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Ezra Weston Loomis Pound was an American expatriate poet and critic of the early modernist movement.

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Famous poems by Ezra Pound:

Sestina: AltaforteRate it:
The Beautiful ToiletRate it:
The New Cake Of SoapRate it:
Song in the Manner of HousmanRate it:
Pan Is DeadRate it:
The TemperamentsRate it:
Song Of The Six Hundred M.P.'SRate it:
MeditatioRate it:
CommissionRate it:
PiccadillyRate it:
The SummonsRate it:
A GirlRate it:
Before SleepRate it:
Come To My CantilationsRate it:
ThrenosRate it:
Alf’s Fifth BitRate it:
Black Slippers: BellottiRate it:
The Social OrderRate it:
The TreeRate it:
A Ballad Of The Mulberry RoadRate it:
A PactRate it:
A Song Of The DegreesRate it:
A Villonaud: Ballad Of The GibbetRate it:
A VirginalRate it:
AlbaRate it:
AlbatreRate it:
Alf’s Eighth BitRate it:
Alf’s Fourth BitRate it:
Alf’s Ninth BitRate it:
Alf’s Second BitRate it:
Alf’s Seventh BitRate it:
Alf’s Sixth BitRate it:
Alf’s Tenth BitRate it:
Alf’s Third BitRate it:
Alf’s Twelfth BitRate it:
AmitiesRate it:
An ImmoralityRate it:
An ObjectRate it:
Ancient MusicRate it:
Ancient Wisdom, Rather CosmicRate it:
AncoraRate it:
And the days are not full enoughRate it:
And Thus In NinevehRate it:
Another Bit And An OfferRate it:
ApparuitRate it:
APRILRate it:
AridesRate it:
Au JardinRate it:
Au SalonRate it:
Äþñßá (Greek title)Rate it:
Ballad for GloomRate it:
Ballad of the Goodly FereRate it:
BallatettaRate it:
BrennbaumRate it:
Cantico del SoleRate it:
Canto 1Rate it:
Canto 13Rate it:
Canto 49Rate it:
Canto IRate it:
Canto I: And Then Went Down to the ShipRate it:
Canto IIIRate it:
Canto XIII: Kung WalkedRate it:
Canto XLIX: For the Seven LakesRate it:
Cantus PlanusRate it:
CausaRate it:
CinoRate it:
CodaRate it:
CoitusRate it:
Dance FigureRate it:
Dans Un Omnibus De LondresRate it:
De ÆgyptoRate it:
Dieu! Qu'il La FaitRate it:
Dompna Pois De Me No'us CalRate it:
Donna Mi PregaRate it:
Dum Capitolium ScandetRate it:
E.P. Ode Pour L'election De Son SepulchreRate it:
EnvoiRate it:
EpilogueRate it:
EpitaphRate it:
EpitaphsRate it:
Erat HoraRate it:
Exile’s LetterRate it:
Ezra on the StrikeRate it:
Famam Librosque CanoRate it:
Fan-Piece, For Her Imperial LordRate it:
Fish And ShadowRate it:
For E. McCRate it:
FrancescaRate it:
Fratres MinoresRate it:
from "Hugh Selwyn Mauberly"Rate it:
Further InstructionsRate it:
GentildonnaRate it:
Grace Before SongRate it:
Guido Invites You ThusRate it:
HeatherRate it:
Her Monument, The Image Cut ThereonRate it:
HistorionRate it:
HistrionRate it:
Homage To Quintus Septimus Florentis ChristianusRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - IRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - IIRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - IIIRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - IVRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - IXRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - VRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - VIRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - VIIRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - VIIIRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - XRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - XIRate it:
Homage To Sextus Propertius - XIIRate it:
Horae Beatae InscriptoRate it:
Hugh Selwyn Mauberly (Part I)Rate it:
Image From D'OrleansRate it:
Impressions Of Francois-Marie Arouet (De Voltaire)Rate it:
In a Station of the MetroRate it:
In Exitum CuiusdamRate it:
In Tempore SenectutisRate it:
In the Old Age of the SoulRate it:
InvernRate it:
Ione, Dead the Long YearRate it:
ItéRate it:
L'ArtRate it:
L'Homme Moyen SensuelRate it:
La FraisneRate it:
La Regina AvrillouseRate it:
LadiesRate it:
Lament of the Frontier GuardRate it:
Langue D'OcRate it:
Leave-Taking Near ShokuRate it:
Les MillwinRate it:
Liu Ch'eRate it:
M. Pom-PomRate it:
MarvoilRate it:
MasksRate it:
MauberleyRate it:
MedallionRate it:
MesmerismRate it:
Middle-AgedRate it:
Moeurs ContemporainesRate it:
Monumentum Aere, Etc.Rate it:
Mr. Housman's MessageRate it:
Mr. NixonRate it:
N. Y.Rate it:
Na AudiartRate it:
National Song (E.C.)Rate it:
Near PerigordRate it:
NicotineRate it:
Night LitanyRate it:
Notes for Canto CXXRate it:
Of Jacopo Del SellaioRate it:
Old Idea Of Choan By RosoriuRate it:
Ole KateRate it:
On His Own Face In A GlassRate it:
OrtusRate it:
Our ContemporariesRate it:
Pagani’s, November 8Rate it:
Paracelsus In ExcelsisRate it:
PhanopoeiaRate it:
PhyllidulaRate it:
Piere Vidal OldRate it:
Planh For The Young English KingRate it:
PoemRate it:
Poem By The Bridge At Ten-ShinRate it:
Poetic EggsRate it:
Portrait d'une FemmeRate it:
Post Mortem ConspectuRate it:
Praise Of YsoltRate it:
Prayer For His Lady’s LifeRate it:
Provincia DesertaRate it:
QuiesRate it:
RomeRate it:
Safe And SoundRate it:
SalutationRate it:
Salutation The SecondRate it:
Salutation The ThirdRate it:
SalvationistsRate it:
SatiemusRate it:
Sennin Poem By KakuhakuRate it:
Separation On The River KiangRate it:
Shop GirlRate it:
SiletRate it:
SimulacraRate it:
ßìÝñññù (Greek title)Rate it:
SocietyRate it:
SongRate it:
Song of the Bowmen of ShuRate it:
South-Folk In Cold CountryRate it:
Speech For Psyche In The Golden Book Of ApuleiusRate it:
Statement of BeingRate it:
Sub MareRate it:
Surgit FamaRate it:
Taking Leave of a FriendRate it:
Tame CatRate it:
TemporaRate it:
TenzoneRate it:
The AlchemistRate it:
The AltarRate it:
The BabyRate it:
The Bath-TubRate it:
The BellairesRate it:
The Charge Of The Bread BrigadeRate it:
The City Of ChoanRate it:
The CloakRate it:
The Coming Of War: ActaeonRate it:
The CondolenceRate it:
The EncounterRate it:
The EyesRate it:
The Fault of ItRate it:
The FaunRate it:
The FlameRate it:
The Game Of ChessRate it:
The GardenRate it:
The GarrettRate it:
The GypsyRate it:
The House Of SplendourRate it:
The Jewel Stairs' GrievanceRate it:
The Lake IsleRate it:
The Logical ConclusionRate it:
The NeedleRate it:
The PatternsRate it:
The PictureRate it:
The PlungeRate it:
The RestRate it:
The ReturnRate it:
The River SongRate it:
The River-Merchant's Wife: A LetterRate it:
The SeafarerRate it:
The Seeing EyeRate it:
The SpringRate it:
The Study In AestheticsRate it:
The Tea ShopRate it:
The Three PoetsRate it:
The Tomb At Akr ÇaarRate it:
The White StagRate it:
These Fought in Any CaseRate it:
To DivesRate it:
To Êáëüí (Greek title)Rate it:
To Whistler, AmericanRate it:
To-Em-Meps ‘The Unmoving Cloud'Rate it:
Translations And Adaptations From HeineRate it:
Ts'ai Chi'hRate it:
Villanelle: The Psychological HourRate it:
Villonaud for This YuleRate it:
Women Before A ShopRate it:
Yeux GlauquesRate it:
[Greek]Rate it:
‘Phasellus Ille’Rate it:

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