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You'll know it—as you know 'tis Noon
Emily Dickinson
You'll know it—as you know 'tis Noon— By Glory— As you do the Sun— By Glory— As you will in Heaven— Know God the Father—and the Son. By intuition,...Rate it:

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Do You Think That I Do Not Know?
Henry Lawson
With a touch that is firm and true; They say I know nothing of women and men In the fields whereRate it:

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If I Knew What Poets Know
James Whitcomb Riley
turned to snow, If I knew what poets know? Did I know what poets do, Would I sing a song Sadder thRate it:

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Thou Dost Not Know
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Thou dost not know it! but to hear One word of praise from thee, There is no pain I would not bear, No task too great for me. My hands could tirel...Rate it:

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Do They Know?
Andrew Barton Paterson
Do they know? At the turn to the straight Where the favourites fail, And every last atom of weight Is telling its tale; As some grim old stayer...Rate it:

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Lil Pump Know
Mario William Vitale
Lil Pump Know turn up the stereo so everyone goes to hear the song of lil Pump know bust up the beat to promote its tempo take you to places you n...Rate it:

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To know just how He suffered—would be dear
Emily Dickinson
To know just how He suffered—would be dear— To know if any Human eyes were near To whom He could entrust His wavering gaze— Until it settle broad—o...Rate it:

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You know what I mean
John Milton Hayes
I’VE noticed this happen, when everything is black, When I’m down below zero and cannot get back, When I feel like a sort of a National Debt, That ...Rate it:

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You begged me to stay, but I had to go had to find out about life on my own It's been so long a time Can't get you off my mind Still, I haven't co...Rate it:

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i Know the Blind
Deci Hernandez
i know a blind Person when i See one Seen'em all But only once Crawling tall i know the blind Has much to See Sing in the rain Muffle the sou...Rate it:

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I Know You Not
Christina Georgina Rossetti
divided Heaven from Hell; The Bridegroom said—I know you not. But Who is this that shuts the door,Rate it:

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Should You Wish To Know The Source
Hayyim Nahman Bialik
Should you wish to know the Source, From which your brothers drew… Their strength of soul… Their comfort, courage, patience, trust, And iron might ...Rate it:

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They Shall Not Know
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
When thou art happy, thou dear heart of pleasure, Because men love thee and the feasts are spread, And Fortune in thy lap has poured her treasure, ...Rate it:

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You Know Where You Did Despise
Alexander Pope
You know where you did despise (Tother day) my little Eyes, Little Legs, and little Thighs, And some things, of little Size, You know where. ...Rate it:

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You'll know Her—by Her Foot
Emily Dickinson
You'll know Her—by Her Foot— The smallest Gamboge Hand With Fingers—where the Toes should be— Would more affront the Sand— Than this Quaint Creatu...Rate it:

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You Just Do Not Know
Ehsan Sehgal
How much The bitter memories Compel me To be alone How much Scares me The ugly surroundings Of the awkward people How much I cry and cry Injustice ...Rate it:

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Do These Tears Know?
Yehudah HaLevi
Do these tears know who made them fall? Do these hearts know who made them recoil? They recoiled when their shining light sank into the earth, and ...Rate it:

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Father, I Know That All My Life
Anna Laetitia Waring
are in Thy hand." -- Psalm XXXI.15 Father, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me, AndRate it:

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How pleasant to know Mr. Lear
Edward Lear
How pleasant to know Mr. Lear, Who has written such volumes of stuff. Some think him ill-tempered and queer, But a few find him pleasant enough....Rate it:

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I Know How To Live
Ehsan Sehgal
doors I am difficult For all the difficulties I know how to face that I know how to live Without Rate it:

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I Know Moonrise
Anonymous Americas
I know moonrise, I know starrise, Lay dis body down. I walk in de moonlight, I walk in de starlight, To lay dis body down. I walk in de gravey...Rate it:

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Know, Celia, Since Thou Art So Proud
Thomas Carew
I uncreate. Let fools thy mystic form adore, I know thee in thy mortal state. Wise poets, that wrapRate it:

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The Whitest Man I Know
John Milton Hayes
commands to burn in hell; Whilst the whitest man I know Runs a Christy minstrel show, Buyin’pearls Rate it:

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Thou That Know'st for Whom I Mourn
Henry Vaughan
discuss Concerning Thee, must pass ; Yet have I known Thy slightest things, A feather, or a shelRate it:

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All Ignorance Toboggans Into Know
Edward Estlin Cummings
all ignorance toboggans into know and trudges up to ignorance again: but winter's not forever,even snow melts;and if spring should spoil the game,w...Rate it:

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