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Walter "Walt" Whitman was an American poet, essayist and journalist.

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Famous poems by Walt Whitman:

Song of Myself, I, II, VI & LIIRate it:
Song of Myself, XRate it:
A Boston Ballad, 1854Rate it:
A Child's AmazeRate it:
A GlimpseRate it:
A Hand-MirrorRate it:
A Leaf For Hand In HandRate it:
A March In The Ranks, Hard-prestRate it:
A Noiseless Patient SpiderRate it:
A Paumanok PictureRate it:
A Promise To CaliforniaRate it:
A Riddle SongRate it:
A Woman Waits For MeRate it:
Aboard At A Ship's HelmRate it:
Adieu To A SoliderRate it:
After The Sea-ShipRate it:
Ah Poverties, Wincings Sulky RetreatsRate it:
American FeuillageRate it:
Among The MultitudeRate it:
An Army Corps On The MarchRate it:
ApostrophRate it:
Are You The New Person, Drawn Toward Me?Rate it:
As A Strong Bird On Pinious FreeRate it:
As Adam, Early In The MorningRate it:
As At Thy Portals Also DeathRate it:
As Consequent, Etc.Rate it:
As I Ebb'd With the Ocean of LifeRate it:
As I lay With Head In Your Lap, CameradoRate it:
As I Ponder'd In SilenceRate it:
As I Sat Alone By Blue Ontario's ShoresRate it:
As I Walk These Broad, Majestic DaysRate it:
As I Watche'd The Ploughman PloughingRate it:
As The Time Draws NighRate it:
As Toilsome I Wander'dRate it:
As toilsome I wander'd Virginia's woodsRate it:
Ashes Of SoldiersRate it:
Hush'd Be the Camps TodayRate it:
I Will Take An Egg Out Of The Robin's NestRate it:
One's Self I SingRate it:
Passage To IndiaRate it:
Prayer Of ColumbusRate it:
Song of Myself, XIRate it:
To A Western BoyRate it:
A SongRate it:
To A HistorianRate it:
Earth! my Likeness!Rate it:
1861Rate it:
A child said, What is the grass?Rate it:
A Clear MidnightRate it:
A Farm-PictureRate it:
A Sight In CampRate it:
All Is TruthRate it:
Great Are The MythsRate it:
The Imprisoned SoulRate it:
To A PresidentRate it:
As If A Phantom Caress'd MeRate it:
A Proadway PageantRate it:
Ages And Ages, Returning At IntervalsRate it:
My Picture-CalleryRate it:
To The Leaven'd Soil They TrodRate it:
assurancesRate it:
These CarolsRate it:
This Day, O SoulRate it:
The Last InvocationRate it:
Bathed In War's PerfumeRate it:
Beat! Beat! Drums!Rate it:
Beautiful WomenRate it:
BeginnersRate it:
Beginning My StudiesRate it:
BehaviorRate it:
Behold This Swarthy FaceRate it:
Bivouac on a Mountain SideRate it:
Brother Of All, With Genesrous HandRate it:
By Broad Potomac's ShoreRate it:
By The Bivouac's Fitful FlameRate it:
Camps Of GreenRate it:
Carol Of OccupationsRate it:
Carol Of WordsRate it:
Cavalry Crossing A FordRate it:
Chanting The Square DeificRate it:
City Of OrgiesRate it:
City Of ShipsRate it:
Come Up From The Fields, FatherRate it:
Come, Said My SoulRate it:
Crossing Brooklyn FerryRate it:
Darest Thou Now, O SoulRate it:
DebrisRate it:
Delicate ClusterRate it:
Despairing CriesRate it:
Dirge For Two VeteransRate it:
Drum-TapsRate it:
EidólonsRate it:
Elemental DriftsRate it:
Ethiopia Saluting The ColorsRate it:
Europe, The 72d And 73d Years Of These StatesRate it:
ExcelsiorRate it:
FacesRate it:
Facing West From California's ShoresRate it:
Fast Anchor'd, Eternal, O LoveRate it:
For Him I SingRate it:
France, The 18th Year Of These StatesRate it:
From Far Dakota's CanonsRate it:
From My Last YearsRate it:
From Paumanok StartingRate it:
From Pent-up Aching RiversRate it:
Full Of Life, NowRate it:
GermsRate it:
Give Me The Splendid, Silent SunRate it:
Gliding Over AllRate it:
GodRate it:
Had I the ChoiceRate it:
Hast Never Come To Thee An HourRate it:
Here The Frailest Leaves Of MeRate it:
Here, SailorRate it:
Hours Continuing LongRate it:
How Solemn As One By OneRate it:
Hush'd Be The Camps To-dayRate it:
I Am He That Aches With LoveRate it:
I Dream'd In A DreamRate it:
I Hear America SingingRate it:
I Hear It Was Charged Against MeRate it:
I Heard You, Solemn-sweep Pipes Of The OrganRate it:
I Saw In Louisiana A Live Oak GrowingRate it:
I Saw Old General At BayRate it:
I Sing The Body ElectricRate it:
I Sit And Look OutRate it:
I Thought I Was Not AloneRate it:
I Was Looking A Long WhileRate it:
In Cabin'd Ships At SeaRate it:
In Former SongsRate it:
In Midnight SleepRate it:
In Paths UntroddenRate it:
In The New Garden In All The PartsRate it:
InscriptionRate it:
Italian Music In DakotaRate it:
Joy, Shipmate, Joy!Rate it:
KosmosRate it:
Laws For CreationsRate it:
Leaves Of Grass. A Carol Of Harvest For 1867Rate it:
LessonsRate it:
Lo! Victress On The PeaksRate it:
Locations And TimesRate it:
Long I Thought That KnowledgeRate it:
Long, Too Long AmericaRate it:
Long, Too Long, O Land!Rate it:
Look Down, Fair MoonRate it:
Manhattan Streets I Saunter'd, PonderingRate it:
MannahattaRate it:
Me ImperturbeRate it:
MediumsRate it:
MiraclesRate it:
Mother And BabeRate it:
Myself And MineRate it:
Native MomentsRate it:
Night On The PrairiesRate it:
No Labor-Saving MachineRate it:
Not Heat Flames Up And ConsumesRate it:
Not Heaving From My Ribb'd Breast OnlyRate it:
Not My Enemies Ever Invade MeRate it:
Not The PilotRate it:
Not Youth Pertains To MeRate it:
Now Finale To The ShoreRate it:
Now List To My Morning's RomanzaRate it:
O Bitter Sprig! Confession Sprig!Rate it:
O Captain! My Captain!Rate it:
O Hymen! O Hymenee!Rate it:
O Living Always--Always DyingRate it:
O Me! O Life!Rate it:
O Star Of FranceRate it:
O Sun Of Real PeaceRate it:
O Tan-faced Prairie BoyRate it:
O You Whom I Often And Silently ComeRate it:
Of Him I Love Day And NightRate it:
Of The Terrible Doubt Of ApperarancesRate it:
Of The Visage Of ThingsRate it:
OfferingsRate it:
Old IrelandRate it:
On Journeys Through The StatesRate it:
On Old Man's Thought Of SchoolRate it:
On The Beach At NightRate it:
On The Beach At Night, AloneRate it:
Once I Pass'd Through A Populous CityRate it:
One Hour To Madness And JoyRate it:
One Song, America, Before I GoRate it:
One Sweeps ByRate it:
Or From That Sea Of TimeRate it:
Other May Praise What They LikeRate it:
Out From Behind His MaskRate it:
Out of the Cradle Endlessly RockingRate it:
Out of the Rolling Ocean, The CrowdRate it:
Over The CarnageRate it:
Patroling BarnegatRate it:
Pensive And FalteringRate it:
Pensive On Her Dead Gazing, I Heard The Mother Of AllRate it:
PerfectionsRate it:
Pioneers! O Pioneers!Rate it:
Poem Of Remembrance For A Girl Or A BoyRate it:
Poems Of JoysRate it:
Poets to ComeRate it:
PortalsRate it:
President Lincoln's Burial HymnRate it:
Primeval My Love For The Woman I LoveRate it:
Proud Music Of The StormRate it:
Quicksand YearsRate it:
Race Of VeteransRate it:
ReconciliationRate it:
Recorders Ages HenceRate it:
Respondez!Rate it:
Rise, O DaysRate it:
Roaming In ThoughtRate it:
Roots And Leaves Themselves AloneRate it:
Salut Au MondeRate it:
SavantismRate it:
SaysRate it:
Scented Herbage Of My BreastRate it:
Sea-Shore MemoriesRate it:
Shut Not Your Doors, &c.Rate it:
Sing Of The Banner At Day-BreakRate it:
So Far And So Far, And On Toward The EndRate it:
So LongRate it:
Solid, Ironical, Rolling OrbRate it:
Sometimes With One I LoveRate it:
Song At SunsetRate it:
Song For All Seas, All ShipsRate it:
Song of MyselfRate it:
Song Of The Broad-AxeRate it:
Song Of The ExpositionRate it:
Song Of The Open RoadRate it:
Song Of The Redwood-TreeRate it:
Song Of The UniversalRate it:
Souvenirs Of DemocracyRate it:
Spain 1873-'74Rate it:
Sparkles From The WheelRate it:
Spirit That Form'd Theis SceneRate it:
Spirit Whose Work Is DoneRate it:
Spontaneous MeRate it:
Starting From PaumanokRate it:
States!Rate it:
Still, Though The One I SingRate it:
TearsRate it:
TestsRate it:
That Last InvocationRate it:
That Music Always Round MeRate it:
That Shadow, My LikenessRate it:
The Artilleryman's VisionRate it:
The Base Of All MetaphysicsRate it:
The Centerarian's StoryRate it:
The City Dead-HouseRate it:
The Dalliance Of The EaglesRate it:
The DresserRate it:
The IndicationsRate it:
The Mystic TrumpeterRate it:
The Ox tamerRate it:
The Prairie StatesRate it:
The Prairie-Grass DividingRate it:
The RunnerRate it:
The Ship StartingRate it:
The Singer In The PrisonRate it:
The SleepersRate it:
The Sobbing Of The BellsRate it:
The TorchRate it:
The UnexpressedRate it:
The Untold WantRate it:
The World Below The BrineRate it:
The Wound DresserRate it:
There Was A Child Went ForthRate it:
These, I, Singing In SpringRate it:
Thick-Sprinkled BuntingRate it:
Think Of The SoulRate it:
This CompostRate it:
This Dust Was Once The ManRate it:
This Moment, Yearning And ThoughtfulRate it:
Thou Orb Aloft Full-DazzlingRate it:
Thou ReaderRate it:
ThoughtRate it:
ThoughtsRate it:
To A Certain CantatriceRate it:
To A Certain CivilianRate it:
To A Common ProstituteRate it:
To A Foil'd European RevolutionaireRate it:
To A Locomotive In WinterRate it:
To A PupilRate it:
To A StrangerRate it:
To Foreign LandsRate it:
To Him That Was CrucifiedRate it:
To Old AgeRate it:
To One Shortly To DieRate it:
To OratistsRate it:
To Rich GiversRate it:
To The East And To The WestRate it:
To The Garden The WorldRate it:
To The Man-of-War-BirdRate it:
To The Reader At PartingRate it:
To The StatesRate it:
To Thee, Old Cause!Rate it:
To Think Of TimeRate it:
To YouRate it:
Trinckle, DropsRate it:
Turn, O LibertadRate it:
Two RivuletsRate it:
Unfolded Out Of The FoldsRate it:
Unnamed LandsRate it:
Vicouac On A Mountain SideRate it:
Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field one NightRate it:
Virgil Strange I Kept On The FieldRate it:
Virginia--The WestRate it:
Visor'dRate it:
VoicesRate it:
Walt Whitman's CautionRate it:
Wandering At MornRate it:
Warble Of Lilac-TimeRate it:
We Two Boys Together ClingingRate it:
We Two-How Long We Were Fool'dRate it:
Weave In, Weave In, My Hardy LifeRate it:
What Am I, After All?Rate it:
What Best I See In TheeRate it:
What General Has A Good ArmyRate it:
What Place Is Besieged?Rate it:
What Think You I Take My Pen In Hand?Rate it:
What Weeping FaceRate it:
When I Heard At The Close Of The DayRate it:
When I Heard the Learned AstronomerRate it:
When I Peruse The Conquer'd FameRate it:
When I Read The BookRate it:
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'dRate it:
Whispers Of Heavenly DeathRate it:
Whispers of Heavenly DeathRate it:
Who Is Now Reading This?Rate it:
Who Learns My Lesson Complete?Rate it:
Whoever You Are, Holding Me Now In HandRate it:
With All Thy GiftsRate it:
With AntecedentsRate it:
World, Take Good NoticeRate it:
Year Of Meteors, 1859 '60Rate it:
Year That TrembledRate it:
Years Of The ModernRate it:
Yet, Yet, Ye Downcast HoursRate it:

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