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Men Of The High North
Robert William Service
Men of the High North, the wild sky is blazing; Islands of opal float on silver seas; Swift splendors kindle, barbaric, amazing; Pa...Rate it:

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Old North Sydney
Henry Lawson
They're shifting old North Sydney— Perhaps ’tis just as well— They’re carting off the houses Where the old folks used to dwell. Where only ghosts i...Rate it:

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Ireland's North West
Liam Ó Comain
be back home in Ireland Especially in its fair North West, Whether it be the City of Derry Or the tRate it:

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The North Sea Patrol
Rudyard Kipling
"What an enjoya- ble life does one lead on the North Sea Patrol! "To blow things to bits is our buRate it:

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Discoverer Of The North Cape. A Leaf From King Alfred's Orosius. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The First)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
the Arctic seas. 'So far I live to the northward, No man lives north of me; To the east are wild Rate it:

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The Moon's the North Wind's Cooky
Vachel Lindsay
The Moon's the North Wind's cooky. He bites it, day by day, Until there's but a rim of scraps That crumble all away. The South Wind is a baker. He...Rate it:

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Heart O' The North
Robert William Service
hill With never another near me, Sky o' the North that's vast and still, With a single stRate it:

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Limerick: There was an Old Man of the North
Edward Lear
There was an Old Man of the North, Who fell into a basin of broth; But a laudable cook, Fished him out with a hook, Which saved that Old Man of the...Rate it:

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Lines On The North Of Scotland
James McIntyre
Lines on the North of Scotland, delivered in Embro nearly a quarter of a century ago: Scotsmen have wandered far and wide, From Moray Frith to Fri...Rate it:

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North And South
James Whitcomb Riley
Of the North I wove a dream, All bespangled with the gleam Of the glancing wings of swallows Dipping ripples in a stream, That, like a tide of wine...Rate it:

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North Infinity Street
Conrad Potter Aiken
thousand separate dooms; all down both sides of North Infinity Street you hear that contrapuntal paRate it:

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North Wind
Lola Ridge
me to stark plains and steppes… I would have the North to-night - The cold, enduring North. And iRate it:

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West by North Again
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
whips o' grass and water, so, it's West by North again! There's feed on Tyson's country - we can "sRate it:

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A Fiddler In The North
Robert Burns
aughteen year awa', He fir'd a Fiddler in the North, That dang them tapsalteerie, O. Rate it:

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Beautiful North Berwick
William Topaz McGonagall
North Berwick is a watering-place with golfing links green, With a fine bathing beach most lovely to be seen; And there's a large number of handsom...Rate it:

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Harp of the North, Farewell!
Sir Walter Scott
Harp of the North, farewell! The hills grow dark, On purple peaks a deeper shade descending; In twilight copse the glow-worm lights her spark, T...Rate it:

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Love From The North
Christina Georgina Rossetti
to bar with nay?' He was a strong man from the north, Light-locked, with eyes of dangerous grey: Rate it:

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Moonlight North and South
Robert Fuller Murray
Love, we have heard together The North Sea sing his tune, And felt the wind's wild feather Brush past our cheeks at noon, And seen the cloudy weath...Rate it:

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Musings on the North West
James McIntyre
Eastern lands to take possession of the great North-West; then Winnipeg, perchance, may be the capiRate it:

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North Wind in October
Robert Seymour Bridges
gloom the splendours fail, As the harrying North-wind beareth A cloud of skirmishing hail The grievRate it:

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Speak of the North! A Lonely Moor
Charlotte Brontë
Speak of the North! A lonely moor Silent and dark and tractless swells, The waves of some wild streamlet pour Hurriedly through its ferny dells. P...Rate it:

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The North Star Whispers to the Blacksmith's Son
Vachel Lindsay
The North Star whispers: "You are one Of those whose course no chance can change. You blunder, but are not undone, Your spirit-task is fixed and...Rate it:

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The North Wind
Anne Brontë
That wind is from the North, I know it well; No other breeze could have so wild a swell. Now deep and loud it thunders round my cell, ...Rate it:

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A Love Song from the North
Sarojini Naidu
Tell me no more of thy love, papeeha, Wouldst thou recall to my heart, papeeha, Dreams of delight that are gone, When swift to my side came the fee...Rate it:

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A Panegyric Of The Dean In The Person Of A Lady In The North
Jonathan Swift
Resolved my gratitude to show, Thrice reverend Dean, for all I owe, Too long I have my thanks delay'd; Your favours left too long unpaid; But now, ...Rate it:

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