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Mary Barber, poet, was a member of Swift's circle.

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An Apology Written For My Son To His Master 409 ViewsRate it:
Written At Tunbridge—Wells, To The Right Honourable The Lady Barbara North 406 ViewsRate it:
Written For My Son, Upon Lady Santry's Coming To School, To See Her Son, And Getting The Scholars A Play--Day. 400 ViewsRate it:
Written For My Son, To Some Of The Fellows Of The College, 375 ViewsRate it:
To His Grace The Duke Of Chandos. 372 ViewsRate it:
Written For My Son, In A Bible Which Was Presented To Him. 371 ViewsRate it:
Written In The Conclusion Of A Letter To Mr. Tickel, 367 ViewsRate it:
Upon Seeing A Raffle For Addison's Works unfill'd. 362 ViewsRate it:
To Lady H---r, 359 ViewsRate it:
On The Earl Of Oxford And Mortimer's Giving His Daughter In Marriage In Oxford--Chapel. 351 ViewsRate it:
By A Person Of Quality. 350 ViewsRate it:
Occasion'd By Seeing The Honourable --- Treat A Person Of Merit With Insolence 348 ViewsRate it:
Written at Tunbridge--Wells 346 ViewsRate it:
To A Gentleman, Who Shew'd A Fine Poem As His Own. 341 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Putland. 335 ViewsRate it:
Verses Ty'd About A Fawn's Neck 322 ViewsRate it:
To Robert Barber Esq; Deputy To The Treasurer's Remembrancer In The Court Of Exchequer 319 ViewsRate it:
Verses sent to a Lady, Who Took Delight In Ridiculing A Person 316 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Newans 313 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Caesar, At The Speaker's Lodgings At Bath. 311 ViewsRate it:
The Resolution 303 ViewsRate it:
An Hymn To Sleep. 294 ViewsRate it:
ToTthe Right Honourable The Lady Elizabeth Germain, Upon Seeing Her Do A generous Action. 291 ViewsRate it:
The Reverend Dr. L---. 290 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honourable The Lady Kilmorey 285 ViewsRate it:
Epilogue To A Comedy Acted At Bath, 122 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Frances--Arabella Kelly, With A Present Of Fruit. 122 ViewsRate it:
Occasion'd By Reading The Memoirs Of Anne Of Austria 119 ViewsRate it:
On Seeing An Officer's Widow Distracted 116 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Strangeways Horner, With A Letter From My Son; 113 ViewsRate it:
An Epigram On The Same Occasion. 112 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Frances--Arabella Kelly. 112 ViewsRate it:
Written For My Son To His Master, On The Anniversary Of The Battle Of The Boyne. 111 ViewsRate it:
Written Upon The Rocks At Tunbridge, 111 ViewsRate it:
A Letter Written For My Son To A Young Gentleman 110 ViewsRate it:
To A Gentleman 110 ViewsRate it:
A Letter Written For My Daughter To A Lady, Who Had Presented Her With A Cap. 109 ViewsRate it:
Written For A Gentlewoman In Distress, To Her Grace Adelida, Dutchess Of Shrewsbury. 109 ViewsRate it:
An Apology For The Clergy, 105 ViewsRate it:
Apollo's Edict. 105 ViewsRate it:
To His Excellency The Lord Carteret. 105 ViewsRate it:
A Letter For My Son To One Of His School--Fellows, Son To Henry Rose, Esq; 102 ViewsRate it:
Written At Camberwell, Near London, In The Study Of Mr. Wainwright 102 ViewsRate it:
Sincerity 101 ViewsRate it:
To The Honourable Mrs. Spencer, On Her Removing From Windsor To Rookly In Hampshire. 101 ViewsRate it:
A Letter Sent To Mrs. Barber 100 ViewsRate it:
Stella And Flavia. 99 ViewsRate it:
On Sending My Son, As A Present, To Dr. Swift, Dean Of St. Patrick's, On His Birth--Day. 99 ViewsRate it:
Sent As From A School--Fellow To My Son 98 ViewsRate it:
To The Reverend Mr. Mabell, Of Cambridge 98 ViewsRate it:
Written For My Son, And Spoken By Him, At A public Examination For Victors. 96 ViewsRate it:
On Seeing The Captives, Lately Redeem'd From Barbary By His Majesty. 95 ViewsRate it:
On The Dutchess Of Newcastle's Picture. 94 ViewsRate it:
To Alexander Pope, Esq. 94 ViewsRate it:
To Mr. Rose; 94 ViewsRate it:
To Her Grace The Dutchess Of Portland 93 ViewsRate it:
Written At Dr. Mead's House In Ormond--Street, To Mrs. Mead. 93 ViewsRate it:
An Apology To The Earl Of Orrery 92 ViewsRate it:
An Epigram. Since Milo Rallies Sacred Writ 92 ViewsRate it:
A Letter Written From London To Mrs. Strangeways Hornet 91 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honourable John Barber, Esq; Lord Mayor Of London, On Committing One Of My Sons To His Care. 90 ViewsRate it:
To Novella 89 ViewsRate it:
The Peacock. 88 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Armine Cartwright, At Bath. 86 ViewsRate it:
To A Gentleman, Who Had Abus'd Waller. 85 ViewsRate it:
An Epitaph On The Late Lord Mount--Cashel. 84 ViewsRate it:
On Imagining A Friend Had Treated The Author With Indifference. 82 ViewsRate it:
Written From Dublin, To A Lady In The Country. 81 ViewsRate it:
An Unanswerable Apology For The Rich. 80 ViewsRate it:
Spoken Extempore, To The Right Honourable The Lady Barbara North 80 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Mary Caesar 78 ViewsRate it:
A Letter To A Friend, 77 ViewsRate it:
An Invitation To Edward Walpole, Esq. 76 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Ward. By The Same. 75 ViewsRate it:
To Sophronia. 75 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honourable The Earl Of Thomond, At Bath 73 ViewsRate it:
Jupiter And Fortune. 70 ViewsRate it:
The Prodigy. 68 ViewsRate it:
To A Lady In The Spleen 68 ViewsRate it:
To The Honourable Mrs. Percival. 68 ViewsRate it:
To The Rt. Hon. Charlotte Lady Conway, On Her Resolving To Leave Bath. 68 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Barber 66 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Hon. The Earl of Orrery, On His Promise To Sup With The Author. 66 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honourable The Earl Of Orrery In Dublin 66 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. --- 64 ViewsRate it:
Written At Bath To A Young Lady 60 ViewsRate it:
On Leaving Bath. 56 ViewsRate it:
An Apology Written For My Son To The Reverend Mr. Sampson, 53 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. Anne Donnellan, With The Fourth Essay On Man 53 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honourable John Earl Of Orrery, At Bath, After The Death Of The Late Earl. 53 ViewsRate it:
To A Lady Who Was Libell'd. 51 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honourable The Lady Elizabeth Boyle On Her Birth—Day 51 ViewsRate it:
To Dr. Mead, On His Cape Wine. 50 ViewsRate it:
Verses Occasion'd By The Sickness Of Mrs. Anne Donnellan. 50 ViewsRate it:
Written For My Son, To Mr. Barry; 50 ViewsRate it:
Written For My Son In His Sickness, To One Of His School fellows. 46 ViewsRate it:
To Dr. Richard Helsham Upon My Recovery From A Dangerous Fit Of Sickness. 45 ViewsRate it:
NewsFfrom St. James's. 44 ViewsRate it:
To Her Grace The Dutchess Of Manchester, And Lady Diana Spencer 43 ViewsRate it:
An Apology To Dr. Clayton, Bishop Of Killala, And His Lady 42 ViewsRate it:
Conclusion Of A Letter To The Rev. Mr. C---. 42 ViewsRate it:
To A Lady Who Commanded Me To Send Her An Account In Verse 42 ViewsRate it:
An Apology For My Son To His Master, For Not Bringing An Exercise On The Coronation Day. 40 ViewsRate it:
To The Honble. Miss Carteret, Now Countess Of Dysert. 40 ViewsRate it:
To a Lady 39 ViewsRate it:
To A Lady, Who Invited The Author Into The Country. 37 ViewsRate it:
Written For My Son 37 ViewsRate it:
A True Tale 31 ViewsRate it:
To His Grace The Duke Of Buckingham And Normanby, At The Camp Before Philipsburgh. 31 ViewsRate it:
Written for my Son ... at his First Putting on Breeches 31 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honourable The Lady Sarah Cowper. 30 ViewsRate it:
Written for my Son ... upon his Master's First Bringing in a Rod 30 ViewsRate it:
Occasion'd By Seeing Some Verses Written By Mrs. Constantia Grierson, Upon The Death Of Her Son. 29 ViewsRate it:
Advice To The Ladies At Bath. Written By A Lady. 26 ViewsRate it:
The Recantation: To The Same Lady 24 ViewsRate it:
To Mrs. S---. Written In My Sickness. 24 ViewsRate it:
The Oak And Its Branches. 23 ViewsRate it:
The Widow Gordon's Petition 23 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honourable The Lady Elizabeth Brownlow, 20 ViewsRate it:
To The Right Honble. The Lady Dowager Torrington, 19 ViewsRate it:

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