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An Account Of The Greatest English Poets
Joseph Addison
dearest Harry, you will needs request A short account of all the Muse possest, That, down from ChauRate it:

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Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas
Clement Clarke Moore
'Twas the night before Christmas,when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chim...Rate it:

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Some Account of a New Play
Richard Harris Barham
'The play's the thing!'-- Hamlet. Tavistock Hotel, Nov. 1839. Dear Charles, -- In reply to your letter, and Fanny's, Lord Brougham, it appears...Rate it:

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Account of a Visit From ST. Nicholas
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney w...Rate it:

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construction plans should always take into account security breaches
Nat Z. Punx
we would walk casually across the golf course just enjoying a stroll through the autumn night across and into the culvert eyes level with the stre...Rate it:

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Mr. Barney Maguire's Account of The Coronation
Richard Harris Barham
Och! the Coronation! what celebration For emulation can with it compare? When to Westminster the Royal Spinster, And the Duke of Leinster, all i...Rate it:

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Mr. Molony’s Account Of The Ball
William Makepeace Thackeray
O will ye choose to hear the news, Bedad I cannot pass it o'er: I'll tell you all about the Ball To the Naypaulase Ambassador. Begor! this fete all...Rate it:

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On Mr. Howard's Account Of Lazarettos
William Lisle Bowles
Mortal! who, armed with holy fortitude, The path of good right onward hast pursued; May HE, to whose eternal throne on high The sufferers of the ea...Rate it:

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To A Lady Who Commanded Me To Send Her An Account In Verse
Mary Barber
How I succeed, you kindly ask; Yet set me on a grievous Task, When you oblige me to rehearse, The Censures past upon my Verse. Tho' I with Pleasur...Rate it:

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Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 16
Sa di
commits treachery let his hand tremble at the account'." Straightness is the means of acceptaRate it:

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I Sing The Body Electric
Walt Whitman
The love of the Body of man or woman balks account--the body itself balks account; ThRate it:

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The Disturber
Paul Laurence Dunbar
a-trying my hand at a rhyme on the sly, All on account of a sparkling eye. There are those who sayRate it:

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A Divine Pastorall
Thomas Parnell
& by thy chusing bless'd, Tis true we must account for all we do, But to a God alone th' account isRate it:

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Ch 03 On The Excellence Of Contentment Story 16
Sa di
whom be salutation, beheld a dervish who had on account of his nudity concealed himself in the sandRate it:

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Less Time
Andre Breton
it, less tears than it takes to die; I've taken account of everything, there you have it. I've madeRate it:

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The Shepheardes Calender: May
Edmund Spenser
all the gayne, paying but a peece. I muse, what account both these will make, The one for the hirRate it:

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to bank on To cap it all we have to take in to account In debt we share en masse a common bond An aRate it:

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Bessie's Boil
Robert William Service
Ma'am, this part o' the buildin' is closed on account o' repairs; Us fellers is only the pynters, aRate it:

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In Honour of that High and Mighty Princess, Queen ELIZABETH
Anne Bradstreet
thereof raps every human sense 1.7 That men account it no impiety 1.8 To say thou wert a Rate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
valleys with my sweat for aye. So should I be accounted as a god, Even as Father Nilus is. What's tRate it:

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same nothing where I begun Taking this into account should I bother to pursue this one? A very odd Rate it:

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Rabbi Ben Ezra
Robert Browning
and hold cheap the strain; Learn, nor account the pang; dare, never grudge the throe! For thence,-Rate it:

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The Depth Of Darkness
Nolan Ray Wilson
silent forever. How riveting It is! A chilling account of an obsessive search for a monster!! ExquRate it:

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The Secret Whisky Cure
Henry Lawson
low, Asked her firstly if her husband had a bank account or no; But he hadn’t and she hadn’t, they Rate it:

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A Wall
Robert Browning
spirit: tho' cloistered fast, soar free; Account as wood, brick, stone, this ring Of the rueful neiRate it:

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