Famous poems by Lesbia Harford:

A Bad SnapRate it:
A DeityRate it:
I'm like all lovers, wanting love to beRate it:
I count the days until I see youRate it:
A Blouse MachinistRate it:
A Bronte LegendRate it:
A bunch of lilac and a storm of hailRate it:
A lady and I were walkingRate it:
A Meaning LearntRate it:
A ParlourmaidRate it:
A Prayer To Saint RosaRate it:
A Sophistical ArgumentRate it:
A Strike RhymeRate it:
AdventurersRate it:
After RainRate it:
All Knowledge . . .Rate it:
All Through The Day At My MachineRate it:
An ImproverRate it:
And is love very strong where honour rules?Rate it:
AppearancesRate it:
Ay, ay, ay, the lilies of the gardenRate it:
Beauty And TerrorRate it:
BirthdayRate it:
Body And SoulRate it:
Buddha In The WorkroomRate it:
Cherry plum blossom in an old tin jugRate it:
Child SunRate it:
Closing Time: Public LibraryRate it:
Day's EndRate it:
Dearest, dearestRate it:
Deliverance Through ArtRate it:
Do you remember still the little songRate it:
Each morning I pass on my way to workRate it:
Emmie, Emmie AdamsRate it:
Every night I hurry home to seeRate it:
FatherlessRate it:
Florence kneels down to say her prayersRate it:
Flowers And LightRate it:
Girl's LoveRate it:
God SpeaksRate it:
Green and blueRate it:
GrotesqueRate it:
He had served eighty masters. They'd have saidRate it:
He has a fairy wifeRate it:
He has picked grapes in the sun.Rate it:
He looks in my heart and the image thereRate it:
Hecate's DueRate it:
Hecate's DueRate it:
How funny it would be if dreamy IRate it:
I am no mysticRate it:
I bought a red hatRate it:
I came to live in Sophia StreetRate it:
I can't feel the sunshineRate it:
I dare not leave the splendid townRate it:
I dreamt last nightRate it:
I dreamt last night of happy home-comingsRate it:
I found an orchid in the valley fair,Rate it:
I had a lover who betrayed meRate it:
I hate work soRate it:
I have golden shoesRate it:
I have three loves who are all most dearRate it:
I have to make a soul for oneRate it:
I have two wingsRate it:
I love to seeRate it:
I must be dreaming through the daysRate it:
I read a statement in a newspaperRate it:
I saw a flight of sparrows through the airRate it:
I thought I heard something move in the houseRate it:
I used to be afraid to meetRate it:
I used to have dozens of handkerchiefsRate it:
I was sadRate it:
I went down to post a letterRate it:
I'd like to spend long hours at homeRate it:
I'd love to have you on a rainy dayRate it:
If I had six white horsesRate it:
If you have loved a brave storyRate it:
In The Public LibraryRate it:
In this little schoolRate it:
Into old rhymeRate it:
InventoryRate it:
Last night, in a dreamRate it:
Lawstudent And CoachRate it:
Learning GeographyRate it:
Lie-a-bedRate it:
Little ShipsRate it:
Lovers PartedRate it:
Machinist TalkingRate it:
Machinist's SongRate it:
MarthaRate it:
Miss Mary FairfaxRate it:
Mortal PoemsRate it:
Most people have a way of making friendsRate it:
My heart is a pomegranate full of sweet fanciesRate it:
My lovely pixie, my good companion,Rate it:
My mission in the worldRate it:
My window pane is brokenRate it:
Noli Me TangereRate it:
Now all the lovely days are pastRate it:
Now I've been three daysRate it:
O great golden head lie in my lap'Rate it:
O little plum tree in the garden, you'reRate it:
O little year, cram full of dutyRate it:
O man, O woman, grievest so?Rate it:
O sweet and fair! These words are mine to useRate it:
O you, dear trees, you have learned so much of beautyRate it:
Oh, oh RosalieRate it:
Once I thought my love was worth the nameRate it:
Ours was a friendship in secretRate it:
Pat wasn't Pat last night at allRate it:
PeriodicityRate it:
Pink eucalyptus flowersRate it:
PolytheistRate it:
Pruning Flowering GumsRate it:
Raging winter windRate it:
RaimentRate it:
RevolutionRate it:
She has all Ireland in her bloodRate it:
Skirt MachinistRate it:
Somebody brought in lilacRate it:
Sometimes I am too tiredRate it:
Sometimes I think the happiest of love's momentsRate it:
Sometimes I watch you, mark your brooding eyesRate it:
Sometimes I wish that I were Helen-fairRate it:
Street MusicRate it:
Street Scene—Little Lonsdale St.Rate it:
Suburban DamesRate it:
Summer LightningRate it:
Summer LightningRate it:
Tall trees along the road,Rate it:
The ContestRate it:
The Electric Tram To KewRate it:
The Folk I LoveRate it:
The ImmigrantRate it:
The Invisible PeopleRate it:
The love I look forRate it:
The Melbourne CupRate it:
The Moonlit RoomRate it:
The Nuns And The LiliesRate it:
The people have drunk the wine of peaceRate it:
The Psychological CrazeRate it:
The Silent DeadRate it:
The SistersRate it:
The Two SwansRate it:
The TyrantRate it:
The WifeRate it:
They are so glad of a young companion,Rate it:
They say — priests sayRate it:
This evening I'm alone.Rate it:
This year I have seen autumn with new eyesRate it:
Those must be masts of ships the gazer seesRate it:
Though I had lost my loveRate it:
Three TeachersRate it:
To LeslieRate it:
To look across at Moira gives me pleasureRate it:
To Plato's dictumRate it:
Today I sawRate it:
Today is rebels' day. And yet we workRate it:
Today they made a bonfireRate it:
Today when you went up the hillRate it:
Today, in class,Rate it:
Up in my room on my unmade bedRate it:
We climbed that hill,Rate it:
Weekend At Mt. DandenongRate it:
What were the good of stars if none looked on themRate it:
When day is overRate it:
When I am articledRate it:
When I get up to light the fire,Rate it:
When I go up to work the young blue seaRate it:
When I was still a childRate it:
When my lover put the sea between usRate it:
Whenever I think of you, you are aloneRate it:
White SunshineRate it:
Why does she put me to many indignitiesRate it:
Work-Girls' HolidayRate it:
You may have other loves,Rate it:
You want a lilyRate it:
You, whom the grave cannot bindRate it:

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