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A Perfect Strain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
bid the minstrel sing; And let it be a perfect strain That round the hall shall ring: A strain to tRate it:

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Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divine
Emily Dickinson
Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divine, Unwind the solemn twine, and tie my Valentine! Oh the Earth was made for lovers, for damsel, and hop...Rate it:

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The Immortal Strain
Edward George Dyson
single drop of English blood, Avers the British strain sublime, Outliving Death, outlasting Time!Rate it:

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The Same Old Strain
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
bed. 'We temperance croakers harp on the same strain?' Well-the cause is one story again and againRate it:

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Francis Thompson
Now with wan ray that other sun of Song Sets in the bleakening waters of my soul: One step, and lo! the Cross stands gaunt and long 'Twixt me and y...Rate it:

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A poem on divine revelation
Hugh Henry Brackenridge
steel of war; For in this hall more worthy of a strain No envious sound forbidding peace is heardRate it:

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The Musicians
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
wailing and mourning of souls a-weary - The strains of sorrow that floated around, For my heart'sRate it:

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The Bard's Incantation
Sir Walter Scott
of the mighty, wake, and say To what high strain your harps were strung When Lochlin plough'd her Rate it:

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An Account Of The Greatest English Poets
Joseph Addison
his Wit: In vain he jests in his unpolish'd strain, And tries to make his Readers laugh in vain. ORate it:

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An Epistle Addressed To Sir Thomas Hanmer, On His Edition Of Shakspeare's Works
William Taylor Collins
name. Hard was the lot those injur'd strains endur'd, Unown'd by Science, and by years obscur'd; Rate it:

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Ode to Della Crusca
Mary Darby Robinson
of woe? Where'er thou art, Oh! let thy gentle strain Again with magic pow'r delight mine ear, UntutRate it:

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Ode XIII: On Lyric Poetry
Mark Akenside
of the Grecian lyre, Admit me to thy powerful strain— And lo, with ease my step invades The pathlesRate it:

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The Missionary - Canto Sixth
William Lisle Bowles
again! For Chili conquered, raise the heroic strain! Lautaro left the hall of jubilee Unmarked, andRate it:

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The Passions. An Ode to Music
William Taylor Collins
at distance hail! Still would her touch the strain prolong, And from the rocks, the woods, tRate it:

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The Revellers
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
out again! A swifter still, and a wilder strain! They are here-the fair face and the careless heartRate it:

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The Teacher's Monologue
Charlotte Brontë
? 'Tis not the air I wished to play, The strain I wished to sing; My wilful spirit slipped awayRate it:

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To A Young Lady
John Trumbull
ask in vain, My pen should try th' advent'rous strain, And following truth's unalter'd law, AttemptRate it:

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To William Wordsworth
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
to behold, The Angel of the vision ! Then (last strain) Of Duty, chosen Laws controlling choice, AcRate it:

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All Saints
Edith Wharton
round again— Is it you, perchance, who ache to strain us Dumbly to the dim transfigured breast, OrRate it:

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At sunset
Emily Pauline Johnson
But something in my breast Blends with that strain, till both accord in one, As cloud and colourRate it:

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A Morning Exercise
William Wordsworth
the owl Tries his two voices for a favourite strain-- 'Tu-whit--Tu-whoo!' the unsuspecting fowl ForRate it:

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A New Year's Morning Song
Anna Laetitia Waring
henceforth shall be; A low, sweet, cheering strain is in mine ear, Thanksgiving, and the voice of mRate it:

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A Pastoral Between Thirsis And Corydon, Upon The Death Of Damon, By Whom Is Meant Mr. W. Riddell
James Thomson
wildest fire, While in a solemn and a mournful strain Of Damon gone for ever I complain. Ye museRate it:

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A poem, on the rising glory of America
Hugh Henry Brackenridge
ACASTO. Since then Leander you attempt a strain So new, so noble and so full of fame; And sincRate it:

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A Summer Afternoon
James Whitcomb Riley
I lie At anchor from all storms of mental strain; With absent vision, gazing at the sky, "Like one Rate it:

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