6 ViewsRate it:
The Rainbow Of Love 6 ViewsRate it:
The Religion Of Humanity 6 ViewsRate it:
The Rhythm Of The Creator Divine 6 ViewsRate it:
The Richest Of All 6 ViewsRate it:
The Scary tarantula 6 ViewsRate it:
The Simplest Way To Please Me 6 ViewsRate it:
The Sky Of Unconquerable Love. 6 ViewsRate it:
The Sole Reflection Of My Soul 6 ViewsRate it:
The Son Of My Mother. 6 ViewsRate it:
The Tenacity Of My Love 6 ViewsRate it:
The Thing 6 ViewsRate it:
The Thing I Feared The Most 6 ViewsRate it:
The Tune Of Air. 6 ViewsRate it:
The Walls Were My Very Best Friends. 6 ViewsRate it:
They Were Still Alive - Tribute To America, Part 3 6 ViewsRate it:
This Very Moment When I Was Dying Today 6 ViewsRate it:
To God's Hell - Tribute To America, Part 1 6 ViewsRate it:
To Pray To God Was Of Paramount Importance 6 ViewsRate it:
To The Inimitably Godly Beats 6 ViewsRate it:
Tobby—My Darling Everybody 6 ViewsRate it:
Tones 6 ViewsRate it:
Treating Each Day As A Sunday 6 ViewsRate it:
Triumphantly Godly lap 6 ViewsRate it:
Trust Me. 6 ViewsRate it:
Truth - Part 2 6 ViewsRate it:
Ultimate Destination 6 ViewsRate it:
Undefeated Life 6 ViewsRate it:
Unemployment 6 ViewsRate it:
Until And unless 6 ViewsRate it:
Uttering Her name 6 ViewsRate it:
Vehicular Rubber 6 ViewsRate it:
Wasn't It better 6 ViewsRate it:
We Are Two; Our's Are Only Two 6 ViewsRate it:
What Difference Does It Make? 6 ViewsRate it:
What He Actually Considered Man 6 ViewsRate it:
What I Eternally Desired 6 ViewsRate it:
What The Entire Wealth Couldn't Purchase 6 ViewsRate it:
What Was There In That Body 6 ViewsRate it:
When I Thought About The World 6 ViewsRate it:
When I Wasn't Writing Poetry. 6 ViewsRate it:
When I Wrote Her Name 6 ViewsRate it:
When My Heart Ceased To Function 6 ViewsRate it:
When Sleep Inevitably Comes. 6 ViewsRate it:
When The Heart Wasn't Throbbing 6 ViewsRate it:
When We Had First Fallen In Love 6 ViewsRate it:
When You Came Into My Life 6 ViewsRate it:
Where Did All Your Devotion Go? 6 ViewsRate it:
Whistle 6 ViewsRate it:
Who Says? 6 ViewsRate it:
Who The Hell Were You? 6 ViewsRate it:
Wholeheartedly 6 ViewsRate it:
Why Should i? 6 ViewsRate it:
Why Should I? -Part 2 6 ViewsRate it:
With Every Beat Of My Heart 6 ViewsRate it:
You Die; I Die 6 ViewsRate it:
You Just Perpetually Continue 6 ViewsRate it:
You Were nothing 6 ViewsRate it:
9 Months 5 ViewsRate it:
A Person Lives 5 ViewsRate it:
Acts of Courage 5 ViewsRate it:
Agony In bathroom 5 ViewsRate it:
An Act Of Brutality 5 ViewsRate it:
As Long As She Was Sitting Beside Me 5 ViewsRate it:
Audaciously Dare 5 ViewsRate it:
Before Two Bodies Could Meet. 5 ViewsRate it:
Broken Bonds 5 ViewsRate it:
But All That Hardly Mattered 5 ViewsRate it:
But Not without! 5 ViewsRate it:
But Remember 5 ViewsRate it:
But Remember O! Mate 5 ViewsRate it:
But That Doesn't Mean 5 ViewsRate it:
Call Us mother 5 ViewsRate it:
Can Only Be Realized 5 ViewsRate it:
Chained Puppet 5 ViewsRate it:
Conflicting Personalities 5 ViewsRate it:
Coudrouy Shoes 5 ViewsRate it:
Cut 5 ViewsRate it:
Dead Beyond description 5 ViewsRate it:
Do You Want To Know? 5 ViewsRate it:
Doesn't Stop you 5 ViewsRate it:
Don't 5 ViewsRate it:
Emissions 5 ViewsRate it:
Everlasting Beats 5 ViewsRate it:
Every Of Those Moments 5 ViewsRate it:
Everywhere 5 ViewsRate it:
Farmer Relishes Sugarcane Juice 5 ViewsRate it:
Feathers. 5 ViewsRate it:
Firewood And beer 5 ViewsRate it:
First 5 ViewsRate it:
First And last 5 ViewsRate it:
Flagrant Imagination 5 ViewsRate it:
For The Sake Of 5 ViewsRate it:
Greedy For That Eternal Blackness 5 ViewsRate it:
Harmony 5 ViewsRate it:
Hazards Of Cigarette Smoking-Poisonous Smoke 5 ViewsRate it:
He Who Is Afraid Of Death 5 ViewsRate it:
Homeless- In All My Mind; Body And Soul. 5 ViewsRate it:
How I Wanted Our Very First Kiss To Happen 5 ViewsRate it:
How Would Life Ever Realize? 5 ViewsRate it:
Human 5 ViewsRate it:
Humanitarianly Alive 5 ViewsRate it:
Hunger For hunger 5 ViewsRate it:
I Couldn't Bear To See 5 ViewsRate it:
I Didn't Want To Live 5 ViewsRate it:
I Loved You Solely For 5 ViewsRate it:
I Needed To Die 5 ViewsRate it:
I Pictured My Ancestor 5 ViewsRate it:
I Truly Hate Crime 5 ViewsRate it:
I Walked barefoot 5 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Die With You 5 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted You To Be 5 ViewsRate it:
I Was Not Upset The Slightest 5 ViewsRate it:
I Wholesomely belonged. 5 ViewsRate it:
I Will Always Be There With You. 5 ViewsRate it:
I Will Not Rest 5 ViewsRate it:
I Would Forever Remain 5 ViewsRate it:
I Would Still Consider Myself The Richest 5 ViewsRate it:
If Anyone Tried To Steal Her 5 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Love 5 ViewsRate it:
Immortal Soldiers - Part 1 5 ViewsRate it:
Immortally Dead 5 ViewsRate it:
Immortaly Ruled 5 ViewsRate it:
Impregnable Humanity 5 ViewsRate it:
In My Child's Immortal Eyes 5 ViewsRate it:
In Order To Savagely Die 5 ViewsRate it:
In The Lap Of My Mother 5 ViewsRate it:
In-Born strengths 5 ViewsRate it:
Incomplete 5 ViewsRate it:
Indisputable Wealth 5 ViewsRate it:
Inevitably And Bound To 5 ViewsRate it:
Infatuation 5 ViewsRate it:
Irrefutably Murderous 5 ViewsRate it:
Is There Any Point 5 ViewsRate it:
Its All There In Your Heart 5 ViewsRate it:
Jealousy 5 ViewsRate it:
Just A Minute To Destruction 5 ViewsRate it:
Just Because You Weren't In The Mood 5 ViewsRate it:
Just Keep Loving Me 5 ViewsRate it:
Just Listening To My Beats 5 ViewsRate it:
Kavya 5 ViewsRate it:
Lead Tipped pencil 5 ViewsRate it:
Let True Love Remain Immortal 5 ViewsRate it:
Life Blossoms Into Vitality 5 ViewsRate it:
Life Is beautiful 5 ViewsRate it:
Like There Were An Infinite More Tomorrows 5 ViewsRate it:
Limitlessly Magical spice 5 ViewsRate it:
Living Dead - Part 2 5 ViewsRate it:
Love & divorce 5 ViewsRate it:
Love Is living 5 ViewsRate it:
Love Is Not Just A Dream 5 ViewsRate it:
Love Is The Most Immortal. 5 ViewsRate it:
Love Was In The Air 5 ViewsRate it:
Make Me immune 5 ViewsRate it:
Marooned 5 ViewsRate it:
More Immortal Than Blood Relation 5 ViewsRate it:
Moustache 5 ViewsRate it:
My Brutally Devastating Devil 5 ViewsRate it:
My Darling Unfettered Umbrella 5 ViewsRate it:
My Godly wife 5 ViewsRate it:
My Impoverished life 5 ViewsRate it:
My Love Still Lay In Your Heart 5 ViewsRate it:
Nelson Mandela 5 ViewsRate it:
Never Ever before. 5 ViewsRate it:
No Experimentation 5 ViewsRate it:
No Gaps 5 ViewsRate it:
No Holdbacks 5 ViewsRate it:
No Payments 5 ViewsRate it:
Nobody 5 ViewsRate it:
Not The Slightest Of Impact 5 ViewsRate it:
Oceans Of love. 5 ViewsRate it:
On A holiday 5 ViewsRate it:
One Heart 5 ViewsRate it:
Only In My Memories. 5 ViewsRate it:
Our Greatest richness 5 ViewsRate it:
Our Love Was That Spirit 5 ViewsRate it:
Paradise 5 ViewsRate it:
Paradise Of love. 5 ViewsRate it:
Perfectly O.K. 5 ViewsRate it:
Placid And perfect 5 ViewsRate it:
Please Do Consult The Creator 5 ViewsRate it:
Please Don't Make Me Rich! 5 ViewsRate it:
Please Smile 5 ViewsRate it:
Poured 5 ViewsRate it:
Priority 5 ViewsRate it:
Proud Of My Father. Happy Birthday To You. 5 ViewsRate it:
Raw Materials 5 ViewsRate it:
Reborn Only As Your Lover 5 ViewsRate it:
Rightfully Yours 5 ViewsRate it:
Sadly Punctured 5 ViewsRate it:
Shaven Scalps 5 ViewsRate it:
So That I Forget 5 ViewsRate it:
Sometimes 5 ViewsRate it:
Somewhere 5 ViewsRate it:
Sound 5 ViewsRate it:
Spare My heart 5 ViewsRate it:
Stark Naked 5 ViewsRate it:
Stimulation 5 ViewsRate it:
Stone Pillow 5 ViewsRate it:
Sun Temple 5 ViewsRate it:
Supremely Immortal 5 ViewsRate it:
Tangible Forms Of Mud 5 ViewsRate it:
Tell Me Who Can Stop You? 5 ViewsRate it:
The Best 5 ViewsRate it:
The Chapter Of Vibrant Life 5 ViewsRate it:
The Deserted mansion 5 ViewsRate it:
The First time 5 ViewsRate it:
The Girl Whom I Called My Beloved 5 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest gift 5 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest offering 5 ViewsRate it:
The Heart Will Follow 5 ViewsRate it:
The Human brain 5 ViewsRate it:
The Human breath 5 ViewsRate it:
The Hypochondriac 5 ViewsRate it:
The Irretrievable culprit 5 ViewsRate it:
The Key To Love 5 ViewsRate it:
The Man In The Photograph 5 ViewsRate it:
The Mosque Of My Creator 5 ViewsRate it:
The Omnipresent Creator Is Ours. 5 ViewsRate it:
The Only don't 5 ViewsRate it:
The Only sounds! 5 ViewsRate it:
The Perfect swim 5 ViewsRate it:
The Perfect temperature 5 ViewsRate it:
The Punch 5 ViewsRate it:
The Ultimate princess. 5 ViewsRate it:
The Voice Of My Divinely Baby Daughter 5 ViewsRate it:
The Worst thing 5 ViewsRate it:
There Was No Price On Earth 5 ViewsRate it:
They Didn't Spare Me Even After My Death 5 ViewsRate it:
Thirsty 5 ViewsRate it:
Those Who Breathed It 5 ViewsRate it:
Threads 5 ViewsRate it:
Three Years 5 ViewsRate it:
Timelessly Inseparable talking. 5 ViewsRate it:
To Kill 5 ViewsRate it:
Torture 5 ViewsRate it:
Trampled By Her Love 5 ViewsRate it:
Tranquil Green pastures 5 ViewsRate it:
Transitions 5 ViewsRate it:
Translucent Sheath Of Luxury 5 ViewsRate it:
Tributaries Of love 5 ViewsRate it:
Triumphant Tumbler 5 ViewsRate it:
True Love Inevitably Comes To You. 5 ViewsRate it:
Truly Making A Difference For Goodness. 5 ViewsRate it:
Truth And The Devil 5 ViewsRate it:
Tyrannized Sheep 5 ViewsRate it:
Ultimate Utopia 5 ViewsRate it:
Unceasingly Sizeless 5 ViewsRate it:
Unconquerably Virgin 5 ViewsRate it:
What Difference Does It Make? - Part 2 5 ViewsRate it:
What's Most Important And Quintessential 5 ViewsRate it:
When I Needed Love 5 ViewsRate it:
When I Saw her 5 ViewsRate it:
When She Abandoned Me 5 ViewsRate it:
When She arrived 5 ViewsRate it:
When The Time Arrived To Sleep 5 ViewsRate it:
When You Were There By My Side 5 ViewsRate it:
Who Cares 5 ViewsRate it:
Wholesomely And Completely Dead. 5 ViewsRate it:
Wholesomely Emptying 5 ViewsRate it:
Why Couldn't you? 5 ViewsRate it:
Why Not Mother's Initials? 5 ViewsRate it:
Why Was I Living 5 ViewsRate it:
Without My beloved 5 ViewsRate it:
Working Wonders 5 ViewsRate it:
Yellow Beams Of Sunlight 5 ViewsRate it:
Yet. And Unbelievably Yet. 5 ViewsRate it:
You Resembled The Creator Divine 5 ViewsRate it:
You'd Definitely Have To Come Back 'tobby' Darling 5 ViewsRate it:
Your Godly sweat 5 ViewsRate it:
A Death More Incarcerating 4 ViewsRate it:
A Fragment Of Consumption 4 ViewsRate it:
A Writer Is Never Unemployed 4 ViewsRate it:
All We Had To Do 4 ViewsRate it:
As Much As I Loved Her 4 ViewsRate it:
As The Lights Changed From Red To Green 4 ViewsRate it:
At Her Omnipresent Feet 4 ViewsRate it:
Be Prepared 4 ViewsRate it:
Believe It Or Not, Part 2 4 ViewsRate it:
Beloved 4 ViewsRate it:
Bifurcation Of The Charismatic 4 ViewsRate it:
Bowl Of water 4 ViewsRate it:
Breaking The stumps 4 ViewsRate it:
Cheers. 4 ViewsRate it:
Cloudburst Of rain 4 ViewsRate it:
Cruelly Starved 4 ViewsRate it:
Cry 4 ViewsRate it:
Definitely- Immortally Bonding Love 4 ViewsRate it:
Definitely Not One Of Those 4 ViewsRate it:
Every Life Is Empty 4 ViewsRate it:
Every Love Brings Along 4 ViewsRate it:
Every Night Of Mine 4 ViewsRate it:
Every Writers boss 4 ViewsRate it:
Expectations Massacre life 4 ViewsRate it:
Footsteps 4 ViewsRate it:
For Every Beat Of Hers 4 ViewsRate it:
For Imparting New Life 4 ViewsRate it:
For Me 4 ViewsRate it:
Freedom -Part 2 4 ViewsRate it:
From Darkness To Light 4 ViewsRate it:
God And The Devil 4 ViewsRate it:
Grave Problems 4 ViewsRate it:
Hairstyles 4 ViewsRate it:
Happy B'day To India's Most Fascinating Business Magician-Mr. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani. 4 ViewsRate it:
Hard To crack 4 ViewsRate it:
He Was Every Person's Creator 4 ViewsRate it:
Heavenly Mother 4 ViewsRate it:
Her Healing ashes 4 ViewsRate it:
Her New Born Heartbeats 4 ViewsRate it:
His Heart Was As Omnipresent 4 ViewsRate it:
House Boat 4 ViewsRate it:
How On earth? 4 ViewsRate it:
Human God 4 ViewsRate it:
I Am In Love 4 ViewsRate it:
I Didn't Need Breath To Live 4 ViewsRate it:
I Knew Her Better Than I Knew My Breath 4 ViewsRate it:
I Live because 4 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Be Your Heart 4 ViewsRate it:
I'd Keep Loving You; Till The End Of This Life 4 ViewsRate it:
I'd Prefer To Live; Than Die With Alongwith You. 4 ViewsRate it:
If You believed 4 ViewsRate it:
If You Dare To Dream 4 ViewsRate it:
If You Really Felt Sorry 4 ViewsRate it:
Imagination 4 ViewsRate it:
Immortally Overpowering 4 ViewsRate it:
In Just A Single Minute 4 ViewsRate it:
Infinite Births 4 ViewsRate it:
Infinitesimally Molecular life 4 ViewsRate it:
Inundate 4 ViewsRate it:
Invincible Love 4 ViewsRate it:
It Was Very Easy 4 ViewsRate it:
Its Bizzare But True 4 ViewsRate it:
Just A beat 4 ViewsRate it:
Just A Minute Ago 4 ViewsRate it:
Just A Single Beat. 4 ViewsRate it:
Just Give Me One Meal 4 ViewsRate it:
Just One wish 4 ViewsRate it:
Just Treat Him As Your Immortal Son 4 ViewsRate it:
Learn To Altruistically Sacrifice 4 ViewsRate it:
Let Immortal Love Forever Stay. 4 ViewsRate it:
Lets Forever Stay; Solely And Only As Immortal Lovers. 4 ViewsRate it:
Life Gives Birth To Happiness 4 ViewsRate it:
Like The Sacrosanct Heavens 4 ViewsRate it:
Living Dead 4 ViewsRate it:
Looking For lifepartners 4 ViewsRate it:
Love At First Sight 4 ViewsRate it:
Love Me 4 ViewsRate it:
Mine And Only Mine 4 ViewsRate it:
Mine Not me 4 ViewsRate it:
Miracle Warmth 4 ViewsRate it:
Mob! 4 ViewsRate it:
Money 4 ViewsRate it:
Morbid Structure Of Creation 4 ViewsRate it:
Mortal To immortal 4 ViewsRate it:
Mr. And Mrs. Omnipotent Love 4 ViewsRate it:
My Daughter's Fascinating Pillow. 4 ViewsRate it:
My Heart Cries - Tribute To America, Part 2 4 ViewsRate it:
My Heart Dictated Me 4 ViewsRate it:
My Love For You 4 ViewsRate it:
No 4 ViewsRate it:
No Permissions 4 ViewsRate it:
No Power Ever Born 4 ViewsRate it:
No Pre-Requisites 4 ViewsRate it:
No Wealth; No Worshipping Required 4 ViewsRate it:
Nobody As passionate 4 ViewsRate it:
O! Omnisciently Flawless Beloved. 4 ViewsRate it:
On Every Morsel Of Food 4 ViewsRate it:
Only Once 4 ViewsRate it:
Only Write poetry 4 ViewsRate it:
Only You O! Beloved 4 ViewsRate it:
Or Else become 4 ViewsRate it:
Orphaned 4 ViewsRate it:
Peaceful Friend 4 ViewsRate it:
Perfect Scenery-Clouds End 4 ViewsRate it:
Perpetual Privilege 4 ViewsRate it:
Please Bestow Upon Me 4 ViewsRate it:
Please Come Back O! Beloved 4 ViewsRate it:
Please Don't Order Her To Die 4 ViewsRate it:
Please Don't Show Me Death 4 ViewsRate it:
Please Never Free Me 4 ViewsRate it:
Please Remember All The Answers 4 ViewsRate it:
Polish 4 ViewsRate it:
Precious Tears 4 ViewsRate it:
Pregnant 4 ViewsRate it:
Priceless Love 4 ViewsRate it:
Rather Than betray 4 ViewsRate it:
Rejoicing My First Cry 4 ViewsRate it:
Reliving. 4 ViewsRate it:
Remember That One Day 4 ViewsRate it:
Royally Alive 4 ViewsRate it:
Royally Handsome And Beautiful Sunset 4 ViewsRate it:
Ruling Over Every Beat Of My Heart. 4 ViewsRate it:
Save Your Love. Save Water. 4 ViewsRate it:
Shadow 4 ViewsRate it:
Sharp Scissors 4 ViewsRate it:
She Collapsed 4 ViewsRate it:
Simplistic Quilt 4 ViewsRate it:
She Really Loved You. 4 ViewsRate it:
She Will Have To Stay Alive 4 ViewsRate it:
Shivers 4 ViewsRate it:
Should I Call You? 4 ViewsRate it:
So Sacredly immortal 4 ViewsRate it:
Sorry 4 ViewsRate it:
Squint Eyed 4 ViewsRate it:
State Of The Art 4 ViewsRate it:
Still Reigning supreme 4 ViewsRate it:
Still Searching For The Love Of My Life 4 ViewsRate it:
Stop Feeling sorry 4 ViewsRate it:
Strings Of Benign Humanity 4 ViewsRate it:
Such Was The Power Of Immortal Love 4 ViewsRate it:
Sweet Water coconut 4 ViewsRate it:
Taking The plunge 4 ViewsRate it:
Terrorism And Immortal Love 4 ViewsRate it:
The Air Which My Mother Breathed 4 ViewsRate it:
The Best - part 2 4 ViewsRate it:
The Best lover 4 ViewsRate it:
The Child Of The Lord 4 ViewsRate it:
The Common factor 4 ViewsRate it:
The Creator Was Everywhere 4 ViewsRate it:
The Cry Of The Heart 4 ViewsRate it:
The Eternal kiss 4 ViewsRate it:
The First cries 4 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest concession 4 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest love 4 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest Truth; The Greatest Lie. 4 ViewsRate it:
The Heart And The Mannequins. 4 ViewsRate it:
The Heart Stayed Young Forever 4 ViewsRate it:
The Heavenly Beats Were Mine 4 ViewsRate it:
The Human Mind Is Unbelievable 4 ViewsRate it:
The King Of Poetry 4 ViewsRate it:
The Lord Was Perpetually Watching You! 4 ViewsRate it:
The Most Embarrassing Moment 4 ViewsRate it:
The Most Fervent Slave 4 ViewsRate it:
The Next Time Do Remember; O! Bigoted Man 4 ViewsRate it:
The Omnisciently Unparalleled Lord 4 ViewsRate it:
The Only mission 4 ViewsRate it:
The Perfect handshake 4 ViewsRate it:
The Power Of Omnipotent Mud 4 ViewsRate it:
The Roof Of Immortal Love 4 ViewsRate it:
The Scientist 4 ViewsRate it:
The Talking 4 ViewsRate it:
The Ultimate Hiss Of Death. 4 ViewsRate it:
The Ultimate love 4 ViewsRate it:
The Wandering nose 4 ViewsRate it:
Their Immortal heartbeats 4 ViewsRate it:
There Was No Love Born Greater. 4 ViewsRate it:
There Was Simply No Need 4 ViewsRate it:
This Very Blessed Instant. 4 ViewsRate it:
This Very Moment, Today 4 ViewsRate it:
This Very nakedness. 4 ViewsRate it:
Thoroughly Unemployed 4 ViewsRate it:
Those Who embrace 4 ViewsRate it:
Till Death Do Us Apart 4 ViewsRate it:
Time- An Unstoppable Whirlwind 4 ViewsRate it:
To Win Her Heart 4 ViewsRate it:
Today- The Most Cursed Day 4 ViewsRate it:
Truly Professional 4 ViewsRate it:
Turn Vegetarian- part 2 4 ViewsRate it:
Two Words Of Love 4 ViewsRate it:
Unassailably Right 4 ViewsRate it:
Unfastening The Buttons Of Her Heart 4 ViewsRate it:
Unparalleled Winner 4 ViewsRate it:
Use Your heart 4 ViewsRate it:
Victory Was Forever Mine. 4 ViewsRate it:
Wake Me Up Only If 4 ViewsRate it:
Was It My Fault 4 ViewsRate it:
What Happens 4 ViewsRate it:
What Is The Use 4 ViewsRate it:
What Should A Husband Do? 4 ViewsRate it:
When My Heart Felt Heavy 4 ViewsRate it:
When You breathed 4 ViewsRate it:
Who Says That The Photograph Was Lifeless? 4 ViewsRate it:
Wholeheartedly Use death 4 ViewsRate it:
Why Are You Bothered? 4 ViewsRate it:
Why Has Truth Disappeared O! Lord 4 ViewsRate it:
Without These three 4 ViewsRate it:
You Couldnt buy 4 ViewsRate it:
You Were Like That Omnipresent God In My Life 4 ViewsRate it:
You Were My Only Human 4 ViewsRate it:
You Were Really Very Beautiful 4 ViewsRate it:
Your Heart Said It All 4 ViewsRate it:
100% Natural 3 ViewsRate it:
A Palace In Still Water 3 ViewsRate it:
All I Wanted To Do 3 ViewsRate it:
Are You Ready To Fulfill The Tree's Last Wish? 3 ViewsRate it:
Artists Versus tycoons 3 ViewsRate it:
At Her doorstep 3 ViewsRate it:
Attaining Heaven From Your Corpse In Hell 3 ViewsRate it:
Attire 3 ViewsRate it:
But You Would Still Fail 3 ViewsRate it:
Capable Of doing 3 ViewsRate it:
Countless Times Better Than Thee 3 ViewsRate it:
Even If I Had To Die Every Moment 3 ViewsRate it:
Even If I Was Born Dead 3 ViewsRate it:
Every Heart Wanted To Bathe 3 ViewsRate it:
Everytime-After I Made And Rose In The Spirit Of Love 3 ViewsRate it:
Fertility. 3 ViewsRate it:
Forever An artist 3 ViewsRate it:
From The Toothbrush Of. 3 ViewsRate it:
Garlands 3 ViewsRate it:
Grills 3 ViewsRate it:
Have Hiv-Aids - You Still Live Till The Creator Wants You To 3 ViewsRate it:
Help Is Just A Fingertip Away 3 ViewsRate it:
Help The blind 3 ViewsRate it:
How The Hell Can You Ever Dare? 3 ViewsRate it:
I Missed You - Part 2 3 ViewsRate it:
I Stood beneath 3 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Flood Her Heart 3 ViewsRate it:
I Wanted To Immortally Reside 3 ViewsRate it:
Icy Death 3 ViewsRate it:
If Anything Was Ever Going To Cure You. 3 ViewsRate it:
If This Head Would Ever Bow Down 3 ViewsRate it:
If You Didn't Want To Wait Till The Next Sunrise. 3 ViewsRate it:
If You Listened To My Heart 3 ViewsRate it:
If You Nodded Yes 3 ViewsRate it:
If You thought 3 ViewsRate it:
I'm The one 3 ViewsRate it:
Immortally Natural. 3 ViewsRate it:
India 3 ViewsRate it:
Inimitably Infallible fantasy 3 ViewsRate it:
Irrefutably Priceless 3 ViewsRate it:
It Was Solely Because Of That Unabashed Flesh 3 ViewsRate it:
Its Upto you 3 ViewsRate it:
Just A Pair Of Bones 3 ViewsRate it:
Laden 3 ViewsRate it:
Life-An Everlasting Seduction. 3 ViewsRate it:
Love Only That Girl. 3 ViewsRate it:
Loving You More Immortally 3 ViewsRate it:
Me. Just me 3 ViewsRate it:
Melted 3 ViewsRate it:
More Than God Could Have Missed Earth 3 ViewsRate it:
Mother And wife 3 ViewsRate it:
My Faith In God -When I Felt I Was Dying 3 ViewsRate it:
My Father- Definition Of Class 3 ViewsRate it:
My Friend 3 ViewsRate it:
No Combats 3 ViewsRate it:
No New definitions 3 ViewsRate it:
No Replacements 3 ViewsRate it:
Not At The Cost 3 ViewsRate it:
Nothing In This World 3 ViewsRate it:
One Sided 3 ViewsRate it:
Only A mother 3 ViewsRate it:
Only Follow Your Heart. 3 ViewsRate it:
Open Mouthed yawn 3 ViewsRate it:
Openly 3 ViewsRate it:
Our Invincible Creator-Sun God 3 ViewsRate it:
Past, Present And Near Future 3 ViewsRate it:
Perpetual Liaisoning 3 ViewsRate it:
Perpetually Rekindling electricity. 3 ViewsRate it:
Pre-Requisite's 3 ViewsRate it:
Pricelessly Equal 3 ViewsRate it:
Proud Inheritance 3 ViewsRate it:
Ratio And proportion 3 ViewsRate it:
Residue 3 ViewsRate it:
Return Running back 3 ViewsRate it:
Romancing 3 ViewsRate it:
Rotund Bar Of Lipstick 3 ViewsRate it:
Sensitivity 3 ViewsRate it:
Serial Killer 3 ViewsRate it:
She Was there 3 ViewsRate it:
She Wasnt bothered. 3 ViewsRate it:
Showers 3 ViewsRate it:
Slave 3 ViewsRate it:
Steel Bird 3 ViewsRate it:
Suddenly. 3 ViewsRate it:
Symbols 3 ViewsRate it:
Tale Of tradition 3 ViewsRate it:
Tears Of Immortal Love 3 ViewsRate it:
Tenacious Moonlight 3 ViewsRate it:
The 3 Magical Alphabets Dna 3 ViewsRate it:
The Best Way To Tackle Life 3 ViewsRate it:
The Easiest Way To Provoke Me 3 ViewsRate it:
The Final verdict 3 ViewsRate it:
The Flaming sun 3 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest Honor For Me 3 ViewsRate it:
The Greatest sin 3 ViewsRate it:
The Hardest Thing For A Writer To Bear 3 ViewsRate it:
The House lizard 3 ViewsRate it:
The Impeccable air 3 ViewsRate it:
The Instrument indispensable 3 ViewsRate it:
The Main culprit 3 ViewsRate it:
The Moon I Possessed 3 ViewsRate it:
The Most blessed 3 ViewsRate it:
The Night Was Still Alive 3 ViewsRate it:
The Only Beat I Possessed 3 ViewsRate it:
The Only Thing That My Heart Could Beat For 3 ViewsRate it:
The Only Way To Attain God. 3 ViewsRate it:
The Power Of My Mother's Milk 3 ViewsRate it:
The Sacrosanct star 3 ViewsRate it:
The Sky Of Immortal Love 3 ViewsRate it:
The Truest king 3 ViewsRate it:
There Was Nothing Like Office 3 ViewsRate it:
Time Pass. 3 ViewsRate it:
To Win The Love Of Your Life 3 ViewsRate it:
True Romance 3 ViewsRate it:
Truth Is Always Naked 3 ViewsRate it:
Truth Remains Truth Forever 3 ViewsRate it:
Tsunami Aftermath- Lividly Living Corpse 3 ViewsRate it:
Turn Vegetarian 3 ViewsRate it:
Walking Stick 3 ViewsRate it:
We Still Loved Each Other 3 ViewsRate it:
What Purpose Did Life Have To Exist? 3 ViewsRate it:
What Use Was It? 3 ViewsRate it:
When I Lost My Love 3 ViewsRate it:
When In love 3 ViewsRate it:
When She blushed 3 ViewsRate it:
When We Talk About Love 3 ViewsRate it:
Why Did I Live? 3 ViewsRate it:
Why Was I As A Parent, An All-Time Fan Of Euro-Kids Vastrapur? (Ahmedabad, India) . 3 ViewsRate it:
With The First Rays Of Every Dawn 3 ViewsRate it:
Written And Rewritten An Infinite Times 3 ViewsRate it:
You Were The Mortal Greatest Dear Biological Mother 3 ViewsRate it:
You Were The Only One 3 ViewsRate it:
Click 2 ViewsRate it:
Come Lets Wholeheartedly Allow 2 ViewsRate it:
Drought 2 ViewsRate it:
Engaged! 2 ViewsRate it:
Everytime My Heart Palpitated For Existence 2 ViewsRate it:
I Still Had Life 2 ViewsRate it:
I Would Recognize You 2 ViewsRate it:
Its Possible; Because It Is Natural 2 ViewsRate it:
My Creator 2 ViewsRate it:
My First son 2 ViewsRate it:
Programmed 2 ViewsRate it:
So What 2 ViewsRate it:
Still The richest 2 ViewsRate it:
Straight Answers 2 ViewsRate it:
Talent Without determination 2 ViewsRate it:
Tapered And The Spiciest 2 ViewsRate it:
The Heart That Was 100% Mine 2 ViewsRate it:
The Ideal heart 2 ViewsRate it:
The Magic Of Black 2 ViewsRate it:
The Only kiss. 2 ViewsRate it:
The Plight Of The Four Winged Canvas 2 ViewsRate it:
The Seeds Of Love 2 ViewsRate it:
The Tree Of Immortal Humanity 2 ViewsRate it:
The Ultimate crown 2 ViewsRate it:
There Was Nothing Born On Earth 2 ViewsRate it:
Thunderbolts Of rain 2 ViewsRate it:
To Be Hanged Till Death 2 ViewsRate it:<