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Joseph Rudyard Kipling was an English short-story writer, poet, and novelist chiefly remembered for his tales and poems of British soldiers in India and his tales for children.

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Famous poems by Rudyard Kipling:

MandalayRate it:
A Code of MoralsRate it:
The VampireRate it:
At His ExecutionRate it:
Ballad of Fisher's Boarding-HouseRate it:
Banquet NightRate it:
Common FormRate it:
Danny DeeverRate it:
Death of a BelieverRate it:
Gunga DinRate it:
PreludeRate it:
Sea-WifeRate it:
Shillin' A DayRate it:
The AppealRate it:
The ExplanationRate it:
The Oldest SongRate it:
The Peace of DivesRate it:
The River's TaleRate it:
The Roman Centurion's SongRate it:
The Runes of Weland's SwordRate it:
The Two-Sided ManRate it:
Tiger--Tiger!Rate it:
To Thomas AtkinsRate it:
Toomai of the ElephantsRate it:
Yet At the LastRate it:
How the Whale Got His ThroatRate it:
Farewell and adieu....Rate it:
A School SongRate it:
Four-FeetRate it:
The Power of the DogRate it:
The BeginningsRate it:
IfRate it:
BootsRate it:
A CarolRate it:
Mulholland's ContractRate it:
My New-Cut AshlarRate it:
Pagett, M.P.Rate it:
Soldier An' Sailor TooRate it:
The Ballad Of The "Clampherdown"Rate it:
The Butterfly That StampedRate it:
The Deep-Sea CablesRate it:
The ThresholdRate it:
Three FriendsRate it:
Cuckoo SongRate it:
Gods of the EastRate it:
I Keep Six Honest...Rate it:
Soldier, SoldierRate it:
PhiladelphiaRate it:
Fuzzy-WuzzyRate it:
M'Andrew's HymnRate it:
Rikki-Tikki-TaviRate it:
A SonRate it:
NeighboursRate it:
Old Fighting-MenRate it:
PossibilitiesRate it:
The Camels HumpRate it:
The Legend of MirthRate it:
The Secret of the MachineryRate it:
A Dead StatesmanRate it:
A Death-BedRate it:
DoctorsRate it:
Parade-Song of the Camp-AnimalsRate it:
The Children's SongRate it:
A Ballad of BurialRate it:
A Ballade of Jakko HillRate it:
A Bank FraudRate it:
A Boy Scouts' Patrol SongRate it:
A British-Roman SongRate it:
A CharmRate it:
A Child's GardenRate it:
A Counting-Out SongRate it:
A DedicationRate it:
A Dedication to Soldiers ThreeRate it:
A DepartureRate it:
A General SummaryRate it:
A Legend of TruthRate it:
A Lover's JourneyRate it:
A NativityRate it:
A Pageant of ElizabethRate it:
A Pict SongRate it:
A Pilgrim's WayRate it:
A PrefaceRate it:
A RecantationRate it:
A Rector's MemoryRate it:
A Ripple SongRate it:
A Servant When He ReignethRate it:
A Smuggler's SongRate it:
A Song in StormRate it:
A Song of KabirRate it:
A Song of the EnglishRate it:
Alnaschar and the OxenRate it:
An AmericanRate it:
An Astrologer's SongRate it:
An Imperial RescriptRate it:
An Old SongRate it:
Anchor SongRate it:
Angutivaun TainaRate it:
Arithmetic on the FrontierRate it:
Army HeadquartersRate it:
ArterialRate it:
As the Bell ClinksRate it:
Azrael's CountRate it:
Back to the Army AgainRate it:
Barrack-Room BalladsRate it:
Beast and Man in IndiaRate it:
Before a Midnight Breaks in StormRate it:
BeltsRate it:
Bill 'AwkinsRate it:
Birds Of Prey MarchRate it:
Blue RosesRate it:
BobsRate it:
Bridge-Guard in the KarrooRate it:
Brookland RoadRate it:
Brown BessRate it:
Buddha at KamakuraRate it:
ButterfliesRate it:
By the Hoof of the Wild GoatRate it:
By Word of MouthRate it:
Cain and AbelRate it:
Carmen CirculareRate it:
CellsRate it:
Certain Maxims of HafizRate it:
Chant-PaganRate it:
Cholera CampRate it:
Christmas in IndiaRate it:
Cities and Thrones and PowersRate it:
ClearedRate it:
Cold IronRate it:
ColumnsRate it:
ContradictionsRate it:
CovenantRate it:
CruisersRate it:
Cupid's ArrowsRate it:
Dane-GeldRate it:
Darzee's ChountRate it:
DedicationRate it:
Deep Sea CablesRate it:
DelilahRate it:
Dinah in HeavenRate it:
Dirge Of The Dead SistersRate it:
Divided DestiniesRate it:
Eddi's ServiceRate it:
Edgehill FightRate it:
En-DorRate it:
England's AnswerRate it:
Et Dona FerentesRate it:
Evarra And His GodsRate it:
Evil LandRate it:
False DawnRate it:
FastnessRate it:
Follow Me 'OmeRate it:
For All We Have and AreRate it:
For To AdmireRate it:
Ford O' Kabul RiverRate it:
Fox-HuntingRate it:
FranceRate it:
Frankie's TradeRate it:
Gallio's SongRate it:
GehaziRate it:
General JoubertRate it:
Gentlemen-RankersRate it:
Gertrude's PrayerRate it:
GethsemaneRate it:
Giffen's DebtRate it:
Gipsy VansRate it:
Great-HeartRate it:
Gypsy VansRate it:
HadramautiRate it:
Half-Ballad of WatervalRate it:
Harp Song of the Dane WomenRate it:
Have You News of my Boy Jack?Rate it:
Helen All AloneRate it:
Heriot's FordRate it:
His ApologiesRate it:
His Wedded WifeRate it:
How Fear CameRate it:
How It All BeganRate it:
How the Camel Got His HumpRate it:
How the Leopard Got His SpotsRate it:
How the Rhinoceros got His SkinRate it:
Hunting Song of the Seeonee PackRate it:
Hymn Before ActionRate it:
Hymn to Physical PainRate it:
In ErrorRate it:
In SpringtimeRate it:
In the House of SuddhooRate it:
In the Matter of One CompassRate it:
In The Neolithic AgeRate it:
James IRate it:
Jane's MarriageRate it:
Jubal and Tubal CainRate it:
JusticeRate it:
Kaa’s HuntingRate it:
KimRate it:
Kitchener's SchoolRate it:
L'envoiRate it:
L'envoi To "Life's Handicap"Rate it:
La Nuit BlancheRate it:
Lady Geraldine's HardshipRate it:
Late Came the GodRate it:
Letting in the JungleRate it:
LichtenbergRate it:
LispethRate it:
London StoneRate it:
LootRate it:
Lord RobertsRate it:
LukannonRate it:
Macdonough's SongRate it:
Many InventionsRate it:
Mary's SonRate it:
Mary, Pity Women!Rate it:
McAndrew's HymnRate it:
MemoriesRate it:
Merrow DownRate it:
MesopotamiaRate it:
Mine-SweepersRate it:
Mother o' MineRate it:
Mowgli's BrothersRate it:
Mowgli's Song Against PeopleRate it:
MunicipalRate it:
My Boy JackRate it:
My Father's ChairRate it:
My Lady's LawRate it:
My RivalRate it:
Natural TheologyRate it:
Norman and SaxonRate it:
Old Mother LaidinwoolRate it:
One Viceroy ResignsRate it:
OontsRate it:
Our Fathers AlsoRate it:
Our Fathers of OldRate it:
Our Lady of the SackclothRate it:
Outsong in the JungleRate it:
Pan in VermontRate it:
Pharaoh and the SergeantRate it:
PigRate it:
Pink DominoesRate it:
Poor Honest MenRate it:
Poseidon's LawRate it:
Prophets at HomeRate it:
Public WasteRate it:
Puck's SongRate it:
QuiquernRate it:
RebirthRate it:
RecessionalRate it:
Recessional (A Victorian Ode)Rate it:
Red DogRate it:
Ride to KandaharRate it:
RiminiRate it:
RimmonRate it:
Road Song of the Bandar-LogRate it:
Romulus and RemusRate it:
Route Marchin'Rate it:
Russia to the PacifistsRate it:
SappersRate it:
Screw-GunsRate it:
Seal LullabyRate it:
SepulchralRate it:
Sestina Of The Tramp-RoyalRate it:
Seven WatchmenRate it:
Sir Richard's SongRate it:
SnarleyowRate it:
Song of Diego ValdezRate it:
Song of the Fifth RiverRate it:
Song of the Galley SlavesRate it:
Song of the Red War-BoatRate it:
SussexRate it:
Tarrant MossRate it:
That DayRate it:
The Ballad of Jakko HillRate it:
The 'EathenRate it:
The Absent-Minded BeggarRate it:
The AdvertisementRate it:
The American RebellionRate it:
The AnswerRate it:
The AnvilRate it:
The Ballad of Ahmed ShahRate it:
The Ballad Of Boh Da ThoneRate it:
The Ballad of BolivarRate it:
The Ballad Of East And WestRate it:
The Ballad of Fisher's Boarding-HouseRate it:
The Ballad of Minepit ShawRate it:
The Ballad of the CarsRate it:
The Ballad of the ClampherdownRate it:
The Ballad of the Red EarlRate it:
The Bee-Boy's SongRate it:
The Bees and FliesRate it:
The BeginnerRate it:
The BeginningRate it:
The Beginning of the ArmadilloesRate it:
The Bell BuoyRate it:
The Bells and Queen VictoriaRate it:
The BenefactorsRate it:
The BetrothedRate it:
The BirthrightRate it:
The BotherRate it:
The Boy Scouts' Patrol SongRate it:
The BraggartRate it:
The Broken MenRate it:
The Bronckhurst Divorce CaseRate it:
The BurdenRate it:
The BurdenRate it:
The BurialRate it:
The CaptiveRate it:
The CentaursRate it:
The ChangelingsRate it:
The ChildrenRate it:
The Choice (The American Spirit Speaks)Rate it:
The City of BrassRate it:
The City of SleepRate it:
The Coastwise LightsRate it:
The CoinerRate it:
The ComfortersRate it:
The Consolations of MemoryRate it:
The Conundrum Of The WorkshopsRate it:
The Conversion of Aurelian McGogginRate it:
The CovenantRate it:
The Crab That Played with the SeaRate it:
The CraftsmanRate it:
The CureRate it:
The Dawn WindRate it:
The Dead KingRate it:
The Declaration of LondonRate it:
The Decline of the WestRate it:
The DerelictRate it:
The DestroyersRate it:
The DiscipleRate it:
The Dove of DaccaRate it:
The Dutch in the MedwayRate it:
The Dying ChauffeurRate it:
The DykesRate it:
The Egg-ShellRate it:
The English FlagRate it:
The English WayRate it:
The Exiles' LineRate it:
The ExpertRate it:
The ExplorerRate it:
The FabulistsRate it:
The Fairies' SiegeRate it:
The Fall of Jock GillespieRate it:
The Feet of the Young MenRate it:
The Female of the SpeciesRate it:
The FilesRate it:
The FiresRate it:
The First ChanteyRate it:
The FlightRate it:
The FlowersRate it:
The Four AngelsRate it:
The Four PointsRate it:
The French WarsRate it:
The Galley-SlaveRate it:
The Gift Of The SeaRate it:
The Gipsy TrailRate it:
The Glory of the GardenRate it:
The Gods Of The Copybook HeadingsRate it:
The Grave of the Hundred HeadsRate it:
The Greek National AnthemRate it:
The Gypsy-TrailRate it:
The HeritageRate it:
The Holy WarRate it:
The Hour of the AngelRate it:
The HousesRate it:
The HyaenasRate it:
The Hymn to Physical PainRate it:
The Idiot BoyRate it:
The InstructorRate it:
The InventorRate it:
The Irish GuardsRate it:
The JacketRate it:
The JesterRate it:
The Juggler's SongRate it:
The Junk and the DhowRate it:
The Justice's TaleRate it:
The KingRate it:
The King and the SeaRate it:
The King's AnkusRate it:
The King's JobRate it:
The King's PilgrimageRate it:
The King's TaskRate it:
The KingdomRate it:
The LadiesRate it:
The Lament of the Border Cattle ThiefRate it:
The LandRate it:
The LandauRate it:
The Last ChanteyRate it:
The Last DepartmentRate it:
The Last LapRate it:
The Last OdeRate it:
The Last of the Light BrigadeRate it:
The Last Rhyme Of True ThomasRate it:
The Last ShutteeRate it:
The Law of the JungleRate it:
The Legend Of EvilRate it:
The Legend of the Foreign OfficeRate it:
The Legends Of EvilRate it:
The LessonRate it:
The Light That FailedRate it:
The Liner She's A LadyRate it:
The Long TrailRate it:
The Lost LegionRate it:
The Love Song of Har DyalRate it:
The Lovers' LitanyRate it:
The Lowestoft BoatRate it:
The Man Who Could WriteRate it:
The Mare's NestRate it:
The Married ManRate it:
The Masque of PlentyRate it:
The Master-CookRate it:
The Men That Fought At MindenRate it:
The MerchantmenRate it:
The Mine-SweepersRate it:
The Miracle of Purun BhagatRate it:
The MiraclesRate it:
The MoralRate it:
The Morning Song of the JungleRate it:
The Mother's SonRate it:
The Mother-LodgeRate it:
The Native BornRate it:
The NaulahkaRate it:
The NecessitarianRate it:
The New KnighthoodRate it:
The North Sea PatrolRate it:
The Nursing SisterRate it:
The Old IssueRate it:
The Only SonRate it:
The Other ManRate it:
The OutlawsRate it:
The Overland MailRate it:
The PalaceRate it:
The PenaltyRate it:
The Pirates in EnglandRate it:
The PlaymateRate it:
The Plea of the Simla DancersRate it:
The PortentRate it:
The Post That FittedRate it:
The PrairieRate it:
The PrayerRate it:
The Prayer of Miriam CohenRate it:
The PressRate it:
The Pro-ConsulsRate it:
The Prodigal SonRate it:
The Progress of the SparkRate it:
The PuzzlerRate it:
The Queen of Fairy LandRate it:
The Queen's MenRate it:
The QuestionRate it:
The Rabbi's SongRate it:
The RecallRate it:
The Reeds of RunnymedeRate it:
The ReformersRate it:
The ReturnRate it:
The Return of the ChildrenRate it:
The Rhyme Of The Three CaptainsRate it:
The Rhyme Of The Three SealersRate it:
The Rout of the White HussarsRate it:
The RowersRate it:
The Run of the DownsRate it:
The Rupaiyat of Omar Kal'vinRate it:
The Sacrifice Of Er-HebRate it:
The Sea and the HillsRate it:
The Sea-WifeRate it:
The Second VoyageRate it:
The Secret of the MachineryRate it:
The Secret of the MachinesRate it:
The Sergeant's Weddin'Rate it:
The Servant When He ReignethRate it:
The SettlerRate it:
The Ship That Found HerselfRate it:
The Shut-Eye SentryRate it:
The Sing-Song of Old Man KangarooRate it:
The Song at Cock-CrowRate it:
The Song Of The BanjoRate it:
The Song OF The CitiesRate it:
The Song Of The DeadRate it:
The Song of the EnglishRate it:
The Song of the Little HunterRate it:
The Song of the Old GuardRate it:
The Song OF The SonsRate it:
The Song of the WomenRate it:
The Songs of the LathesRate it:
The Sons of MarthaRate it:
The Spies' MarchRate it:
The Spring RunningRate it:
The Storm ConeRate it:
The Story Of UngRate it:
The Story of UriahRate it:
The StrangerRate it:
The SurvivalRate it:
The Thorkild's SongRate it:
The Thousandth ManRate it:
The Three-DeckerRate it:
The TotemRate it:
The TourRate it:
The Truce of the BearRate it:
The UbiqueRate it:
The Undertaker's Horse..Rate it:
The UndertakersRate it:
The VerdictsRate it:
The Verdicts [Jutland]Rate it:
The VeteransRate it:
The VineyardRate it:
The VirginityRate it:
The VoortrekkerRate it:
The Wage-SlavesRate it:
The WatcherRate it:
The Way Through the WoodsRate it:
The Wet LitanyRate it:
The White Man's BurdenRate it:
The White SealRate it:
The Widow At WindsorRate it:
The Widow's PartyRate it:
The WidowerRate it:
The WinnersRate it:
The Wishing-CapsRate it:
The Young British SoldierRate it:
Things and the ManRate it:
Thorkild’s SongRate it:
Thrown AwayRate it:
To a Lady, Persuading Her to a CarRate it:
To James Whitcomb RileyRate it:
To MotoristsRate it:
To T. A.Rate it:
To The City Of BombayRate it:
To the CompanionsRate it:
To The True RomanceRate it:
To the Unknown GoddessRate it:
To Wolcott BalestierRate it:
To: Thomas AtkinsRate it:
Tod's AmendmentRate it:
TomlinsonRate it:
TommyRate it:
Troopin'Rate it:
Two KopjesRate it:
Two MonthsRate it:
UlsterRate it:
UntimelyRate it:
We and TheyRate it:
What HappenedRate it:
What the People SaidRate it:
When Earth's Last Picture Is PaintedRate it:
White HorsesRate it:
Wilful MissingRate it:
With Drake in the TropicsRate it:
With Scindia To DelhiRate it:
ZionRate it:

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