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Lines on the Credit Valley Trip
James McIntyre
The Credit Valley Railway company having placed a car at the disposal of the Ingersoll corporation, the Council kindly asked us to accompany them t...Rate it:

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The Absent-Minded Beggar
Rudyard Kipling
look after their things?) Pass the hat for your credit's sake, and pay - pay - pay ! There are girRate it:

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Henry Lawson
don’t know if it’s true; For we scarcely dare to credit ev’rything they say who edit Those unhappy Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter XXIII: Prisons
George Crabbe
are the guilty race, who mean to live On credit, that credulity will give; Who purchase, conscious Rate it:

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A Woman's Way
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
when I score, it 'urts me dignerty To 'ave the credit grabbed out uv me 'ands. I shouldn't look ferRate it:

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Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus
John Donne
have had more faith, if thou hadst less. Thy credit lost thy credit. 'Tis sin to do, In this case, Rate it:

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Poor little Heart!
Emily Dickinson
little Heart! I would not break thee— Could'st credit me? Could'st credit me? Gay little Heart— LiRate it:

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Satire III
Mathurin Regnier
Sans parler, je t'entends : il faut suivre l'orage ; Aussi bien on ne peut où choisir avantage ; Nous vivons à tâtons et, dans ce monde ici, Souv...Rate it:

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St. Martin's Summer
Robert Louis Stevenson
back again to me. I know not which to credit, O lady of my heart! Your eyes that bade me linger, YRate it:

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The Borough. Letter XVI: Inhabitants Of The Alms-House. Benlow
George Crabbe
son, those fair possessions sold, And lost his credit, while he spent the gold: He was a jovial traRate it:

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of this well torn tale If you want you can have credit Prey to a pay rise because low pay no longerRate it:

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Relieve Me
Ehsan Sehgal
the truth and reality And fetch out Your credit treasure To relieve me.Rate it:

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to act on Yet who performs badly? That direct credit goes to man Thought the savvy ages through theRate it:

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The Blues Hotel
Sterling Warner
Two Jacksons or Four sawbucks Up front—$40. No credit cards, no I.D.; Beyond, beneath, Battered neon lights The Blues Hotel Weathered time’s rav...Rate it:

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The Princess And The Page
Harriet Monroe
whom evil spells Held in deep sleep; and men of credit Tried all in vain, the story tells, Week Rate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
over 1,000 poems & 2 short story's toward credit platform. Vitale has taken the poetic world bRate it:

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Gun I & II
Mario William Vitale
as a caboose the drinks were flowing and our credit was showing had to barter for a new suit then hRate it:

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I Am a 21st Century Man
Alan Berkeley Thomas
when I get back with my skin nearly black And my credit cards maxed to the hilt I return to my waysRate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
work to do and bills to pay A struggle for a credit page That we may visit in old age. And yet, whRate it:

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Anne Killigrew
(if Fame you will believe, To ancient Story any credit give.) Who when the Globe of Earth he had sRate it:

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Death and Dying Words of Poor Mailie, The
Robert Burns
aye keep mind to moop an' mell, Wi' sheep o' credit like thysel'! "And now, my bairns, wi' my lRate it:

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Exodus Parthenidae
Adam Lindsay Gordon
just as well that I let him go ; For if my creditors won't be losers, I've set them scratching theiRate it:

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Satire II
Mathurin Regnier
...Aussi, lors que l'on voit un homme par la rue Dont le rabat est sale et la chausse rompue, Ses grègues aux genoux, au coude son pourpoint, Qu...Rate it:

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The Call Of The Wild
Robert William Service
have put you in a showcase; you're a credit to their teaching -- But can't you hear the Wild? -Rate it:

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1989-2017 Poetic Work Of Mario William Vitale
Mario William Vitale
1,000 poems & 2 short story's toward credit platform. Vitale has taken the poetic world bRate it:

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