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The Toad And Spyder. A Duell
Richard Lovelace
forth that load Of spite and hate, the speckl'd toad, And from his chaps a foam doth spawn, Such asRate it:

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The Toad
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
with calm eyes fixed upon the heavens, A toad sat thinking. It was wretchedness That gazed on majesRate it:

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A toad can die of light!
Emily Dickinson
A toad can die of light! Death is the common right Of toads and men,-- Of earl and midge The privilege. Why swagger then? The...Rate it:

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The toad! It looks like
Kobayashi Issa
The toad! It looks like it could belch a cloud. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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The Tree-Toad
James Whitcomb Riley
''Scurious-like,' said the tree-toad, 'I've twittered far rain all day; And I got up soon, And I hollered till noon-- But the sun, hit blazed away,...Rate it:

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A Soaring Toad
Ambrose Bierce
So, Governor, you would not serve again Although we'd all agree to pay you double. You find it all is vanity and pain One clump of clover in a fiel...Rate it:

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The Song of the Garden-Toad
Vachel Lindsay
Down, down beneath the daisy beds, O hear the cries of pain! And moaning on the cinder-path They're blind amid the rain. Can murmurs of the wor...Rate it:

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Instans Tyrannus
Robert Browning
one mocked by an elf, ``Is one baffled by toad or by rat? ``The gravamen's in that! ``How the lion,Rate it:

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Romance Moderne
William Carlos Williams
childhood, since childhood! Childhood is a toad in the garden, a happy toad. All toads are happy Rate it:

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Think As I Think
Stephen Crane
man, "Or you are abominably wicked; You are a toad." And after I had thought of it, I said, "IRate it:

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Pagett, M.P.
Rudyard Kipling
The toad beneath the harrow knows Exactly where eath tooth-point goes. The butterfly upon the road Preaches contentment to that toad. Pagett, M.P....Rate it:

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Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 4
Christopher Smart
monosyllables to prevent our clipping. For a toad enjoys a finer prospect than another creature tRate it:

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Strange Jokes
Sidney Lanier
Well: Death is a huge omnivorous Toad Grim squatting on a twilight road. He catcheth all that Circumstance Hath tossed to him. He curseth all w...Rate it:

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The Carver
Conrad Potter Aiken
See, as the carver carves a rose, A wing, a toad, a serpent's eye, In cruel granite, to disclose The soft things that in hardness lie, So this ...Rate it:

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Orlando Furioso Canto 7
Ludovico Ariosto
ensign, decked with swoln and poisonous toad. Her the two damsels to the cavalier Before the bridgeRate it:

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Ghost House
Robert Frost
forgotten road That has no dust-bath now for the toad. Night comes; the black bats tumble and dart;Rate it:

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Thomas Edward Brown
too was He. I have an arbour wherein came a toad Most hideous to see— Immediate, seizing stRate it:

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Hopping Frog, Hop Here And Be Seen
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Good bye, we'll let each other alone. Plodding toad, plod here and be looked at, You the finger Rate it:

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Anger Nonetheless
Deci Hernandez
with just a kiss To brace you will make me toad i could fill pails with tears How i loved you AndRate it:

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The Legend of La Brea
Charles Kingsley
a bottle- Buried at his cottage door; Toad and spider, dirty water, Rusty nails, and nine charms moRate it:

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The Frog
Hilaire Belloc
likewise 'Ugly James,' Or 'Gap-a-grin,' or 'Toad-gone-wrong,' Or 'Bill Bandy-knees': The Frog is juRate it:

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A Coward
Ambrose Bierce
immortal load, To think himself a serpent or a toad, Or dream, with a divine, ecstatic glow, He's lRate it:

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A Song Of Singing
James Whitcomb Riley
sing! Sing! peacock on the orchard wall, Or tree-toad by the trickling spring! Sing! every bird on Rate it:

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Animal House
Cicely Fox Smith
years old and he’s just laid an egg; There’s a toad and a newt and a thrush with one leg, A hedgehoRate it:

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At The Station Of The Versailles Railway
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
I turned upon my heel Saying, “Correggio was a toad”; then gave Three dizzy yawns, and knew not of Rate it:

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