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At Her Window
Henry Kendall
like her husband halting at the door, I say a woman sits, and waits, and sits, Then trims her fire,Rate it:

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A Ballad of Burdens
Algernon Charles Swinburne
awake for hire, And grief that says what pleasure used to say; This is the eRate it:

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An Assurance
Nicholas Breton
Say that I should say I love ye, Would you say 'tis but a saying? But if love in prayers move ye, Will ye not be moved with praying? Think I thin...Rate it:

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An Unfortunate Likeness
William Schwenck Gilbert
(11) and a surgeon (12) eke! Yet critics say (a friendly stock) That, though it's evident I try, YRate it:

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Another Of The Same (A Report Song In A Dream)
Nicholas Breton
Say that I should say I love ye, Would you say 'tis but a saying? But if Love in prayers move ye, Will ye not be moved with praying? Think I think...Rate it:

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At half-mast
Emily Pauline Johnson
seen to racket an' raise a noise,-- An' sing! say, you never heard singing 'nless you heard Billy Rate it:

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Chaucer's Tale of Meliboeus
Geoffrey Chaucer
in their telling difference; For some of them say more, and some say less, When they his piteous Rate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
I say no more for Clavering Than I should say of him who fails To bring his wounded vessel home When reft of rudder and of sails; I say no mor...Rate it:

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Forbidden Fruit
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
like a gale from 'Frisco to New York. ('Say! But it's tough, this long anticipation. Oh boy! I'm Rate it:

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Honours - Part1
Jean Ingelow
loved me so, can write— That loves me, I would say, can let me see; Or fain would have me think he Rate it:

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In A Gondola
Robert Browning
to thee its dwelling-place. _She speaks_. Say after me, and try to say My very words, as if eachRate it:

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Invitation To Eternity
John Clare
Say, wilt thou go with me, sweet maid, Say, maiden, wilt thou go with me Through the valley-depths of shade, Of bright and dark obscurity; Where th...Rate it:

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King Billy's Skull.
James Brunton Stephens
any time of the year Will do as well as another; say June, Put it down likewise as the full of the Rate it:

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Ma Mammy's Done Me In: A New Theme Song
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
We have done the dollars in - Ma-Ma-Ma-a-ammy! Say, ole lady, you did start sump'in' when you begRate it:

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Maymie's Story Of Red Riding Hood
James Whitcomb Riley
o' good things t' eat (Allus my Dran'ma _she_ says ''bundance,' too.) An' so her Ma fill' little ReRate it:

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Mute Discourse
James Brunton Stephens
me— Who, ere obedience follow on the will, Must say, Thou shalt—who, looking back, saith Then, And Rate it:

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Old Town Types No. 4 - Our Mr. Trim
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
load of sample tins, his big leather bags. Men say he's popular; ladies say, 'Oo, my!' John George Rate it:

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Ole Wirginny
Anonymous Americas
make de niggas stare and wonder! Now Cæsar say, he lay a dolla', De debbil in de corn, for he hea'dRate it:

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Alice Duer Miller
a girl... HE (interrupting) : I thought You'd say that. It's the nonsense girls are taught. You knoRate it:

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Jane Taylor
enough to turn a mill. 'I hope you're warm,' says Mrs. G. 'O, quite so,' says mamma, says she ; 'IRate it:

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Saint Maura: A.D. 304
Charles Kingsley
husband, love, Never till now loved utterly! Oh say, Say you forgive me! No-you must not speak: YouRate it:

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Sir Galahad, a Christmas Mystery
William Morris
on at Candlemas: I know Indeed that they will say: "This Galahad If he had lived had been a right Rate it:

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Six Songs of Love, Constancy, Romance, Inconstancy, Truth, and Marriage
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
They have no power on hearts so tried. Then say not that you may not bear, To shadow spirit ligRate it:

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Song Of The Open Road
Walt Whitman
O highway I travel! O public road! do you say to me, Do not leave me? Do you say, Venture not?Rate it:

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Sweet Echo Dell
Henry Clay Work
here, and one is not; Why does Willie linger? Say, can you tell?" "He was weary by the way; When wRate it:

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