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Thomas Hardy, was a Scottish Minister, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and Professor of Eccesiastical History at Edinburgh University.

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Famous poems by Thomas Hardy:

AfterwardsRate it:
Between Us NowRate it:
Catullus: XXXIRate it:
I Look Into My GlassRate it:
She Hears the StormRate it:
The Woman In The RyeRate it:
Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?Rate it:
V.R. 1819-1901 (A Reverie.)Rate it:
At Day-Close In NovemberRate it:
A Confession To A Friend in TroubleRate it:
The Ruined MaidRate it:
Welcome HomeRate it:
An August MidnightRate it:
Her SecretRate it:
The Seasons of Her YearRate it:
ValenciennesRate it:
MismetRate it:
The Sweet HussyRate it:
The WalkRate it:
In The Days Of CrinolineRate it:
The Moth-Signal (On Egdon Heath)Rate it:
The Comet at Valbury or Yell'hamRate it:
The Farm Woman's WinterRate it:
A Backward SpringRate it:
A Broken AppointmentRate it:
A Bygone Occasion (Song)Rate it:
A Call To National ServiceRate it:
A Christmas Ghost Story.Rate it:
A Christmas Ghost-StoryRate it:
A Church RomanceRate it:
A CircularRate it:
A Commonplace DayRate it:
A Conversation At DawnRate it:
A Death-Day RecalledRate it:
A Dream Or NoRate it:
A Jog-Trot PairRate it:
A King's Soliloquy [On the Night of His Funeral]Rate it:
A Man (In Memory of H. of M.)Rate it:
A Meeting With DespairRate it:
A PoetRate it:
A Sign-SeekerRate it:
A SpotRate it:
A Thunderstorm in TownRate it:
A Wasted IllnessRate it:
A WeekRate it:
A Wife in London (December, 1899)Rate it:
A Woman's FancyRate it:
According to the Mighty WorkingRate it:
AdditionsRate it:
After A JourneyRate it:
After SchillerRate it:
After The VisitRate it:
AmabelRate it:
An Ancient to AncientsRate it:
An Autumn Rain-SceneRate it:
Aquae SulisRate it:
Architectural MasksRate it:
At A BridalRate it:
At a Hasty WeddingRate it:
At A House In Hampstead Sometime The Dwelling Of John KeatsRate it:
At a Lunar EclipseRate it:
At An InnRate it:
At Castle BoterelRate it:
At Lulworth Cove a Century BackRate it:
At Moonrise And OnwardsRate it:
At the Railway Station, UpwaysRate it:
At the War Office, London (Affixing the Lists of Killed and Wounded: December, 1899)Rate it:
At the War Office, London.Rate it:
Barthelemon At VauxhallRate it:
Beeny CliffRate it:
Before And After SummerRate it:
Bereft, She Thinks She DreamsRate it:
Birds at Winter Nightfall (Triolet)Rate it:
By the Earth's CorpseRate it:
Cardinal Bembo's Epitaph on RaphaelRate it:
Channel FiringRate it:
Convergence Of The TwainRate it:
De ProfundisRate it:
Departure (Southampton Docks: October, 1899)Rate it:
Departure.Rate it:
DittyRate it:
DomiciliumRate it:
Doom and SheRate it:
Drummer HodgeRate it:
During Wind and RainRate it:
EmbarcationRate it:
Embarcation (Southampton Docks: October, 1899)Rate it:
EpeisodiaRate it:
Epitaph on a pessimistRate it:
Exeunt OmnesRate it:
Faintheart In A Railway TrainRate it:
FragmentRate it:
Friends BeyondRate it:
From Victor HugoRate it:
From: Men Who March AwayRate it:
Genoa and the Mediterranean (March, 1887)Rate it:
Genoa and the Mediterranean.Rate it:
George MeredithRate it:
God's FuneralRate it:
God-ForgottenRate it:
Going And StayingRate it:
Had You WeptRate it:
HapRate it:
He Never Expected MuchRate it:
Heiress And ArchitectRate it:
Her Death And AfterRate it:
Her DilemmaRate it:
Her ImmortalityRate it:
Her InitalsRate it:
Her InitialsRate it:
Her Late Husband (King's-Hintock, 182-.)Rate it:
Her ReproachRate it:
Her SongRate it:
HeredityRate it:
His ImmortalityRate it:
His VisitorRate it:
How She Went To IrelandRate it:
I Found Her Out ThereRate it:
I have lived with ShadesRate it:
I Need Not GoRate it:
I Rose Up As My Custom IsRate it:
I said to LoveRate it:
I Said to Love.Rate it:
I Sometimes ThinkRate it:
I Was Not HeRate it:
In A Eweleaze Near WeatherburyRate it:
In a MuseumRate it:
In a WoodRate it:
In A WookRate it:
In Front Of The LandscapeRate it:
In TenebrisRate it:
In The British MuseumRate it:
In The MoonlightRate it:
In the Old Theatre, Fiesole (April, 1887)Rate it:
In The Old Theatre, Fiesole.Rate it:
In The Servants' QuartersRate it:
In The Vaulted WayRate it:
In Time OfRate it:
In Time of 'The Breaking of Nations'Rate it:
In Vision I RoamedRate it:
JezreelRate it:
LamentRate it:
Last Words to a Dumb FriendRate it:
LeipzigRate it:
Let Me EnjoyRate it:
LinesRate it:
Lines On The Loss Of The "Titanic"Rate it:
Long PlightedRate it:
Mad JudyRate it:
Men Who March AwayRate it:
Middle-Age EnthusiasmsRate it:
Midnight on the Great WesternRate it:
Moments of VisionRate it:
Mute OpinionRate it:
My CicelyRate it:
My spirit will not haunt the moundRate it:
Nature's QuestioningRate it:
Near Lanivet 1872Rate it:
Neutral TonesRate it:
Night in the Old HomeRate it:
No BuyersRate it:
On a Fine MorningRate it:
On an Invitation to the United States.Rate it:
PlacesRate it:
PostponementRate it:
RevulsionRate it:
Rom: On the Palatine (April, 1887)Rate it:
Rome at the Pyramid of Cestius Near the Graves of Shelley and Keats (1887)Rate it:
Rome: At the Pyramid of Cestius. (Near the graves of Shelley & Keats)Rate it:
Rome: Building a New Street in the Ancient Quarter (April, 1887)Rate it:
Rome: Building a New Street in the Ancient Quarter.Rate it:
Rome: On the Palatine.Rate it:
Rome: The Vatican--Sala Delle Muse (1887)Rate it:
San SebastianRate it:
Sapphic FragmentRate it:
Satires of Circumstance in Fifteen Glimpses VIII: In the StRate it:
Seen By The WaitsRate it:
Self- UnconsciousRate it:
Seventy-Four And TwentyRate it:
She At His FuneralRate it:
She Charged MeRate it:
She Hears The StormRate it:
She, at His FuneralRate it:
She, To HimRate it:
She, To Him IIIRate it:
She, To Him IVRate it:
She, to Him, IRate it:
She, to Him, IIRate it:
She, to Him, IIIRate it:
She, to Him, IVRate it:
Shelley's Skylark (The neighbourhood of Leghorn: March, 1887)Rate it:
Shelley's Skylark.Rate it:
Song From HeineRate it:
Song of HopeRate it:
Song of the Soldier's Wifes.Rate it:
Song of the SoldiersRate it:
Tess's LamentRate it:
The AlarmRate it:
The Bedridden Peasant to an Unknown GodRate it:
The Bridge of Lodi (Spring, 1887)Rate it:
The Bridge of Lodi.Rate it:
The BullfinchesRate it:
The BurghersRate it:
The Caged Thrush Freed and Home Again (Villanelle)Rate it:
The Casterbridge CaptainsRate it:
The Cave of the UnbornRate it:
The Cheval-GlassRate it:
The Church-BuilderRate it:
The Colonel's Soliloquy (Southampton Docks: October, 1899)Rate it:
The Colonel's Solilquy.Rate it:
The ContretempsRate it:
The Convergence Of The TwainRate it:
The Coquette, and After (Triolets)Rate it:
The CoronationRate it:
The Curtains Now Are DrawnRate it:
The Dame of AthelhallRate it:
The Dance At The PhoenixRate it:
The Darkling ThrushRate it:
The Dead DrummerRate it:
The Dead Man WalkingRate it:
The Death Of RegretRate it:
The DifferenceRate it:
The DiscoveryRate it:
The Dream-FollowerRate it:
The ElopementRate it:
The Fire at Tranter Sweatley'sRate it:
The Garden SeatRate it:
The Ghost of the PastRate it:
The GoingRate it:
The Going Of The BatteryRate it:
The Going of the Battery Wives. (Lament)Rate it:
The HaunterRate it:
The House of HospitalitiesRate it:
The ImpercipientRate it:
The InconsistentRate it:
The Ivy-WifeRate it:
The Jubilee Of A Magazine:(To The Editor)Rate it:
The King's ExperimentRate it:
The Lacking Sense Scene.--A sad-coloured landscape, Waddon ValeRate it:
The Last ChrysanthemumRate it:
The Levelled ChurchyardRate it:
The Lost Pyx: A Mediaeval LegendRate it:
The Maid of Keinton Mandeville (A Tribute To Sir H. Bishop)Rate it:
The Man He KilledRate it:
The Masked FaceRate it:
The Master And The LeavesRate it:
The MilkmaidRate it:
The Missed TrainRate it:
The Moon Looks InRate it:
The Mother MournsRate it:
The Mother Mourns.Rate it:
The Newcomer's WifeRate it:
The Night Of TrafalgarRate it:
The Obliterate TombRate it:
The OxenRate it:
The Peasent's ConfessionRate it:
The Phantom Horsewoman.Rate it:
The Pity Of ItRate it:
The Pity Of ItRate it:
The ProblemRate it:
The Puzzled Game-Birds (Triolet)Rate it:
The RamblerRate it:
The Re-EnactmentRate it:
The RecalcitrantsRate it:
The Respectable Burgher on "The Higher Criticism"Rate it:
The Roman GravemoundsRate it:
The Roman RoadRate it:
The Sacrilege: (A Ballad-Tragedy)Rate it:
The Satin ShoesRate it:
The Self-UnseeingRate it:
The Selfsame SongRate it:
The Sergeant's SongRate it:
The Shadow On The StoneRate it:
The Sick GodRate it:
The Sleep-WorkerRate it:
The Slow NatureRate it:
The Souls of the SlainRate it:
The Souls of the Slain.Rate it:
The Spell Of The RoseRate it:
The Stranger's SongRate it:
The SubalternsRate it:
The SubalternsRate it:
The Sun On The BookcaseRate it:
The Sun on the BookcaseRate it:
The SupersededRate it:
The Supplanter: A TaleRate it:
The TelegramRate it:
The Temporary The AllRate it:
The Temporary The AllRate it:
The Tenant-For-LifeRate it:
The To-Be-ForgottenRate it:
The Tree: An Old Man's StoryRate it:
The Two MenRate it:
The Two SoldiersRate it:
The VoiceRate it:
The VoiceRate it:
The Well-BelovedRate it:
The West-Of-Wessex GirlRate it:
The WidowRate it:
The Wistful LadyRate it:
The WorkboxRate it:
The Year's AwakeningRate it:
Then and NowRate it:
Thought Of Ph---a At News Of Her DeathRate it:
Thoughts of PhenaRate it:
To A LadyRate it:
To An Orphan ChildRate it:
To An Orphan ChildRate it:
To an Unborn Pauper ChildRate it:
To Flowers From Italy in WinterRate it:
To LifeRate it:
To Lizbie BrowneRate it:
To Meet, Or OtherwiseRate it:
To Outer NatureRate it:
ToleranceRate it:
TransformationsRate it:
Under the WaterfallRate it:
UnknowingRate it:
V.R. 1819-1901, A ReverieRate it:
We Are Getting to the EndRate it:
WeathersRate it:
When I Set Out for LyonnesseRate it:
Winter in Durnover FieldRate it:
Without CeremonyRate it:
Wives in the SereRate it:
Your Last DriveRate it:
Zermat: To the Matterhorn (June-July, 1897)Rate it:
Zermatt to the Matterhorn.Rate it:
[Greek Title]Rate it:

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