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Komal Vasudeva
Nowadays, there is a trend Of having a Girlfriend A boy fights with his friends To make her a friend Girlfriend is a source For easy depletion ...Rate it:

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have known better: became nickname-joy! nowadays: the two initials are so familiarly liked? NaturaRate it:

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And is love very strong where honour rules?
Lesbia Harford
turn to love elsewhere? But Joseph is a hero nowadays And young Paolo, the Italian blood, RatherRate it:

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Aunt Dorothy's Lecture
Ada Cambridge
not talk like a stable-boy, As the fashion is nowadays. In fact, I admire him very much— My dear, yRate it:

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Baby Biddie, Just What do you call Two Mexican Firefighters?
Nobody Nose
along and fought each other Some place close to nowadays Austria And upset that they could not get Rate it:

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Casey's Table D'Hote
Eugene Field
'nd the water to my eyes; 'Nd seems like cookin' nowadays ain't what it used to be In camp on Red HRate it:

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Andrew Barton Paterson
say he breathed, he "commandeered" it. For nowadays you'll notice when a man is "on the make", AnRate it:

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Dear Doctor, I have Read your Play
George Gordon Lord Byron
to speak it--plays Are drugs--mere drugs, Sir, nowadays. I had a heavy loss by Manuel -- TooRate it:

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Elegy On Partridge
Jonathan Swift
wear derives from them: And therefore crowns are nowadays Adorn'd with golden stars and rays: WhichRate it:

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For Me
Abinash Parajuli
life As dead they seems to you now and then So nowadays when you smile It hurts so extreme that ItRate it:

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Forsaking All Others Part 3
Alice Duer Miller
madly and that he loves me. 'Everything I do nowadays is pleasant,­ Talking, walking, brushing ouRate it:

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Eugene Field
disappeared; It was the usage years ago, But nowadays it's got To be regarded coarse and low To ansRate it:

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Marthy Ellen
James Whitcomb Riley
liable to git no praise Ner nothin' like it nowadays; An' yit that name o' her'n is jest As purty aRate it:

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Philiper Flash
James Whitcomb Riley
the shelf,' (In the manner of speaking we have nowadays). For 'gracious knows, her darling child, IRate it:

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Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
a rock lies in a valley. - Why did it fall? Nowadays no one knows - Did it break off from the heiRate it:

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 2. Interlude IV.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
any that is made of wheat? You know that people nowadays To what is old give little praise; All musRate it:

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The Black Cottage
Robert Frost
in the church, Whom we all have to think of nowadays, I would have changed the Creed a very little?Rate it:

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The Cripple
Leon Gellert
his kindly heart we learnt the truth, since nowadays of cheer there is a dearth, ‘Twas smiles or teRate it:

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The Cross Roads; Or, The Haymaker's Story
John Clare
ere I the tales believed; For there are people nowadays, Lord knows, Will sooner hatch up lies thanRate it:

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The Day that is Dead
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
not the sires from whom they've sprung, They nowadays are not so keen As when we - and the worldRate it:

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The King's Breakfast
Alan Alexander Milne
better tell His Majesty That many people nowadays Like marmalade Instead." The Dairymaid Said, "FaRate it:

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The Nightingale
La Fontaine
ardour must prevail. Girls are precocious nowadays, Look at the men with ardent gaze, And longings'Rate it:

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The Old Days - And The New
Alice Guerin Crist
of every dance and fair, There’s no such women nowadays!” Young Danny, plaiting stockwhip thongs, SRate it:

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The Spellin'-Bee
Paul Laurence Dunbar
turn to look at Sally, An' say: 'The teachin' nowadays can't be o' no great vally.' But true enoughRate it:

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The Tavern
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Whenever I go by there nowadays And look at the rank weeds and the strange grass, The torn blue curtains and the broken glass, I seem to be afra...Rate it:

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