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William Lisle Bowles was an English poet and critic In 1783 he won the chancellors prize for Latin verse In 1789 he published in a small quarto volume Fourteen Sonnets which were received with extraordinary favour not only by the general public but by such men as Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Wordsworth The Sonnets even in form were a revival a return to an older and purer poetic style and by their grace of expression melodious versification tender tone of feeling and vivid appreciation of the life and beauty of nature stood out in strong contrast to the elaborated commonplaces which at that time formed the bulk of English poetry

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XIII. O Time! Who Know'st a Lenient Hand to Lay... 143 ViewsRate it:
V. To the River Tweed. 135 ViewsRate it:
Monody On Henry Headley 130 ViewsRate it:
XIV. On a Distant View of England. 126 ViewsRate it:
X. On Dover Cliffs. 124 ViewsRate it:
On Entering Switzerland 124 ViewsRate it:
Approach Of Summer 123 ViewsRate it:
XI. Written at Ostend 122 ViewsRate it:
A Garden-Seat At Home 119 ViewsRate it:
On Hearing 117 ViewsRate it:
On Resigning A Scholarship Of Trinity College, Oxford 116 ViewsRate it:
On An Unfortunate And Beautiful Woman 115 ViewsRate it:
Picture Of A Young Lady 114 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet I. Written at Tinemouth, Northumberland, after a Tempestuous Voyage. 114 ViewsRate it:
On Accidentally Meeting A Lady Now No More 113 ViewsRate it:
The Missionary - Canto First 112 ViewsRate it:
VI. Evening, as slow thy placid shades descend... 112 ViewsRate it:
Hour-Glass And Bible 110 ViewsRate it:
In Youth 110 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet III. O Thou, whose stern command and precepts pure... 110 ViewsRate it:
Avenue In Savernake Forest 108 ViewsRate it:
In Age 108 ViewsRate it:
The Right Honourable Edmund Burke 108 ViewsRate it:
II. Written at Bamborough Castle. 107 ViewsRate it:
IX. O Poverty! though from thy haggard eye... 107 ViewsRate it:
A Rustic Seat Near The Sea 105 ViewsRate it:
On William Sommers Of Bremhill 105 ViewsRate it:
The Missionary - Canto Fourth 103 ViewsRate it:
The Philanthropic Society 103 ViewsRate it:
XII. Written at a Convent. 103 ViewsRate it:
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea - Book The First 102 ViewsRate it:
Elegiac Stanzas 101 ViewsRate it:
Lacock Nunnery 101 ViewsRate it:
The Grave Of Howard 101 ViewsRate it:
Associations 99 ViewsRate it:
Evening 99 ViewsRate it:
Sun-Dial, In The Churchyard Of Bremhill 96 ViewsRate it:
Pole-Vellum, Cornwall 93 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet: At Ostend, July 22nd 1787 93 ViewsRate it:
The Missionary - Canto Third 93 ViewsRate it:
Art And Nature 92 ViewsRate it:
Battle Of Corruna 92 ViewsRate it:
Distant View Of England From The Sea 92 ViewsRate it:
At Dover 91 ViewsRate it:
The Last Song Of Camoens 91 ViewsRate it:
Greenwich Hospital 90 ViewsRate it:
The Visionary Boy 88 ViewsRate it:
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea - Book The Third 87 ViewsRate it:
The Winds 85 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet: O Poverty! Though From Thy Haggard Eye 82 ViewsRate it:
St. Michael's Mount 82 ViewsRate it:
Summer Evening At Home 82 ViewsRate it:
I. Written at Tinemouth, Northumberland, after a Tempestuous Voyage. 81 ViewsRate it:
Picture Of An Old Man 80 ViewsRate it:
Southampton Castle 79 ViewsRate it:
Elegy Written At Hotwells, Bristol 78 ViewsRate it:
On The Busts Of Milton, In Youth And Age, At Stourhead 77 ViewsRate it:
The Dying Slave 77 ViewsRate it:
Water-Party On The Beaulieu River, In The New Forest 77 ViewsRate it:
The Missionary - Canto Second 76 ViewsRate it:
IX. O Poverty! though from thy haggard eye... 74 ViewsRate it:
Hope 73 ViewsRate it:
Monody, Written At Matlock 73 ViewsRate it:
The Sylph Of Summer 73 ViewsRate it:
Netley Abbey 72 ViewsRate it:
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea - Book The Fifth 72 ViewsRate it:
The Spirit Of Navigation 72 ViewsRate it:
At Oxford 71 ViewsRate it:
In Horto Rev. J. Still, 71 ViewsRate it:
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea - Book The Fourth 71 ViewsRate it:
At Tynemouth Priory 70 ViewsRate it:
Cadland, Southampton River 69 ViewsRate it:
On A Beautiful Spring, 68 ViewsRate it:
Epitaph On H. Walmsley, Esq., 67 ViewsRate it:
Hope, An Allegorical Sketch 67 ViewsRate it:
III. O Thou, whose stern command and precepts pure... 67 ViewsRate it:
Retrospection 67 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet: July 18th 1787 67 ViewsRate it:
In Memoriam 66 ViewsRate it:
Song Of The American Indian 66 ViewsRate it:
Dirge OF Nelson 63 ViewsRate it:
Music 62 ViewsRate it:
On a Beautiful Landscape 62 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet V. To the River Tweed. 62 ViewsRate it:
Languid, And Sad, And Slow, From Day To Day 61 ViewsRate it:
On Mr. Howard's Account Of Lazarettos 61 ViewsRate it:
Stanzas For Music 61 ViewsRate it:
The Convent 61 ViewsRate it:
Fairy Sketch 60 ViewsRate it:
Inscription 58 ViewsRate it:
Dover Cliffs 57 ViewsRate it:
On the Funeral of Charles the First 57 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet II. Written at Bamborough Castle. 56 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet: Languid, And Sad, And Slow, From Day To Day 55 ViewsRate it:
At Malvern 52 ViewsRate it:
To Sir Walter Scott 52 ViewsRate it:
Winter Evening At Home 52 ViewsRate it:
On A Landscape Bt Rubens 50 ViewsRate it:
Influence Of Time on Grief 49 ViewsRate it:
IV. To the River Wenbeck 48 ViewsRate it:
IV. To the River Wenbeck 47 ViewsRate it:
The Tweed Visited 46 ViewsRate it:
On Leaving A Village In Scotland 44 ViewsRate it:
The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea - Book The Second 44 ViewsRate it:
The Missionary - Canto Seventh 42 ViewsRate it:
VIII. To the River Itchin, near Winton. 42 ViewsRate it:
Woodspring Abbey 42 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet VI. Evening, as slow thy placid shades descend... 41 ViewsRate it:
The Missionary - Canto Fifth 41 ViewsRate it:
The Missionary - Canto Sixth 41 ViewsRate it:
Time and Grief 41 ViewsRate it:
To a Friend 40 ViewsRate it:
The Harp, And Despair, Of Cowper 38 ViewsRate it:
Sketches In The Exhibition 37 ViewsRate it:
The River Wainsbeck 37 ViewsRate it:
Monody On The Death Of Dr. Warton 36 ViewsRate it:
VII. At a Village in Scotland.... 36 ViewsRate it:
Bereavement 35 ViewsRate it:
Coombe-Ellen 35 ViewsRate it:
The Harp Of Hoel 35 ViewsRate it:
Abba Thule's Lament For His Son Prince Le Boo 34 ViewsRate it:
Oxford Revisited 34 ViewsRate it:
Pictures From Theocritus 34 ViewsRate it:
Sketch From Bowden Hill After Sickness 33 ViewsRate it:
The River Cherwell 33 ViewsRate it:
Death Of Captain Cooke, 32 ViewsRate it:
On The Death Of Rev. William Benwell, M.A. 32 ViewsRate it:
The Battle Of The Nile 32 ViewsRate it:
Sonnet: At Dover Cliffs, July 20th 1787 29 ViewsRate it:
The Bells Of Ostend 29 ViewsRate it:
The Missionary - Canto Eighth 29 ViewsRate it:
Bamborough Castle 28 ViewsRate it:
Hymn To Woden 28 ViewsRate it:
Translation Of A Latin Poem 28 ViewsRate it:
Southampton Water 27 ViewsRate it:
The Rhine 27 ViewsRate it:
Absence 26 ViewsRate it:
On Leaving A Place Of Residence 26 ViewsRate it:
A Cenotaph, 24 ViewsRate it:
Age 24 ViewsRate it:
Wardour Castle 22 ViewsRate it:
In Age 20 ViewsRate it:
On Leaving Winchester School 19 ViewsRate it:
On Landing At Ostend 15 ViewsRate it:
A Cenotaph, - To The Memory Of Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac, Who Died At Cape St Nichola Mole, 1797. 0 ViewsRate it:
A Picturesque Cottage And Grounds Belonging To J. Lemon, Esq. 0 ViewsRate it:
After A Tempestuous Voyage. (At Tynemouth Priory) 0 ViewsRate it:

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