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Lost and Found
Julia A Moore
she awoke from her slumber, Poor child, she then found herself all alone, For no one was there, no Rate it:

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Christopher Found
Amy Levy
of the stress, the strife, the stir; But I have found you, Christopher. III. If only you had comeRate it:

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I have found
I have found, yes, I have found the wealth of the Divine Name's gem. My true guru gave me a priceless thing. With his grace, I accepted it. I fou...Rate it:

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Nellie Lost and Found
Henry Clay Work
a mother's pray'r is heard, The darling one is found! Through the wood the midnight echoes Bear a Rate it:

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Until You've Found Pain
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Until you've found pain, you won't reach the cure Until you've given up life, you won't unite with the supreme soul Until you've found fire inside ...Rate it:

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All Things Are Current Found
Henry David Thoreau
ALL things are current found On earthly ground, Spirits and elements Have their descents. Night and day, year on year, High and low, far and near,...Rate it:

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He found my Being—set it up
Emily Dickinson
He found my Being—set it up— Adjusted it to place— Then carved his name—upon it— And bade it to the East Be faithful—in his absence— And he would ...Rate it:

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I Found A Few Old Letters
Rabindranath Tagore
XIV I found a few old letters of mine carefully hidden in thy box—a few small toys for thy memory to play with. With a timorous heart thou didst tr...Rate it:

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I found an orchid in the valley fair,
Lesbia Harford
I found an orchid in the valley fair, And named it for us both, And left it there. Two flowers upon one stem, white-souled, alone. I couldn't p...Rate it:

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I Found Her Out There
Thomas Hardy
I found her out there On a slope few see, That falls westwardly To the sharp-edged air, Where the ocean breaks On the purple strand, And the hurric...Rate it:

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I found the phrase to every thought
Emily Dickinson
I found the phrase to every thought I ever had, but one; And that defies me,--as a hand Did try to chalk the sun To races nurtured in the dark;-- ...Rate it:

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I Have Found My Guru
I have found a guru in Raidas, he has given me the pill of knowledge. I lost the honor of the royal family, I went astray with the sadhus. ...Rate it:

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Modern Love XLIX: He Found Her
George Meredith
He found her by the ocean's moaning verge, Nor any wicked change in her discerned; And she believed his old love had returned, Which was her exu...Rate it:

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When I found the boundless knowledge
Kabir: My mind was soothed When I found the boundless knowledge, And the fires that scorch the world To me are water cool. Rate it:

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Where found Love his yesterday?
Augusta Davies Webster
WHERE found Love his yesterday? When is Love's to-morrow? say. Love has only now. We can swear it, we who stand In Love's present, hand in hand, Th...Rate it:

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A Manual, More Ancient Than The Art Of Printing, And Not To Be Found In Any Catalogue
William Cowper
There is a book, which we may call (Its excellence is such) Alone a library, though small; The ladies thumb it much. Words none, things numerous i...Rate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Once through the forest Alone I went; To seek for nothing My thoughts were bent. I saw i' the shadow A flower stand there As stars it glisten'd...Rate it:

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
“THERE is a budding morrow in midnight:”— So sang our Keats, our English nightingale. And here, as lamps across the bridge turn pale In London's sm...Rate it:

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On Some Shells Found Inland
Trumbull Stickney
These are my murmur-laden shells that keep A fresh voice tho' the years be very gray. The wave that washed their lips and tuned their lay Is gon...Rate it:

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The Little Boy Found
William Blake
The little boy lost in the lonely fen, Led by the wandering light, Began to cry, but God, ever nigh, Appeared like his father, in white. ...Rate it:

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The Little Girl Found
William Blake
All the night in woe, Lyca's parents go: Over vallies deep. While the desarts weep. Tired and woe-begone. Hoarse with making moan: Arm in arm seve...Rate it:

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The Ship That Found Herself
Rudyard Kipling
We now, held in captivity, Spring to our bondage nor grieve-- See now, how it is blesseder, Brothers, to give than receive! Keep trust, wherefore w...Rate it:

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They Have Found Each Other
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Mute they wander, Meeting yonder, In the wondrous Spring new-born, That though old as Time's first morn, Brings fresh youth to all the living, Now ...Rate it:

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Time is a Fading-flowre, that's found
George Wither
Five Termes, there be, which five I doe apply To all, that was, and is, and shall be done. The first, and last, is that ETERNITIE, Which, neither s...Rate it:

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To a Baby Found Paddling Near the Thames
Herbert Asquith
Hail! O Baby of the May In the bubbling river-bed, Playing where the cannon play, With the shrapnel overhead! Sparkling in and flashing out Through...Rate it:

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