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Sonnet 143: Lo, as a careful huswife runs to catch
William Shakespeare
Lo, as a careful huswife runs to catch One of her feathered creatures broke away, Sets down her babe and makes all swift dispatch In pursuit of the...Rate it:

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Catch up
Frank Anthony Cimino jr
and you are away, Maybe someday some way We'll catch up to each other another day.Rate it:

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As Kingfishers Catch Fire
Gerard Manley Hopkins
As king fishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame; As tumbled over rim in roundy wells Stones ring; like each tucked string tells, each hung...Rate it:

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Go and Catch a Falling Star
John Donne
Go and catch a falling star, Get with child a mandrake root, Tell me where all past years are, Or who cleft the devil's foot, Teach me to h...Rate it:

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Song: Go and catch a falling star
John Donne
Go and catch a falling star, Get with child a mandrake root, Tell me where all past years are, Or who cleft the devil's foot, T...Rate it:

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Author's Apology For His Book
John Bunyan
see the ways the fisherman doth take To catch the fish; what engines doth he make! Behold how he eRate it:

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The Astronomer
Rabindranath Tagore
beaches of that Dadam tree, couldn't somebody catch it?" But dada laughed at me and said, "BabyRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
things besides If you are really never out to catch (Not to say snatch) A noble husband, then - waiRate it:

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Basket Dance
Amy Lowell
between our shadows. Do you want my basket? Catch it! Catch it! But you cannot catch me, I am Rate it:

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L'Albatros (The Albatross)
Charles Baudelaire
to amuse themselves, the men of a crew Catch albatrosses, those vast sea birds That indolently foRate it:

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The Famous Tay Whale
William Topaz McGonagall
seen by some men one day, And they resolved to catch him without delay. When it came to be known Rate it:

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At sunset
Emily Pauline Johnson
And swoon into the west; My ear can scarcely catch the whispered note, But something in my breasRate it:

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Divine Beauty (1)
shyness, setting in your love nest. I shall catch a glimpse when you rise again. It's a catch 2Rate it:

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A June-Tide Echo
Amy Levy
and concealed like a veiling fold; To catch for an instant the sweet June spell. For once, for oneRate it:

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A Soul in Prison
Augusta Davies Webster
pulpits, and in the swelling sound can never catch the tremulous voice of doubt that wails in theRate it:

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A Threatening Hand
Kurt Philip Behm
till Saturday they spread their delight catch-as-catch-can, then again But Sunday morning to awaRate it:

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An Ode on the Piece
Helen Maria Williams
fainting form, that slowly sinks in death, To catch the parting glance, the fleeting breath. VII. Rate it:

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Baseball and Writing
Marianne Moore
excitement-- a fever in the victim-- pitcher, catcher, fielder, batter. Victim in what category?Rate it:

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Christ at Carnival
Muriel Stuart
And some unfrustrable desire Goaded me on to catch the roses thrown From breast to breast, and wRate it:

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Croquet by Moonlight
Julia A Moore
she'd have some fun, "The one of you that'll catch me, may see me safely home." The play began in eRate it:

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Dirrawan the Song-Maker
James Martin Devaney
all. Dirrawan went to the Long Brown Water to catch makora. he thought about balleballea the silenRate it:

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Dreams Nascent
David Herbert Lawrence
round flesh of the world; And striving to catch a glimpse of the shape of the coming dream, As itRate it:

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Robert William Service
I wish One would be lucky now and then And catch a little fish. I watch them statuesquely staRate it:

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For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry (excerpt, Jubilate Agno)
Christopher Smart
with elegant quickness. For then he leaps up to catch the musk, which is the blessing of God upon hRate it:

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Alan Alexander Milne
said that she was sorry, but it's difficult to catch An excited sort of beetle you've mistaken for Rate it:

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