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Street Scene—Little Lonsdale St.
Lesbia Harford
Finger at nose, Peeking and ginking at some girls in rows Seated on the high window-sills to resRate it:

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The Ballad of the Elder Son
Henry Lawson
or so he knocked about, And spent his cheques on girls and wine, And, getting stony in the drought,Rate it:

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The Englishman In Italy
Robert Browning
house-roofs Where split figs lay drying, The girls took the frails under cover: Nor use seemed Rate it:

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The Joy Ride
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Fernville for the day? 'I know two bonzer girls,' 'e ses; 'Fair 'otties, both, they are. There's RRate it:

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The Recruit's Ball
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Kitty! heigh, jolly Polly! Up with the heels, girls! fling, lasses, fling! Heigh there! stay there!Rate it:

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The Shanty On The Rise
Henry Lawson
a party up the country with the jolly country girls. Why, at times I almost fancied I was dancing Rate it:

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The Soldier Birds
Henry Lawson
and swag, I mind the notes sent home by girls When someone “played the wag.” Ah! little did the masRate it:

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When Rody Came To Ironbark
Alice Guerin Crist
Rody came to Ironbark, 'twas fun to watch the girls, Such sorting out of frills and frocks such pinRate it:

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When The Sun Come After Rain
Robert Louis Stevenson
after rain And the bird is in the blue, The girls go down the lane Two by two. When the sun comes Rate it:

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The Bayadere. An Indian Tale (1)
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
enwove of summer flowers, Glided fair dancing girls; And as the rose-leaves fall to earth, Their liRate it:

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The Corn-Stalk Fiddle
Paul Laurence Dunbar
prime for the harmless fun, Come the neighbor girls for the evening's dance, And they wait for the Rate it:

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Biscooti Love
Rochelle Potkar
them all; he was my first love. More than the girls, the calves and canines knew his way home, tRate it:

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A Confidence
Paul Laurence Dunbar
trump, Never even seen her jump Like some silly girls 'ud do, When I'd hide and holier 'Boo!' She'dRate it:

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A Lost Opportunity
Robert Fuller Murray
- It fell to me and a man I know, To see two girls to their father's farm. There was little seeingRate it:

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A Roxbury Garden
Amy Lowell
a pillar rose. Round and round race the little girls After their great white hoops. Suddenly MinnaRate it:

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A Song Of Keats
Roderic Quinn
desire, Beauty dwindles, growing faint; But the girls who never tire Are the girls that poets paintRate it:

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A Wool Fleet Chorus
Cicely Fox Smith
Fare you well, you Sydney girls, time for us to go! The Peter's at the fore truck, and five thousand bales below, We've a dozen shellbacks forrard,...Rate it:

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Adieu to Belshanny
William Allingham
cliff, and banks with wild flowers gay; The girls will bring their work and sing beneath a twistedRate it:

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Any Form Of Life Was Better Than Death
Nikhil Parekh
then itself. Everytime I saw innocently minor girls being brutally raped; by the diabolically idiosRate it:

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Aunt Dorothy's Lecture
Ada Cambridge
wish to be harsh) Running wild, like the servant-girls, For a red coat and moustache. Not that he Rate it:

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Balloon Faces
Carl Sandburg
ankles, reach for the eyes of the eaters. These girls from Kokomo and Peoria, these hungry girls, sRate it:

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John Millington Synge
shawls and call them in, And call the little girls who spin, And seven weavers from Dunquin, To dRate it:

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Casey's Table D'Hote
Eugene Field
the walls wuz pictures of hosses 'nd of girls,-- Not much on dress, perhaps, but strong on records Rate it:

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Death-Lament Of The Noble Wife Of Asan Aga
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
she kiss'd her two sons' foreheads, And her two girls' cheeks with fervour kiss'd she, But she fromRate it:

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Declaration Of War
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
OH, would I resembled The country girls fair, Who rosy-red ribbons And yellow hats wear! To believe I was pretty I thought was allow'd; In the ...Rate it:

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