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Mathilde Blind, was a German-born British poet. Her work was praised by Matthew Arnold and French politician and historian Louis Blanc.

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I Am Athirst, But Not For Wine 137 ViewsRate it:
A Symbol 134 ViewsRate it:
Brown Eyes 129 ViewsRate it:
If You But Knew 128 ViewsRate it:
A Parting 127 ViewsRate it:
Song II 125 ViewsRate it:
As Many Stars 122 ViewsRate it:
A Winter Landscape 120 ViewsRate it:
Evensong 119 ViewsRate it:
The Prophecy Of St. Oran: Part II 119 ViewsRate it:
Untimely Love 119 ViewsRate it:
Love-Trilogy 118 ViewsRate it:
Rose D'Amour 118 ViewsRate it:
The Mystic's Vision 118 ViewsRate it:
Reapers 116 ViewsRate it:
Marriage 116 ViewsRate it:
Ode To A Child 115 ViewsRate it:
Cleve Woods 114 ViewsRate it:
Winding All My Life About Thee 113 ViewsRate it:
A Child's Fancy 112 ViewsRate it:
Time's Shadow 111 ViewsRate it:
To Memory 111 ViewsRate it:
Echoes Of Spring 110 ViewsRate it:
In a Kentish Rose Garden. 110 ViewsRate it:
The Hunter's Moon 110 ViewsRate it:
The Songs of Summer 110 ViewsRate it:
April Rain 109 ViewsRate it:
Yea, the Roses Are Still on Fire 109 ViewsRate it:
Ah, Yesterday Was Dark and Drear 108 ViewsRate it:
The Red Sunsets II, 1883 106 ViewsRate it:
The New Proserpine 105 ViewsRate it:
Prelude 104 ViewsRate it:
Nuit 101 ViewsRate it:
New Year's Eve 100 ViewsRate it:
Cross-Roads 99 ViewsRate it:
Haunted Streets 99 ViewsRate it:
Spring In The Alps 99 ViewsRate it:
To Hope 99 ViewsRate it:
Analkh 98 ViewsRate it:
On A Torso Of Cupid 97 ViewsRate it:
Sundered Paths 97 ViewsRate it:
The Sower 97 ViewsRate it:
Beauty 96 ViewsRate it:
Once We Played 96 ViewsRate it:
The Wind 96 ViewsRate it:
Soul-Drift 95 ViewsRate it:
Suffering 95 ViewsRate it:
I Took Your Face into My Dreams 94 ViewsRate it:
I Was Again Beside Thee in a Dream 94 ViewsRate it:
Soul's Call 94 ViewsRate it:
Love's Vision 93 ViewsRate it:
In Spring 92 ViewsRate it:
Love's Phantom 92 ViewsRate it:
Saving Love 91 ViewsRate it:
The Abandoned 91 ViewsRate it:
The Colossi of the Plain 91 ViewsRate it:
Ave Maria In Rome 90 ViewsRate it:
Sometimes I Wonder 90 ViewsRate it:
Welcome to Egypt 90 ViewsRate it:
A Dream 89 ViewsRate it:
In the St. Gotthardt Pass 89 ViewsRate it:
To a Friend 89 ViewsRate it:
Why Will You Haunt Me 89 ViewsRate it:
On A Letter 87 ViewsRate it:
In a Lonesome Burial-Place 86 ViewsRate it:
The Music-Lesson 86 ViewsRate it:
Despair 85 ViewsRate it:
Invocation 85 ViewsRate it:
The Evening of the Year 85 ViewsRate it:
The Moat 85 ViewsRate it:
The Red Sunsets I, 1883 85 ViewsRate it:
Sphinx-Money 84 ViewsRate it:
The After-Glow 84 ViewsRate it:
Affinities 83 ViewsRate it:
All My Heart Is Stirring Lightly 81 ViewsRate it:
Mystery Of Mysteries 81 ViewsRate it:
On Guido's Aurora 81 ViewsRate it:
Snow or Snowdrops? 81 ViewsRate it:
I Would I Were the Glow-Worm 80 ViewsRate it:
On and On 79 ViewsRate it:
The Prophecy Of St. Oran: Part IV 77 ViewsRate it:
The Street-Children's Dance 76 ViewsRate it:
A Parable 75 ViewsRate it:
Shakespeare 75 ViewsRate it:
Ah, If You Knew 74 ViewsRate it:
Dost Thou Remember Ever 74 ViewsRate it:
Roman Anemones 74 ViewsRate it:
The Desert 74 ViewsRate it:
Delight 73 ViewsRate it:
Many Will Love You 73 ViewsRate it:
Anne Hathaway 72 ViewsRate it:
Egyptian Theosophy 72 ViewsRate it:
Green Leaves and Sere 72 ViewsRate it:
On Reading the 72 ViewsRate it:
Only a Smile 72 ViewsRate it:
The Tombs Of The Kings 71 ViewsRate it:
Dead Love 70 ViewsRate it:
The Dead 70 ViewsRate it:
We Met as Strangers 69 ViewsRate it:
Haunted 69 ViewsRate it:
The Woods Shake in an Ague-Fit 69 ViewsRate it:
The Tombs of the Kings 68 ViewsRate it:
Noonday Rest 67 ViewsRate it:
Pauper Poet's Song 67 ViewsRate it:
My Lady 66 ViewsRate it:
The Wanderer 66 ViewsRate it:
Cagnes 65 ViewsRate it:
Song I 64 ViewsRate it:
The Agnostic 64 ViewsRate it:
Heart's-Ease 63 ViewsRate it:
She Stood Against the Orient Sun 63 ViewsRate it:
A White Night 62 ViewsRate it:
O Moon 62 ViewsRate it:
The Sâkiyeh 62 ViewsRate it:
Lines II 61 ViewsRate it:
To the Obelisk 61 ViewsRate it:
Between Sleep and Waking 60 ViewsRate it:
Deep in a Yew-Sequestered Grove 60 ViewsRate it:
I Planted a Rose Tree 60 ViewsRate it:
The Avon 59 ViewsRate it:
Pastiche 58 ViewsRate it:
The Red Sunsets, 1883 58 ViewsRate it:
The Orange-Peel In The Gutter 57 ViewsRate it:
The Beautiful Beeshareen Boy 56 ViewsRate it:
Your Looks Have Touched My Soul 56 ViewsRate it:
What Magic Is There 53 ViewsRate it:
Renunciation 52 ViewsRate it:
A Bridal In The Bois De Boulogne. 51 ViewsRate it:
A Fantasy 50 ViewsRate it:
Autumn Tints 50 ViewsRate it:
Manchester by Night 50 ViewsRate it:
I Charge You 49 ViewsRate it:
Like Some Wild Sleeper 49 ViewsRate it:
The Prophecy Of St. Oran: Part III 49 ViewsRate it:
The Robin Redbreast 49 ViewsRate it:
I Think of Thee in Watches of the Night 48 ViewsRate it:
Mourning Women 48 ViewsRate it:
On Life's Long Round 48 ViewsRate it:
Rest 48 ViewsRate it:
On the Lighthouse at Antibes 46 ViewsRate it:
Thou Walkest With Me 46 ViewsRate it:
The Prophecy Of St. Oran: Part I 45 ViewsRate it:
The Sleeping Beauty 45 ViewsRate it:
Our Souls Have Touched Each Other 43 ViewsRate it:
The Moon of Ramadân 42 ViewsRate it:
The Torrent 42 ViewsRate it:
A Spring Song 41 ViewsRate it:
Hymn to Horus 41 ViewsRate it:
The Sphinx 40 ViewsRate it:
The Forest Pool 38 ViewsRate it:
You Make the Sunshine of my Heart 38 ViewsRate it:
Nirvana 37 ViewsRate it:
Love And The Muse 36 ViewsRate it:
Sleep 36 ViewsRate it:
Anne Hathaway's Cottage 35 ViewsRate it:
Apple-Blossom 34 ViewsRate it:
Seeking 34 ViewsRate it:
The Mirror Of Diana 34 ViewsRate it:
When You Wake 34 ViewsRate it:
Internal Firesides 33 ViewsRate it:
On a Viola D'Amore 33 ViewsRate it:
Once on a Golden Day 33 ViewsRate it:
Cedars Of Lebanon At Warwick Castle 32 ViewsRate it:
Entangled 32 ViewsRate it:
Lost Treasure 31 ViewsRate it:
Scarabæus Sisyphus 31 ViewsRate it:
Hope 30 ViewsRate it:
Motherhood 30 ViewsRate it:
L'Envoi 29 ViewsRate it:
Christmas Even 28 ViewsRate it:
Lassitude 28 ViewsRate it:
The Dying Dragoman 28 ViewsRate it:
Cleave Thou the Waves 25 ViewsRate it:
Perfect Union 22 ViewsRate it:
The Passing Year 20 ViewsRate it:
Lines 19 ViewsRate it:
Question And Answer 19 ViewsRate it:

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