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Between Life And Death
Nikhil Parekh
Between the ominous black clouds and the earth; there lies enchanting breeze placidly cooling the atmosphere, Between wholesome pitch darkness a...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
draught of insipid wind, But the flames between their philandering eyes; rose higher than the majeRate it:

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Alan Alexander Milne
and the nose, And sand in the hair, and sand-between-the-toes. Whenever a good nor'wester blows, ChRate it:

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Between the Showers
Amy Levy
Between the showers I went my way, The glistening street was bright with flowers; It seemed that March had turned to May Between the showers. Abov...Rate it:

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Horas between reality and dream!
Hassan Hegazy Hassan
Horas between reality and dream! Written And Translated By : Hassan Hegazy Hassan Egypt *** Battling with the Windmills On the night of despai...Rate it:

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Between the Lines
Jesus Penaranda
Between the Lines There paths had finally crossed. Each traveling in thier different worlds Both feeling each other's despair Yet knowing they wou...Rate it:

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Between My Country—and the Others
Emily Dickinson
Between My Country—and the Others— There is a Sea— But Flowers—negotiate between us— As Ministry. Rate it:

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Between Sleep and Waking
Mathilde Blind
day was breaking, Softly call a cuckoo bird Between sleep and waking. Calling through the ripplRate it:

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The difference between Despair
Emily Dickinson
The difference between Despair And Fear—is like the One Between the instant of a Wreck And when the Wreck has been— The Mind is smooth—no Motion— ...Rate it:

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The Town Between the Hills
Katherine Mansfield
little hot-pot From the town between the hills." He nodded his head And made her a sign To siRate it:

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Between the Lines
Mary Bone
you still cared one iota. I just couldn't read between the lines.Rate it:

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Between Us Now
Thomas Hardy
Between us now and here-- Two thrown together Who are not wont to wear Life's flushest feather-- Who see the scenes slide past, The daytimes d...Rate it:

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A Night—there lay the Days between
Emily Dickinson
A Night—there lay the Days between— The Day that was Before— And Day that was Behind—were one— And now—'twas Night—was here— Slow—Night—that must ...Rate it:

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Between the Dusk of a Summer Night
William Ernest Henley
Between the dusk of a summer night And the dawn of a summer day, We caught at a mood as it passed in flight, And we bade it stoop and sta...Rate it:

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Between The Gates
John Greenleaf Whittier
Between the gates of birth and death An old and saintly pilgrim passed, With look of one who witnesseth The long-sought goal at last. O thou whose...Rate it:

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Between the Poles of the Conscious
BETWEEN the poles of the conscious and the unconscious, there has the mind made a swing: Thereon hang all beings and all worlds, and that swing nev...Rate it:

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Between The Wind And Rain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
ere the dial on the slope was pass'd, Between the last loud bugle of the Wind And the first silver Rate it:

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Between Two Hills
Carl Sandburg
Between two hills The old town stands. The houses loom And the roofs and trees And the dusk and the dark, The damp and the dew Are there. T...Rate it:

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Between Two Lies
Kurt Philip Behm
with the future on the run The present an echo between two lies —as the moment never comes (ViRate it:

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Choosing Between
Kurt Philip Behm
after rejecting its meaning Do I have to choose between —again and again (Villanova PennsylvaniRate it:

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Death is a Dialogue between
Emily Dickinson
Death is a Dialogue between The Spirit and the Dust. "Dissolve" says Death—The Spirit "Sir I have another Trust"— Death doubts it—Argues from the ...Rate it:

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In between
Lj Mark
some understand How it feels to be me In this in-between land by LjMark 2016Rate it:

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Light Between the Trees
Henry Van Dyke
vale; But at last the traveller sees Light between the trees! Rate it:

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Moonless darkness stands between
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Moonless darkness stands between. Past, the Past, no more be seen! But the Bethlehem-star may lead me To the sight of Him Who freed me From the se...Rate it:

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Scene Between May and June
James Thomson
of rest, Sleep-soothing groves, and quiet lawns between, And flowery beds, that slumbrous influenceRate it:

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