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Longtime writer with twelve books in publication. Three of them Poetry. : The Death Of The Playground : The Sword Of Ichiban : Searching For Crazy Horse : Darkening Sun : An Anthology Of Perception-Vol's 1 & 2 : After Midnight : Sammy And Bumpers : The Fall City Mandate : Revenge Along The War Trail : Death from The Sky

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Famous poems by Kurt Philip Behm:

Life Or DeathRate it:
A Viking Crest AblazeRate it:
Eternity Has Its SayRate it:
The Earth CrackedRate it:
All WithinRate it:
And Your Eyes Close AgainRate it:
Can YouRate it:
Chest Without A NameRate it:
Dancing In The MeadowsRate it:
Eavesdropping On MyselfRate it:
Fading Into MemoryRate it:
Fear & IgnoranceRate it:
Fear Self IndictsRate it:
First BreathRate it:
Forever To ShineRate it:
From Death Set Me FreeRate it:
God's TracksRate it:
HopeRate it:
I HateRate it:
LaLa LandRate it:
Now DueRate it:
Of You And MeRate it:
On Spoken WingsRate it:
Opening Poem To Book 'Short Poem'Rate it:
Our Presents LayRate it:
Redemption NearRate it:
Rejecting Your FearRate it:
Tears Of PainRate it:
Temptation BlindRate it:
That Tux In Your MindRate it:
The Devil At The GateRate it:
The Devil's ThroneRate it:
The Eyes Of The ArtistRate it:
The Future ClearRate it:
The PrisonRate it:
The Truth BleedsRate it:
To Never ForgetRate it:
Truth Is NearRate it:
What Heaven SentRate it:
My GatekeeperRate it:
The End In SightRate it:
A High Flying CloudRate it:
Catching My WordsRate it:
Day Into NightRate it:
HowRate it:
MemoriesRate it:
My Soul There To ShineRate it:
SRate it:
No Place To HideRate it:
Something For GreggRate it:
A Joy - A CurseRate it:
An Ever Changing TideRate it:
Fried OystersRate it:
A = CRate it:
A Lakota Mothers PrayerRate it:
A Voice Deep Inside MeRate it:
Beyond The SelfRate it:
ChevalierRate it:
Forgotten LordRate it:
From The Heavens SentRate it:
Hidden FantasiaRate it:
In Lament Of The CowboyRate it:
Its Meaning ContainedRate it:
Killing Me With Her LoveRate it:
Last OrphanRate it:
Never ExplainRate it:
New VoicesRate it:
Now As BeforeRate it:
One LookRate it:
Salvations RegretRate it:
Silence UnheardRate it:
Spiritual RebirthRate it:
Thank You LordRate it:
The CostRate it:
The Freedom WithinRate it:
The Next Moonless NightRate it:
Threatening KoboldRate it:
To See, Hear, Feel, And LoveRate it:
Will The Present ForgetRate it:
'GOODBYE'Rate it:
Audience Of OneRate it:
Eternity SaysRate it:
The MaskRate it:
Fates RetortRate it:
The False RaptureRate it:
This Present Mine To OwnRate it:
Before Starting AgainRate it:
Each CallingRate it:
GrandparentingRate it:
Last Verse-Zero SumRate it:
Life Or DeathRate it:
Primi EntisRate it:
The Dark AbyssRate it:
The Past And Future Have DiedRate it:
Truth Exploding Once AgainRate it:
Until DarknessRate it:
The Leaves TurnRate it:
Each Footstep FreeRate it:
A Blind EyeRate it:
A Lone DaffodilRate it:
Children Of The DamnedRate it:
Distant ThunderRate it:
The Dreams Of The SoldierRate it:
The Lost RoomRate it:
To My Beloved Daughter Melissa (On Your 40th Birthday)Rate it:
House ArrestRate it:
Calling To Me DearRate it:
Do You Bore YourselfRate it:
Gabriel CallsRate it:
My Heart BleedsRate it:
SacrilegeRate it:
To Fly ForeverRate it:
Turning BlackRate it:
What They'll Never EscapeRate it:
$$$$$Rate it:
$$$$$$Rate it:
'Sit Divinum'Rate it:
"I Baptize Thee..."Rate it:
"No Man Is An Island"Rate it:
------------------------Rate it:
...Is LoveRate it:
...Or Not To BeRate it:
1 + 1 = 1Rate it:
101 — 401Rate it:
101-401Rate it:
1972 'Nittany Mountain' Ladies ChoiceRate it:
2008-2016Rate it:
22 CatchRate it:
4 WordsRate it:
4-Poster RhymeRate it:
99.9Rate it:
A Baby BornRate it:
A Baby CriesRate it:
A Blue DawnRate it:
A Brotherhood To ShareRate it:
A Buffet Of HateRate it:
A Captive DomainRate it:
A Certain DeathRate it:
A Changing StewRate it:
A Charlatan Of VerseRate it:
A ChoiceRate it:
A Choice Never MadeRate it:
A Community Of FriendsRate it:
A Conflict SureRate it:
A Cowboy Never...Rate it:
A Crest AblazeRate it:
A Day You'll TreasureRate it:
A Deaf EarRate it:
A Demon That HidesRate it:
A Devil's HellRate it:
A Different WholeRate it:
A Distant CryRate it:
A Doorless MysteryRate it:
A Fait AccompliRate it:
A Falling TideRate it:
A False BottomRate it:
A False InfinityRate it:
A Fate WorseRate it:
A Final GoodbyeRate it:
A First BeginningRate it:
A Footnote To PlatoRate it:
A ForetellingRate it:
A ForetellingRate it:
A Forever BiteRate it:
A Forgotten WishRate it:
A Fresh BreathRate it:
A Future Heaven LoanedRate it:
A Garden UnspoiledRate it:
A Gentle WindRate it:
A Gray DawnRate it:
A Haven SafeRate it:
A Headstone Forever BlankRate it:
A Heart Now TakenRate it:
A Hell Upon EarthRate it:
A Hollowed Out TreeRate it:
A Hurt So GoodRate it:
A Journey SublimeRate it:
A Joy To Be TreasuredRate it:
A KeyRate it:
A Kingdom For A PoemRate it:
A Knight's RansomRate it:
A Ladder AppearsRate it:
A Lakota Mother's PrayerRate it:
A Last AdieuRate it:
A Legacy Of FearRate it:
A Legacy RecastRate it:
A Legacy Was PlantedRate it:
A Lifetime Of SearchingRate it:
A Light Now ShinesRate it:
A Lion ChasesRate it:
A Losing GameRate it:
A Lyrical SumRate it:
A Marker AbandonedRate it:
A Melody Of SagesRate it:
A Melody So RightRate it:
A Melody UnsungRate it:
A Melody UnsungRate it:
A Memory UnfoundRate it:
A Metaphor Of Poetics (+1)Rate it:
A Million Dead BladesRate it:
A MirrorRate it:
A Moment RebornRate it:
A Momentary DenialRate it:
A Mutilated OnenessRate it:
A New EndingRate it:
A New HandRate it:
A New MomentRate it:
A New PathRate it:
A New StoneRate it:
A Note To TimeRate it:
A Picture's Worth...Rate it:
A Poet's GiftRate it:
A Present Now UnfeltRate it:
A Promise ForgottenRate it:
A Promise WedRate it:
A Quantitative ValetRate it:
A RebirthRate it:
A ReckoningRate it:
A Riper DayRate it:
A Robin Will SingRate it:
A SacrilegeRate it:
A Singular BeautyRate it:
A Singular RefrainRate it:
A Siren's CallRate it:
A Smoldering RefrainRate it:
A Softer RhymeRate it:
A Spirit PureRate it:
A SutureRate it:
A SweetnessRate it:
A Terminal UnknownRate it:
A Threatening HandRate it:
A Timeless PathRate it:
A Tinge Of LilacRate it:
A Turkish Mother To The Kaiser (WW1)Rate it:
A Twisted FlowRate it:
A Voice From BeyondRate it:
A Voice Heaven SentRate it:
A Voice Now GoneRate it:
A Voice On LoanRate it:
A Voice Shouts FreeRate it:
A Vow To MyselfRate it:
A Wanton BarterRate it:
A Warrior's ChantRate it:
A Warrior's ChantRate it:
A Warriors TearsRate it:
A Waterfall UnheardRate it:
A Waterfall UnheardRate it:
A Welcoming HymnRate it:
A Whisper Then To ShoutRate it:
A Windless SeaRate it:
A Wish DistilledRate it:
A Wish Now On LoanRate it:
A Wish Still On LoanRate it:
A Wish UndeclaredRate it:
A Wish UnfulfilledRate it:
A Write To the EndRate it:
A WriterRate it:
Abandoned TearsRate it:
AberrantRate it:
AblutionRate it:
About UsRate it:
Above The Tree LineRate it:
Absence Of MaliceRate it:
AbsentiaRate it:
Absolution WithinRate it:
Academia's LanternRate it:
Acid TestRate it:
Across And ThroughRate it:
AdieuRate it:
AdieuRate it:
Adrift In the WindRate it:
Aesthetics PriceRate it:
Against The WindRate it:
Aging The SilenceRate it:
Ah Yue ShdaRate it:
Ahead, Nothing MoreRate it:
Ain't That The BluesRate it:
Albert's ShadowRate it:
Albert's FollyRate it:
All Emptiness GoneRate it:
All Escape DisownedRate it:
All Eternity UnknownRate it:
All Faith Now WithinRate it:
All Heaven For An EarRate it:
All Heaven In SightRate it:
All I AskRate it:
All Kindled Lies AfireRate it:
All Letters GoneRate it:
All Meaning CompressedRate it:
All Pieces Again WholeRate it:
All Princes In Their RooksRate it:
All Promise GoneRate it:
All Roads EndRate it:
All Scepters DisownedRate it:
All The King's HorsesRate it:
All There IsRate it:
All Time Is NowRate it:
All Travelers WithinRate it:
All Verses Called BackRate it:
All We Can SayRate it:
All Wonder ReturnedRate it:
Alleyways Of StoneRate it:
Almighty SilenceRate it:
Almighty SilenceRate it:
AloneRate it:
Alone AgainRate it:
Alone, In Search Of YouRate it:
AlonelinessRate it:
Along The PathRate it:
Altar UnknownRate it:
Always & ForeverRate it:
AmendmentRate it:
AmericaRate it:
American PieRate it:
Ames — 1967Rate it:
An Angels HymnRate it:
An Artists PrayerRate it:
An Echo DivineRate it:
An Empty ReferenceRate it:
An Ending That RhymesRate it:
An Ode To TeddyRate it:
An Orphan's SilenceRate it:
An Ounce Of HopeRate it:
Anchored And WholeRate it:
Ancient SinsRate it:
Ancient VoicesRate it:
And Be GoneRate it:
And Nothing At AllRate it:
And She, My Breath BecomesRate it:
And You Can Keep The Mule...Rate it:
And You, To MeRate it:
Angel GuardianRate it:
Angel KingRate it:
Angelic SkiesRate it:
Angels To SingRate it:
AnonymityRate it:
Another ChanceRate it:
Another DayRate it:
Another LookRate it:
Another ParadoxRate it:
Another SpringRate it:
Another's ContrabandRate it:
Another's Wasted DreamRate it:
Another's Wind To BlowRate it:
Another's Wind To BlowRate it:
AnticipationRate it:
AntigoneRate it:
ApathyRate it:
ApathyRate it:
ApathyRate it:
April BleedingRate it:
Arcs & AnglesRate it:
Are YouRate it:
Are You Living NowRate it:
ArmageddonRate it:
Arms LengthRate it:
ArrivalRate it:
Art's Greatest GiftRate it:
As Answers FleeRate it:
As Aquinas AskedRate it:
As Ever BeforeRate it:
As History LaughsRate it:
As Night The DayRate it:
As She's LeavingRate it:
As Then ConceivedRate it:
As Twilight CallsRate it:
As You FlyRate it:
As You SpeakRate it:
Ashes BemiredRate it:
Ashes CryRate it:
Ashes In The PastRate it:
Ashes SingRate it:
Asked—UnansweredRate it:
Assassin Of TimeRate it:
At Any CostRate it:
At BayRate it:
At Ease And UnfurledRate it:
At LastRate it:
At RestRate it:
At The EndRate it:
At The EndRate it:
At The EndRate it:
At The EndRate it:
At The GateRate it:
At What PointRate it:
At Your Spirits BehestRate it:
Au ContraireRate it:
Audience Of OneRate it:
Awaiting BreathRate it:
Ayn's NightmareRate it:
AρθρίτιδαRate it:
Back To TheeRate it:
Back TurnedRate it:
BackhandedRate it:
BackstabberRate it:
Balance Be DamnedRate it:
Baptism Of DenialRate it:
Baptism Of FireRate it:
Baptized ThereRate it:
Barred From SightRate it:
Bartered YouthRate it:
Bastard Of TimeRate it:
Be Most CarefulRate it:
Be Of InterestRate it:
Beauty FraughtRate it:
Because I MustRate it:
Beck & CallRate it:
Before GoodbyeRate it:
Before His ThroneRate it:
Before The FireRate it:
Before The SilenceRate it:
Before The StormRate it:
Before The VoidRate it:
Before TomorrowRate it:
Beginning AgainRate it:
Beginning AgainRate it:
Beginning To EndRate it:
Behind The MaskRate it:
Behind The MaskRate it:
Behind The VeilRate it:
Belleza Es VerdadRate it:
BemusedRate it:
Beneath The MasqueRate it:
Betrayals PastRate it:
BetrayedRate it:
BetrothalRate it:
BetrothedRate it:
BetrothedRate it:
Between Two LiesRate it:
BeyondRate it:
BeyondRate it:
Beyond A Future Heaven LoanedRate it:
Beyond AllRate it:
Beyond All ExcuseRate it:
Beyond BlameRate it:
Beyond Her ShieldRate it:
Beyond His ViewRate it:
Beyond Love And HateRate it:
Beyond My DoubtRate it:
Beyond My FearRate it:
Beyond PerditionRate it:
Beyond The BorderRate it:
Beyond The EndRate it:
Beyond The GleamRate it:
Beyond The GraveRate it:
Beyond The Nearest StarRate it:
Beyond The NowRate it:
Beyond The SashRate it:
Beyond The SoundRate it:
Beyond The SunRate it:
Beyond The ThunderRate it:
Beyond The TrapRate it:
Beyond TimeRate it:
Beyond Time AllowedRate it:
Beyond TodayRate it:
Beyond WordsRate it:
Beyond Your GraspRate it:
Big Picture TeaseRate it:
Billy BlueRate it:
Black Diamond EmbraceRate it:
Black HoleRate it:
Black RainRate it:
Blankets Of DoubtRate it:
Bleeding FreeRate it:
Blessed To BeginRate it:
Blessed To BeginRate it:
Blind ContemptRate it:
BlindfoldedRate it:
Blood LineRate it:
Blood That Woudn't YieldRate it:
Blues Poem #10Rate it:
Blues Poem #11Rate it:
Blues SpeakRate it:
Body And SoulRate it:
Bonfire At The GateRate it:
BookendsRate it:
Born & BredRate it:
Borrow & StealRate it:
Borrowed TimeRate it:
Borrowing TimeRate it:
Both The Future And PastRate it:
Both WaysRate it:
Bounty Of HellRate it:
Breaking DawnRate it:
Breaking ThroughRate it:
Breath SurrenderedRate it:
BreathlessRate it:
Bribing The DevilRate it:
Bricks & MortarRate it:
Bringing My Shadow HomeRate it:
Bringing The Curtain DownRate it:
Buffalo JumpRate it:
BullseyeRate it:
Buried In The CoalsRate it:
Buried WithinRate it:
But A BeggarRate it:
But Spoken OnceRate it:
By Morning You Were GoneRate it:
By Others FeltRate it:
Call To HeavenRate it:
Calling InwardRate it:
Calling InwardRate it:
Calling Me By NameRate it:
Calling Me NearRate it:
Calling Out Just OnceRate it:
Calling Us InwardRate it:
Camp Cookie Sings...Rate it:
Can CEGARate it:
Can You - Will YouRate it:
Can You RageRate it:
CancerRate it:
CancerRate it:
Canyon DancersRate it:
Caporal la VioletteRate it:
Capstone ReversedRate it:
CapturedRate it:
Captured & SlainRate it:
CaptusRate it:
Carnal MadnessRate it:
Casting Darkness AsideRate it:
Casting ShameRate it:
Catalysts Of The SoulRate it:
Catching AllRate it:
Catching My WordsRate it:
Caterpillars DelightRate it:
CatherineRate it:
CaughtRate it:
Caught By The WordRate it:
Caught Deeply WithinRate it:
Caught In The JawsRate it:
Cemetery Of DreamsRate it:
Centennial FuryRate it:
Centered ReturnRate it:
Chamberlain FallsRate it:
ChangeRate it:
Changed Into SongRate it:
Channeling A MelodyRate it:
Chasing Miles...Rate it:
Chasing My VoiceRate it:
Cheating The NightRate it:
Checks You Can't CashRate it:
Checks You Can't CashRate it:
Child Of NightRate it:
ChildrenRate it:
Children Of A Greater DawnRate it:
ChoiceRate it:
ChoicesRate it:
ChooseRate it:
Choosing BetweenRate it:
Clear & FreeRate it:
CleverRate it:
Clothed In PrisonRate it:
Co-WeaversRate it:
Cogito Ergo ErrasRate it:
Cold And Never HotRate it:
Coloring In The SpacesRate it:
Comedy Of ErrorsRate it:
Coming BackRate it:
CompressionRate it:
Concrete JunglesRate it:
ConflictedRate it:
ConjoinedRate it:
Convicted To SilenceRate it:
Counting StoppedRate it:
Couplets Of RhymeRate it:
Couplets On FireRate it:
Coursed In StoneRate it:
Courting TruthRate it:
Crashing The GateRate it:
Crazy Horse CallsRate it:
Cream Always RisesRate it:
CreasesRate it:
Creation RedeemedRate it:
Crippled And LostRate it:
Crippled MindRate it:
Cross HairsRate it:
Crossing OverRate it:
Crossing Over & Looking BackRate it:
Crossing Over — Turned AroundRate it:
CrossoverRate it:
Crown On LoanRate it:
Crying InwardRate it:
Cum AetateRate it:
Current Of DreamsRate it:
Curses AbortRate it:
Cutting InRate it:
Cyber UnlearnedRate it:
Damnation DefinedRate it:
Damnation Still UnrhymedRate it:
Damned Human RaceRate it:
Damning RefrainRate it:
Dancing FreelyRate it:
Dark GeniusRate it:
Dark KnightRate it:
Dark KnightRate it:
Dark PassageRate it:
Dark RansomRate it:
Dark ReflectionRate it:
Dark SummitRate it:
Dark ThoughtRate it:
Dark WeavingRate it:
Darkening SunRate it:
Darker HuesRate it:
Darkness All I SeeRate it:
Darkness And LightRate it:
Darkness DisownedRate it:
Darkness RunsRate it:
Darkness To DawnRate it:
Darkness To LightRate it:
Day And NightRate it:
DaydreamsRate it:
DaylightRate it:
Dead ApostatesRate it:
Dead ReckoningRate it:
Deaf EarRate it:
Deaf To Your Chosen LordRate it:
Deafened To HearRate it:
Death Be Not ImminentRate it:
Death Becomes MeRate it:
Death Becomes NearRate it:
Death But A servantRate it:
Death By AssociationRate it:
Death CallsRate it:
Death Comes NearRate it:
Death GripRate it:
Death In BloomRate it:
Death MatchRate it:
Death Never QuellsRate it:
Death On The FringeRate it:
Death On The FringesRate it:
Death Unto ItselfRate it:
Death WadesRate it:
Death Walks BesideRate it:
Death WarrantsRate it:
Death's QuotaRate it:
Death's RevengeRate it:
Death's TributeRate it:
Deaths TwinsRate it:
Debt CancelledRate it:
DeceptionRate it:
DeceptionRate it:
Deceptively BrightRate it:
Deemed PoeticRate it:
Deep In The HeartacheRate it:
Deep InsideRate it:
Deep WithinRate it:
Deeper FootstepsRate it:
Defensione VitaeRate it:
Defiled And LostRate it:
Defiling The UnknownRate it:
Defon ZeroRate it:
Deja VuRate it:
Delilah's CryRate it:
Deliver MeRate it:
DeliveranceRate it:
Demon Lie ExposedRate it:
Deo Natus EstRate it:
Depravity's EyeRate it:
DerelictionRate it:
Descartes, Be DamnedRate it:
DesireRate it:
Destiny AstrideRate it:
Destiny MarkedRate it:
Destiny UnseenRate it:
Destiny WedRate it:
Destroying The GiftRate it:
Devil MuseRate it:
Devil's PotionRate it:
Devil's TalkRate it:
DiametrixRate it:
Diamond Of The SoulRate it:
DichotomyRate it:
Did You DreamRate it:
Different MasksRate it:
DisavowedRate it:
DiscoursedRate it:
DisownedRate it:
DissolutionRate it:
Distance & SeparationRate it:
Distance CallingRate it:
Distance RevealedRate it:
DivergenceRate it:
Divided And SplitRate it:
Divided We FallRate it:
DivinificationRate it:
DivinityRate it:
Divinity ChosenRate it:
Divinity's HymnRate it:
Divinity's HymnRate it:
DivinusRate it:
Do YouRate it:
Dogma IncarnateRate it:
Dogwood GoodbyeRate it:
Don't Look BackRate it:
Don't BlasphemeRate it:
Don't BotherRate it:
Don't Bother To AskRate it:
Don't Look BackRate it:
Don't Look DownRate it:
Doors LockRate it:
Double-EdgeRate it:
Doubt BetrayedRate it:
Down Through The AgesRate it:
Dragon FireRate it:
Dragons CaughtRate it:
Dragons CaughtRate it:
Draining Our SpiritsRate it:
Drawers Of My MemoryRate it:
Dream PrisonRate it:
Dream WeaverRate it:
Dreaming Of ElkoRate it:
Dreams ForgottenRate it:
Dreams Neatly StackedRate it:
Dreams Now FreeRate it:
Dreams Of JoyRate it:
Dreams To Live OnRate it:
Dreams Wade InRate it:
DreamsleepRate it:
Drifting AwayRate it:
Drifting AwayRate it:
Dropping FastRate it:
Dual BirthRate it:
DumbstruckRate it:
DuplicityRate it:
Dying LegionsRate it:
Dying To Be FreeRate it:
Dylan Is GoneRate it:
Dylan's GardenRate it:
Dylan's GoneRate it:
Dylan's GoneRate it:
DystephanyRate it:
Each ChoiceRate it:
Each danceRate it:
Each DayRate it:
Each Look BackRate it:
Each MemoryRate it:
Each MomentRate it:
Each Moment AnewRate it:
Each Stroke Of The HandRate it:
Each Unwritten WordRate it:
Each VoiceRate it:
Echoing SilenceRate it:
EcstacyRate it:
Ego SumRate it:
Eight Miles LeftRate it:
Eight QuestionsRate it:
Eighty Years UndoneRate it:
EisaiRate it:
Either OrRate it:
Either Or DeceptionRate it:
EmbodiedRate it:
Embracing Your FearRate it:
Embracing Your FearRate it:
Emergence SublimeRate it:
Emily Was An AberrationRate it:
Emotional BondageRate it:
Emotional CorrectnessRate it:
Emptiness RevealsRate it:
Emptiness SublimeRate it:
Emptiness WithinRate it:
Empty SpacesRate it:
EnchanteRate it:
End Of All EndsRate it:
End To EndRate it:
EnflameRate it:
EngulfedRate it:
EnoughRate it:
EntrapmentRate it:
EntreRate it:
Envy Is A CurseRate it:
Envy Is A CurseRate it:
Envy Sits AloneRate it:
Epiphanous LightRate it:
Epiphany RelayedRate it:
Epiphany's LightRate it:
Equus SpeaksRate it:
Escaping Into VerseRate it:
EssentiaRate it:
Essentia OmnisRate it:
Eternal EmbraceRate it:
EternityRate it:
Eternity Set FreeRate it:
Eternity SmilesRate it:
Eternity UnknownRate it:
Eternity WaitingRate it:
Eternity WaitsRate it:
Eternity's GlowRate it:
Eternity's HymnRate it:
Eternity's DoorRate it:
Eternity's GlowRate it:
Eternity's HymnRate it:
Eternity's MarkRate it:
Eternity's SeedRate it:
Eternity's SparkRate it:
Eternity's TwinRate it:
Eternity's WingsRate it:
Even WhenRate it:
Even WhenRate it:
Every MomentRate it:
Everything But LoveRate it:
ExcommunicadoRate it:
Exigent PowerRate it:
ExitusRate it:
Exploding EpiphanyRate it:
Exploding ThoughtRate it:
ExposedRate it:
ExposedRate it:
ExposedRate it:
Eyes To CloseRate it:
Eyes-HeartRate it:
Fading To NothingnessRate it:
Fair Winds AheadRate it:
Fait AccompliRate it:
Fait AccompliRate it:
Faith & HonorRate it:
FallbackRate it:
Fallen AngelRate it:
Fallen BloomsRate it:
Falling FreeRate it:
Falling LeavesRate it:
Falling ShortRate it:
Fallow DreamsRate it:
False HopeRate it:
False Hope AgainRate it:
False LimitsRate it:
False ReflectionRate it:
False Time BeliesRate it:
Falsehoods You EndearRate it:
Fantasy EscapesRate it:
Far Better (Blues Poem #18)Rate it:
Farther Than NearRate it:
Fast & LooseRate it:
Fatality Of FearRate it:
Fate Will Say...Rate it:
Fate's RetortRate it:
Fated CurrentRate it:
Fated DivineRate it:
Fated To GoRate it:
Fates ArrowRate it:
FatherRate it:
Father To The ManRate it:
Fatherless And AloneRate it:
Fear Now My PreyRate it:
Fear Now My PreyRate it:
Fear Stalks The NightRate it:
Fear Stalks The NightRate it:
Fear Turns Into SongRate it:
Feast From WithinRate it:
Feasting On FamineRate it:
Feeding My SoulRate it:
Feeling BeyondRate it:
Feelings AttackRate it:
Feelings SacredRate it:
Fertile And SilentRate it:
Field TheoryRate it:
File Or BurnRate it:
Fill In The Blank?Rate it:
Filling My WordsRate it:
Final Sunset CommandsRate it:
Final TorchRate it:
Final VictoryRate it:
Final WishRate it:
Fingers CrossedRate it:
Fire & IceRate it:
Fire & RainRate it:
Fire And RainRate it:
Fire Still BurnsRate it:
First & LastRate it:
First BiteRate it:
First CutRate it:
First Cut The DeepestRate it:
First Law Of MetaphysicsRate it:
First Light To KeepRate it:
First LoveRate it:
First Or LastRate it:
First PoemRate it:
First PoemRate it:
Five StrangersRate it:
Five StrangersRate it:
Flash DanceRate it:
FlashbacksRate it:
FlashesRate it:
FlashpointRate it:
FlashpointRate it:
Fleeting EpiphanyRate it:
Flowing ThroughRate it:
Following StormRate it:
Fond Memory's ChildRate it:
Footnote Of DreamsRate it:
Footnotes Of PainRate it:
For All To ShareRate it:
For AugustusRate it:
For Better Or...Rate it:
For EvermoreRate it:
For Melissa On Her BirthdayRate it:
For PapaRate it:
For The DeterministsRate it:
For ThoseRate it:
Fore And AfterRate it:
Forever AliveRate it:
Forever At HomeRate it:
Forever At OnceRate it:
Forever BeguiledRate it:
Forever BeguiledRate it:
Forever CallsRate it:
Forever Carried AwayRate it:
Forever In ShadeRate it:
Forever Like ThatRate it:
Forever LongRate it:
Forever LostRate it:
Forever LostRate it:
Forever NowRate it:
Forever On HoldRate it:
Forever To BeRate it:
Forever To FeastRate it:
Forever To KnowRate it:
Forever To ShareRate it:
Forever Waiting UnknownRate it:
Forever WetRate it:
Forever WonderingRate it:
Forever Wondering WhyRate it:
Forever—Yet BriefRate it:
Forgive Me, I BegRate it:
Forgiveness For LessRate it:
Forgotten & LostRate it:
Forgotten LordRate it:
Forgotten LordRate it:
Fortune CastRate it:
Fortune Of WordsRate it:
Four SentimentsRate it:
Fraternal MeleeRate it:
Free & ClearRate it:
Free & ClearRate it:
Free AgainRate it:
Free And AtonedRate it:
Free And ClearRate it:
Free Of All LiesRate it:
Free Of BlameRate it:
Free Of DoubtRate it:
Free Of Its StainRate it:
Free To RoamRate it:
FreebirdRate it:
FreebyrdRate it:
Freed Of SinRate it:
FreedomRate it:
Freedom CallsRate it:
Freedom DealtRate it:
Freedom DesertsRate it:
Freedom's Hope DeniedRate it:
Freedom's LadderRate it:
Fresh PromiseRate it:
Fresh VoicesRate it:
From 'The Book Of PrayersRate it:
From Beginning To EndRate it:
From Heaven BoughtRate it:
From The Muse...Rate it:
From Your PenRate it:
Front To BackRate it:
Further I Must GoRate it:
Further To RoamRate it:
FusionRate it:
Future & PastRate it:
Future BoughtRate it:
Future Now PastRate it:
Future-PastRate it:
Gabriel CallsRate it:
Gabriel's HornRate it:
Gabriel's HornRate it:
Gale WarningRate it:
Gargouille DispersedRate it:
Gateway To EternityRate it:
Generation LostRate it:
Gifted FreeRate it:
Given & HeardRate it:
Given WordsRate it:
Giving & TakingRate it:
Giving It UpRate it:
Glass HousesRate it:
Glass HousesRate it:
Glorious WelcomeRate it:
Glory UnsungRate it:
God To RejectRate it:
Godel Was RightRate it:
Golden HairRate it:
Gone AstrayRate it:
Goodbye LauraRate it:
Grains Of SandRate it:
Grandfather's DivorceRate it:
GrandparentingRate it:
Gravitas Without VeritasRate it:
Great Grandfather JohnRate it:
Greeting The DawnRate it:
Grief BeliesRate it:
Grief To GoRate it:
Guardians Of TomorrowRate it:
Hail AthenaRate it:
Half Way To MemphisRate it:
Hand In HandRate it:
Hard WonRate it:
Harlem To CannesRate it:
Harlem To ParisRate it:
Harlot Of LoveRate it:
Harvest Of LightRate it:
Hawks Into DovesRate it:
Headed WestRate it:
Headstone Of SorrowRate it:
Hear Then SpeakRate it:
Hearts At RestRate it:
Hearts To FillRate it:
Hearts To ImpoundRate it:
Heat BlindsRate it:
Heaven & HellRate it:
Heaven And HellRate it:
Heaven MadeRate it:
Heaven Only KnowsRate it:
Heaven Or HellRate it:
Heaven ProclaimedRate it:
Heaven SentRate it:
Heaven WaitsRate it:
Heaven Waits (Blues Poem #15)Rate it:
Heaven WroteRate it:
Heaven's ThunderRate it:
Heaven's AtelierRate it:
Heaven's CallRate it:
Heaven's ChordRate it:
Heaven's EarRate it:
Heaven's GateRate it:
Heaven's WingsRate it:
Heavenly KnownRate it:
Heavenly ShamRate it:
Heavens To OwnRate it:
Heavens To OwnRate it:
Hell Upon EarthRate it:
Her EyesRate it:
Her MajestyRate it:
Her Power AccusedRate it:
Her RightRate it:
Her VoiceRate it:
Here & ThereRate it:
Here And ThereRate it:
Here But GoneRate it:
Hidden EmbersRate it:
Hidden In RhymeRate it:
Hidden JewelsRate it:
Hidden NightmareRate it:
Hiding A NightmareRate it:
Hiding From The LightRate it:
Hiding InsideRate it:
Higher BredRate it:
Higher GivenRate it:
Higher GroundRate it:
His Bounteous LightRate it:
His Destiny WedRate it:
His GraceRate it:
His Legend CallsRate it:
His Riches ClaimedRate it:
His ShadowRate it:
His Wishing WellRate it:
Hollow DrumsRate it:
HomeRate it:
HopeRate it:
HopeRate it:
Hope AfireRate it:
Hope DeniedRate it:
Hope May TillRate it:
Hope Never RestsRate it:
Hope TurnsRate it:
Hopeful SoundRate it:
Hopes & WishesRate it:
How Much - How ManyRate it:
How Much JoyRate it:
How Much—How ManyRate it:
Humbly I PrayRate it:
Hunted By A LieRate it:
I AmRate it:
I Answered BackRate it:
I Charge WithinRate it:
I Charge WithinRate it:
I Kneel And I PrayRate it:
I Shouldn'tRate it:
I Stand AccusedRate it:
I'm GoneRate it:
I'm TiredRate it:
Icebergs MeltRate it:
IchibanRate it:
Id InfinitumRate it:
IfRate it:
IfRate it:
If I Don'tRate it:
If It Ain't Worth RememberingRate it:
If It's Not One Thing...Rate it:
If NeverRate it:
If Not For The PoetRate it:
If Not TruthRate it:
If OnlyRate it:
If The Moment RepeatsRate it:
If Walls Could TalkRate it:
If We Were Young MenRate it:
If We Were Young MenRate it:
If You Ask...Rate it:
If, As Emily Said...Rate it:
Illusions ForayRate it:
Imagery ForgivesRate it:
ImmemoratioRate it:
ImmolantisRate it:
ImmolatioRate it:
ImmunityRate it:
Impaled AgainRate it:
ImpavidaRate it:
Imperfectly To SongRate it:
ImprisonedRate it:
Imprisoned WithinRate it:
In Charge Of The NightRate it:
In Cold BloodRate it:
In ColorRate it:
In CommandRate it:
In ConflictRate it:
In Constancy RedeemedRate it:
In Death RenewedRate it:
In FlamesRate it:
In Lament Of The CowboyRate it:
In MemoriamRate it:
In Memoriam: Chris KyleRate it:
In My DreamsRate it:
In My Heart DelightsRate it:
In Our HeartsRate it:
In RemembranceRate it:
In Search Of My OwnRate it:
In Search Of The CreamRate it:
In Search Of The OneRate it:
In Shadows GrowRate it:
In Shadows GrowRate it:
In Sheep's ClothingRate it:
In Spite Of OurselvesRate it:
In The AbstractRate it:
In The DarkRate it:
In The Darkness And AloneRate it:
In The DistanceRate it:
In The DistanceRate it:
In The EndRate it:
In The End...Rate it:
In The LookRate it:
In The Looking GlassRate it:
In The Morning You Were GoneRate it:
In The Nick Of TimeRate it:
In The NightRate it:
In The PuddingRate it:
In The WindRate it:
In The WineRate it:
In This MomentRate it:
In This Present BegunRate it:
In This Present BegunRate it:
In Time That MattersRate it:
In TributeRate it:
In Truth I LackRate it:
In Virtue I SinRate it:
In Your SmileRate it:
IncantationRate it:
IncarceratusRate it:
Increasing The WeightRate it:
IndecisionRate it:
IndenturedRate it:
IndifferenceRate it:
InherenceRate it:
Inherent DevotionRate it:
InhumanityRate it:
Ink Into WineRate it:
Ink Spilling DivineRate it:
Ink That Doesn't RunRate it:
Inner ThunderRate it:
Innocence BleedingRate it:
Innocence SkippedRate it:
Inside A BottleRate it:
Inside—OutRate it:
InspirationRate it:
Inspire Or ExplainRate it:
InsulationRate it:
Intellectual AIDSRate it:
InterdictionRate it:
IntermentRate it:
Into My ProseRate it:
Into The LightRate it:
Into the LightRate it:
Into The NightRate it:
Into Their HandsRate it:
Introductory Poem To My New Book...Rate it:
Ipse SolusRate it:
Ipse SolusRate it:
Is AnyoneRate it:
Is AnyoneRate it:
Is Death The PriceRate it:
Is It Something More?Rate it:
Is It TimeRate it:
Is LoveRate it:
Is Love Forever YoungRate it:
Is ThereRate it:
Is Your Area Born AloneRate it:
It Was All Of ThatRate it:
It's HarderRate it:
It's MoreRate it:
It's YouRate it:
ItineranturRate it:
Its Light ShinesRate it:
Its Magic ExposedRate it:
Its Memory Anchors StillRate it:
Its Only CostRate it:
Its Orphans DeadRate it:
Its Reckoning ComesRate it:
Its Scar Now Yours To Love (Blues Poem #12)Rate it:
Its TearsRate it:
Its Treasure CallsRate it:
Its UnrestRate it:
Its Verses DefyRate it:
Jaded And HopingRate it:
Jailer To This DreamRate it:
Je Ne Sais QuoiRate it:
Jewels Of HopeRate it:
John's OdeRate it:
Johns RemorseRate it:
JoyRate it:
Joy Out FrontRate it:
Juice In The BottleRate it:
Jurassic DreamsRate it:
Just A WriterRate it:
Just BecauseRate it:
Keeper Of The FlameRate it:
Keeping Freedom AliveRate it:
Kiai FireRate it:
Kill ShotRate it:
Killing The PastRate it:
Kingston MinesRate it:
KnighthoodRate it:
La VerdadRate it:
Lady Liberty MournsRate it:
Laid BareRate it:
Laissez FaireRate it:
Lamenting The PastRate it:
Language DeniedRate it:
Las Vegas LayoffRate it:
Last BellRate it:
Last BetRate it:
Last BlazeRate it:
Last Blind AscentRate it:
Last BulletRate it:
Last ChanceRate it:
Last CharadeRate it:
Last ChariotRate it:
Last Check To CashRate it:
Last ChoiceRate it:
Last Curtain To FallRate it:
Last DominoRate it:
Last DoubtRate it:
Last DropRate it:
Last FeatherRate it:
Last GhostRate it:
Last GoodbyeRate it:
Last GrainRate it:
Last MessageRate it:
Last MirageRate it:
Last Mojo Child (Blues Poem #14)Rate it:
Last Moment To BurnRate it:
Last MothRate it:
Last Orphan Of The TruthRate it:
Last PageRate it:
Last PassRate it:
Last Payment RemissRate it:
Last Poison DartRate it:
Last ReflectionRate it:
Last Second ChanceRate it:
Last StepRate it:
Last TearRate it:
Last VerseRate it:
Last WordsRate it:
Laura's CaptiveRate it:
Laying The TrackRate it:
Lazy Susan BluesRate it:
Leaving AgainRate it:
Leaving This WorldRate it:
Left FleetingRate it:
Left In SongRate it:
Left To BrewRate it:
Left To SpewRate it:
Left To WeatherRate it:
Left To WeepRate it:
Left UnsaidRate it:
Left UnsungRate it:
Legacy For SaleRate it:
Legacy Of EndowmentRate it:
Legacy Of FearRate it:
Legacy Still UnheardRate it:
Legions CryRate it:
Less Is MoreRate it:
Less RiskRate it:
Less Risk Of ConjectureRate it:
Lest We ForgetRate it:
Let Me AskRate it:
Letting GoRate it:
Liars DwellRate it:
Liberating The TruthRate it:
LiberationRate it:
LibertatemRate it:
LicentiaRate it:
Lies 1 & 2Rate it:
Lies To WithstandRate it:
LifeRate it:
LifeRate it:
Life BelowRate it:
Life SupportRate it:
Life's Promise Still UnknownRate it:
Life's ContractRate it:
Life's Greatest CurseRate it:
Life's Greatest GiftRate it:
Life's TenancyRate it:
LifelineRate it:
Light In A BendRate it:
Light Or ChainsRate it:
Lightning ProclaimedRate it:
Lights PrisonerRate it:
Like A ChildRate it:
LimboRate it:
Liner NoteRate it:
Lines ImpearledRate it:
Literal ObesityRate it:
Literary GeneticsRate it:
Literary HourglassRate it:
Literary NuptialRate it:
Literary NuptialRate it:
Literary WandererRate it:
Literate QuicksandRate it:
Living For TodayRate it:
Living InsideRate it:
Living On The SurfaceRate it:
Living The DreamRate it:
Living UnclaimedRate it:
Living UnclaimedRate it:
Loading Door #1Rate it:
Locked In KayentaRate it:
Locqui VeritasRate it:
Logic A MessRate it:
Longing BefriendsRate it:
Look To The HarborRate it:
Looking AwayRate it:
Looking BackRate it:
Looking Back — Moving OnRate it:
Lords Over TimeRate it:
LossRate it:
LostRate it:
Lost BondageRate it:
Lost Candle Of TimeRate it:
Lost GraceRate it:
Lost HorizonRate it:
Lost In DismayRate it:
Lost In RefrainRate it:
Lost InfernoRate it:
Lost Memories DefineRate it:
Lost MomentsRate it:
Lost Or FoundRate it:
Lost PawnRate it:
Lost SoundsRate it:
Lost SwansRate it:
Lost WordsRate it:
Lost—UnfeltRate it:
Loud And WildRate it:
Loud And WildRate it:
Love As WingsRate it:
Love DemandsRate it:
Love DisownedRate it:
Love On The RunRate it:
Love Our FateRate it:
Love SurroundsRate it:
Love Takes A BowRate it:
Love To RecomposeRate it:
Love Without PainRate it:
Love YourselfRate it:
Love's ReprieveRate it:
Love's CaptiveRate it:
Love's DelightRate it:
Love's DenialRate it:
Love's Reality—UnrealRate it:
Love's ReleaseRate it:
Love's TollRate it:
Lover In ArmorRate it:
Lover's MirageRate it:
Loves DenialRate it:
Lunacy's BlissRate it:
Lying ThereRate it:
Lying There AloneRate it:
Lyrical Kill ShotRate it:
Made Of StoneRate it:
Madonna's Last HymnRate it:
MadreRate it:
MagdalenaRate it:
Magic ExposedRate it:
Magnificent SilenceRate it:
Make A DecisionRate it:
Making Love To The MuseRate it:
Many As OneRate it:
MariaRate it:
Mariah CallsRate it:
Mariah's SongRate it:
Marking TimeRate it:
MarlaisRate it:
MaroonedRate it:
Married To The VoiceRate it:
Masks On DisplayRate it:
Master Of It AllRate it:
Master Or GhostRate it:
Math MurderRate it:
May It Be SaidRate it:
MaybeRate it:
Meadow So DearRate it:
Meadow So DearRate it:
Memories FleeRate it:
Memories Of BobRate it:
Memories Of JimRate it:
Memories Of Le MansRate it:
MemoryRate it:
Memory ExhalesRate it:
Memory HackedRate it:
Memory PastRate it:
Memory The MasterRate it:
Memory's ReturnRate it:
Mexican HatRate it:
Miami HeatRate it:
Mightier Than The SwordRate it:
Millennial AcademiaRate it:
Millennial's CurseRate it:
Mine To KnowRate it:
Minus ThineRate it:
MirageRate it:
Mirage In The DistanceRate it:
Missing The DreamRate it:
MjolnirRate it:
Moment's Left UnfeltRate it:
Moments In SongRate it:
Moments LeftRate it:
Moments On The RunRate it:
Money And BloodRate it:
Monument RowRate it:
Moon WalkRate it:
MoreRate it:
More A FeelingRate it:
More Than A CellphoneRate it:
Morgan Freeman Got It RightRate it:
Morning FlowerRate it:
Morning In DoubtRate it:
Morning In DoubtRate it:
Morning In Your EyesRate it:
Morphing In TimeRate it:
MorrisonRate it:
Mortgaged DreamsRate it:
Most Are LostRate it:
Most Often MissedRate it:
Mount Rushmore AfternoonRate it:
Mourning's RoarRate it:
Mr. Bojangles—DanceRate it:
Mr. Prime Minister (The Last Lion)Rate it:
Muddy WatersRate it:
Musings RebornRate it:
Muted & GoneRate it:
Muted SirensRate it:
Muted SirensRate it:
My Back To The LightRate it:
My Back To The PastRate it:
My BreathRate it:
My CrutchRate it:
My Destiny WithinRate it:
My Dying RageRate it:
My Emptiness WholeRate it:
My Faith In SeasonRate it:
My Faith Will Move OnRate it:
My Fate...Rate it:
My Father InstilledRate it:
My Final HourRate it:
My GardenRate it:
My GiftRate it:
My GuideRate it:
My Heart Now RestsRate it:
My Heart RevivedRate it:
My Heart Still ChimesRate it:
My Heart To ChimeRate it:
My Heart To WanderRate it:
My HopeRate it:
My Indulgent RefrainRate it:
My Last BreathRate it:
My Last EtesianRate it:
My Laura-WithinRate it:
My Legacy PlantedRate it:
My Mojo Light - Blues Poem #12Rate it:
My OwnRate it:
My Own BetrayalRate it:
My Parting WishRate it:
My Past ReclaimedRate it:
My Past ReturnsRate it:
My Path UnbrokenRate it:
My Pen To FlowRate it:
My Present SpinsRate it:
My Prose Will FlowRate it:
My Real FatherRate it:
My Searching BeginsRate it:
My Sins He ForgaveRate it:
My Soul ElectricRate it:
My Soul ElektricRate it:
My Soul There To ShineRate it:
My Souls AsylumRate it:
My Spirit CompleteRate it:
My Spirit CompleteRate it:
My Spirit EnthronedRate it:
My Spirit Set FreeRate it:
My Spirit UnboundRate it:
My Spirit Zero-SumRate it:
My Stone To DragRate it:
My Thoughts And Prayers—ThineRate it:
My Wait Begins AgainRate it:
My Will On FireRate it:
My WordsRate it:
My Words - Hemingway To Gertrude SteinRate it:
My Words My OwnRate it:
My Words RemainRate it:
MyopiaRate it:
Myself RevealedRate it:
Myself To KeepRate it:
Myself, I BringRate it:
Naked Before The MobRate it:
Naked Before The MobRate it:
Naked In The ForestRate it:
Naked JoyRate it:
Nature FleesRate it:
Nature In PlayRate it:
Nature's CallRate it:
Nearer Than FarRate it:
Neither A Borrower Nor...Rate it:
Neither Borrower Nor Lender BeRate it:
Neither Friend Nor FoeRate it:
Neither NorRate it:
NeverRate it:
Never A QuestionRate it:
Never DestituteRate it:
Never DestituteRate it:
Never To LastRate it:
Never To RestRate it:
Never To YieldRate it:
Never Yours To LoseRate it:
New BeginningRate it:
New BloodRate it:
New Forests CallRate it:
New Hampshire DawnRate it:
New HeartbeatsRate it:
New HopeRate it:
New LifeRate it:
New Light UnspokenRate it:
New Light UnspokenRate it:
New LoveRate it:
New MelodyRate it:
New Melody To LearnRate it:
New Memories ConverseRate it:
New Memories RehearseRate it:
New Millennium's CurseRate it:
New Millennium's CurseRate it:
New Millenniums CurseRate it:
New Moments ExplodeRate it:
New MorningRate it:
New MorningsRate it:
New PathwayRate it:
New PathwayRate it:
New Questions FoundRate it:
New SpaceRate it:
New StormsRate it:
New Tracks In SearchRate it:
New Verse BeginsRate it:
New WhispersRate it:
New WordsRate it:
Next StationRate it:
NexusRate it:
Night GuardianRate it:
Nightmare AwokenRate it:
Nighttime Has AnsweredRate it:
Nisi PoetaRate it:
NMERate it:
No Blank DegreeRate it:
No Candy This YearRate it:
No Candy This YearRate it:
No Candy This YearRate it:
No DessertRate it:
No Dishonor Or ShameRate it:
No Dreams AllowedRate it:
No EnmityRate it:
No FavorsRate it:
No Heart DeniedRate it:
No Ink From WithinRate it:
No Last GoodbyeRate it:
No Longer AskingRate it:
No Longer FreeRate it:
No Longer HotRate it:
No Longer In DoubtRate it:
No Longer Love DeniedRate it:
No Longer Store BoughtRate it:
No Longer Store BoughtRate it:
No Longer To HideRate it:
No Matter The CostRate it:
No More - No LessRate it:
No More Could I SeekRate it:
No More Could I SeekRate it:
No More To QuestionRate it:
No One, And NothingRate it:
No Place To HideRate it:
No Time LeftRate it:
No TitleRate it:
No TruceRate it:
No Turning BackRate it:
No UmbrellaRate it:
No Way OutRate it:
No Way OutRate it:
No Words LeftRate it:
No, No — YESRate it:
No-StalgiaRate it:
Non GrataRate it:
Not A Child In SightRate it:
Not A Child In SightRate it:
Not DispelledRate it:
Not Enough SoapRate it:
Not Fully ShornRate it:
Not Half-Not WholeRate it:
Not Hard Nor FastRate it:
Not My WoundRate it:
Not To LastRate it:
Nothing And No OneRate it:
Nothing But PretendRate it:
Nothing But TimeRate it:
Nothing Left To LoseRate it:
Nothing MoreRate it:
Nothing MoreRate it:
Nothing NewRate it:
Nothingness CallsRate it:
NowRate it:
Now As ThenRate it:
Now DeniedRate it:
Now Fly WithinRate it:
Now Heaven ShoneRate it:
Now Mine To KeepRate it:
Now Open The DoorRate it:
Now Others SungRate it:
Now UnfeltRate it:
Nowhere LeftRate it:
Now—ThenRate it:
Nt For LoanRate it:
Nulla UniversitasRate it:
NuptialsRate it:
Nusquam OmninoRate it:
ObsessioRate it:
Ode To BobbyRate it:
Ode To The Husky ClipperRate it:
Oft TimesRate it:
OhRate it:
Oh, Mr. PresidentRate it:
Oh, Mr. PresidentRate it:
Old Embers Near ExtinguishedRate it:
Old HungerRate it:
Old SoulsRate it:
On Bended KneeRate it:
On Bended KneeRate it:
On Borrowed TimeRate it:
On LoanRate it:
On My WritingRate it:
On Sale For TheeRate it:
On Satan's GraveRate it:
On Spoken WingsRate it:
On The LineRate it:
On The Run (Blues Poem #14)Rate it:
On Whose LoveRate it:
On Wings From BeforeRate it:
On Wings Heaven SentRate it:
Once BreathlessRate it:
Once DeniedRate it:
Once The Bee Has LeftRate it:
Once The Circle Breaks OutRate it:
Once The Present Has DiedRate it:
Once Tomorrow Is GoneRate it:
Once You're GoneRate it:
One Candle BurnsRate it:
One ChanceRate it:
One ChoiceRate it:
One Day Beyond MourningRate it:
One Deep ThrustRate it:
One Final BillRate it:
One KissRate it:
One LastRate it:
One Last BeginningRate it:
One Last ChoiceRate it:
One Last DanceRate it:
One Last LineRate it:
One Last ThingRate it:
One Last WishRate it:
One LightRate it:
One MemoryRate it:
One More MessageRate it:
One More SmileRate it:
One More TomorrowRate it:
One Of UsRate it:
One PresentRate it:
One RockRate it:
One Time ForeverRate it:
One To CareRate it:
One TruthRate it:
One VerseRate it:
One VowRate it:
One Way MirrorRate it:
One WellRate it:
One Word Of HopeRate it:
One's Own BreathRate it:
Only A DreamRate it:
Only A PoetRate it:
Only A Tiger (Nursery Rhyme #48)Rate it:
Only As SacredRate it:
Only For ItselfRate it:
Only For YouRate it:
Only God Can CommandRate it:
Only HeRate it:
Only Man KnowsRate it:
Only MentalRate it:
Only My WordsRate it:
Only My WordsRate it:
Only OneRate it:
Only OneRate it:
Only One PastRate it:
Only To RemindRate it:
Only To the BraveRate it:
Only Two WaysRate it:
Only YouRate it:
Open FieldsRate it:
Open FieldsRate it:
Opening NightRate it:
Opening Poem To My New Novel: 'Death From The Sky'Rate it:
Opinion Be DamnedRate it:
Optimus AmicusRate it:
OrRate it:
Or BothRate it:
Or Turn You OutRate it:
OracleRate it:
Orphaned MomentsRate it:
Orphaned ShadowsRate it:
Orphaned SilentRate it:
Other's FearRate it:
Our Blood Will DrainRate it:
Our ChoicesRate it:
Our Essence To BearRate it:
Our Fated SelvesRate it:
Our Fated SelvesRate it:
Our Future ImperiledRate it:
Our GatewayRate it:
Our Heritage DiesRate it:
Our New BeginningRate it:
Our New BeginningRate it:
Our Spiritual VacuumRate it:
Our Spiritual VacuumRate it:
Our Venomous EndRate it:
Ourselves To KeepRate it:
Out Of SightRate it:
Out Of TimeRate it:
Outside The MomentRate it:
Outside The WombRate it:
OxyprofanityRate it:
PainRate it:
Palette FreeRate it:
Pandora's RevengeRate it:
Passing BeyondRate it:
Passion Like TinderRate it:
Passion ReleasedRate it:
Past SeptemberRate it:
Past That PlaceRate it:
Past That PlaceRate it:
Patchwork Of TailorsRate it:
PatienceRate it:
PaybackRate it:
Perchance To...Rate it:
PerditaRate it:
Perdition AssuredRate it:
Perfection BornRate it:
Permission GrantedRate it:
PerversionRate it:
Peter Pan AglowRate it:
Pick Your PoisonRate it:
Pieces Of My HeartRate it:
Pitching Wedge To HellRate it:
PittaciumRate it:
PittaciumRate it:
Plato's BequeathRate it:
Plato's BequeathRate it:
PoetRate it:
PoetRate it:
PoetRate it:
PoetRate it:
Poetic DyslexiaRate it:
Poetic TriageRate it:
Poetry BeginsRate it:
Poetry Can'tRate it:
Poetry Too!Rate it:
Point CounterpointRate it:
Pointing The WayRate it:
Polar ExtremesRate it:
Politice RectamRate it:
PoliticsRate it:
Poly SciRate it:
PortentiaRate it:
Portrait Of The Artist As An Old ManRate it:
Potpourri BabycakesRate it:
Power For SaleRate it:
Power InfectsRate it:
Praying For LightRate it:
Praying For The LightRate it:
Pre-OrdainedRate it:
Precious & DearRate it:
Present BetrothalRate it:
Present To SharpenRate it:
Primal FearRate it:
PriorityRate it:
Prison Of TimeRate it:
Prisoner Of DisguiseRate it:
Prisoner Of The LightRate it:
Prisoner Of TimeRate it:
Prisoners Of TimeRate it:
ProfanedRate it:
Promises KeptRate it:
Prophecy ReclaimedRate it:
Prophet Of TimeRate it:
ProseRate it:
Ptesan-WiRate it:
Pulling AwayRate it:
Punk' TuationRate it:
Quantum ZenoRate it:
QuietudeRate it:
QuodRate it:
Radiant EpiphanyRate it:
Raging TigerRate it:
Railway To HellRate it:
Railway To HellRate it:
Raison DRate it:
RampageRate it:
Rapture In FlightRate it:
Re-ArmoredRate it:
Re: Warren 'Link' DraperRate it:
Reach Out With Your SpiritRate it:
Reaching OutRate it:
Reaching OutRate it:
Real PoetsRate it:
Reality BendsRate it:
Reality's HymnRate it:
Reasons DemandRate it:
Reasons Mine To KeepRate it:
Reasons SublimeRate it:
ReawakeningRate it:
RebornRate it:
RebornRate it:
Reborn A PoetRate it:
Reborn In VerseRate it:
Reckoning StormRate it:
RecollectionRate it:
Redemption ProfanedRate it:
ReenteringRate it:
Refusing To KneelRate it:
Refusing To PlayRate it:
RegretRate it:
ReleasedRate it:
Remorseful I GrieveRate it:
RenamedRate it:
RenewalRate it:
RenewedRate it:
Renewed WishesRate it:
Resonant VoicesRate it:
ResonationRate it:
Rest In Peace 'Will RogersRate it:
RevelationRate it:
Reward & PunishmentRate it:
Rhyme, Rhythm & SongRate it:
Riches UnknownRate it:
Rip TideRate it:
Rising AboveRate it:
Rising AgainRate it:
Rising SunRate it:
Road RuleRate it:
Rock & Roll (Blues Poem #2)Rate it:
Rock LegendsRate it:
Rooted WithinRate it:
Rotor Blades That KillRate it:
RunningRate it:
Rustler Of GravesRate it:
Sacrificial HymnRate it:
Sacrificial LambsRate it:
Safe From The LightRate it:
Safe HarborRate it:
Safe WithinRate it:
SagacityRate it:
Sages And BroomsticksRate it:
Saint JoanRate it:
Salvation BesoughtRate it:
Salvation BurnedRate it:
Salvation DispersedRate it:
Salvation DivineRate it:
SamsaraRate it:
Save A PoetRate it:
Scars Of ExperienceRate it:
Scented FeelingsRate it:
School's OutRate it:
Science ProclaimsRate it:
Scorched And BurnedRate it:
Screaming LoudRate it:
Sea Of TruthRate it:
Sealing The MemoryRate it:
SearchingRate it:
Searching And WaitingRate it:
Searching In VainRate it:
Seasons FlowRate it:
Seasons To MournRate it:
Seasons TurnRate it:
Second ChancesRate it:
SeductionRate it:
Self DelusionRate it:
Self DelusionRate it:
Self-ImplosionRate it:
Sensory ImprintRate it:
Sentence LongRate it:
Sentenced GloryRate it:
Separation ProfoundRate it:
Seraph's DelightRate it:
Set FreeRate it:
Set To BloomRate it:
Setting It FreeRate it:
Setting The Ghost FreeRate it:
ShadowsRate it:
Shadows Fall DistantRate it:
Shakespearian PoisonRate it:
Shared LightRate it:
She's FamiliarRate it:
She's GoneRate it:
Shining A LightRate it:
Short & DearRate it:
Short VerseRate it:
Shouting FarewellRate it:
Siamese EndowmentRate it:
Sight IncensedRate it:
Sight UnseenRate it:
Sighted BlindRate it:
Sighting InRate it:
Silence Most DeadlyRate it:
Silence To CollideRate it:
Silence UnclaimedRate it:
Silent NightRate it:
Silent PrayerRate it:
SingularityRate it:
Slave To fashionRate it:
Slave To LightRate it:
Sleep Well My Love, GoodbyeRate it:
Sleeping DogsRate it:
Sleeping UntoldRate it:
Sleeping With The MuseRate it:
Sleeping With The MuseRate it:
Sleeping With The MuseRate it:
Slimmer Than NoneRate it:
Slipping AwayRate it:
Smashing The MirrorRate it:
Smoke & MirrorsRate it:
SmokescreenRate it:
Snake EyesRate it:
Snow BlindRate it:
So Hard UndefinedRate it:
So Hard UndefinedRate it:
So Help Me GodRate it:
Soemthing For JimiRate it:
Sold UnbornRate it:
SolitudeRate it:
Solo UnoRate it:
Something BeyondRate it:
Something For EmilyRate it:
Something For GreggRate it:
Something For PyotrRate it:
Something MoreRate it:
Son Of The Raging TigerRate it:
Song From The MountaintopRate it:
Song From The MountaintopRate it:
Soul To RepastRate it:
Soul UnrehearsedRate it:
Space To GrowRate it:
SpellboundRate it:
Spirit ImbuedRate it:
Spirit ReclaimedRate it:
Spirit RunsRate it:
Spirit WingsRate it:
Spirit's CryRate it:
Spirit's TransformRate it:
Spitting In The WindRate it:
Spoiled GrapesRate it:
Spoken FreeRate it:
Spoken TreasureRate it:
SpringRate it:
Square By SquareRate it:
Standing AloneRate it:
Stars & StripesRate it:
Step By StepRate it:
Steve Jobs (The Inhumanity Of Perfection)Rate it:
StigmataRate it:
StigmataRate it:
Still Asking WhyRate it:
Still LostRate it:
Still They CallRate it:
Still To DanceRate it:
Still To RunRate it:
Still UnbornRate it:
Still VirginRate it:
StillbornRate it:
Stolen DreamsRate it:
Stolen MomentsRate it:
Storm WarningRate it:
Straddling The FlameRate it:
Strangers Cry OutRate it:
Strong WindsRate it:
Stronger WindsRate it:
SublimityRate it:
SubservienceRate it:
Summer 1962 'The Time Of His LifeRate it:
Summer SongRate it:
Surrendering To LoveRate it:
Surrendering To The MuseRate it:
Surrounding Our BeingRate it:
Suture UnknownRate it:
Sutured InfirmityRate it:
Swan SongRate it:
SymbiosisRate it:
Symbiosis RebornRate it:
Symbiotic AboundRate it:
SymbioticaRate it:
SyntactxxRate it:
T-r-a-p-p-e-dRate it:
Take HeartRate it:
Take NoteRate it:
Tasting The PastRate it:
Tasunka WitkoRate it:
Tasunka-WitkoRate it:
TearsRate it:
Tears And MisstepsRate it:
Technology's PriceRate it:
Temporal DelusionRate it:
Tenets Of HonorRate it:
Thast VoiceRate it:
That Beckoning StarRate it:
That Final BreathRate it:
That Final SkinRate it:
That Final ThingRate it:
That Final WindowRate it:
That First Broken HeartRate it:
That Haunting VoiceRate it:
That HorseRate it:
That HorseRate it:
That Last Final MomentRate it:
That Lonely RoadRate it:
That Look RemainsRate it:
That Missing LinkRate it:
That One ReaderRate it:
That One ThingRate it:
That Place I WanderRate it:
That Space InsideRate it:
That Space InsideRate it:
That Voice InsideRate it:
That Voice Who CallsRate it:
That Voice You HearRate it:
That Which SustainsRate it:
The 'CafeRate it:
The 4th DimensionRate it:
The 50 Dollar A Day PoetRate it:
The 5th SeasonRate it:
The Academic MaskRate it:
The Altar Of LoveRate it:
The Anchor's GoneRate it:
The Angels DanceRate it:
The Angry LionRate it:
The Answers RebuffedRate it:
The Ashes Of SinRate it:
The AwakeningRate it:
The Baby's LaughRate it:
The Bare MinimumRate it:
The Beginning More Important....Rate it:
The Beginning Of The EndRate it:
The Best MomentsRate it:
The Biggest LieRate it:
The Boat RocksRate it:
The BorderlineRate it:
The Bottom DrawerRate it:
The BoysRate it:
The Bricks You LayRate it:
The BurdenRate it:
The BurnRate it:
The CallRate it:
The Call Of TomorrowRate it:
The CallingRate it:
The Camel ThreadsRate it:
The ChameleonsRate it:
The ChangeRate it:
The CharmRate it:
The ChaseRate it:
The ChoiceRate it:
The ChoiceRate it:
The Choking Of AngelsRate it:
The Circle Is ClosedRate it:
The Circle UnbrokenRate it:
The ClaimantRate it:
The Claiming RaceRate it:
The Cloak Of ForgivenessRate it:
The Coldest MuseRate it:
The Colored GlassRate it:
The Coma Of DenialRate it:
The Coming DawnRate it:
The Contradiction RhymedRate it:
The Cook May Go HomeRate it:
The CoreRate it:
The Cosmos ExpandsRate it:
The CostRate it:
The CostRate it:
The Cost Zero-SumRate it:
The CrownRate it:
The Cry Of The BugleRate it:
The CureRate it:
The CuspRate it:
The CycleRate it:
The DanceRate it:
The DanceRate it:
The Dark RoadRate it:
The Dark TruthRate it:
The Darkness Is PastRate it:
The Deadest EndRate it:
The DeafeningRate it:
The DebtRate it:
The Deep EmptinessRate it:
The Deepest FreezeRate it:
The Deepest WellRate it:
The Devil Called RollRate it:
The Devil LaughsRate it:
The Devil Left CryingRate it:
The Devil MuteRate it:
The Devil's BetrothalRate it:
The Devil's DetailsRate it:
The Devil's EyesRate it:
The Devil's LuckRate it:
The Devil's ScarRate it:
The Devil's SmileRate it:
The Devil's SonRate it:
The Devil's TeapotRate it:
The Devil's TorchRate it:
The DifferenceRate it:
The Difference WithinRate it:
The DilettanteRate it:
The DistanceRate it:
The Dog & The KittyRate it:
The DoorwayRate it:
The Double EdgeRate it:
The Double-EdgeRate it:
The Dragon's FireRate it:
The Duke's WisdomRate it:
The Eagles EyeRate it:
The EdgeRate it:
The Edge Of TomorrowRate it:
The Eighth Gone AstrayRate it:
The Elephant's EarsRate it:
The Elusive GhostRate it:
The Emperor Walks NakedRate it:
The Emperor's MaskRate it:
The Empty BedRate it:
The Emptying HourglassRate it:
The EnablerRate it:
The EndRate it:
The End BeginsRate it:
The End Of The BeginningRate it:
The Ending AssuredRate it:
The Enemy FoundRate it:
The Enemy Upon UsRate it:
The Enemy WithinRate it:
The Eternal DisconnectRate it:
The Eternal FlameRate it:
The Eyes Of A ChildRate it:
The FeastRate it:
The Final CureRate it:
The Final CureRate it:
The Final HarvestRate it:
The Final MatchRate it:
The Fire HotRate it:
The Fire Now YoursRate it:
The Fire Of The UnknownRate it:
The Fire Of Your LoveRate it:
The Fire They ShareRate it:
The Fire's BurnRate it:
The Fires BurnRate it:
The Fires GlowRate it:
The First Cut The DeepestRate it:
The First LawRate it:
The Flames DanceRate it:
The FlowRate it:
The Forest & The TreesRate it:
The Formless QuestionRate it:
The FortressRate it:
The FountainRate it:
The Fruit Without The TreeRate it:
The Future AblazeRate it:
The Future ClosedRate it:
The Future NondescriptRate it:
The Future PassedRate it:
The Future ProclaimsRate it:
The Future SpunRate it:
The Future To ShareRate it:
The Future To the PastRate it:
The Future WrithesRate it:
The Garden BurningRate it:
The Garden WallRate it:
The GatewayRate it:
The Gathering DustRate it:
The GeneRate it:
The GiftRate it:
The GiftRate it:
The Girl I WedRate it:
The Girl In The Chuck Taylor All-StarsRate it:
The GlueRate it:
The Golden EggRate it:
The Great American NovelRate it:
The Greatest GiftRate it:
The Greatest HarpRate it:
The Greatest HarpRate it:
The GripRate it:
The Hangman's NooseRate it:
The Harder ProblemRate it:
The Hour LateRate it:
The HourglassRate it:
The HuntRate it:
The HydraRate it:
The Incarcerated WordRate it:
The Incarcerated WordRate it:
The Indian SignRate it:
The InfernoRate it:
The Ink Is CallingRate it:
The InstantRate it:
The Intellectual ElfRate it:
The Island & The CloudRate it:
The Ivory TowerRate it:
The JesterRate it:
The Jester LaughsRate it:
The Jester On The ThroneRate it:
The Jilted MuseRate it:
The Joker's CurseRate it:
The JourneyRate it:
The JourneyRate it:
The Joy I'm WithoutRate it:
The KeyRate it:
The KeyRate it:
The Knife Edge Of DenialRate it:
The Last BellRate it:
The Last BridgeRate it:
The Last ChantRate it:
The Last CutRate it:
The Last DecisionRate it:
The Last Drum RollRate it:
The Last Fancy DancerRate it:
The Last GoodbyeRate it:
The Last HospiceRate it:
The Last LaughRate it:
The Last MarkRate it:
The Last MistakeRate it:
The Last Setting SunRate it:
The Last SwanRate it:
The Last TravelerRate it:
The Liars FjordRate it:
The LieRate it:
The LightRate it:
The Light EternalRate it:
The Light Of IbalonRate it:
The Light Of Its MessageRate it:
The LineRate it:
The Lions RoarRate it:
The Little ThingsRate it:
The Long WalkRate it:
The Lost DoveRate it:
The Lost PenRate it:
The Magic YoursRate it:
The Mark Of CainRate it:
The Mark Of CainRate it:
The MaskRate it:
The MasqueRate it:
The Master Of TimeRate it:
The Maternal MuseRate it:
The Miller's StoneRate it:
The MinefieldRate it:
The MirrorRate it:
The Mirror Never LiesRate it:
The Mirrored LensRate it:
The Mojo Within (Blues Poem #13)Rate it:
The Moment At HandRate it:
The Moment DemandsRate it:
The Moment GoneRate it:
The Moment HostageRate it:
The Moment Self TaughtRate it:
The Moment SustainedRate it:
The Moments UnfoldRate it:
The Moon BowsRate it:
The Most Convenient TruthRate it:
The Mountains PullRate it:
The Muse AwakensRate it:
The Muse on vacation, all thoughts have gone slackRate it:
The Muse UnrehearsedRate it:
The Muse UnrehearsedRate it:
The Music BeganRate it:
The Music StopsRate it:
The Music StopsRate it:
The Myth Of FameRate it:
The Nets Are DownRate it:
The New SongRate it:
The New SongRate it:
The Next Moonless NightRate it:
The NightRate it:
The Numbers FailRate it:
The One Who Took Away My painRate it:
The Only CostRate it:
The Only GameRate it:
The Only ShameRate it:
The Only ThingRate it:
The Only Thing We TrustRate it:
The Only TimeRate it:
The Only WinnerRate it:
The Open DoorRate it:
The OriginRate it:
The Other SideRate it:
The Other SideRate it:
The Pain I OwnRate it:
The Passion EnflamedRate it:
The Past BeyondRate it:
The Past ForeclosedRate it:
The Past To ForsakeRate it:
The PathRate it:
The PathwayRate it:
The Pathway HomeRate it:
The Pathway HomeRate it:
The Perfume Of Your SilenceRate it:
The Perpetual PresentRate it:
The Pigeon's HoleRate it:
The PiperRate it:
The Poet Of Las Vegas BoulevardRate it:
The Pot & The KettleRate it:
The PresentRate it:
The Present BurnsRate it:
The Present CallsRate it:
The Present FlowsRate it:
The Present InstilledRate it:
The Present InstilledRate it:
The Present LoomsRate it:
The Present ReclaimedRate it:
The Present RevivedRate it:
The Present To BindRate it:
The PriceRate it:
The Price Of RevengeRate it:
The PrisonRate it:
The Prison WithinRate it:
The ProdigalRate it:
The ProfferRate it:
The PromiseRate it:
The Prose WaitsRate it:
The Puppeteers StringsRate it:
The QuestRate it:
The QuestionRate it:
The Quiet RoarRate it:
The RaceRate it:
The Raindrops TurnRate it:
The Raven Has FledRate it:
The Raven Has FledRate it:
The ReachRate it:
The RebelRate it:
The ReckoningRate it:
The Renter's SinRate it:
The Repose Of AngelsRate it:
The RimRate it:
The RindRate it:
The Safe HarborRate it:
The SageRate it:
The SearchRate it:
The Seasons MeldRate it:
The Seasons RecoupleRate it:
The Serpent Is DeadRate it:
The Serpent Is DeadRate it:
The ShadowRate it:
The Shallow GlassRate it:
The Silence Was DeathRate it:
The Simplest Of WordsRate it:
The Sky OpensRate it:
The Sleeping MessiahRate it:
The Sound Of The PiperRate it:
The SourceRate it:
The Spoken AirRate it:
The StainRate it:
The StarsRate it:
The Stolen HorseRate it:
The StoryRate it:
The Subsequent DawnRate it:
The SummitRate it:
The Sun Will Come UpRate it:
The SwampRate it:
The Swinging DoorRate it:
The TakeoverRate it:
The TalismanRate it:
The Tears Of A WarriorRate it:
The Thing That LastsRate it:
The ThreadRate it:
The Three Levels Of AccomplishmentRate it:
The ThresherRate it:
The TicketRate it:
The Tightening NooseRate it:
The Time Is NearRate it:
The TitleRate it:
The TollRate it:
The Tomorrow Of TodayRate it:
The Tracks Will SwitchRate it:
The Trail Boss Turns 60Rate it:
The TrapRate it:
The Trap DoorRate it:
The TreadmillRate it:
The Treasure Of My SoulRate it:
The True CostRate it:
The True MeaningRate it:
The True StoryRate it:
The Truth CommandsRate it:
The Truth IsRate it:
The Truth On TrialRate it:
The Truth RevealedRate it:
The Twilight HazeRate it:
The Twilight ReclaimedRate it:
The Ultimate ChoiceRate it:
The Unsung...Rate it:
The VeilRate it:
The Verse Now safeRate it:
The Verse UnknownRate it:
The Verse Zero-SumRate it:
The Vilest Of LiesRate it:
The VineyardRate it:
The VoiceRate it:
The Voice DistantRate it:
The Voice Of An AgeRate it:
The Wages Of SinRate it:
The WalkerRate it:
The Warrior PoetRate it:
The Water Now IceRate it:
The WeightRate it:
The Well Runs DryRate it:
The Will To MeasureRate it:
The WindRate it:
The Wind To KnowRate it:
The Wind Whispers ForeverRate it:
The Winter SnowsRate it:
The Wolf UnleashedRate it:
The Wonder Of It AllRate it:
The Wonder Of It AllRate it:
The WordsRate it:
The Words Fell FreeRate it:
The World In DenialRate it:
The World RoseRate it:
The World TurnsRate it:
Their ContrailRate it:
Their GiftRate it:
Their Messages SpurnedRate it:
Their Peace Like A BlanketRate it:
Their Power To StealRate it:
Then & NowRate it:
Then And NowRate it:
There I Made My ChurchRate it:
There's A LineRate it:
Therefore I AmRate it:
Thespian MisstepRate it:
They FlowRate it:
They've Stolen Your SongRate it:
This InstantRate it:
This Life I LiveRate it:
This Light UnveilsRate it:
This Message I SendRate it:
This MomentRate it:
This MomentRate it:
This MomentRate it:
This Moment At HandRate it:
This Moment DivineRate it:
This Moment NowRate it:
This Moment TranscendentRate it:
This Present AdornedRate it:
This Present To LastRate it:
Those Letters UnsparedRate it:
Those Minor EpiphaniesRate it:
Those MomentsRate it:
Those Places You FearRate it:
Those Quiet BlamedRate it:
Those Things DeniedRate it:
Those Things...Rate it:
Those Who BetrayRate it:
Those Who Can—DoRate it:
Those Who GiveRate it:
Those Words EvermoreRate it:
Though Death Be Not Imminent....Rate it:
Thoughts And Prayers—ThineRate it:
ThreadsRate it:
Threatening KoboldRate it:
Three Faces Of IRate it:
Three MessagesRate it:
Three WordsRate it:
Thrice DeniedRate it:
Through TearsRate it:
Through The Doorway I Was ShownRate it:
Through The FrostRate it:
Through The Hangman's NooseRate it:
Through The Keyhole DarklyRate it:
Through The Keyhole DarklyRate it:
Thunder To RainRate it:
Thunder To RainRate it:
Thunder—Never RainRate it:
Thy LordRate it:
Thy Name Is DeathRate it:
Tick, Tick, TickRate it:
Till DawnRate it:
Till Fortune...Rate it:
Till It's GoneRate it:
Till Lightning SplitsRate it:
Till Our WishesRate it:
Till Our Wishes ...Rate it:
Till Thunder BreaksRate it:
TimeRate it:
TimeRate it:
TimeRate it:
Time And AgainRate it:
Time BowsRate it:
Time DeposedRate it:
Time DeposedRate it:
Time DethronedRate it:
Time DispelledRate it:
Time HunterRate it:
Time IndenturedRate it:
Time Is NearRate it:
Time RememberedRate it:
Time Running OutRate it:
Time Stops At Your DoorRate it:
Time UnfoldsRate it:
Time UnrequitedRate it:
Time UnspunRate it:
Time UntetheredRate it:
Time WaitsRate it:
Time Will TestRate it:
Time's CapsuleRate it:
Time's FortuneRate it:
Time's GripRate it:
Time's HarvestRate it:
Time's PrisonRate it:
Time's ReverieRate it:
Time's Sultan Of DoomRate it:
Timeless AttractionRate it:
Timeless ThingsRate it:
Times Ravage BesetRate it:
Times RefusalRate it:
Times ShadowRate it:
Tip Of The SpearRate it:
To AdornRate it:
To Again BeginRate it:
To BeRate it:
To Be AloneRate it:
To Be Or Not To BeRate it:
To Bind Us EvermoreRate it:
To Bleed FreeRate it:
To Bless And To GuideRate it:
To BorrowRate it:
To Call From WithinRate it:
To Capture And KnowRate it:
To Carry Me HomeRate it:
To Change One WordRate it:
To ChaseRate it:
To Chime AboveRate it:
To Confess And RevealRate it:
To Create With Your HeartRate it:
To Dance With The MuseRate it:
To DefyRate it:
To Finish Her SongRate it:
To Finish Her SongRate it:
To Finish This SongRate it:
To FlyRate it:
To Forever AmendRate it:
To Forever PortendRate it:
To FreddieRate it:
To Guide And DelightRate it:
To Guide Me WithinRate it:
To Harness The WindRate it:
To Herself AloneRate it:
To HimselfRate it:
To Ignite And AmazeRate it:
To Ignore Or BefriendRate it:
To Inspire And RemindRate it:
To Ken Kesey & Neal CassadyRate it:
To Know, ThereforeRate it:
To Laugh Or CryRate it:
To Laura NyroRate it:
To Lead The WayRate it:
To Leapfrog All ParadoxRate it:
To Light The Spoken AirRate it:
To Live & DieRate it:
To Live OnRate it:
To Live Or To DieRate it:
To Look BackRate it:
To Love No MoreRate it:
To MeRate it:
To My FaceRate it:
To My GrandmotherRate it:
To My Great GrandchildrenRate it:
To My Son, TrystanRate it:
To Never ExplainRate it:
To No AvailRate it:
To Paul & JohnRate it:
To PretendRate it:
To Prowl The NightRate it:
To Rage And RoarRate it:
To Rage And RoarRate it:
To RebeginRate it:
To RebeginRate it:
To RedeemRate it:
To RememberRate it:
To Remember...Rate it:
To ReneRate it:
To ReneRate it:
To Rise AboveRate it:
To Save TodayRate it:
To See, Hear, Feel, And LoveRate it:
To Shibumi 'Rest In PeaceRate it:
To Shout DivineRate it:
To Shout DivineRate it:
To SomeRate it:
To Spread Its Wings (Blues Poem #17)Rate it:
To The BoneRate it:
To Those RecalledRate it:
To Torch And BurnRate it:
To TransverseRate it:
To Whom You PrayRate it:
To Will...Rate it:
TodayRate it:
Today GrievesRate it:
Together As OneRate it:
Together They StandRate it:
Together To StandRate it:
Together-EternalRate it:
Toll FreeRate it:
Toll Mine To PayRate it:
Tomorrow CallsRate it:
Tomorrow Ill PromisedRate it:
Tomorrow's DreamRate it:
Tomorrow, I'll Get It RightRate it:
Tomorrow, I'll Get It RightRate it:
Tomorrow, TodayRate it:
Tomorrows PastRate it:
Too Bright To DimRate it:
Too Close - Too FarRate it:
Too Close - Too FarRate it:
Too LateRate it:
Too Many CooksRate it:
Too Much - Too LittleRate it:
Too Short To DareRate it:
Too YoungRate it:
Torches RageRate it:
Touching The FlameRate it:
Toward The LightRate it:
Trailing BehindRate it:
Transcendence WaitsRate it:
Transcendent & DivineRate it:
Transcendental LullabyRate it:
TransformedRate it:
Transformed DivineRate it:
Transfusion's MasqueradeRate it:
TransubstantiationRate it:
TrappedRate it:
Trapped In EntropyRate it:
Trapped WithinRate it:
Trapped Within MyselfRate it:
TrappingsRate it:
Treasure Heaven SentRate it:
Treasure The SilenceRate it:
Triage VerdadRate it:
Trinity BluesRate it:
Triumph Or DieRate it:
Trophies On The RoadRate it:
True CostRate it:
True GeniusRate it:
True ImmortalityRate it:
True WordsRate it:
True WorthRate it:
Truth Bleeding FreeRate it:
Truth EnsuesRate it:
Truth Flowing FreeRate it:
Truth Or LieRate it:
Truth Pouring Down AgainRate it:
Truth RenamedRate it:
Truth RevealedRate it:
Truth So IntonedRate it:
Truth Still EndsRate it:
Truth To ThawRate it:
Truth Turning BlackRate it:
Truth UnwrapsRate it:
Truth's QuarryRate it:
Try To Be SmartRate it:
Tuesday MusingRate it:
Turn The PageRate it:
Turned AroundRate it:
Turned Back Into SongRate it:
Turned Into SongRate it:
Turning BlackRate it:
Turning Darkness To LightRate it:
Turning Me BackRate it:
Turning Me Back AroundRate it:
Turns To SongRate it:
Turns To SongRate it:
TVRate it:
TwilightRate it:
Twilight DevoursRate it:
Twilight MomentsRate it:
Twilight ReclaimedRate it:
Twin FathersRate it:
Twin PeaksRate it:
Twin PillarsRate it:
Twin Pillars Of FateRate it:
Twin PortalsRate it:
Twin RealityRate it:
Twins Of SiamRate it:
Twins We PrayRate it:
Two FathersRate it:
Two Hours Before DawnRate it:
Two MessagesRate it:
Two ThoughtsRate it:
Two ThoughtsRate it:
Two Thoughts ForRate it:
Two Thoughts For 10-18-2018Rate it:
Two Thoughts From BeforeRate it:
Two TimesRate it:
Two VisionsRate it:
Two WarriorsRate it:
Two WarriorsRate it:
Two-RoadsRate it:
Unable To SpeakRate it:
UnadulterationRate it:
Unbaptized Inside UsRate it:
Unbaptized WordsRate it:
UnbrandedRate it:
Uncertainties LairRate it:
Uncertainties ThroneRate it:
UncertaintyRate it:
UnchainedRate it:
UnclaimedRate it:
UndefinedRate it:
Undiscovered ReverieRate it:
Uneasy Lies The HeadRate it:
Unfamiliar GroundRate it:
UnfullfilledRate it:
Unholy EndRate it:
Unholy MarriageRate it:
UniversityRate it:
University DogmaRate it:
UnmadeRate it:
UnmaskedRate it:
Unoriginal SinRate it:
Unoriginal SinRate it:
UnquestionedRate it:
UnredeemedRate it:
UnrhymedRate it:
UnseededRate it:
UnsignedRate it:
UntamedRate it:
Until Daylight's RetreatRate it:
Until Eyes CloseRate it:
Until GoneRate it:
Until It WillRate it:
Until Last NightRate it:
Until NightRate it:
Until Salvation LostRate it:
Until The Melt BeginsRate it:
Until ThenRate it:
Until Then—Nothing LostRate it:
Unto EndRate it:
Unto TheeRate it:
Unto YouRate it:
Unwritten PrisonersRate it:
VaingloryRate it:
Values Time WithstoodRate it:
Vanishing In The MistRate it:
Vanity's GhostRate it:
Venit Una Ex MultisRate it:
Venturing BeyondRate it:
Veracious To LayRate it:
VeracityRate it:
Veracity ReturnedRate it:
Veracity ReturnedRate it:
Veracity's ChildRate it:
Veracity's ThroneRate it:
Verbal AbuseRate it:
Verbal ConflictRate it:
Verbal ExplosionRate it:
Verbal HomicideRate it:
Verbal QuicksandRate it:
VerbatimRate it:
VerseRate it:
Verse My HeartRate it:
Verse Out FrontRate it:
Verses DebonedRate it:
Verum CeptorisRate it:
Verum PretiumRate it:
Verum Tamen—Verum EstRate it:
VietnamRate it:
VisceralisRate it:
Visceralis VeritasRate it:
Vision On FireRate it:
Vision's GiftRate it:
Visions Only QueenRate it:
Vitam Aut MortemRate it:
Vitam Et MortemRate it:
Vita—Et AliaRate it:
Viventem Et MoriRate it:
Vivere AmpliusRate it:
Voices Call DistantRate it:
Voices Not Your OwnRate it:
Voices Of HopeRate it:
Voices SilencedRate it:
Voices That CallRate it:
Vox A Pri