Famous poems by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi:

Like ThisRate it:
All through eternityRate it:
The Guest HouseRate it:
There is a life-force within your soulRate it:
Two Kinds of IntelligenceRate it:
Your grief....Rate it:
A Stone I diedRate it:
O You Who've gone on PilgrimageRate it:
Ode 314Rate it:
A Moment Of HappinessRate it:
Any LifetimeRate it:
Any Soul That Drank the NectarRate it:
At the TwilightRate it:
Be Lost In The CallRate it:
Be With Those Who Help Your BeingRate it:
Because I cannot sleepRate it:
BirdsongRate it:
Book1 PrologueRate it:
Bring WineRate it:
Come, Come, Whoever You AreRate it:
Confused and DistraughtRate it:
Description of LoveRate it:
Did I Not Say To YouRate it:
Every day I bear a burdenRate it:
Ghazal 119Rate it:
Ghazal 314Rate it:
Ghazal of RumiRate it:
How LongRate it:
I am a sculptor, a molder of formRate it:
I am only the house of your belovedRate it:
I Am Part Of The LoadRate it:
I closed my eyes to creationRate it:
I Have a Fire for You in my MouthRate it:
I Have a Fire for You in my MouthRate it:
I have been tricked by flying too closeRate it:
I have fallen into unconsciousnessRate it:
I See so Deeply Within MyselfRate it:
I See so Deeply Within MyselfRate it:
I SwearRate it:
I Was DeadRate it:
I will beguile him with the tongueRate it:
If a Tree could WanderRate it:
If I weepRate it:
If You Show PatienceRate it:
If you Want What Visible RealityRate it:
In loveRate it:
In The Arc Of Your MalletRate it:
In the EndRate it:
In the Waters of PurityRate it:
Laila and the Khalifa.Rate it:
Last night my soul cried O exalted sphere of HeavenRate it:
Last night you left me and sleptRate it:
Late, by MyselfRate it:
Let go of your worriesRate it:
Light BreezeRate it:
Lord, what a Beloved is mine!Rate it:
Love has nothing to do with the five sensesRate it:
Love is recklessRate it:
Love is the Water of LifeRate it:
Love is the Water of LifeRate it:
LoversRate it:
MasnawiRate it:
Moving WaterRate it:
My mother was fortune, my father generosity and bountyRate it:
Not HereRate it:
Not Intrigued With EveningRate it:
Ode 1373Rate it:
Ode 1957: An intellectualRate it:
One Whisper of the BelovedRate it:
Only BreathRate it:
Out Beyond IdeasRate it:
Out of Your LoveRate it:
Passion makes the old medicine new:Rate it:
Quatrain 1693 (Farsi with English Translation)Rate it:
Reason says love saysRate it:
Rise, loversRate it:
Shadow and Light Source BothRate it:
Sleep of the Body the Soul's AwakeningRate it:
Soul Receives From SoulRate it:
The beauty of the heartRate it:
The Breeze at DawnRate it:
The LoversRate it:
The ravings which my enemy uttered I heard within my heartRate it:
The Seed MarketRate it:
The Self We ShareRate it:
The springtime of Lovers has comeRate it:
The Taste of MorningRate it:
The time has come for us to become madmen in your chainRate it:
There Are A Hundred Kinds Of Prayer (Quatrain in Farsi with English Translation)Rate it:
There is a Candle in your HeartRate it:
There is a Community of SpiritRate it:
There is a WayRate it:
This AlonenessRate it:
This is loveRate it:
This we Have NowRate it:
This Will Not Win HimRate it:
Two FriendsRate it:
Until You've Found PainRate it:
UntitledRate it:
We Are As The FluteRate it:
Weary not of us, for we are very beautifulRate it:
What Hidden Sweetness Is ThereRate it:
When I am asleep and crumbling in the tombRate it:
Who is at my door?Rate it:
Who makes these changes?Rate it:
Who Says Words With My Mouth?Rate it:
Whoever Brought Me HereRate it:
You Personify God's MessageRate it:
Your grief....Rate it:
Zero CircleRate it:

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