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Far, far away is mirth withdrawn
Emily Jane Brontë
Far, far away is mirth withdrawn 'Tis three long hours before the morn And I watch lonely, drearily - So come thou shade commune with me Deserted...Rate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
(For Music) What sight so lured him thro' the fields he knew As where earth's green stole into heaven's own hue, Far-far-away? What sound was...Rate it:

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Lines -- Far, Far Away, O Ye
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I. Far, far away, O ye Halcyons of Memory, Seek some far calmer nest Than this abandoned breast! No news of your false spring To my heart’s winter...Rate it:

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So Far And So Far, And On Toward The End
Walt Whitman
SO far, and so far, and on toward the end, Singing what is sung in this book, from the irresistible impulses of me; But whether I co...Rate it:

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Far Away
Ehsan Sehgal
Why my destination is far away, From my sight I have become weary Since my continuous journey All my hair turned Into white now I left out my h...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
I’M FAR TOO YOUNG FOR S.A.G.A. I’m far too young for SAGA I’m nearly eighty-two Still full of youthful vigour And that, my friends, won’t do. It...Rate it:

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Far Away
Isaac Rosenberg
By what pale light or moon-pale shore Drifts my soul in lonely flight ? Regions God had floated o'er Ere He touched the world with light ? Not in ...Rate it:

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Far In a Western Brookland
Alfred Edward Housman
Far in a western brookland That bred me long ago The poplars stand and tremble By pools I used to know. There, in the windless night-time, Th...Rate it:

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A Far Country
Leslie Pinckney Hill
Beyond the cities I have seen, Beyond the wrack and din, There is a wide and fair demesne Where I have never been. Away from desert wastes of gree...Rate it:

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A Letter To One Far Away
Harriet Monroe
Dear Wanderer— The sky is gray, With flecks of blue The clouds rush over. A bird is singing Far away, And butterflies Taste of the clover. ...Rate it:

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A Vine-Arbour In The Far West.
Jean Ingelow
I. Laura, my Laura! 'Yes, mother!' 'I want you, Laura; come down.' 'What is it, mother - what, dearest? O your loved face how it pales! You tre...Rate it:

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And The Laughter Of The Young And Gay Was Far Too Glad And Loud.
Eliza Paul Kirkbride Gurney
Hush, hush! my thoughts are resting on a changeless world of bliss; Oh! come not with the voice of mirth to lure them back to this. 'Tis true, we'v...Rate it:

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As Far As My Eye Can See In My Body’s Senses
Paul Eluard
All the trees all their branches all of their leaves The grass at the foot of the rocks and the houses en masse Far off the sea that your eye bathe...Rate it:

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As far as your Rifles Cover
Henry Lawson
Do you think, you slaves of a thousand years to poverty, wealth and pride, You can crush the spirit that has been free in a land that's new and wi...Rate it:

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As far from pity, as complaint
Emily Dickinson
As far from pity, as complaint— As cool to speech—as stone— As numb to Revelation As if my Trade were Bone— As far from time—as History— As near y...Rate it:

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Cupid Far Gone
Richard Lovelace
I. What, so beyond all madnesse is the elf, Now he hath got out of himself! His fatal enemy the Bee, Nor his deceiv'd artillerie, His shack...Rate it:

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Elysium is as far as to
Emily Dickinson
Elysium is as far as to The very nearest Room If in that Room a Friend await Felicity or Doom-- What fortitude the Soul contains That it can ...Rate it:

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Far Away
Ehsan Sehgal
Why my destination is far away, From my sight I have become weary Since my continuous journey All my hair turned Into white now I left out my ho...Rate it:

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Far Away from Here
Charles Baudelaire
This is the sanctuary where the prettified young lady, calm, and always ready, fans her breasts, aglow, elbow on the pillow, hears the fountain’s f...Rate it:

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Far Better (Blues Poem #18)
Kurt Philip Behm
It’s better to let her… keep those fancy shoes and bags if she comes to bed each night It’s better to let her… have the house worn and ragge...Rate it:

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Far From My Heavenly Home
Henry Francis Lyte
Far from my heavenly home, Far from my Father’s breast, Fainting I cry, blest Spirit, come And speed me to my rest. My spirit homeward turns And f...Rate it:

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Far Off
Constantine P. Cavafy
I should like to relate this memory ... but it is so faded now ... scarecely anthing is left -- because it lies far off, in the years of my early m...Rate it:

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Far Off-Shore
Herman Melville
Look, the raft, a signal flying, Thin--a shred; None upon the lashed spars lying, Quick or dead. Cries the sea-fowl, hovering over, 'Crew, the cre...Rate it:

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Far West Emigrant .
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
I. Mine eye is weary of the plains Of verdure vast and wide That stretch around me—lovely, calm, From morn till even-tide; And I recall with achin...Rate it:

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From Far Dakota's Canons
Walt Whitman
FROM far Dakota's cañons, Lands of the wild ravine, the dusky Sioux, the lonesome stretch, the silence, Haply to-day a mournful wail...Rate it:

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