Famous poems by Robert William Service:

A BachelorRate it:
A Lyric DayRate it:
BalloonRate it:
Bessie's BoilRate it:
CompassionRate it:
Death Of A CockroachRate it:
FailureRate it:
Good-Bye, Little CabinRate it:
IntoleranceRate it:
Men Of The High NorthRate it:
My TypewriterRate it:
Picture DealerRate it:
Reptiles And RosesRate it:
Teddy BearRate it:
The HomicideRate it:
The Man Who KnewRate it:
The QuitterRate it:
My Indian SummerRate it:
Second ChildhoodRate it:
The Three VoicesRate it:
Kings Must DieRate it:
My BearRate it:
A Busy ManRate it:
AdoptionRate it:
BastardRate it:
MurderersRate it:
RegretRate it:
SchizophrenicRate it:
Sinister SoothRate it:
Café ComedyRate it:
Fallen LeavesRate it:
GrinRate it:
A Song Of SuccessRate it:
ExpectationRate it:
IgnoranceRate it:
Kail Yard BardRate it:
Bird SanctuaryRate it:
Canine ConversationRate it:
Bird WatcherRate it:
CourageRate it:
MikeRate it:
My Childhood GodRate it:
The Pencil SellerRate it:
An Olive FireRate it:
BreakfastRate it:
Child LoverRate it:
HateRate it:
My RoomRate it:
Nature's WayRate it:
Old BobRate it:
SegregationRate it:
The Call Of The WildRate it:
The Last SupperRate it:
(The sunshine seeks my little room)Rate it:
A Cabbage PatchRate it:
A Canvas For A CrustRate it:
A CasualtyRate it:
A CharacterRate it:
A Domestic TragedyRate it:
A Grain Of SandRate it:
A HeroRate it:
A Little PrayerRate it:
A Mediocre ManRate it:
A PleaRate it:
A Pot Of TeaRate it:
A Rolling StoneRate it:
A Rusty NailRate it:
A SnifterRate it:
A Song For KiltsRate it:
A Song Of Sixty-FiveRate it:
A Song Of SuicideRate it:
A Song Of The SandbagsRate it:
A Song Of Winter WeatherRate it:
A Sourdough StoryRate it:
A Verseman's ApologyRate it:
A Year AgoRate it:
Abandoned DogRate it:
AccordionRate it:
AdventureRate it:
Afternoon TeaRate it:
AgnosticRate it:
Agnostic ApologyRate it:
Alias BillRate it:
AllouetteRate it:
Alpine HolidayRate it:
Amateur PoetRate it:
AmbitionRate it:
An EpicureRate it:
An Old StoryRate it:
AnnuitantRate it:
Ant HillRate it:
Anti-ProfanityRate it:
Apollo BelvedereRate it:
Armistice Day (1953)Rate it:
ArtistRate it:
AspirationRate it:
At Eighty YearsRate it:
At San SebastianRate it:
At The Golden PigRate it:
At The ParadeRate it:
At Thirty-FiveRate it:
Athabaska DickRate it:
AtollRate it:
Aunt JaneRate it:
Awake To SmileRate it:
BabetteRate it:
Baby SitterRate it:
Bank RobberRate it:
Barb-Wire BillRate it:
BarcelonaRate it:
BeachcomberRate it:
Beak-Bashing BoyRate it:
Bed SitterRate it:
Belated BardRate it:
Belated ConscienceRate it:
Benjamin FranklinRate it:
Bill The BomberRate it:
Bill's GraveRate it:
Bill's PrayerRate it:
Bindle StiffRate it:
BingoRate it:
Birds Of A FeatherRate it:
BirthdayRate it:
BirthdaysRate it:
Black MoranRate it:
Bonehead BillRate it:
Book BorrowerRate it:
Book LoverRate it:
BookshelfRate it:
Boon SoulRate it:
Boxer's WifeRate it:
Brave CowardRate it:
Brave New WorldRate it:
Breath Is EnoughRate it:
Breton WifeRate it:
Brother JimRate it:
CaptivityRate it:
CardiacRate it:
CareersRate it:
Carry OnRate it:
CausationRate it:
CelebatesRate it:
CharityRate it:
CheerRate it:
CinderellaRate it:
Clancy Of The Mounted PoliceRate it:
Class-MatesRate it:
ClemenceauRate it:
CocotteRate it:
ComfortRate it:
Compensation PeteRate it:
ComradesRate it:
Confetti In The WindRate it:
ConquerorRate it:
ContentmentRate it:
ContrastRate it:
Convicts Love CanariesRate it:
CowardiceRate it:
CowsRate it:
Dance-Hall GirlsRate it:
Dark GlassesRate it:
Dark TrinityRate it:
Dark TruthRate it:
DaysRate it:
Death And LifeRate it:
Death In The ArcticRate it:
Death's WayRate it:
DecadenceRate it:
DecorationsRate it:
DedicationRate it:
Dedication To ProvidenceRate it:
DesignRate it:
DetachmentRate it:
Distracted DruggistRate it:
Divine DetachmentRate it:
Divine DeviceRate it:
DollsRate it:
Domestic SceneRate it:
Don't CheerRate it:
Dram-Shop DittyRate it:
DreamsRate it:
Dreams Are BestRate it:
DrifterRate it:
DuelloRate it:
Dumb SwedeRate it:
DunceRate it:
DylanRate it:
Dyspeptic ClerkRate it:
Each Day A LifeRate it:
Eighty Not OutRate it:
EinsteinRate it:
ElementalistRate it:
Enemy ConscriptRate it:
EpitaphRate it:
EqualityRate it:
EricoRate it:
Ernie PyleRate it:
EscapeRate it:
EuthansiaRate it:
EvenfallRate it:
ExternalismRate it:
EyrieRate it:
FacilityRate it:
FaithRate it:
FamiliarityRate it:
Farewell To VerseRate it:
FearRate it:
Fi-Fi In BedRate it:
FidelityRate it:
FinaleRate it:
FinalityRate it:
FinistereRate it:
Finnigan's FinishRate it:
FisherfolkRate it:
Five-Per-CentRate it:
FleuretteRate it:
FliesRate it:
FlightRate it:
Florentine PilgrimRate it:
FlorrieRate it:
Flower GardenerRate it:
Fool FaithRate it:
Fore-WarningRate it:
Forgotten MasterRate it:
FortitudeRate it:
ForwardRate it:
Four-Foot ShelfRate it:
Freedom's FoolRate it:
FreethinkerRate it:
FrustrationRate it:
FulfilmentRate it:
FunkRate it:
FutilityRate it:
GangreneRate it:
Gentle GaolerRate it:
GhostsRate it:
GignolRate it:
GipsyRate it:
God's BattlegroundRate it:
God's GriefRate it:
God's SkallywagsRate it:
God's VagabondRate it:
Gods In The GutterRate it:
Going HomeRate it:
Golden DaysRate it:
Grand-PèreRate it:
Grand-Pa's WhimRate it:
GrandadRate it:
Grey GullRate it:
Growing OldRate it:
Grumpy GrandpaRate it:
Gypsy JillRate it:
Heart O' The NorthRate it:
HenryRate it:
Her LetterRate it:
Her ToysRate it:
Hero WorshipRate it:
Highland HospitalityRate it:
His BoysRate it:
HoboRate it:
Home And LoveRate it:
HoratioRate it:
Hot Digitty DogRate it:
HumilityRate it:
I Have Some FriendsRate it:
I Shall Not BurnRate it:
I Will Not FightRate it:
I'm Scared Of It AllRate it:
If You Had A FriendRate it:
ImaginationRate it:
ImmortalityRate it:
Include Me OutRate it:
IndifferenceRate it:
InfidelityRate it:
InfirmitiesRate it:
InnocenceRate it:
InsomniaRate it:
InspirationRate it:
It Is Later Than You ThinkRate it:
Jaloppy JoyRate it:
JaneRate it:
Jean DesprezRate it:
JimRate it:
Jobson Of The StarRate it:
JoeyRate it:
Julie ClaireRate it:
Julot The ApacheRate it:
Just Think!Rate it:
KathleenRate it:
Katie DrummondRate it:
Kelly Of The LegionRate it:
KittensRate it:
L'EnvoiRate it:
L'Escargot D'OrRate it:
Land MineRate it:
Last LookRate it:
LaughterRate it:
LazinessRate it:
Learn To LikeRate it:
LeavesRate it:
Les Grands MutilesRate it:
Lindy LouRate it:
Lip-Stick LizRate it:
Little BrotherRate it:
Little MoccasinsRate it:
Little PuddletonRate it:
Lobster For LunchRate it:
Local LadRate it:
LongevityRate it:
Lord Let Me LiveRate it:
LostRate it:
Lost KittenRate it:
Lost ShepherdRate it:
Lottery TicketRate it:
Lowly LaureateRate it:
LucilleRate it:
Lucindy JaneRate it:
Mad MariaRate it:
Madam La MaquiseRate it:
Maids In MayRate it:
Making GoodRate it:
MammyRate it:
Man ChildRate it:
Marie AntoinetteRate it:
Mary EllenRate it:
MaternityRate it:
May MiracleRate it:
Mazie's GhostRate it:
Mc'Clusky's NellRate it:
MichaelRate it:
Milking TimeRate it:
MiraclesRate it:
Miss MischievousRate it:
Missis Moriarty's BoyRate it:
MistinguetteRate it:
Montreal MareeRate it:
Moon SongRate it:
Moon-LoverRate it:
MudRate it:
Munition MakerRate it:
Music In The BushRate it:
My AncestorsRate it:
My Bay'nitRate it:
My BookRate it:
My BossRate it:
My BrothersRate it:
My CalendarRate it:
My Cancer CureRate it:
My CentenarianRate it:
My ChapelRate it:
My CoffinRate it:
My ConsolationRate it:
My CrossRate it:
My Cuckoo ClockRate it:
My DentistRate it:
My DogRate it:
My Dog's My BossRate it:
My Favoured FareRate it:
My Favourite FanRate it:
My FeudRate it:
My FoeRate it:
My FriendsRate it:
My FutureRate it:
My GardenRate it:
My GarretRate it:
My Guardian AngelRate it:
My HeroRate it:
My HolidayRate it:
My HourRate it:
My HouseRate it:
My Hundred BooksRate it:
My HusbandsRate it:
My Husky TeamRate it:
My Inner LifeRate it:
My JobRate it:
My LibraryRate it:
My MadonnaRate it:
My MasterpieceRate it:
My MastersRate it:
My MateRate it:
My NeighborsRate it:
My PictureRate it:
My Piney WoodRate it:
My PrisonerRate it:
My RivalRate it:
My Rocking-ChairRate it:
My SonRate it:
My SuicideRate it:
My TailsRate it:
My TrinityRate it:
My TwinsRate it:
My VineyardRate it:
My White MouseRate it:
My WillRate it:
Nature's TouchRate it:
NavelsRate it:
Negress In Notre DameRate it:
NeighboursRate it:
New Year's EveRate it:
No Lilies For LisetteRate it:
No More MusicRate it:
No Neck-Tie PartyRate it:
No SourdoughRate it:
No Sunday ChickenRate it:
NoctambuleRate it:
O Lovely LieRate it:
ObesityRate it:
Oh, It Is GoodRate it:
Old Boy ScoutRate it:
Old CodgerRate it:
Old CronyRate it:
Old David SmailRate it:
Old EdRate it:
Old Engine DriverRate it:
Old ScoutRate it:
Old SweetheartsRate it:
Old TomRate it:
Old TrouperRate it:
OmmissionRate it:
On The BoulevardRate it:
On The WireRate it:
Only A BocheRate it:
Orphan SchoolRate it:
Our Daily BreadRate it:
Our HeroRate it:
Our PoteRate it:
Over The ParapetRate it:
PantheistRate it:
PatchesRate it:
Pavement PoetRate it:
PedlarRate it:
PerfectionRate it:
PeriodsRate it:
PilgrimsRate it:
Pipe SmokerRate it:
PlayboyRate it:
Plebeian PlutocratRate it:
Poet And PeerRate it:
Poet's PathRate it:
PolitenessRate it:
PoochRate it:
Poor Cock RobinRate it:
Poor KidRate it:
Poor PeterRate it:
Poor PoetRate it:
PortentRate it:
PortraitRate it:
Post Office RomanceRate it:
PragmaticRate it:
PrayerRate it:
PreludeRate it:
PremonitionRate it:
PriscillaRate it:
PrivacyRate it:
ProcreationRate it:
Profane PoetRate it:
PropertyRate it:
Pullman PorterRate it:
QuatrainsRate it:
Ragetty DollRate it:
Raising The FlagRate it:
Red-Tiled RoofRate it:
RelativityRate it:
RelaxRate it:
RemorseRate it:
RepentanceRate it:
ResignationRate it:
ResolutionsRate it:
RetiredRate it:
Retired ShopmanRate it:
ReverenceRate it:
Rhyme BuilderRate it:
Rhyme For My TombRate it:
Rhyme-SmithRate it:
Rich Poor ManRate it:
Ripe FruitRate it:
RipenessRate it:
Rivera HoneymoonRate it:
RomanceRate it:
Room 4: The Painter ChapRate it:
Room 5: The Concert SingerRate it:
Room 6: The Little WorkgirlRate it:
Room 7: The Coco-FiendRate it:
Room GhostRate it:
Rose LeavesRate it:
Rosy-KinsRate it:
RouletteRate it:
Rover's RestRate it:
RuinsRate it:
SacrificeRate it:
Sailor SonRate it:
Sailor's SweetheartRate it:
Sea ChangeRate it:
Sea SorceryRate it:
SecretaryRate it:
SecurityRate it:
Self-Made ManRate it:
SensibilityRate it:
Sensitive BurglarRate it:
Sentimental HangmanRate it:
Sentimental SharkRate it:
SevenRate it:
SevilleRate it:
Shakespeare And CervantesRate it:
ShielaRate it:
SilenceRate it:
SimplicityRate it:
Six Feet Of SodRate it:
Slugging SaintRate it:
Soldier BoyRate it:
Someone's MotherRate it:
SonRate it:
Song Of The SardineRate it:
Spanish MenRate it:
Spanish PeasantRate it:
Spanish WomenRate it:
Spartan MotherRate it:
SpatsRate it:
Stamp CollectorRate it:
StowawayRate it:
Strip TeaserRate it:
StrivingRate it:
StupidityRate it:
SuccessRate it:
Successful FailureRate it:
SunshineRate it:
Suppose?Rate it:
SurtaxRate it:
SusieRate it:
SympathyRate it:
Take It EasyRate it:
Tea On The LawnRate it:
The Absinthe DrinkersRate it:
The ActorRate it:
The AfflictedRate it:
The AftermathRate it:
The AlcázarRate it:
The AnniversaryRate it:
The AnswerRate it:
The Ape And GodRate it:
The Ape And IRate it:
The ArgumentRate it:
The ArtistRate it:
The AtavistRate it:
The Auction SaleRate it:
The Baldness Of Chewed-EarRate it:
The Ballad Of Blasphemous BillRate it:
The Ballad Of Casey's Billy-GoatRate it:
The Ballad Of Gum-Boot BenRate it:
The Ballad Of Hank The FinnRate it:
The Ballad Of Hard-Luck HenryRate it:
The Ballad Of How Macpherson Held The FloorRate it:
The Ballad Of Lenin's TombRate it:
The Ballad Of One-Eyed MikeRate it:
The Ballad Of Pious PeteRate it:
The Ballad Of Salvation BillRate it:
The Ballad Of Soulful SamRate it:
The Ballad Of The Black Fox SkinRate it:
The Ballad Of The BrandRate it:
The Ballad Of The Ice-Worm CocktailRate it:
The Ballad Of The Leather MedalRate it:
The Ballad Of The Northern LightsRate it:
The Ballad Of Touch-The-Button NellRate it:
The BanditRate it:
The BattleRate it:
The Battle Of The BulgeRate it:
The Biologic UrgeRate it:
The Black DudeenRate it:
The Black SheepRate it:
The Blind And The DeadRate it:
The Bliss Of IgnoranceRate it:
The Blood-Red FourragereRate it:
The BohemianRate it:
The Bohemian DreamsRate it:
The Booby-TrapRate it:
The Boola-Boola MaidRate it:
The Bread-Knife BalladRate it:
The BullsRate it:
The BuyersRate it:
The CallRate it:
The CentenarianRate it:
The CentenariansRate it:
The ChoiceRate it:
The Christmas TreeRate it:
The ComforterRate it:
The Contented ManRate it:
The ContrastRate it:
The ConvalescentRate it:
The Cow-Juice CureRate it:
The CowardRate it:
The Cremation Of Sam McGeeRate it:
The CuckooRate it:
The DamnedRate it:
The DauberRate it:
The Death Of Marie ToroRate it:
The DecisionRate it:
The DefeatedRate it:
The DreamRate it:
The DreamerRate it:
The DuelRate it:
The End Of The TrailRate it:
The EnigmaRate it:
The Faceless ManRate it:
The Farmer's DaughterRate it:
The Flower ShopRate it:
The FoolRate it:
The Front ToothRate it:
The GhostsRate it:
The Goat And IRate it:
The God Of Common-SenseRate it:
The Gramaphone At Fond-Du-LacRate it:
The Great RecallRate it:
The Haggis Of Private McPheeRate it:
The HandRate it:
The HarpyRate it:
The HatRate it:
The Headliner And The BreadlinerRate it:
The HealerRate it:
The Heart Of The SourdoughRate it:
The Hearth-StoneRate it:
The HinterlandRate it:
The Home-ComingRate it:
The HostRate it:
The IdealistRate it:
The Joy Of Being PoorRate it:
The Joy Of Little ThingsRate it:
The JudgementRate it:
The Junior GodRate it:
The Key Of The StreetRate it:
The Land God ForgotRate it:
The Land Of BeyondRate it:
The LarkRate it:
The Law Of LawsRate it:
The Law Of The YukonRate it:
The Leaning TowerRate it:
The LearnerRate it:
The Legless ManRate it:
The Little Old Log CabinRate it:
The Little Piou-PiouRate it:
The Living DeadRate it:
The LocketRate it:
The LoggerRate it:
The Lone TrailRate it:
The Lost MasterRate it:
The LotteryRate it:
The Low-Down WhiteRate it:
The LungerRate it:
The Lure Of Little VoicesRate it:
The MacaronisRate it:
The Man From AthabaskaRate it:
The Man From Cook'sRate it:
The Man From EldoradoRate it:
The March Of The DeadRate it:
The Men That Don't Fit InRate it:
The Missal MakersRate it:
The MoleRate it:
The MonsterRate it:
The MotherRate it:
The Mountain And The LakeRate it:
The MournersRate it:
The Mystery Of Mister SmithRate it:
The NostomaniacRate it:
The Odyssey Of 'Erbert 'IgginsRate it:
The OldRate it:
The Old ArmchairRate it:
The Old GeneralRate it:
The Ordinary ManRate it:
The Other OneRate it:
The OutlawRate it:
The PalaceRate it:
The Parson's SonRate it:
The PartingRate it:
The Passing Of The YearRate it:
The Petit VieuxRate it:
The PhilandererRate it:
The Philistine And The BohemianRate it:
The Pigeon ShootingRate it:
The Pigeons Of St. MarksRate it:
The PinesRate it:
The PortraitRate it:
The Pretty LadyRate it:
The PrisonerRate it:
The ProspectorRate it:
The QuestRate it:
The ReceptionistRate it:
The ReckoningRate it:
The RecordRate it:
The Red RetreatRate it:
The ReleaseRate it:
The ReturnRate it:
The RevelationRate it:
The Rhyme Of The Remittance ManRate it:
The Rhyme Of The Restless OnesRate it:
The RobbersRate it:
The RoverRate it:
The SacrificesRate it:
The ScepticRate it:
The ScoreRate it:
The Scribe's PrayerRate it:
The SeanceRate it:
The SearchRate it:
The SeedRate it:
The Sewing-GirlRate it:
The Shooting Of Dan McGrewRate it:
The Shorter CatechismRate it:
The Sightless ManRate it:
The Silent OnesRate it:
The Smoking FrogRate it:
The SniperRate it:
The Soldier Of FortuneRate it:
The Song Of The Camp-FireRate it:
The Song Of The Mouth-OrganRate it:
The Song Of The PacifistRate it:
The Song Of The Soldier-BornRate it:
The Song Of The Wage-SlaveRate it:
The Spell Of The YukonRate it:
The Spirit Of The Unborn BabeRate it:
The Squaw ManRate it:
The Stretcher-BearerRate it:
The Sum-UpRate it:
The Summing UpRate it:
The SuperRate it:
The Telegraph OperatorRate it:
The ThinkerRate it:
The Three BaresRate it:
The Three TommiesRate it:
The Trail Of Ninety-EightRate it:
The Trail Of No ReturnRate it:
The TrampsRate it:
The Trapper's Christmas EveRate it:
The TrustRate it:
The TunnelRate it:
The Twa JocksRate it:
The TwinsRate it:
The Twins Of Lucky StrikeRate it:
The Under-DogsRate it:
The UndyingRate it:
The VisionaryRate it:
The VolunteerRate it:
The WalkersRate it:
The WanderlustRate it:
The Wedding RingRate it:
The Wee ShopRate it:
The Whistle Of Sandy McGrawRate it:
The WidowRate it:
The WidowerRate it:
The WifeRate it:
The Wildy OnesRate it:
The Wistful OneRate it:
The Woman And The AngelRate it:
The Woman At The GateRate it:
The WombRate it:
The WondererRate it:
The Wood-CutterRate it:
The World's All RightRate it:
The Younger SonRate it:
The YukonerRate it:
Three WivesRate it:
Tick-TockRate it:
TimRate it:
Tipperary DaysRate it:
TitineRate it:
To A Stuffed ShirtRate it:
To A TycoonRate it:
To Frank DoddRate it:
To SunnydaleRate it:
To The Man Of The High NorthRate it:
Toilet SeatsRate it:
ToledoRate it:
TomRate it:
Tom PaineRate it:
TouristRate it:
TouristsRate it:
TranquilismRate it:
TranquillityRate it:
Treat 'Em RoughRate it:
Trees Against The SkyRate it:
Tri-ColourRate it:
TriumphRate it:
TrixieRate it:
Two Blind MenRate it:
Two ChildrenRate it:
Two GravesRate it:
Two HusbandsRate it:
Two Men (J. L. And R. B.)Rate it:
Two WordsRate it:
UnforgottenRate it:
Unholy TrinityRate it:
Vain VentureRate it:
VanityRate it:
Victory StuffRate it:
Village Don JuanRate it:
Village VirtueRate it:
Violet De VereRate it:
VirginityRate it:
VisibilityRate it:
WallflowerRate it:
WarsawRate it:
Was It You?Rate it:
WasherwifeRate it:
WearyRate it:
Weary WaitressRate it:
What Kisses Had John Keats?Rate it:
WheelsRate it:
While The Bannock BakesRate it:
White ChristmasRate it:
White-Collar SpaniardRate it:
Why Do Birds Sing?Rate it:
Why?Rate it:
WillieRate it:
Winding WoolRate it:
Window ShopperRate it:
Wine BibberRate it:
WinnieRate it:
WistfulRate it:
WonderRate it:
WordsRate it:
WorkRate it:
Work And JoyRate it:
WormsRate it:
WoundedRate it:
Wrestling MatchRate it:
YellowRate it:
You And MeRate it:
You Can't Can LoveRate it:
Young Fellow My LadRate it:
Young MotherRate it:
Your PoemRate it:

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