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James Whitcomb Riley was an American writer, poet, and best-selling author. During his lifetime he was known as the "Hoosier Poet" and "Children's Poet" for his dialect works and his children's poetry respectively.

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Famous poems by James Whitcomb Riley:

A New Year's Time At Willards'sRate it:
Even songRate it:
IllileoRate it:
Jap MillerRate it:
Lines For An AlbumRate it:
The Best is Good EnoughRate it:
The Dead LoverRate it:
The Funny Little fellowRate it:
The Old Times Were the BestRate it:
The Raggedy ManRate it:
To My Good MasterRate it:
Little Orphant AnnieRate it:
A Passing HailRate it:
A Very Youthful AffairRate it:
Blooms Of MayRate it:
DuskRate it:
Her Face And BrowRate it:
My FriendRate it:
The Rider Of The KneeRate it:
A Letter To A FriendRate it:
A Bear FamilyRate it:
Her Waiting FaceRate it:
His VigilRate it:
Last Night-- And ThisRate it:
Her Beautiful EyesRate it:
A DreamRate it:
A Full HarvestRate it:
Where Shall We LandRate it:
A BalladRate it:
A Barefoot BoyRate it:
A Brave RefrainRate it:
A BrideRate it:
A Canary At The FarmRate it:
A Child-WorldRate it:
A Christmas MemoryRate it:
A Country PathwayRate it:
A Cup Of TeaRate it:
A Delicious InterruptionRate it:
A Discouraging ModelRate it:
A Ditty Of No ToneRate it:
A Diverted TragedyRate it:
A Dost O' BluesRate it:
A Dream Of AutumnRate it:
A Dream Of Long AgoRate it:
A FantasyRate it:
A Feel In The Chris'mas-AirRate it:
A Fruit PieceRate it:
A Glimpse Of PanRate it:
A Good ManRate it:
A Gustatory AchievementRate it:
A Home-Made Fairy TaleRate it:
A Leave-TakingRate it:
A Life-LessonRate it:
A Liz Town HumoristRate it:
A LoungerRate it:
A Man Of Many PartsRate it:
A Masque Of The SeasonsRate it:
A Monument For The SoldiersRate it:
A New Year's PlaintRate it:
A Noon IntervalRate it:
A Noted TravelerRate it:
A Parent ReprimandedRate it:
A Parting GuestRate it:
A Poet's WooingRate it:
A Prospective VisitRate it:
A Rough SketchRate it:
A ScrawlRate it:
A SongRate it:
A Song Of Long AgoRate it:
A Song Of SingingRate it:
A Song of the RoadRate it:
A Southern SingerRate it:
A Spring Song And A LaterRate it:
A Sudden ShowerRate it:
A Summer AfternoonRate it:
A Summer SunriseRate it:
A Tale Of The Airly DaysRate it:
A Test Of LoveRate it:
A VariationRate it:
A Voice From The FarmRate it:
A Water-ColorRate it:
A Worn-Out PencilRate it:
A Wraith Of SummertimeRate it:
A WrangdillionRate it:
A' Old Played-Out SongRate it:
Almon KeeferRate it:
An Autumnal ExtravaganzaRate it:
An Empty NestRate it:
An Impetuous ResolveRate it:
An Old FriendRate it:
An Old Sweetheart Of MineRate it:
An Old Year's AddressRate it:
An Out-Worn SapphoRate it:
AnselmoRate it:
Art And LoveRate it:
As CreatedRate it:
As My Uncle Used To SayRate it:
At Broad RippleRate it:
At Crown HillRate it:
At LastRate it:
At Noey's HouseRate it:
At Noon--And MidnightRate it:
At SeaRate it:
At Utter LoafRate it:
AugustRate it:
AutumnRate it:
AwayRate it:
BabyhoodRate it:
Back From A Two-years' SentenceRate it:
BecalmedRate it:
BedouinRate it:
Being His MotherRate it:
Bewildering EmotionsRate it:
Billy And His DrumRate it:
Billy's Alphabetical Animal ShowRate it:
BlindRate it:
BryantRate it:
By Her White BedRate it:
Climatic SorceryRate it:
Company MannersRate it:
Cousin Rufus' StoryRate it:
CraqueodoomRate it:
Curly LocksRate it:
Dan PaineRate it:
Das Krist KindelRate it:
Dawn, Noon And DewfallRate it:
Dead In Sight Of FameRate it:
Dead LeavesRate it:
Dead SelvesRate it:
Dear HandsRate it:
DearthRate it:
Doc SifersRate it:
Donn Piatt Of Mac-O-CheeRate it:
Dot Leedle BoyRate it:
Down Around The RiverRate it:
Down On Wriggle CrickRate it:
DreamRate it:
Dream-MarchRate it:
Dreamer, SayRate it:
ElizabethRate it:
Elmer BrownRate it:
ExtremesRate it:
FameRate it:
Farmer Whipple--BachelorRate it:
Father WilliamRate it:
Find The FavoriteRate it:
Floretty's Musical ContributionRate it:
Fool-YoungensRate it:
For YouRate it:
Friday AfternoonRate it:
From The Headboard Of A Grave In ParaguayRate it:
George Mullen's ConfessionRate it:
Go Winter!Rate it:
Grandfather SqueersRate it:
GrannyRate it:
Grant At Rest-- August 8, 1885Rate it:
Gratefully And Affectionately Inscribed To Joel Chandler HarrisRate it:
Green Fields And Running BrooksRate it:
Griggsby's StationRate it:
HarlieRate it:
Has She Forgotten?Rate it:
He And IRate it:
He Called Her InRate it:
Heat-LightningRate it:
Her Beautiful HandsRate it:
Her HairRate it:
Herr WeiserRate it:
Hik-Tee-Dik!Rate it:
His MotherRate it:
His Mother's WayRate it:
His RoomRate it:
Home At NightRate it:
Honey Dripping From The CombRate it:
How Did You Rest, Last Night?Rate it:
How It HappenedRate it:
How John Quit The FarmRate it:
I Smoke My PipeRate it:
If I Knew What Poets KnowRate it:
Igo And AgoRate it:
Ike Walton's PrayerRate it:
In BohemiaRate it:
In Fervent Praise Of PicnicsRate it:
In The DarkRate it:
In The EveningRate it:
In The SouthRate it:
IndianaRate it:
InscribedRate it:
Intellectual LimitationsRate it:
Iry And Billy JoRate it:
It's_Got_To BeRate it:
Jack-In-The-BoxRate it:
JimRate it:
Job WorkRate it:
John Alden And PercillyRate it:
John BrownRate it:
John McKeenRate it:
John WalshRate it:
Johnson's BoyRate it:
JoneyRate it:
JudithRate it:
JuneRate it:
June At WoodruffRate it:
Just To Be GoodRate it:
Kingry's MillRate it:
Kissing The RodRate it:
Knee-Deep in JuneRate it:
Kneeling With HerrickRate it:
Laughter Holding Both His SidesRate it:
Leedle Dutch BabyRate it:
LeonainieRate it:
Let Us ForgetRate it:
LibertyRate it:
Limitations Of GeniusRate it:
Little Dick And The ClockRate it:
Little Jack JanitorRate it:
Little-Girl-Two-Little-GirlsRate it:
Lockerbie StreetRate it:
LongfellowRate it:
LullabyRate it:
Luther BensonRate it:
Man's DevotionRate it:
Marthy EllenRate it:
May I Not Weep With YouRate it:
Maymie's Story Of Red Riding HoodRate it:
Moon-DrownedRate it:
MortonRate it:
Mr. Hammond's Parable--The DreamerRate it:
Mr. What's-His-NameRate it:
My Bride That Is To BeRate it:
My Dancin'-Days Is OverRate it:
My Father's HallsRate it:
My Jolly Friend's SecretRate it:
My MaryRate it:
Mylo Jones's WifeRate it:
Natural PerversitiesRate it:
Naughty ClaudeRate it:
NessmukRate it:
No Boy KnowsRate it:
Noey BixlerRate it:
Noey's Night-PieceRate it:
North And SouthRate it:
Nothin' To SayRate it:
Old Aunt Mary'sRate it:
Old Fashioned RosesRate it:
Old Man Whiskery-Whee-Kum-WheezeRate it:
Old Man's Nursery RhymeRate it:
Old OctoberRate it:
Old Winters On The FarmRate it:
On The Banks O' Deer CrickRate it:
On The Sunny SideRate it:
Only A DreamRate it:
Orlie WildeRate it:
Our Boyhood HauntsRate it:
Our Hired GirlRate it:
Our Kind Of A ManRate it:
Our Little GirlRate it:
Our OwnRate it:
Out Of NazarethRate it:
Out Of The HitherwhereRate it:
Over The Eyes Of GladnessRate it:
PanRate it:
Philiper FlashRate it:
Pipes O' Pan At ZekesburyRate it:
Plain SermonsRate it:
Prior To Miss Belle's AppearanceRate it:
Private TheatricalsRate it:
ProemRate it:
Reach Your Hand To MeRate it:
Red Riding-HoodRate it:
Regardin' Terry HutRate it:
Right Here At HomeRate it:
Robert Burns WilsonRate it:
Romancin'Rate it:
Say Something To MeRate it:
ScrapsRate it:
September DarkRate it:
SilenceRate it:
Sister Jones's ConfessionRate it:
SleepRate it:
Some Scattering Remarks Of Bub'sRate it:
Some Songs After Master SingersRate it:
SongRate it:
Song Of PartingRate it:
Song Of The New YearRate it:
Squire Hawkins's StoryRate it:
ThanksgivingRate it:
That Other Maud MullerRate it:
The Ancient PrintmanRate it:
The Artemus Of MichiganRate it:
The BatRate it:
The Beautiful CityRate it:
The Best TimesRate it:
The Blossoms On The TreesRate it:
The Book Of Joyous ChildrenRate it:
The Boy Lives On Our FarmRate it:
The Boy PatriotRate it:
The Boy's CandidateRate it:
The BoysRate it:
The Brook-SongRate it:
The BumblebeeRate it:
The Chant Of The Cross-Bearing ChildRate it:
The Child-WorldRate it:
The Circus-Day ParadeRate it:
The CloverRate it:
The Curse Of The Wandering FootRate it:
The CycloneRate it:
The Days Gone ByRate it:
The DrumRate it:
The Evening CompanyRate it:
The FrogRate it:
The Good, Old-Fashioned PeopleRate it:
The Happy Little CrippleRate it:
The Harp Of The MinstrelRate it:
The HarperRate it:
The HereafterRate it:
The Hired Man And FlorettyRate it:
The Home-GoingRate it:
The HoodooRate it:
The Hoosier Folk-ChildRate it:
The Iron HorseRate it:
The JaybirdRate it:
The Jolly MillerRate it:
The KatydidsRate it:
The KingRate it:
The Legend GlorifiedRate it:
The Little CoatRate it:
The Little Fat DoctorRate it:
The Little LadyRate it:
The Little Town O' TailholtRate it:
The Loehrs And The HammondsRate it:
The Lost KissRate it:
The Lost PathRate it:
The Lost ThrillRate it:
The Lugubrious Whing-WhangRate it:
The MermanRate it:
The Mulberry TreeRate it:
The Nine Little GoblinsRate it:
The Old DaysRate it:
The Old GuitarRate it:
The Old Hay-MowRate it:
The Old Home By The MillRate it:
The Old Retired Sea CaptainRate it:
The Old Swimmin' HoleRate it:
The Old TrampRate it:
The Old Trundle-BedRate it:
The Old Year And The NewRate it:
The Old-Home FolksRate it:
The Orchard Lands Of Long AgoRate it:
The Passing Of A HeartRate it:
The Pathos Of ApplauseRate it:
The Pet CoonRate it:
The Pixy PeopleRate it:
The Plaint HumanRate it:
The QuestRate it:
The Quiet LodgerRate it:
The RainRate it:
The Rainy MorningRate it:
The Rambo-TreeRate it:
The Rapture of the YearRate it:
The Ripest PeachRate it:
The RivalRate it:
The RoseRate it:
The Runaway BoyRate it:
The Same Old StoryRate it:
The SerenadeRate it:
The Sermon Of The RoseRate it:
The ShoemakerRate it:
The ShowerRate it:
The Silent VictorsRate it:
The SingerRate it:
The Song of YesterdayRate it:
The South Wind And The SunRate it:
The Speeding Of The King's SpiteRate it:
The SphinxRate it:
The Squirtgun Uncle Maked MeRate it:
The StepmotherRate it:
The Touches Of Her HandRate it:
The Town KarnteelRate it:
The Train MisserRate it:
The Treasure Of The Wise ManRate it:
The Tree-ToadRate it:
The TwinsRate it:
The Wandering JewRate it:
The Watches Of The NightRate it:
The Way It WuzRate it:
The Wife-BlessedRate it:
The WillowRate it:
Their Sweet SorrowRate it:
Them FlowersRate it:
There Was a Cherry-TreeRate it:
Thinkin' BackRate it:
Thomas The PretenderRate it:
Thoughts Fer The Discuraged FarmerRate it:
Three Dead FriendsRate it:
Through Sleepy-LandRate it:
TimeRate it:
Time Of Clearer twitteringsRate it:
To a Boy WhistlingRate it:
To An Importunate GhostRate it:
To AnnieRate it:
To Hear Her SingRate it:
To My Old Friend, William LeachmanRate it:
To Robert BurnsRate it:
To Santa ClausRate it:
To The JudgeRate it:
To The SerenaderRate it:
Told ByRate it:
Tom Johnson's QuitRate it:
Tom Van ArdenRate it:
Tugg MartinRate it:
Uncle Mart's PoemRate it:
UnlessRate it:
Up And Down Old BrandywineRate it:
Wait For The MorningRate it:
Waitin' Fer The Cat To DieRate it:
Want To Be Whur Mother IsRate it:
Wash Lowry's ReminiscenceRate it:
We Are Not Always Glad When We SmileRate it:
We Must BelieveRate it:
We Must Get HomeRate it:
We to Sigh Instead of SingRate it:
Wet Weather TalkRate it:
What Chris'mas Fetched The WigginsesRate it:
What Smith Knew About FarmingRate it:
What The Wind SaidRate it:
When Age Comes OnRate it:
When Bessie DiedRate it:
When De Folks Is GoneRate it:
When Early March Seems Middle MayRate it:
When Evening Shadows FallRate it:
When June Is HereRate it:
When Lide Married _Him_Rate it:
When Mother Combed My HairRate it:
When My Dreams Come TrueRate it:
When Old Jack DiedRate it:
When She Comes HomeRate it:
When The Frost Is On The PunkinRate it:
When The Green Gits Back In The TreesRate it:
When The Hearse Comes BackRate it:
Where The Children Used To PlayRate it:
Where-AwayRate it:
While The Musician PlayedRate it:
Who Bides His TimeRate it:
Who Santy-Claus WuzRate it:
Winter FanciesRate it:
With Hale Affection And Abiding Faith These Rhymes And Pictures Are Inscribed To The Children EverywhereRate it:
Wortermelon TimeRate it:
Writin' Back To The Home-FolksRate it:
YlladmarRate it:

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