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A Sigh, In A Play-Ground.
John Clare
O happy spot! how much the sight of thee Wakes the endearments of my infancy: The very trees, through which the wild-winds sigh, Seem whispering no...Rate it:

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About The Sheltered Garden Ground
Robert Louis Stevenson
ABOUT the sheltered garden ground The trees stand strangely still. The vale ne'er seemed so deep before, Nor yet so high the hill. An awful sense ...Rate it:

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Advance – Come Forth From Thy Tyrolean Ground
William Wordsworth
ADVANCE-come forth from thy Tyrolean ground, Dear Liberty! stern Nymph of soul untamed; Sweet Nymph, O rightly of the mountains named! Through the ...Rate it:

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Dedication for a Plot of Ground
William Carlos Williams
This plot of ground facing the waters of this inlet is dedicated to the living presence of Emily Dickinson Wellcome who was born in England; ma...Rate it:

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Friend, Your White Beard Sweeps the Ground
Stephen Crane
Friend, your white beard sweeps the ground. Why do you stand, expectant? Do you hope to see it In one of your withered days? With your old eyes...Rate it:

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Higher Ground
Kurt Philip Behm
I refuse to talk with bigots, does that apply to you And freely open up my mind, to greet the world anew Discriminatory and hateful barbs, divide...Rate it:

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Inscriptions In The Ground Of Coleorton, The Seat Of Sir George Beaumont, Bart., Leicestershire
William Wordsworth
THE embowering rose, the acacia, and the pine, Will not unwillingly their place resign; If but the Cedar thrive that near them stands, Planted by B...Rate it:

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Kiss her Ground
Jesus Penaranda
Kiss her Ground.. Although I did not even know her name. I would adore her.. Like the star that shines amoung a million stars my eyes could spot ...Rate it:

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Massa’s in de Cold Ground
Stephen C. Foster
ROUND de meadows am a-ringing De darkeys’ mournful song, While de mocking-bird am singing, Happy as de day am long. Where de ivy am a-creeping, O’...Rate it:

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Of The Mole In The Ground
John Bunyan
The mole's a creature very smooth and slick, She digs i' th' dirt, but 'twill not on her stick; So's he who counts this world his greatest gains, Y...Rate it:

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Off the Ground
Walter de la Mare
Three jolly Farmers Once bet a pound Each dance the others would Off the ground. Out of their coats They slipped right soon, And neat and nic...Rate it:

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Off to the Fishing Ground
Lucy Maud Montgomery
There's a piping wind from a sunrise shore Blowing over a silver sea, There's a joyous voice in the lapsing tide That calls enticingly; The mist of...Rate it:

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Our Last Grand Camping Ground
Henry Clay Work
On a pebly shore, where forevermore Gently creeps a music laden wave -- In the meadows green, which beyond are seen, Camps a conq'ring army, true a...Rate it:

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She dwelleth in the Ground
Emily Dickinson
She dwelleth in the Ground— Where Daffodils—abide— Her Maker—Her Metropolis— The Universe—Her Maid— To fetch Her Grace—and Hue— And Fairness—and R...Rate it:

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The Ground Thrush
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I'm a business man; and I can't spare time For this fluting and fussing and frilling. The song of my cousin may be sublime, But I never have foun...Rate it:

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The Indian Burying Ground
Philip Freneau
In spite of all the learn'd have said; I still my old opinion keep, The posture, that we give the dead, Points out the soul's eternal sleep. Not s...Rate it:

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The Old Burying-Ground
John Greenleaf Whittier
Our vales are sweet with fern and rose, Our hills are maple-crowned; But not from them our fathers chose The village burying-ground. The dreariest...Rate it:

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Unfamiliar Ground
Kurt Philip Behm
Does loneliness strike when entering a new space, that we choose, or is chosen for us Is the isolation a door to where we must go, a new portal, o...Rate it:

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Upon The Sight Of A Pound Of Candles Falling To The Ground
John Bunyan
But be the candles down, and scattered too, Some lying here, some there? What shall we do? Hold, light the candle there that stands on high, It you...Rate it:

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