Famous poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox:

All Roads That Lead To God Are GoodRate it:
A Naughty Little CometRate it:
Art and HeartRate it:
Life's ScarsRate it:
Little KidsRate it:
My ShipsRate it:
Old TimesRate it:
SpectresRate it:
The LawRate it:
The Spirit Of Great JoanRate it:
Tis The Set Of The Sail -- Or -- One Ship Sails EastRate it:
Voice of the VoicelessRate it:
OptimismRate it:
Life is too shortRate it:
A Song Of LifeRate it:
A Waltz-QuadrilleRate it:
At BayRate it:
LoveRate it:
That's The WayRate it:
There's Work To Be DoneRate it:
Life Is A PrivilegeRate it:
SolitudeRate it:
A Mother's WailRate it:
PH. Best & Co.'s Lager-BeerRate it:
Who Is A Christian?Rate it:
An InspirationRate it:
A Baby In The HouseRate it:
A FableRate it:
A Fallen LeafRate it:
A Fatal ImpressRate it:
A Fisherman's BabyRate it:
A Girl's Autumn ReverieRate it:
A Glass Of WineRate it:
A Golden DayRate it:
A Grey MoodRate it:
A HolidayRate it:
A LeafRate it:
A Lovers' QuarrelRate it:
A Maiden To Her MirrorRate it:
A Maiden's SecretRate it:
A Man's RepentanceRate it:
A March SnowRate it:
A Marine EtchingRate it:
A Married CoquetteRate it:
A MeetingRate it:
A PictureRate it:
A PinRate it:
A SculptorRate it:
A Servian LegendRate it:
A SuggestionRate it:
A Tumbler Of ClaretRate it:
A WaifRate it:
A Woman's LoveRate it:
A World Worth Living InRate it:
About MayRate it:
AcquaintanceRate it:
Ad FinumRate it:
AdviceRate it:
After the EngagementRate it:
Alcohol's Requiem Upon Prof. P. F. K., A Gifted Man, Who Died A Victim Of Strong DrinkRate it:
All That Love AsksRate it:
Always At SeaRate it:
Ambition's TrailRate it:
American Boys, Hello!Rate it:
An AnswerRate it:
An Empty CribRate it:
An EpisodeRate it:
An Old Man To His Sleeping Young BrideRate it:
Angel Or DemonRate it:
AnsweredRate it:
Answered PrayersRate it:
AnswersRate it:
Are you Loving Enough?Rate it:
AriseRate it:
Art And LoveRate it:
Artist's LifeRate it:
As By FireRate it:
As You Go Through LifeRate it:
AscensionRate it:
At an Old DrawerRate it:
At EleusisRate it:
At Set of SunRate it:
At The HopRate it:
At The WindowRate it:
AttainmentRate it:
AttractionRate it:
Baby's First JourneyRate it:
Be Not DismayedRate it:
Be Not WearyRate it:
Bedlam TownRate it:
Begin The DayRate it:
BeppoRate it:
BeyondRate it:
Bird Of HopeRate it:
Bleak WeatherRate it:
Blind SorrowRate it:
BohemiaRate it:
BreakersRate it:
Breaking The Day In TwoRate it:
BrotherhoodRate it:
But OneRate it:
By-And-ByeRate it:
CamouflageRate it:
Camp FollowersRate it:
CanadaRate it:
CarlosRate it:
CertitudeRate it:
ChangeRate it:
Christ CrucifiedRate it:
Christmas FanciesRate it:
Clara Morris (Written for a Benefit Given Mrs. Morris)Rate it:
Coleur de RoseRate it:
Come Back CleanRate it:
CommunismRate it:
CompensationsRate it:
CompletionRate it:
ContentmentRate it:
ContrastsRate it:
ConversionRate it:
Coronation Poem And PrayerRate it:
CourageRate it:
CreationRate it:
Curious StoryRate it:
CusterRate it:
Custer: Book SecondRate it:
Custer: Book ThirdRate it:
DaftRate it:
Dear Motherland Of FranceRate it:
Death Of LabourRate it:
DelilahRate it:
Dell And IRate it:
DeniedRate it:
DesolationRate it:
DiscreditedRate it:
Does It Pay?Rate it:
Don't DrinkRate it:
Don't Tease The LionRate it:
Dorothy D.Rate it:
Dream TownRate it:
DrouthRate it:
Earthly PrideRate it:
East And WestRate it:
ErnestnessRate it:
FadingRate it:
Fading*Rate it:
FalseRate it:
FameRate it:
FatherRate it:
FinisRate it:
Five Little FingersRate it:
Five Little Toes At NightRate it:
Five Little Toes In The MorningRate it:
Fleeing AwayRate it:
FloodsRate it:
FoesRate it:
Forbidden SpeechRate it:
ForwardRate it:
FreedomRate it:
FriendshipRate it:
Friendship After LoveRate it:
From the GraveRate it:
GhostsRate it:
Go Plant a TreeRate it:
God Rules AlwayRate it:
God's WorkRate it:
Going AwayRate it:
Good Templars' SongRate it:
Good-By To The CradleRate it:
GraciaRate it:
Grandpa's ChristmasRate it:
Greeting PoemRate it:
Growing OldRate it:
GuerdonRate it:
GuiloRate it:
HauntedRate it:
He That Hath EarsRate it:
Her Last LetterRate it:
Here And NowRate it:
High NoonRate it:
His YouthRate it:
How does Love speak?Rate it:
How Is It?Rate it:
How Salvator WonRate it:
I AmRate it:
I Love YouRate it:
I Shall Not ForgetRate it:
I Step Across The Mystic Border-LandRate it:
I Told YouRate it:
I Will Be Worthy Of ItRate it:
I, TooRate it:
Idler's SongRate it:
IfRate it:
If Christ Came QuestioningRate it:
If I Should DieRate it:
If--Rate it:
ImpatienceRate it:
In EnglandRate it:
In FaithRate it:
In France I Saw A HillRate it:
In Grandmamma's KitchenRate it:
In India's Dreamy LandRate it:
In MemoriamRate it:
In The CupRate it:
In The GardenRate it:
In the Long RunRate it:
In The NightRate it:
Independence OdeRate it:
IndividualityRate it:
InspirationRate it:
IntegrityRate it:
Into The WorldRate it:
Introductory VersesRate it:
Is It Best?Rate it:
Is It Well?Rate it:
IsauraRate it:
It All Will Come Out RightRate it:
It Might Have BeenRate it:
JoyRate it:
KarmaRate it:
Kingdom of LoveRate it:
Last LoveRate it:
Lay It AwayRate it:
Let Me Lean HardRate it:
Let Them GoRate it:
Leudeman's-on-the-RiverRate it:
LifeRate it:
Life's HarmoniesRate it:
Life's Lesson BookRate it:
LimitlessRate it:
Lines fromRate it:
Lines On H---'s FootRate it:
Listen!Rate it:
Little QueenRate it:
Long AgoRate it:
LostRate it:
Love is EnoughRate it:
Love MuchRate it:
Love SongRate it:
Love Thyself LastRate it:
Love Will WaneRate it:
Love's ComingRate it:
Love's LanguageRate it:
Love's SupremacyRate it:
Master And ServantRate it:
Meg's CurseRate it:
Memory's MansionRate it:
Memory's RiverRate it:
MesallianceRate it:
MidsummerRate it:
MockeryRate it:
Momus, God Of LaughterRate it:
Moon And SeaRate it:
Morning PrayerRate it:
Mother's KissesRate it:
Mother's LossRate it:
Music In The FlatRate it:
My ComradeRate it:
My FriendRate it:
My HeritageRate it:
My HomeRate it:
My VisionRate it:
National Anniversay OdeRate it:
New And OldRate it:
New YearRate it:
Noblesse ObligeRate it:
Not Quite The SameRate it:
Now I lay MeRate it:
Old And NewRate it:
Old Rhythm And RhymeRate it:
Older Than YouRate it:
On Seeing The Diabutsu--At Kamakura, JapanRate it:
One By OneRate it:
One Of Us TwoRate it:
One Woman's HistoryRate it:
One Woman's MemoryRate it:
Only A Sad MistakeRate it:
Only a Simple RhymeRate it:
Only A Slight FlirtationRate it:
Only DreamsRate it:
Origin Of The Liquor DealerRate it:
Our AtlasRate it:
Our BlessingsRate it:
Our LivesRate it:
Out Of The Depths: Written After The Reformation Of A Brilliant And Talented ManRate it:
Over The AlleyRate it:
Over the BanistersRate it:
Over The May HillRate it:
Over The WaterRate it:
Pardoned OutRate it:
Passing The BuckRate it:
Peek-A-BooRate it:
PenaltyRate it:
PerfectnessRate it:
PerishedRate it:
PhilosophyRate it:
PlatonicRate it:
PossessionRate it:
Poverty And WealthRate it:
PrayerRate it:
Preaching Vs PracticeRate it:
PreparationRate it:
PresumptionRate it:
ProgressRate it:
QueriesRate it:
RangoonRate it:
RealisationRate it:
RecompenseRate it:
RefutedRate it:
ResolveRate it:
ResponseRate it:
ReunitedRate it:
Rich And PoorRate it:
River And SeaRate it:
Robin's MistakeRate it:
ScienceRate it:
SearchingRate it:
Seeking For HappinessRate it:
SestinaRate it:
Settle The Question RightRate it:
Shovel And TongsRate it:
Show me the WayRate it:
Sign-BoardRate it:
Sing To MeRate it:
SlainRate it:
SmilesRate it:
SmokeRate it:
So Long In ComingRate it:
Song Of AmericaRate it:
Song Of The AviatorRate it:
Song Of The RailRate it:
Song Of The SpiritRate it:
Song Of The WheelmanRate it:
Songs Of A Country HomeRate it:
SonnetRate it:
Sorrow's UsesRate it:
SorryRate it:
Sounds From The Baseball FieldRate it:
SpeakRate it:
SpeechRate it:
Summer SongRate it:
SunsetRate it:
Sunshine And ShadowRate it:
Sweet DangerRate it:
Ten Thousand Men A DayRate it:
ThanksgivingRate it:
The ActorRate it:
The Ah Goo TongueRate it:
The Barbarous ChiefRate it:
The Beautiful Blue DanubeRate it:
The Beautiful Land Of NodRate it:
The Belle's SoliloquyRate it:
The Birth Of The OpalRate it:
The Black ChargerRate it:
The Black SheepRate it:
The Boys' And Girls' Thanksgiving of 1892Rate it:
The Brewer's DogRate it:
The Camp FireRate it:
The ChangeRate it:
The Christian’s New Year PrayerRate it:
The Coming ManRate it:
The Common LotRate it:
The CoquetteRate it:
The CreedRate it:
The Creed To BeRate it:
The Cry Of The PeopleRate it:
The Deadliest SinRate it:
The DestroyerRate it:
The Dirge Of The WindsRate it:
The Discontented Manicure ScissorsRate it:
The DuelRate it:
The DuetRate it:
The Empty BowlRate it:
The EngineRate it:
The EnglishmanRate it:
The Falling Of ThronesRate it:
The FarewellRate it:
The Farewell to ClarimondeRate it:
The Flowers Have Tender Little SoulsRate it:
The Foolish ElmRate it:
The Giddy GirlRate it:
The Girl Of The U.S.A.Rate it:
The GossipsRate it:
The Hammock's ComplaintRate it:
The Hen's ComplaintRate it:
The HourRate it:
The Island Of Endless PlayRate it:
The Jealous GodsRate it:
The KettleRate it:
The Khaki Boys Who Were Not At The FrontRate it:
The King and the SirenRate it:
The King Of CandylandRate it:
The Kingdom of LoveRate it:
The Lady And The DameRate it:
The Land Of NowhereRate it:
The Land Of The Gone-Away SoulsRate it:
The Little BirdRate it:
The Little Lady Of The Bullock CartRate it:
The Little White HearseRate it:
The Lodge-RoomRate it:
The London 'Bobby'Rate it:
The Lost GardenRate it:
The ManiacRate it:
The MasqueradeRate it:
The Meeting Of The CenturiesRate it:
The MessageRate it:
The MessengerRate it:
The Mother's PrayerRate it:
The Muse And The PoetRate it:
The MusiciansRate it:
The Needle and ThreadRate it:
The Ogre Slam-The-DoorRate it:
The Old Moon In The New Moon's ArmsRate it:
The Old Wooden CradleRate it:
The OptimistRate it:
The PastRate it:
The PessimistRate it:
The Phantom BallRate it:
The Poor Little ToeRate it:
The Princess's Finger-Nail: A Tale Of Nonsense LandRate it:
The QuestionRate it:
The Rainbow Of PromiseRate it:
The Rape Of The MistRate it:
The RiverRate it:
The River Of SleepRate it:
The Room Beneath the RaftersRate it:
The Saddest HourRate it:
The Same Old StrainRate it:
The SignboardRate it:
The Song Of The AlliesRate it:
The Song Of The SandwichRate it:
The speech of silenceRate it:
The SquandererRate it:
The StevedoresRate it:
The StoryRate it:
The Story Of Grumble ToneRate it:
The SuicideRate it:
The Summer GirlRate it:
The SummonsRate it:
The Swan Of DijonRate it:
The Tavern of Last TimesRate it:
The Temperance ArmyRate it:
The Tendril’s FaithRate it:
The TimesRate it:
The Traveled ManRate it:
The TravellerRate it:
The TrioRate it:
The Truth TellerRate it:
The TrystRate it:
The Tulip Bed At Greeley SquareRate it:
The Two ArmiesRate it:
The Two GlassesRate it:
The Two ShipsRate it:
The UnattainedRate it:
The Undiscovered CountryRate it:
The Universal RouteRate it:
The Valley Of FearRate it:
The VoiceRate it:
The WatcherRate it:
The Way Of ItRate it:
The Way To WonderlandRate it:
The Wheel of the BreastRate it:
The Wild Blue-BellsRate it:
The Winds of FateRate it:
The WishRate it:
The World's NeedRate it:
The YearRate it:
The Yellow-Covered AlmanacRate it:
Then And NowRate it:
Theory And PracticeRate it:
They Shall Not WinRate it:
Thou Dost Not KnowRate it:
Thought-MagnetsRate it:
Three And OneRate it:
Three FriendsRate it:
Three SoulsRate it:
Three WomenRate it:
Three-FoldRate it:
Through The ValleyRate it:
Thy ShipRate it:
Time And LoveRate it:
Time EnoughRate it:
Time's DefeatRate it:
Time's Hymn Of HateRate it:
TiredRate it:
To An AstrologerRate it:
To Marry Or Not To Marry?Rate it:
To MenRate it:
TransformationRate it:
True CharityRate it:
Twilight ThoughtsRate it:
Two LovesRate it:
Two NightsRate it:
Two RosesRate it:
Two SinnersRate it:
Two SunsetsRate it:
Two WomenRate it:
Unanswered PrayersRate it:
UnconqueredRate it:
UncontrolledRate it:
Under The SheetRate it:
Until The NightRate it:
Upon the SandRate it:
Vanity FairRate it:
VeilsRate it:
Wanted--A Little GirlRate it:
WarRate it:
WarnedRate it:
WarningRate it:
Were I Man GrownRate it:
What Had He Done?Rate it:
What I Have Seen #1Rate it:
What I Have Seen #2Rate it:
What I Have Seen #3Rate it:
What I Have Seen #4Rate it:
What I Have Seen #5Rate it:
What Is Flirtation?Rate it:
What Shall We Do?Rate it:
What Uncle Rob SaysRate it:
What We WantRate it:
What Would It Be?Rate it:
Whatever Is - Is BestRate it:
WhenRate it:
When I Am DeadRate it:
When Love Is LostRate it:
When you go AwayRate it:
Where Are The Temperance People? In Reply To A QueryRate it:
WhereforeRate it:
Which are You?Rate it:
Why The Daisies Are Not All WhiteRate it:
Why The Spring Is LateRate it:
WidowsRate it:
Wild OatsRate it:
WillRate it:
Winter RainRate it:
WishingRate it:
Wishing -- Or Fate And IRate it:
WomanRate it:
Woman And WarRate it:
Woman To ManRate it:
WomanhoodRate it:
Words From The WindRate it:
Work For WomanRate it:
Worldly WisdomRate it:
Worth WhileRate it:
Worthy The Name of Sir KnightRate it:
Ye AgentsRate it:
You Never Can TellRate it:
You Will Forget MeRate it:

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