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A Vision Of Repentance
Charles Lamb
thy feet what thou dost see The waters of repentance be, Which, night and day, I must augment With Rate it:

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Repentance And Reconciliation
Charles Lamb
mamma does provide all I have. MOTHER. Your repentance, my children, I see is unfeigned, You are nRate it:

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A Man's Repentance
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
To-night when I came from the club at eleven, Under the gaslight I saw a face- A woman's face! and I swear to heaven It looked like the ghastly gho...Rate it:

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A Repentance
Joseph Mark Ippolito
Not wan command whit You ha’e plead Hath no’ been broken o’ Eden’s seed So I’ll try no’ tae lie, an’ curse an’ swear Before ah die an’ am nae mairRate it:

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George Herbert
Lord, I confess my sin is great; Great is my sin. Oh! gently treat With thy quick flow'r, thy momentany bloom; Whose life still pressing Is one ...Rate it:

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William Wordsworth
A PASTORAL BALLAD THE fields which with covetous spirit we sold, Those beautiful fields, the delight of the day, Would have brought us more good t...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
"If you repent," the Parson said," Your sins will be forgiven. Aye, even on your dying bed You're not too late for heaven." That's just my cup of...Rate it:

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The Maid Of The Mill's Repentance
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
YOUTH. AWAY, thou swarthy witch! Go forth From out my house, I tell thee! Or else I needs must, in my wrath, Expel thee! What's this thou sing...Rate it:

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The virgin language is only for your eyes
Hassan Hegazy Hassan
; This is the time of ember, This is the repentance timing for stopping To kill the self , Rate it:

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L'Horloge (The Clock)
Charles Baudelaire
Virtue, your still virgin wife, When even Repentance (the very last of inns!), When all will say:Rate it:

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Preparatory Meditations - Second Series: 7
Edward Taylor
brethren till their sins Do gall their souls. Repentance babbles fresh. Thou treatest sinners till Rate it:

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Psalm 32 part 1
Isaac Watts
Repentance and free pardon. Blest is the man, for ever blest, Whose guilt is pardoned by his God; Whose sins with sorrow are confessed, And covere...Rate it:

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The Vision Of The Maid Of Orleans - The Second Book
Robert Southey
Here the dungeons are Where bad men learn repentance; souls diseased Must have their remedy; and whRate it:

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Upon The Thief
John Bunyan
the Word of God, that will thee tell, Without repentance thieves must go to hell. But should it be Rate it:

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I had a guinea golden
Emily Dickinson
of traitor In country far from here— Grant that repentance solemn May seize upon his mind— And he nRate it:

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Ô Dieu, si mes péchés irritent ta fureur
Mathurin Regnier
coeur, comme mes yeux, s'ouvre à la repentance, Et me hais tellement que je m'en fais horreur. Je Rate it:

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Our Mat
Andrew Barton Paterson
children some bread? Does it speak of a bitter repentance For the crime that so easily came? OfRate it:

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Z---------'s Dream
Anne Brontë
wrongs and vengeance, both were changed. Repentance, now, were worse that vain: Time's currentRate it:

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A Farewell To Youth
Alfred Austin
returning raptures will not wake Too late repentance for abjuring mine, Nor the old sweets I pledgeRate it:

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A Commuted Sentence
Ambrose Bierce
with a pacific slope. Last century I signified repentance And asked for commutation of our sentenceRate it:

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A Farewell to False Love
Sir Walter Raleigh
for my faith ingratitude I find; And sith repentance hath my wrongs bewrayed, Whose course was eveRate it:

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A Litany of Lethe
Arthur Symons
Lethe, let us find thee and forget! Thou from repentance tak'st the sting, from vice The memory oRate it:

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A March Snow
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
in the eternal Spring Let the white mantle of repentance fling Soft drapery about it, fold on folRate it:

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Robert Herrick
glass Drinks of distemper, or has cause to cry Repentance to his liberty. No, thou know'st orders, Rate it:

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A Prayer
Ada Cambridge
fair, To be so vilely used, Give space for late repentance and repair Of sacred trust abused. GiveRate it:

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