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James Weldon Johnson
pelf enough to see me through: I fear that I am lazy. On winter mornings cold and drear, When six Rate it:

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The Lazy Roof
Gelett Burgess
The Roof it has a Lazy Time A-Lying in the Sun; The Walls, they have to Hold Him Up; They do Not Have Much Fu Rate it:

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A Lazy Day
Paul Laurence Dunbar
THE trees bend down along the stream, Where anchored swings my tiny boat. The day is one to drowse and dream And list the thrush's throttling note....Rate it:

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Lazy Susan Blues
Kurt Philip Behm
Round and round, went the memories of pain As the joy slid off, in an unending refrain Round and round, the promises spun And one by one, ...Rate it:

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On The Road To Gundagai
Andrew Barton Paterson
us, as wanted knocking down. But we camped at Lazy Harry's, on the road to Gundagai The road to GuRate it:

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A Parody
Charles Lamb
Lazy-bones, lazy-bones, wake up and peep; The Cat's in the cupboard, your Mother's asleep. There you sit snoring, forgetting her ills: Who is to gi...Rate it:

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Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; III:
Ellis Parker Butler
shorten the word though. But G. Adolfus Nit was lazy; He dilly-dallied every day; His life was dreRate it:

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Ode to the Northeast Wind
Charles Kingsley
air. Tired of listless dreaming, Through the lazy day-- Jovial wind of winter Turn us out to plRate it:

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Charles Kingsley
birds sat dumb and drooping. Far below The lazy sea-weed glistened in the sun; The lazy sea-fowl drRate it:

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Uncle Jim's Baptist Revival Hymn
Sidney Lanier
and was likely to choke it, in defiance of his lazy freedmen's hoes and ploughs, set the whole StatRate it:

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Emma Lazarus
summer landscape basks in utter peace: In lazy streams the lazy clouds are seen; Low hills, broad mRate it:

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Hiawatha's Friends
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Much besought his Guardian Spirit. "Lazy Kwasind!" said his mother, "In my work you never helRate it:

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A Summer Pastoral
Paul Laurence Dunbar
up, I'll lose my temper. Gee there, Sal, you lazy brute! Wonder who on airth this weather Could 'a'Rate it:

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Blue Island Intersection
Carl Sandburg
when the chickens blink And the east shakes a lazy baby toe at tomorrow, And the east fixes a lazRate it:

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In the Stable
Andrew Barton Paterson
how the Panics are bred. Gluttonous, ugly and lazy, rough as a tipcart to ride, Yet if you offereRate it:

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Lazy laughing languid Jenny, Fond of a kiss and fond of a guinea, Whose head upon my knee to-night Rests for a while, as if grown light With all ou...Rate it:

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Knee-Deep in June
James Whitcomb Riley
company! Jes' a-sort o' lazin there - S'lazy, 'at you peek and peer Through the wavin' leaves aRate it:

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Le Mauvais Moine (The Bad Monk)
Charles Baudelaire
adorns the walls of that loathsome cloister. O lazy monk! When shall I learn to make Of the livinRate it:

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My Lady
William Schwenck Gilbert
stretched beneath a tree, All languishing and lazy; Whatever be her mood - Be she demurely prude OrRate it:

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Parfum Exotique (Exotic Perfume)
Charles Baudelaire
which shines a dazzling and monotonous sun; A lazy isle to which nature has given Singular trees,Rate it:

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The Corpse That Won't Lie Still
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
my fingers ever itch. But, with his slouch and lazy leer, Lo, came back he to-day: With wheedling Rate it:

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The English Flag
Rudyard Kipling
Bergen my steel-shod vanguards go; I chase your lazy whalers home from the Disko floe; By the greatRate it:

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The House Of Dust: Part 02: 07: Two Lovers: Overtones
Conrad Potter Aiken
like sinister tides coil under him . . . The lazy sea-waves crumble along the beach With a whirringRate it:

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The Poet's Forge
Helen Hunt Jackson
He lies on his back, the idling smith, A lazy, dreaming fellow is he; The sky is blue, or the sky is gray, He lies on his back the livelong day,...Rate it:

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The Rhyme Of The Remittance Man
Robert William Service
it on the mountain miles away. Now I've had my lazy supper, and the level sun is gleaming On thRate it:

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