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They say — priests say
Lesbia Harford
They say — priests say — That God loves the world. Maybe he does, When the dew is pearl'd On the emerald grass, Or the young dawns shine Woul...Rate it:

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If You Do Not Say
Ehsan Sehgal
As God knows All the secrets All the wishes Of human But you get nothing Until you do not ask I am not the God He is my maker He gave me the instin...Rate it:

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This is Just to Say
William Carlos Williams
I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so ...Rate it:

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Eternity Has Its Say
Kurt Philip Behm
You’re only as strong as your weakest link,” the Postman said out loud “Space creates room to get lost or expand” he shouted out so proud Tru...Rate it:

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You Say I Am into Your Heart
Sayeed Abubakar
You say I am into your heart; and sitting on its bough in your sleep and waking I start singing sweet love-song now; and then you ask me, how? You...Rate it:

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for they had things to say
Charles Bukowski
the canaries were there, and the lemon tree and the old woman with warts; and I was there, a child and I touched the piano keys as they talked — bu...Rate it:

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I Have Started To Say
Philip Larkin
I have started to say "A quarter of a century" Or "thirty years back" About my own life. It makes me breathless It's like fall...Rate it:

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Oh say not that my heart is cold
Charles Wolfe
Oh say not that my heart is cold To aught that once could warm it - That Nature's Form so dear of old No more has power to charm it; Or that th' un...Rate it:

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This is Just to Say
Luis Enrique Jimenez Jr.
I have flushed my ring that we got at the carrousel gift shop and your Promise is in the trash where it always should have been My apologies I wa...Rate it:

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To Say Before Going to Sleep
Rainer Maria Rilke
I would like to sing someone to sleep, have someone to sit by and be with. I would like to cradle you and softly sing, be your companion while you ...Rate it:

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You say you are holy,
Stephen Crane
You say you are holy, And that Because I have not seen you sin. Aye, but there are those Who see you sin, my friend. Rate it:

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A science—so the Savants say
Emily Dickinson
A science—so the Savants say, "Comparative Anatomy"— By which a single bone— Is made a secret to unfold Of some rare tenant of the mold, Else peris...Rate it:

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All We Can Say
Kurt Philip Behm
If the memories in the present are of the past And the aspirations of the present to the future are cast Then memories aspire for only tod...Rate it:

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And What Have You To Say?
Henry Lawson
I MIND the days when ladies fair Helped on my overcoat, And tucked the silken handkerchief About my precious throat; They used to see the poet’s so...Rate it:

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And What Shall You Say?
Joseph Seamon Cotter
Brother, come! And let us go unto our God. And when we stand before Him I shall say-- "Lord, I do not hate, I am hated. I scourge no one, I ...Rate it:

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As My Uncle Used To Say
James Whitcomb Riley
I've thought a power on men and things, As my uncle ust to say,-- And ef folks don't work as they pray, i jings! W'y, they ain't no use to pray! Ef...Rate it:

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Dark Friend, what can I say?
Dark Friend, what can I say? This love I bring from distant lifetimes is ancient, do not revile it. Seeing your elegant body I am ravished. Visit o...Rate it:

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Did I Not Say To You
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Did I not say to you, “Go not there, for I am your friend; in this mirage of annihilation I am the fountain of life?” Even though in anger you de...Rate it:

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do you say a word
moahamd safan
every time a woman met her husband looked at his eyes and stayed for a word he didn't say it he as he has got tired he went asleep without sa...Rate it:

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Don't Just Say It
Nikhil Parekh
Those who consider themselves to be highly creative; basking in the glory of their ingenious ideas; are infact never creative at all, Those who c...Rate it:

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Don't say he loves me as before...
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
Don't say he loves me as before, That, as before, he treasures me... no! He callously destroys my life, Although I see the knife shake in his ha...Rate it:

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Dreamer, Say
James Whitcomb Riley
Dreamer, say, will you dream for me A wild sweet dream of a foreign land, Whose border sips of a foaming sea With lips of coral and silver sand; Wh...Rate it:

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Fate Will Say...
Kurt Philip Behm
The Wicked Flee When None Pursueth,” proverbs tells us so The righteous stay in judgment’s light, to harvest what’s been sown Those prodigal deli...Rate it:

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Florence kneels down to say her prayers
Lesbia Harford
Florence kneels down to say her prayers At night. I wonder what she says and why she cares To pray at night. I think when she kneels down to pr...Rate it:

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Hear What The Mournful Linnets Say
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Hear what the mournful linnets say: ‘We built our nest compact and warm, But cruel boys came round our way And took our summerhouse by storm. ‘...Rate it:

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