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An Old Song Ended
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
is nearly come.” “For a token is there nought, Say, that he should bring?” “He will bear a ring I gRate it:

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Any Wife To Any Husband
Robert Browning
truth, and who dost love me now As thine eyes say, as thy voice breaks to say--- Shouldst love soRate it:

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Asking in Vain
Charles Harpur
one another Once the sum of all sweet gain? Say then—say unto thy mother, Shall we ever meRate it:

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At Candle-Lightin' Time
Paul Laurence Dunbar
an' de smoke is drawin' prime, My ole 'ooman says, 'I reckon, Ike, it 's candle-lightin' time.' DeRate it:

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Rabindranath Tagore
You say that father write a lot of books, but what he write I don't understand. He was reading to you all the evening, but could you really mak...Rate it:

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Avon's Harvest
Edwin Arlington Robinson
drown except he save himself. To her I could say nothing, and to him No more than tallied with a Rate it:

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Bishop Blougram's Apology
Robert Browning
break of day! You do despise me then. And if I say, "despise me,"--never fear! I know you do not Rate it:

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De Profundis
Thomas Hardy
better he were not here. The stout upstanders say, All's well with us: ruers have nought to rue!Rate it:

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Augusta Davies Webster
grave. I know what you're thinking and will not say; But you need not fear; I am growing brave NRate it:

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Digger Smith
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
a man; an' grins. Judged be 'is nerve, I'd say 'e was worth two Uv me an' you. Then 'e digRate it:

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Epistles to Several Persons: Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot
Alexander Pope
should lead you to true glory. Let what others say about you be their concern; whatever it is, theyRate it:

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Even after all these years
Sheila King
tell me that you love me, yet, some things you say are mean You always says that I am wrong with ciRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
year, Félise? Who knows what word were best to say? For last year’s leaves lie dead and red On thiRate it:

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Freedom 2
Devil Poet
You just say You want to live But not like a machine not like a digit not like things. You just say You want to live like a humanbeing You say, Y...Rate it:

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From A German War Primer
Bertolt Brecht
order is already written out. THOSE AT THE TOP SAY: PEACE AND WAR Are of different substance. ButRate it:

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Gipsy Too
Henry Lawson
the landlord lit the lamp, They would grin and say in their country way, ‘Oh! he’s down at the GipsRate it:

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Homage to Hieronymus Bosch
Thomas MacGreevy
like bullets,     Upwards, past his spectacles Say nothing, I say, say nothing, say nothing! And heRate it:

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How It Happened
James Whitcomb Riley
pack-- An old maid, with her hands, you might say, tied behind her back! And Mother, too, afore sheRate it:

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Iambicum Trimetrum
Edmund Spenser
tell her, I can hear no mirth. Asked why? say: waking love suffereth no sleep: Say that raging loveRate it:

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If I should die
Benjamin Franklin King
And you should come to my cold corpse and say, 3 Weeping and heartsick o'er my lifelRate it:

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Jenny Kissed Me
James Henry Leigh Hunt
love to get Sweets into your list, put that in! Say I'm weary, say I'm sad, Say that health and weaRate it:

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John Gorham
Edwin Arlington Robinson
faces in the moonlight Are a sign for me to say again a word that you forgot.”— “I’m over here tRate it:

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Lines Addressed to Miss Theodora Jane Cowper, On Himself
William Cowper
youth, His modesty was such, That one might say, to say the truth, He rather had too much. Some saRate it:

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Lines To Fanny
John Keats
ago, my brilliant Queen! Touch has a memory. O say, love, say, What can I do to kill it and be frRate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
I'm twins, I guess, 'cause my Ma say I'm two little girls. An' one o' me Is _Good_ little girl; an' th'other 'n' she Is _Bad little girl as she can...Rate it:

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