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A Song Of The Sandbags
Robert William Service
o' that that bloody war is made, Then wot I say is: Empire and 'igh destiny be damned! There's Rate it:

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A Song Of Trafalgar
Edith Nesbit
mouth. But he who taught us the word to say Grew dumb as his Victory sang, And England mourned oRate it:

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Henry Howard
before, still seeking for a make, As who would say, 'There is none here, I trow, will me forsake', Rate it:

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A Song. Go Tell Amynta, Gentle Swain
John Dryden
in sounds convey What dying lovers dare not say. 2. A sigh or tear perhaps she'll give, But love oRate it:

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A Sonnet Upon The Pitiful Burning Of The Globe Playhouse In
Anonymous Americas
at Globe; For no man that can sing and say But was scar'd on St. Peter's Day. Oh sorrowRate it:

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A Soul in Prison
Augusta Davies Webster
"Oh, my guide, I find no ledges: help me: say at least where they are placed, that I may know to Rate it:

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A Sourdough Story
Robert William Service
there are eleven. Suppose I fix on Number Six - say Boy! How's that for Heaven?" "By gosh! you winRate it:

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A Spirit Present
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
In one familiar speech,-- What wouldst thou say to me? wouldst ask What, since did me befall? Rate it:

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A Square Deal
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
give that talk a rest! I'm sick uv it. I didn't say That I was thinkin' all uv pay But wot was righRate it:

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A Stave Of Roving Tim
George Meredith
lad When perchers show they're craven. You say the shopman piles a heap, While I perhaps am fastingRate it:

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A Story
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
'She is not dead. She lives! 'O she lives, I say, and I here, I am come to fight and die here For tRate it:

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A Street Riot
Ada Cambridge
and fed? Justice be judge. Let future history say Which are the greatest criminals to- day. Rate it:

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A Study In Feeling
Ellis Parker Butler
mouth-wide happiness a-looking at his hair. I say 'a looking at his hair,' I mean just what I say,Rate it:

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A Study in the 'Nood'
Henry Lawson
be rude— (His condition was owing to drink) They say his condition was nood, Which amounts to the sRate it:

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A Summer Night
Matthew Arnold
calm moon. And the calm moonlight seems to say:-- Hast thou then still the old unquiet breast, WhiRate it:

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A Summer Pastoral
Paul Laurence Dunbar
to be so keerful 'Bout my thoughts an' what I say; Somethin' might slip out unheeded, 'Cause it's hRate it:

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A Summer Summary
Franklin P. Adams
so to me, What care I how hot it be? Shall I say I love the town Praised by Robinson and Browne?Rate it:

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A Sweet Lullaby
Nicholas Breton
smart, That may the destines implore, 'Twas I, I say, against my will; I wail the time, but be thoRate it:

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A Sybil
Rainer Maria Rilke
same road every day. Her age became too much to say In years — and, like a forest's, would be told Rate it:

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A Tale Of The Airly Days
James Whitcomb Riley
poets does, Tel theyr all too fine fer use!-- Say they was 'leven in the fambily-- Two beds, and thRate it:

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A Tenant of Mrs. Van Kleeck
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
I had five or six upon sty.) Three hogs did I say? Three sows I say then 'Pon honour I ne'er had a Rate it:

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A Terre
Wilfred Owen
short life and a merry one, my brick! We used to say we'd hate to live dead old, -- Yet now . . . IRate it:

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A Terre (being the philosophy of many soldiers)
Wilfred Owen
short life and a merry one, my buck! We used to say we'd hate to live dead-old,- Yet now...I'd willRate it:

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A Test Of Love
James Whitcomb Riley
'Now who shall say he loves me not.' He wooed her first in an atmosphere Of tender and low-breathed sighs; But the pang of her laugh went cutting ...Rate it:

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A Thought or Two on Reading Pomfret's
James Henry Leigh Hunt
a verse, and poem none at all, Yet, as they say, extremely natural. And yet I know not. There's aRate it:

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