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Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce was an American editorialist, journalist, short story writer, fabulist, and satirist.

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Famous poems by Ambrose Bierce:

'Black Bart, Po8'Rate it:
A Bad NightRate it:
EgotistRate it:
MetempsychosisRate it:
NanineRate it:
To A Word-WarriorRate it:
A 'Born Leader Of Men'Rate it:
An AuguryRate it:
Fame [He held a book in his knotty paws]Rate it:
'Died Of A Rose'Rate it:
A Ballad Of PikevilleRate it:
'A Literary Method'Rate it:
'Peaceable Expulsion'Rate it:
'Phil' CrimminsRate it:
A 'Mass' MeetingRate it:
A 'Mute Inglorious Milton'Rate it:
A 'Scion Of Nobility'Rate it:
A Bequest To MusicRate it:
A Bit Of ScienceRate it:
A Black-ListRate it:
A BubbleRate it:
A BuilderRate it:
A BulletinRate it:
A CallerRate it:
A Career In LettersRate it:
A Celebrated CaseRate it:
A ChallengeRate it:
A Cheating PreacherRate it:
A Commuted SentenceRate it:
A ControversialistRate it:
A CowardRate it:
A CriticRate it:
A CrocodileRate it:
A Culinary CandidateRate it:
A Dampened ArdorRate it:
A DemagogueRate it:
A DemandRate it:
A DilemmaRate it:
A Fair DivisionRate it:
A False ProphecyRate it:
A Fish CommissionerRate it:
A FoolRate it:
A GrowlerRate it:
A GuestRate it:
A Hasty InferenceRate it:
A Hymn Of The ManyRate it:
A Jack-At-All-ViewsRate it:
A Lacking FactorRate it:
A Lifted FingerRate it:
A Literary HangmanRate it:
A Long-Felt WantRate it:
A Long-Felt WantRate it:
A ManRate it:
A Merciful GovernorRate it:
A Military IncidentRate it:
A Morning FancyRate it:
A NightmareRate it:
A ParadoxRate it:
A Partisan's ProtestRate it:
A Patter SongRate it:
A PickbrainRate it:
A Poet's FatherRate it:
A Poet's HopeRate it:
A Political ApostateRate it:
A Political VioletRate it:
A PossibilityRate it:
A Prayer [Sweet Spirit of Cesspool, hear a mother's prayer]Rate it:
A Promised Fast TrainRate it:
A Question Of EligibilityRate it:
A Railroad LackeyRate it:
A Rear ElevationRate it:
A RendezvousRate it:
A Reply To A LetterRate it:
A RetortRate it:
A SerenadeRate it:
A Silurian HolidayRate it:
A Soaring ToadRate it:
A Social CallRate it:
A Society LeaderRate it:
A Song In PraiseRate it:
A SpadeRate it:
A Study In GrayRate it:
A Vision Of ClimateRate it:
A Vision Of DoomRate it:
A Vision Of ResurrectionRate it:
A VoluptuaryRate it:
A WarningRate it:
A WelcomeRate it:
A Wet SeasonRate it:
A Whipper-InRate it:
A Word To The UnwiseRate it:
A Wreath Of ImmortellesRate it:
A Wreath Of ImmortellesRate it:
A Year's CasualtiesRate it:
AcceptedRate it:
Ad CattonumRate it:
Ad MoodiumRate it:
Adair Welcker, PoetRate it:
AgainRate it:
AloneRate it:
An 'Exhibit'Rate it:
An ActorRate it:
An AlibiRate it:
An AnarchistRate it:
An ApologueRate it:
An Art CriticRate it:
An AverageRate it:
An Enemy To Law And OrderRate it:
An Epitaph [Hangman's hands laid in this tomb an]Rate it:
An Epitaph [Here lies Greer Harrison, a well cracked louse]Rate it:
An ExampleRate it:
An ExileRate it:
An ExplanationRate it:
An IdlerRate it:
An ImposterRate it:
An InscriptionRate it:
An Inscription (For a Proposed Monument in Washington)Rate it:
An Inscription (For A Statue Of Napoleon, At West Point)Rate it:
An InterpretationRate it:
An ObituarianRate it:
An Offer Of MarriageRate it:
An Undress UniformRate it:
An Unmerry ChristmasRate it:
Another PlanRate it:
Another WayRate it:
Arbor DayRate it:
ArboricultureRate it:
Arma VirumqueRate it:
ArtRate it:
Arthur McewenRate it:
Aspirants ThreeRate it:
AspirationRate it:
At AnchorRate it:
At The 'National Encampment'Rate it:
At The Close Of The CanvassRate it:
At The Close Of The CanvassRate it:
At The Eleventh HourRate it:
AuthorityRate it:
AzraelRate it:
Bats In SunshineRate it:
BeecherRate it:
BereavementRate it:
BimetalismRate it:
Borrowed BrainsRate it:
BusinessRate it:
By A Defeated LitigantRate it:
By False PretensesRate it:
CainRate it:
CaliforniaRate it:
CarmeliteRate it:
Censor LiterarumRate it:
Charles And PeterRate it:
ChristianRate it:
Codex HonorisRate it:
ConsolationRate it:
ConstancyRate it:
ContemplationRate it:
ContentmentRate it:
ConvalescentRate it:
Convalescent ['By good men's prayers see Grant restored!']Rate it:
Convalescent [What! 'Out of danger?' Can the slighted Dame]Rate it:
CooperationRate it:
Corrected NewsRate it:
CoupletsRate it:
CreationRate it:
CreationRate it:
De Young-A ProphecyRate it:
DecalogueRate it:
DemocracyRate it:
Dennis KearneyRate it:
DetectedRate it:
DiagnosisRate it:
Dies IraeRate it:
DisappointmentRate it:
DiscretionRate it:
Down Among The Dead MenRate it:
Election DayRate it:
ElegyRate it:
Elixer VitæRate it:
EmancipationRate it:
ExonerationRate it:
Expositor VeritatisRate it:
FallenRate it:
Fame [One thousand years I slept beneath the sod]Rate it:
Famine's RealmRate it:
FateRate it:
Finis AeternitatisRate it:
Fleet StrotherRate it:
For A Certain CriticRate it:
For MayorRate it:
For MeritRate it:
For President, Leland StanfordRate it:
For TatRate it:
For WoundsRate it:
ForesightRate it:
Foundations Of The StateRate it:
Four Candidates For SenatorRate it:
Four Of A KindRate it:
FranceRate it:
FrancineRate it:
FreedomRate it:
From The MinutesRate it:
From Top To BottomRate it:
From Virginia To ParisRate it:
General B.F. ButlerRate it:
Genesis [God said, 'Let there be Crime,' and the command]Rate it:
Genesis [God said: 'Let there be Man,' and from the clay]Rate it:
George A. KnightRate it:
GeotheosRate it:
Haec Fabula DocetRate it:
HellRate it:
HistoryRate it:
Homo PodunkensisRate it:
HospitalityRate it:
HumilityRate it:
Ignis FatuusRate it:
In ContumaciamRate it:
In DefenseRate it:
In DefenseRate it:
In High LifeRate it:
In His HandRate it:
In MemoriamRate it:
In The BinnacleRate it:
In Upper San FranciscoRate it:
IncurableRate it:
IndictedRate it:
Industrial DiscontentRate it:
InspirationRate it:
InvocationRate it:
J.F.B.Rate it:
James L. FloodRate it:
JohndonkeyRate it:
Judex JudicatusRate it:
JudgmentRate it:
JusticeRate it:
L'audaceRate it:
Laus LucisRate it:
LibertyRate it:
Llewellen PowellRate it:
Lucifer Of The TorchRate it:
Lusus PoliticusRate it:
MadRate it:
MagnanimityRate it:
Master Of Three ArtsRate it:
Matter For GratitudeRate it:
MendaxRate it:
Metempsychosis [Once with Christ he entered Salem]Rate it:
Montague LeversonRate it:
MontefioreRate it:
Mr. Fink's Debating DonkeyRate it:
Mr. SheetsRate it:
My Lord PoetRate it:
My MonumentRate it:
NimrodRate it:
Not GuiltyRate it:
Novum OrganumRate it:
Omnes VanitasRate it:
On A Proposed CrematoryRate it:
On StoneRate it:
On The PlatformRate it:
On The Wedding Of An AeronautRate it:
On The Wedding Of The AeronautRate it:
One And One Are TwoRate it:
One JudgeRate it:
One Mood's ExpressionRate it:
One MorningRate it:
One Of The RedeemedRate it:
One Of The SaintsRate it:
One Of The Unfair SexRate it:
One PresidentRate it:
OneiromancyRate it:
OrnithanthroposRate it:
Over The BorderRate it:
PeaceRate it:
Philosopher BimmRate it:
PietyRate it:
PoesyRate it:
Political EconomyRate it:
PoliticsRate it:
PolyphemusRate it:
Posterity's AwardRate it:
Prayer [Fear not in any tongue to call]Rate it:
PresentimentRate it:
PsychographsRate it:
Re-EdifiedRate it:
RebukeRate it:
RejectedRate it:
ReligionRate it:
Religious ProgressRate it:
RemindedRate it:
RevengeRate it:
RimerRate it:
Safety-ClutchRate it:
Salvini In AmericaRate it:
Samuel ShortridgeRate it:
Sires And SonsRate it:
SlanderRate it:
SlickensRate it:
Something In The PapersRate it:
Stephen DorseyRate it:
Stephen J. FieldRate it:
Stoneman In HeavenRate it:
Strained RelationsRate it:
Substance Versus ShadowRate it:
Subterranean PhantasiesRate it:
SurprisedRate it:
T.A.H.Rate it:
TechnologyRate it:
Tempora MutanturRate it:
ThanksgivingRate it:
The 'Viduate Dame'Rate it:
The AesthetesRate it:
The American PartyRate it:
The Barking WeaselRate it:
The Birth Of The RailRate it:
The Birth Of VirtueRate it:
The Boss's ChoiceRate it:
The BrideRate it:
The BrothersRate it:
The Committee On Public MoralsRate it:
The Confederate FlagsRate it:
The Convicts' BallRate it:
The Cynic's BequestRate it:
The Day Of WrathRate it:
The Dead KingRate it:
The Death Of GrantRate it:
The Debtor AbroadRate it:
The Division SuperintendentRate it:
The Dying StatesmanRate it:
The Eastern QuestionRate it:
The Fall Of Miss LarkinRate it:
The Following PairRate it:
The Foot-Hill ResortRate it:
The Fountain RefilledRate it:
The Free Trader's LamentRate it:
The Fyghtynge SeventhRate it:
The Gates AjarRate it:
The Genesis Of EmbarrassmentRate it:
The God's View-PointRate it:
The HermitRate it:
The Hesitating VeteranRate it:
The HumoristRate it:
The In-Coming ClimateRate it:
The Key NoteRate it:
The Key NoteRate it:
The King Of BoresRate it:
The Last ManRate it:
The LegateeRate it:
The Legend Of Immortal TruthRate it:
The Lord's Prayer On A CoinRate it:
The Lost ColonelRate it:
The MackaiadRate it:
The Mad PhilosopherRate it:
The Man Born BlindRate it:
The MilitiamanRate it:
The MummeryRate it:
The National GuardsmanRate it:
The Naval ConstructorRate it:
The New 'Ulalume'Rate it:
The New DecalogueRate it:
The New EnochRate it:
The Night Of ElectionRate it:
The Oakland DogRate it:
The Oleomargarine ManRate it:
The Opposing SexRate it:
The Passing Of 'Boss' ShepherdRate it:
The Passing ShowRate it:
The Perverted Village After GoldsmithRate it:
The PiuteRate it:
The PoliticianRate it:
The PsoriadRate it:
The PunRate it:
The Retrospective BirdRate it:
The Rich TestatorRate it:
The Royal JesterRate it:
The Saint And The MonkRate it:
The Scurril PressRate it:
The Setting SachemRate it:
The Shafter ShaftedRate it:
The Spirit Of A SpongeRate it:
The StatesmenRate it:
The StatesmenRate it:
The Subdued EditorRate it:
The Sunset GunRate it:
The Tables TurnedRate it:
The Town Of DaeRate it:
The Transmigrations Of A SoulRate it:
The Unfallen BraveRate it:
The Unpardonable SinRate it:
The Valley Of Dry BonesRate it:
The Valley Of The Shadow Of TheftRate it:
The Van NessiadRate it:
The VeteranRate it:
The Weather WightRate it:
The Wise And GoodRate it:
The Woful Tale Of Mr. PetersRate it:
The Woman And The DevilRate it:
The Yearly LieRate it:
ThersitesRate it:
Three Kinds Of A RogueRate it:
Tidings Of GoodRate it:
Tinker DickRate it:
To 'Colonel' Dan. BurnsRate it:
To A CensorRate it:
To A Critic Of TennysonRate it:
To A Dejected PoetRate it:
To A Professional EulogistRate it:
To A Stray DogRate it:
To A Summer PoetRate it:
To An AspirantRate it:
To An Insolent AttorneyRate it:
To E.S. SalomonRate it:
To E.S. SalomonRate it:
To EitherRate it:
To HerRate it:
To MaudeRate it:
To My LaundressRate it:
To My LiarsRate it:
To NanineRate it:
To One Across The WayRate it:
To One DetestedRate it:
To Oscar WildeRate it:
To The Bartholdi StatueRate it:
To the Bartholdi StatueRate it:
To The Fool-KillerRate it:
To The Happy Hunting GroundsRate it:
To-DayRate it:
Twin UnworthiesRate it:
Two MethodsRate it:
Two RoguesRate it:
Two ShowsRate it:
Two StatesmenRate it:
UnarmedRate it:
UncoloneledRate it:
UnexpoundedRate it:
Vanished At Cock-CrowRate it:
Vice VersaRate it:
Visions Of SinRate it:
WeatherRate it:
WeatherRate it:
With a BookRate it:
With Mine Own PetardRate it:
Woman In PoliticsRate it:
Y'e Foe To CathayeRate it:
Ye Idyll Of Ye HippopopotamusRate it:
YorickRate it:

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