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A science—so the Savants say
Emily Dickinson
A science—so the Savants say, "Comparative Anatomy"— By which a single bone— Is made a secret to unfold Of some rare tenant of the mold, Else peris...Rate it:

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A Scrawl
James Whitcomb Riley
echoes fall Limp and unlovable. Words will not say what I yearn to say-- They will not walk as I wRate it:

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A Sculptor
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
on and on, Till the pale critic, Death, shall say, ''Tis done.' Rate it:

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A Seed
William Allingham
some new May, Lie under whispering leaves and say, "Are the ills of one's life so very bad When Rate it:

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A Serenade At The Villa
Robert Browning
the hopes, Words and song and lute as well? Say, this struck you---``When life gropes ``Feebly Rate it:

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A Servant To Servants
Robert Frost
medicine-- Lowe is the only doctor's dared to say so-- It's rest I want--there, I have said it out-Rate it:

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A Shower In War-Time
Sydney Thompson Dobell
great round drops they fell and fell. I say not War is good or ill; Perchance they may slay, if thRate it:

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A Sick Soul
John Newton
am sick, regard my cry, And set my spirit free; Say, canst thou let a sinner die, Who longs to liveRate it:

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A Smuggler's Song
Rudyard Kipling
in blue and red, You be carefull what you say, and mindful what is said. If they call you "pretty mRate it:

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A Snifter
Robert William Service
with mental eye Wife and baby. So I say 'tis malted milk I'll be skoffin'; SooRate it:

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A Social Call
Ambrose Bierce
of a state they 're in! That's all I have to say. Good-bye, old man. Next year you possibly may fiRate it:

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A Society Leader
Ambrose Bierce
to use them unbenignly. The ladies (bless them!) say you dance divinely. I like St. Vitus better, tRate it:

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A Soldier's Reprieve
William Topaz McGonagall
my brother took his place." "What is this you say, child? Come here and let me see your face." ThenRate it:

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A Song
Archibald Lampman
despair. Dear night, I pray, How is it that men say That love is sweet? It is not sweet to me. ForRate it:

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A Song
Thomas Parnell
Pride, Let either fix the Dart. Poor Girl! (says Cælia) say no more; For shou'd the Swain but one aRate it:

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A Song : On The Green Margin
William Cowper
away, Then sighed and blushed, as who would say Ah! Thyrsis, I am won. Rate it:

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A Song For Freedom
Anonymous Americas
our children on the block, Then choke us if we say a word, And say that 'niggers' shan't be heard. Rate it:

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A Song for Old Love
Muriel Stuart
be a song for both of us that day Though fools say you have long outlived your songs, And when, perRate it:

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A Song From A Sandhill
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
drop? Drip, drip, drip! the squatter wouldn't say ‘Thank God!' so earnestly if he were camped inRate it:

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A Song From The Suds
Louisa May Alcott
strength, and hope, And I cheerfully learn to say- 'Head, you may think; heart, you may feel; But hRate it:

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A Song of Autumn
Adam Lindsay Gordon
can I tell where the garlands go? Can I say where the lost leaves veer On the brown-buRate it:

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A Song of Brave Men
Henry Lawson
things they do for nothing, and those fishermen say, "Oh! it's nowt!" (Enemy, Friend or Stranger!Rate it:

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A Song Of Impossibilities
Winthrop Mackworth Praed
the lords of lands; When Huskisson is heard to say That Lethbridge understands; When wrinkles woRate it:

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A Song Of Parting
Edith Nesbit
And I, 'mid rapture and tears, found voice to say 'Farewell--my Love--to leave you is to die, I Rate it:

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A Song Of Spring
Katharine Tynan
up this way. The trees are out in Heaven they say. Slowly, slowly, The Spring comes slowly up our Rate it:

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