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The Human Temple
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
The Temple in Darkness Darkness broods upon the temple, Glooms along the lonely aisles, Fills up all the orient window, Whence, like little...Rate it:

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The Temple of Friendship
blest retreat, where courtiers never press, A temple stands, where art did never try With pompous wRate it:

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The Temple of Friendship
John Boyle O'Reilly
IN the depths of the silent wood the temple of Friendship stood, Like a dream of snow-white stone, or a vestal all alone, Undraped beside a stream...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick

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Heliodorus In The Temple
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
empire thine. But on the spoiler moves - the temple's gate, The bright, the beautiful, his guards Rate it:

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Sonnets 11: As To Some Lovely Temple, Tenantless
Edna St. Vincent Millay
As to some lovely temple, tenantless Long since, that once was sweet with shivering brass, Knowing well its altars ruined and the grass Grown up be...Rate it:

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The Temple
Katharine Tynan
Rheims Made for God by man? What then? Here be temples more than man's Wrought by God for His own Rate it:

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The Temple of Fame
Alexander Pope
wand'ring eyes: There trees, and intermingled temples rise; Now a clear sun the shining scene displRate it:

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Sun Temple
Nikhil Parekh
in which were built the fiery walls of the SUN TEMPLE.Rate it:

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Temple Of Love
Devil Poet
as revealation of God The will place flower on temple of love. Rate it:

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The Temple Of Vishnu
Harriet Monroe
Unto each his hour. Yet thou, silent within thy temple dread, Locked against prayers, mounted aboRate it:

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To the Temple I Repair
James Montgomery
To Thy temple I repair; Lord, I love to worship there When within the veil I meet Christ before the mercy seat. I through Him am reconciled, I thr...Rate it:

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In the Temple
Arthur Symons
When Lilian comes I scarcely know If Winter wraps the world in snow, Or if 'tis Summer strikes a-glow The fountain in the court below, When Lilian ...Rate it:

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On Mr. G. Herbert's Book, Entitled the Temple of Sacred Poe
Richard Crashaw
Know you fair, on what you look; Divinest love lies in this book, Expecting fire from your eyes, To kindle this his sacrifice. When you...Rate it:

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John Donne
With His kind mother, who partakes thy woe, Joseph, turn back ; see where your child doth sit, Blowing, yea blowing out those sparks of wit, Whi...Rate it:

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Temple de la Douleur
Harry Crosby
My soul has suffered breaking on the wheel, Flogging with lead, and felt the twinging ache Of barb├ęd hooks and jagged points of steel, Peine forte ...Rate it:

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The Building Of The Temple
Sir Henry Newbolt
(An Anthem Heard In Canterbury Cathedral) [The Organ] O Lord our God, we are strangers before Thee, and sojourners, as were all our fathers: our ...Rate it:

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The Burning Of The Temple
Isaac Rosenberg
Fierce wrath of Solomon, Where sleepest thou ? 0 see, The fabric which thou won Earth and ocean to give thee- 0 look at the red skies. Or hath the...Rate it:

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The Temple
Amy Lowell
Between us leapt a gold and scarlet flame. Into the hollow of the cupped, arched blue Of Heaven it rose. Its flickering tongues up-drew And vanishe...Rate it:

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The Temple - What Makes It Of Worth
Edgar Albert Guest
You may delve down to rock for your foundation piers, You may go with your steel to the sky You may purchase the best of the thought of the years, ...Rate it:

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The Temple Garden
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
The fountain's low singing is heard on the wind, Like a melody bringing sweet fancies to mind; Away in the distance is heard the far sound From ...Rate it:

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The Temple of Fragrance
Ho Xuan Huong
Who could have fashioned this marvel? The mountain cracks into a wide, hollow cave. Pious Buddhists struggle to set foot inside, others gaze at it ...Rate it:

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Two Went up into the Temple to Pray
Richard Crashaw
Two went to pray? O rather say One went to brag, th' other to pray: One stands up close and treads on high, Where th' other dares not send ...Rate it:

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The Shrine
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
For them we have builded a temple To stand as a visible sign. For them we have builded a temple, And set in its great heart a shrine. Ere the dull ...Rate it:

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Anashuya And Vijaya
William Butler Yeats
A little Indian temple in the Golden Age. Around it a garden; around that the forest. Anashuya, the young priestess, kneelinq within the temple. A...Rate it:

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