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A Pleasant Grove
William Browne
Unto a pleasant grove or such like place, Where here the curious cutting of a hedge: There, by a pond, the trimming of the sedge: Here the fine set...Rate it:

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Amyntor's Grove, His Chloris, Arigo, And Gratiana. An Elogie
Richard Lovelace
It was Amyntor's Grove, that Chloris For ever ecchoes, and her glories; Chloris, the gentlest sheapherdesse, That ever lawnes and lambes did blesse...Rate it:

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Deep in a Yew-Sequestered Grove
Mathilde Blind
Deep in a yew-sequestered grove I sat and wept my heart away; A child came by at close of day With eyes as sweet as new-born love. He came fro...Rate it:

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Farmer Stebbins At Ocean Grove.
William McKendree Carleton
OCEAN GROVE, June 30, 18 - . DEAR COUSIN JOHN: We got here safe - my worthy wife and me - And took a tent here in the woods contigious to t...Rate it:

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Fragment - Is not this grove
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Is not this grove A scene of pensive loveliness—the gleam Of Dian's gentle ray falls on the trees, And piercing thro’ the gloom, seems like the sm...Rate it:

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Fru Grove, født Fenger
Hans Christian Andersen
Bag Sorø Sø ved Skoven Bonden gik bag Ploven; Jeg kom med Ingemann og med hans Frue I Præstegaardens Stue. De glade Børnestemmer klang; En lille Pi...Rate it:

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In a Spring Grove
William Allingham
Here the white-ray'd anemone is born, Wood-sorrel, and the varnish'd buttercup; And primrose in its purfled green swathed up, Pallid and sweet r...Rate it:

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Inscription For A Stone Erected At The Sowing Of A Grove Of Oaks At Chillington, Anno 1790
William Cowper
Other stones the era tell, When some feeble mortal fell; I stand here to date the birth Of these hardy sons of earth. Which shall longest brave the...Rate it:

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Inscription For A Stone Erected At The Sowing Of A Grove Of Oaks At Chillington, Anno 1791
William Cowper
Reader! behold a monument That asks no sigh or tear, Though it perpetuate the event Of a great burial here. Rate it:

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Little Birds In Yonder Grove
Lady Caroline Lamb
Little birds in yonder grove, Making nests, and making love, Come sing upon your favorite tree, Once more your sweetest songs to me: An exile from ...Rate it:

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Now Spring Has Clad The Grove In Green
Robert Burns
Now spring has clad the grove in green, And strew'd the lea wi' flowers; The furrow'd, waving corn is seen Rejoice in fostering showers:...Rate it:

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The Ash Grove
Edward Thomas
Half of the grove stood dead, and those that yet lived made Little more than the dead ones made of shade. If they led to a house, long before they ...Rate it:

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The Oak Grove Of Éire
Liam Ó Comáin
Over ice, down hills, blue car, pale moon… Love is calling me to a fireside in Doire. Oh! Doire, Doire, Doire, My own lovely Doire, The jewel o...Rate it:

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Upon The Hill And Grove At Bill-borow
Andrew Marvell
To the Lord Fairfax. See how the arched Earth does here Rise in a perfect Hemisphere! The stiffest Compass could not strike A line more circular a...Rate it:

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Upon the Priory Grove, His Usual Retirement
Henry Vaughan
Hail sacred shades! cool, leavy House! Chaste treasurer of all my vows, And wealth! on whose soft bosom laid My love's fair steps I first betray...Rate it:

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