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From Far, From Eve and Morning
Alfred Edward Housman
From far, from eve and morning And yon twelve-winded sky, The stuff of life to knit me Blew hither: here am I. Now-- for a breath I tarry Nor...Rate it:

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From The Far West
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
'Tis a song of the Never Never land— Set to the tune of a scorching gale On the sandhills red, When the grasses dead Loudly rustle, and bow the...Rate it:

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Go Not Far From Me, O My God
Anna Laetitia Waring
Go not far from me, O my God, Whom all my times obey; Take from me anything Thou wilt, But go not Thou away, And let the storm that does thy work...Rate it:

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Heaven is so far of the Mind
Emily Dickinson
Heaven is so far of the Mind That were the Mind dissolved— The Site—of it—by Architect Could not again be proved— 'Tis vast—as our Capacity— As fa...Rate it:

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How far is it to Heaven?
Emily Dickinson
How far is it to Heaven? As far as Death this way— Of River or of Ridge beyond Was no discovery. How far is it to Hell? As far as Death this way— ...Rate it:

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Lament (O how all things are far removed)
Rainer Maria Rilke
O how all things are far removed and long have passed away. I do believe the star, whose light my face reflects, is dead and has been so for many t...Rate it:

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Near But Far Away
William Morris
She wavered, stopped and turned, methought her eyes, The deep grey windows of her heart, were wet, Methought they softened with a new regret To ...Rate it:

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Nearer Than Far
Kurt Philip Behm
Writers treading water —the sound of the falls (Dreamsleep: April, 2020)Rate it:

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Neither Out Far Nor In Deep
Robert Frost
The people along the sand All turn and look one way. They turn their back on the land. They look at the sea all day. As long as it takes to pass A...Rate it:

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O you, far colder, whiter
Torquato Tasso
O you, far colder, whiter Than she who makes less fair The stars with shining there: Her purest silver cannot dim Nor any cloud, or rain or wind, ...Rate it:

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Over the Hills and Far Away
William Ernest Henley
Where forlorn sunsets flare and fade On desolate sea and lonely sand, Out of the silence and the shade What is the voice of strange command Calli...Rate it:

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Over The Hills And Far Away
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
A LITTLE bird flew my window by, 'Twixt the level street and the level sky, The level rows of houses tall, The long low sun on the level wall; ...Rate it:

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Over the hills and far away
Eugene Field
Over the hills and far away, A little boy steals from his morning play And under the blossoming apple-tree He lies and he dreams of the things to b...Rate it:

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She is Far From the Land
Thomas Moore
She is far from the land where her young hero sleeps, And lovers are round her, sighing; But coldly she turns from their gaze, and weeps, For he...Rate it:

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Songs from The Beggar’s Opera: Air XVI-“Over the Hills, and Far Away”
John Gay
Mac. Were I laid on Greenland’s coast, And in my arms embraced my lass, Warm amidst eternal frost, Too s...Rate it:

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Sonnet 99: When Far-Spent Night
Sir Philip Sidney
When far-spent night persuades each mortal eye, To whom nor art nor nature granted light, To lay his then mark-wanting shafts of sight, Clos'd w...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXXI: Far O'er the Waves
Mary Darby Robinson
Far o'er the waves my lofty Bark shall glide, Love's frequent sighs the flutt'ring sails shall swell, While to my native home I bid farewell, Hope'...Rate it:

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The Court is far away
Emily Dickinson
The Court is far away— No Umpire—have I— My Sovereign is offended— To gain his grace—I'd die! I'll seek his royal feet— I'll say—Remember—King— Th...Rate it:

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The Far Future
Henry Kendall
AUSTRALIA, advancing with rapid winged stride, Shall plant among nations her banners in pride, The yoke of dependence aside she will cast, And buil...Rate it:

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The Far-Farers
Robert Louis Stevenson
THE broad sun, The bright day: White sails On the blue bay: The far-farers Draw away. Light the fires And close the door. To the old homes, To the...Rate it:

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Frederick William (FW) Harvey
Sometimes 'tis far off, and sometimes 'tis nigh, Such drummerdery noises too they be ! 'Tis odd — oh, I do hope I baint to die Just as the summe...Rate it:

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There Is A Bondage Worse, Far Worse, To Bear
William Wordsworth
THERE is a bondage worse, far worse, to bear Than his who breathes, by roof, and floor, and wall, Pent in, a Tyrant's solitary Thrall: 'Tis his who...Rate it:

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They put Us far apart
Emily Dickinson
They put Us far apart— As separate as Sea And Her unsown Peninsula— We signified "These see"— They took away our Eyes— They thwarted Us with Guns—...Rate it:

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Thoughts in a Far Country
Franklin P. Adams
I rise and applaud, in the patriot manner, Whenever (as often) I hear The palpitanat strains of "The Star Spangled Banner,"-- I shout and cheer....Rate it:

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To All That Love The Far And Blue
Robert Louis Stevenson
TO all that love the far and blue: Whether, from dawn to eve, on foot The fleeing corners ye pursue, Nor weary of the vain pursuit; Or whether down...Rate it:

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