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End To End
Kurt Philip Behm
next book That other book Beginning and ending in the middle —they all turn out the same The fiRate it:

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No End-Products
Nikhil Parekh
The end product of indiscriminatingly venomous war; was the gruesome coffin of baselessly decrepit and rotting; prejudice, The end product of abj...Rate it:

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In The end
Nikhil Parekh
on this fathomless Universe; but in the end the mellifluously bumble bee came back only to its respRate it:

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Just Doesn't end
Nikhil Parekh
The job of the sensuously virile clouds perhaps ended; at showering torrential downpours of magically glistening rain; upon the trajectory of this ...Rate it:

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The Beginning Of The End
Kurt Philip Behm
I saw the end in the beginning at the beginning of the end I wrote the final chapter before the preface with nothing left to send ...Rate it:

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The End Of The Beginning
Kurt Philip Behm
I saw the end in the beginning at the beginning of the end I wrote the final chapter before the preface with nothing left to send ...Rate it:

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When Will It End?
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Civil War in the United States. O when will it end, this appalling strife, With its reckless wasteRate it:

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Dining At The End Of The World
Jennifer Juan
so sweet, hands clasped, as we strolled to the end of the world. To run felt futile, when I was haRate it:

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The Song’s End
Leon Gellert
Where will the song end? Here? Here by the stretching arc Red-rimmed and clear> Or there in the dark? Where will the song end? Here, where the liza...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
A GREAT WEEK-END By eight A.M last Saturday My gang was on the way For a week-end down in Cardiff To include St. David’s Day. The weather wasn’t ...Rate it:

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A Tearful End
Ehsan Sehgal
as like Life-threatening journey It has not the ending But one stays suffering From waiting, worriRate it:

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Walter Jackson
live. Clearly now, ever so clearly I can see my end. But cowardly, I shrink from it. How clear theRate it:

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A Write To the End
Kurt Philip Behm
you compress for the light And hope at the end, you are saved in the fight When giant verse Rate it:

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Because I failed, shall I asperse the End
Alfred Austin
Because I failed, shall I asperse the End With scorn or doubt, my failure to excuse; 'Gainst arduous Truth my feeble falseness use, Like that worst...Rate it:

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Day's End
Lesbia Harford
You are gay, Little factory girls, At the end of your day. There you stand, Huddled close, OnRate it:

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I could, said I would; - always have a friend Now i know, - true colors show; I'm alone until the eRate it:

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The City at the End of Things
Archibald Lampman
heard it called in dreams The City of the End of Things. Its roofs and iron towers have grownRate it:

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Jason Berger (Amarantine)
The end is here. The edge is near. Just one step. A brush of fear. A spark of life overwhelmed by strife. The blink of an eye. A slice of a knife. ...Rate it:

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The End Of May
Charles Lamb
we should see him soon, Either the latter end of May, Or by the first of June. 'The end of May wasRate it:

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The End Of The Trail
Robert William Service
you've been mighty good to me, Yet here's the end of the trail; No more mountain, moor and sea, No Rate it:

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War's End Armistice Day 1935
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
lands of the north, To battle, that men might end all war. Ageing Diggers, grown wiser now, Again Rate it:

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We Are Getting to the End
Thomas Hardy
We are getting to the end of visioning The impossible within this universe, Such as that better whiles may follow worse, And that our race may mend...Rate it:

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Saša Milivojev - TILL THE WORLD’S END
Saša Milivojev
spring in blossom I love till the world’s end Just one more moment Of dying for you Saša MilivojeRate it:

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The End In Sight
Kurt Philip Behm
your cup still empties, false reward The end in sight, horizon plain, one last choice calls—youRate it:

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A Beginning Of The End
Mario William Vitale
to live & understand The beginning of the end try to turn around and understand Be captivated bRate it:

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