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It Is Not Beauty I Demand
George Darley
It is not Beauty I demand, A crystal brow, the moon's despair, Nor the snow's daughter, a white hand, Nor mermaid's yellow pride of hair. Tell...Rate it:

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Reasons Demand
Kurt Philip Behm
eschew, both past and then future As reasons demand what excuses command, the ending unsutureRate it:

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A Demand
Ambrose Bierce
You promised to paint me a picture, Dear Mat, And I was to pay you in rhyme. Although I am loth to inflict your Most easy of consciences, I'm Of op...Rate it:

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The Wonders of the One Pound Note
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
How can such vain things be told?) 'Upon demand' (he prints DEMAND in 'caps.') But will he pay? . Rate it:

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How Beastly the Bourgeois Is
David Herbert Lawrence
moral difficulty, let life face him with a new demand on his understanding and then watch him go soRate it:

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The Prairie-Grass Dividing
Walt Whitman
dividing--its special odor breathing, I demand of it the spiritual corresponding, Demand the Rate it:

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Women's Suffrage
William Topaz McGonagall
wouldn't women do the very same? Therefore, to demand the parliamentary Franchise they are not to bRate it:

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Africa For The Africans
Marcus Mosiah Garvey
are men, no longer cringing fools; They demand a place, not like weak tools; But among the world ofRate it:

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But What's The Use
Henry Lawson
what’s the use of writing ‘bush’— Though editors demand it— For city folk, and farming folk, Can neRate it:

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Culture and Cops
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I yelled - 'What are policemen for? Come, I demand, good cop, demand Protection from the law!' 'YouRate it:

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High Talk
William Butler Yeats
lions, ake but poor shows, Because children demand Daddy-long-legs upon This timber toes, Because wRate it:

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Promise This—When You be Dying
Emily Dickinson
Hand— Be my lips—the only Buckle Your low Eyes—demand— Mine to stay—when all have wandered— To devRate it:

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The Trumpeter, an Old English Tale
Mary Darby Robinson
fight He had vanquished his foes, one and all) Demanded a track of rich lands; and rich fare; And oRate it:

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A Woman Waits For Me
Walt Whitman
you are to beget babes in their turn, I shall demand perfect men and women out of my love-spendiRate it:

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KoKo Ameen, the Jewelry Queen
Sonia Walker
"KoKo Ameen Aglow." Her originals are in demand by The Fifth Avenue hauteur Who frequent her showsRate it:

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Ne Sit Ancillae Tibi Amor Pudor
Robert Louis Stevenson
you are going by. A strict reserve the fates demand; But, when to let you pass I stand, Sometimes bRate it:

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Marianne Moore
them', shall we have it. In the meantime, if you demand on the one hand, the raw material of poetryRate it:

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R. L. McCallum
so tarnished by its disparities That war is of demand? Why do you sacrifice your hopes and dreams? Rate it:

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Swags Up!
John Le Gay Brereton
stars were merged in grey Our fragrant camp, demand a parting sigh: New tracks, new camps, and hearRate it:

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The Blues Hotel
Sterling Warner
turn Voices chant incantations, grunt outside Demand immediate admittance— Ready to fix a need, a Rate it:

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To S. M. A Young African Painter, On Seeing His Works
Phillis Wheatley
radiance of Aurora's eyes, For nobler themes demand a nobler strain, And purer language on th' etheRate it:

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The Rebel
Henry Lawson
rags and hunger in the harvest of their toil. I demand the rights of Labour in the law of God definRate it:

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In Due Season
John McCrae
I have sown? "Nay, for of thee the Master doth demand Thy work: the harvest rests with Him alone.Rate it:

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A Last Appeal
Edith Nesbit
us our turn'? Ever more passionate grows our demand-- Give us our share of our food and our landRate it:

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1819 New Year's Carrier's Address
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
command it, And you, my kind PATRONS, deserve & demand it. On your patience to trespass no longer IRate it:

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