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Here They Trysted, And Here They Strayed
William Ernest Henley
Here they trysted, here they strayed, In the leafage dewy and boon, Many a man and many a maid, And the morn was merry June. 'Death is fleet, Life ...Rate it:

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Here's A Health To Them That's Awa
Robert Burns
Here's a health to them that's awa, Here's a health to them that's awa And wha winna wish guid luck to our cause, May never guid luck be ...Rate it:

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Right Here At Home
James Whitcomb Riley
Right here at home, boys, in old Hoosierdom, Where strangers allus joke us when they come, And brag o' _their_ old States and interprize-- Yit _set...Rate it:

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Here's to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Here's to the maiden of bashful fifteen; Here's to the widow of fifty; Here's to the flaunting extravagant quean, And here's to the housewife that'...Rate it:

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Second Class wait here
Henry Lawson
stations--you may see them as you pass-- there are signboards on the platform saying 'Wait here secRate it:

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Here And Now
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
HERE AND NOW. Here, in the heart of the world, Here, in the noise and the din, Here, where our spirits were hurled To battle with sorrow and sin...Rate it:

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There’s Only The Two Of Us Here
Edward Harrington
like a chimpanzee But wot the hell was it doin there, and wot did it want with me? You may say if Rate it:

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Here's to the Mice!
Vachel Lindsay
socialists might yet dethrone Kaiser and Czar.) Here's to the mice that scare the lions, Creeping Rate it:

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Here's Luck
Henry Lawson
sing no more with jolly beery chums, An’ shout ‘Here’s luck!’ while waitin’ for the luck that neverRate it:

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Here Is To The Women Who Hurt!
Here is to the women who hurt! How their pain never told though their stories ever sold, intuitively resistant and bold. Their very dignity dra...Rate it:

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I haven't come here to settle down
Yunus Emre
I haven't come here to settle down. I've come here to depart. I am a merchant with lots of goods, selling to whoever will buy. I didn't come to...Rate it:

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The Times We Have Here.
Jaago Machiek Jr.
The times we have here; often tells who we are. What good does it make of you to sneak in minds of others like a snake. Can you make your heart; a...Rate it:

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Here Is To Another Service Year!
Here's to another service year! Where they start on the first day, the first week and the first month. Yet still, they don't stop on the last day...Rate it:

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Here’s a Health to King Charles
Sir Walter Scott
stand up, And avaunt ye, base carles! Were there death in the cup, Here’s a health to King CharlRate it:

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Artists wrestled here!
Emily Dickinson
Artists wrestled here! Lo, a tint Cashmere! Lo, a Rose! Student of the Year! For the easel here Say Repose! Rate it:

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Here Follows Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House
Anne Bradstreet
oft I past My sorrowing eyes aside did cast, And here and there the places spy Where oft I sat and Rate it:

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Here have I learnt the little that I know
Alfred Austin
Here have I learnt the little that I know, Here where in these untutored woodland ways The primrose, all unconscious of our praise, Dimpled the dai...Rate it:

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Here I sit with my paper…
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Here I sit with my paper, my pen my ink, First of this thing, and that thing, and t'other thing think ; I Then my thoughts come so pell and I mell ...Rate it:

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Here on Earth
Rahel Bluwstein
Here on Earth - not in high clouds- On this mother earth that is close: To sorrow in her sadness, exult in her meager joy That knows, so well, how ...Rate it:

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Here The Frailest Leaves Of Me
Walt Whitman
HERE the frailest leaves of me, and yet my strongest-lasting: Here I shade and hide my thoughts--I myself do not expose them, And yet the...Rate it:

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Here They Lie
Robert Graves
Here they lie who once learned here All that is taught of hurt or fear; Dead, but by free will they died: They were true men, they had pride. ...Rate it:

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Here, Sailor
Walt Whitman
the channel, a perfect pilot needs? Here, sailor! Here, ship! take aboard the most perfRate it:

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Here—now—our age of socialism!...
Boris Pasternak
Here—now—our age of socialism! Here in the thick of life below. Today in the name of things to be Into the future forth we go. Like Georgia shinin...Rate it:

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Hopping Frog, Hop Here And Be Seen
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Hopping frog, hop here and be seen, I'll not pelt you with stick or stone: Your cap is laced and your coat is green; Good bye, we'll let each ot...Rate it:

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Joy Of My Life While Left Me Here!
Henry Vaughan
Joy of my life while left me here! And still my love! How in thy absence thou dost steer Me from above! A life well led This truth commends, With q...Rate it:

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