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The Elusive Ghost
Kurt Philip Behm
we pierce the inner mind Perception, the most elusive ghost —and hardest to define (VillanovRate it:

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The Elusive New Zoo Gnu
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
They had a new gnu at the Zoo And nobody knew. Tho' the keeper, they say, had a clue; And that's probably true, Since he knew a new gnu was due, An...Rate it:

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Dancing Adairs
Conrad Potter Aiken
beyond you: How can your fingers hold me? I am elusive. How can my fingers hold you? You are elusRate it:

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Turns and Movies: Dancing Adairs
Conrad Potter Aiken
beyond you: How can your fingers hold me? I am elusive. How can my fingers hold you? You are elusRate it:

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Old Man Platypus
Andrew Barton Paterson
dives in the river bends In a style that is most elusive; With few relations and fewer friends, ForRate it:

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Ada Cambridge
truth, and not alone to me - O mate and friend, elusive in the throng, With thy clear brows, thy stRate it:

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elegy of the 0ak and the Willow
p g webster
Oh willow there before my eyes, your love elusive art this time, may Spring abound with sweet surprRate it:

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The Wandering Jew
Edwin Arlington Robinson
dawning on the dust of years Had shaped with an elusive light Mirages of remembered scenes That wRate it:

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1989-2017 Poetic Work Of Mario William Vitale
Mario William Vitale
stalk the earth, its mammal traces, its elusive tracks, to sit on a fallen log where spiders macramRate it:

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A Blouse Machinist
Lesbia Harford
to mend it when it breaks. Oh, beauty's still elusive and she's fine. Though all the moulding OfRate it:

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A Blue Valentine
Joyce Kilmer
her soul cannot be seen. It is something elusive, whimsical, tender, wanton, infantile, wise And noRate it:

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A Reply To A Pessimist
Alfred Austin
Hamadryads frisk in every wood, In every pool elusive Naiads dwell; Neptune's dread voice, deep as Rate it:

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A Rhyme About an Electrical Advertising Sign
Vachel Lindsay
cliffs of the street The stars sing a message elusive and sweet. Now man cannot rest in his pleasRate it:

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After Cattle
Roderic Quinn
then . . . we listened, breathing low. We heard, elusive, strange, and shy, A song arise — The riveRate it:

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George Meredith
that writhes; Nor whimpering under misfortune; elusive of obstacles; prompt To quit any threatened Rate it:

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Always for the First Time
Andre Breton
you coalesce entirely with the brightness The elusive angle of a curtain It's a field of jasmine I Rate it:

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An Autumn Evening
Lucy Maud Montgomery
again and yet again at will To drink the elusive beauty of the night, Until my soul is filled, as Rate it:

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As The Oak Lies In The Acorn
Liam Ó Comáin
as July rain Peppered the sea birds. An elusive maiden but one to be wooed With persistence in conRate it:

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William Watson
mountains draped and hooded night and morn, Elusive notes in wandering wafture borne, From undiscovRate it:

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Joseph Furphy
A spectral film that came and went, In its elusive way gave vent In some unreal words which meant; 'I think therefore I am.' That phantasm only...Rate it:

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circle of mine
gavin campbell
to the mill it's each mornings drill a break is elusive and rare least the cupboards not bare I cRate it:

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Deep In the Quiet Wood
James Weldon Johnson
solitude Do you not catch, yet faint, elusive strains? They are above, around, within you, everywheRate it:

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Echo Dell
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Echo Dell! Even the winds an echo know, Elusive, faint, such as might blow From wandering elf-lRate it:

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Boris Pasternak
dive With yells into the pond, and head For this elusive netlike sky. Some women from the water riRate it:

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Fleeting Epiphany
Kurt Philip Behm
of God, eternal, complete The knowledge of God —elusive at best (St. David’s Pennsylvania: FebruaRate it:

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