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Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American essayist, lecturer, and poet, who led the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century.

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Loss And Gain 421 ViewsRate it:
Self Reliance 390 ViewsRate it:
Merlin's Song 376 ViewsRate it:
Poems 373 ViewsRate it:
Merops 343 ViewsRate it:
Days 340 ViewsRate it:
Berrying 340 ViewsRate it:
The Test 338 ViewsRate it:
The Amulet 337 ViewsRate it:
Rubies 336 ViewsRate it:
Love And Thought 331 ViewsRate it:
Spiritual Laws 330 ViewsRate it:
Sursum Corda 307 ViewsRate it:
Dæmonic Love 280 ViewsRate it:
Each And All 214 ViewsRate it:
Saadi 214 ViewsRate it:
Fable 212 ViewsRate it:
Terminus 187 ViewsRate it:
Hamatreya 179 ViewsRate it:
Song of Nature 152 ViewsRate it:
Tact 150 ViewsRate it:
Monadnoc 145 ViewsRate it:
Brahma 135 ViewsRate it:
Grace 135 ViewsRate it:
May-Day 135 ViewsRate it:
The Past 134 ViewsRate it:
Threnody 133 ViewsRate it:
Character 130 ViewsRate it:
Alphonso Of Castile 129 ViewsRate it:
The Sphinx 124 ViewsRate it:
Mithridates 123 ViewsRate it:
Seashore 123 ViewsRate it:
Nature 120 ViewsRate it:
Freedom 119 ViewsRate it:
Experience 118 ViewsRate it:
The Adirondacs 118 ViewsRate it:
Boston Hymn 114 ViewsRate it:
From the Persian of Hafiz I 114 ViewsRate it:
Astræ 113 ViewsRate it:
Woodnotes 108 ViewsRate it:
Etienne de la Boéce 107 ViewsRate it:
The Cumberland 107 ViewsRate it:
The Lords of Life 107 ViewsRate it:
The Snow Storm 107 ViewsRate it:
Two Rivers 107 ViewsRate it:
Art 106 ViewsRate it:
Quatrains 105 ViewsRate it:
The Titmouse 103 ViewsRate it:
Lover's Petition 102 ViewsRate it:
Beauty 101 ViewsRate it:
Forebearance 100 ViewsRate it:
To Rhea 99 ViewsRate it:
Voluntaries 95 ViewsRate it:
Unity 93 ViewsRate it:
The Forerunners 91 ViewsRate it:
From the Persian of Hafiz II 89 ViewsRate it:
The Chartist's Complaint 89 ViewsRate it:
The Earth 89 ViewsRate it:
To Ellen, At The South 89 ViewsRate it:
The Problem 88 ViewsRate it:
Dirge 87 ViewsRate it:
Give All To Love 85 ViewsRate it:
Waldeinsamkeit 84 ViewsRate it:
To-day 80 ViewsRate it:
Uriel. 80 ViewsRate it:
Eros 79 ViewsRate it:
My Garden 79 ViewsRate it:
Wealth 79 ViewsRate it:
Initial Love 73 ViewsRate it:
Friendship 73 ViewsRate it:
Concord Hymn 73 ViewsRate it:
To Eva 73 ViewsRate it:
The Rhodora 71 ViewsRate it:
Ode 70 ViewsRate it:
Painting And Sculpture 70 ViewsRate it:
Solution 70 ViewsRate it:
The Apology 69 ViewsRate it:
Gnothi Seauton 68 ViewsRate it:
To-day 67 ViewsRate it:
Waves 67 ViewsRate it:
The Humble Bee 66 ViewsRate it:
The World-Soul 66 ViewsRate it:
Uriel 66 ViewsRate it:
Blight 65 ViewsRate it:
Good-bye 65 ViewsRate it:
The Visit 65 ViewsRate it:
To J.W. 64 ViewsRate it:
Una 64 ViewsRate it:
The River Note 63 ViewsRate it:
Merlin II 62 ViewsRate it:
Forerunners 61 ViewsRate it:
Merlin I 61 ViewsRate it:
Letters 60 ViewsRate it:
Manners 60 ViewsRate it:
In Memoriam 59 ViewsRate it:
Fate 58 ViewsRate it:
The Bell 58 ViewsRate it:
Boston 57 ViewsRate it:
Politics 56 ViewsRate it:
Guy 54 ViewsRate it:
The Day's Ration 54 ViewsRate it:
Nemesis 50 ViewsRate it:
Bacchus 49 ViewsRate it:
The Romany Girl 49 ViewsRate it:
Suum Cuique 47 ViewsRate it:
Worship 45 ViewsRate it:
Celestial Love 44 ViewsRate it:
Ode To William H. Channing 40 ViewsRate it:
The Park 40 ViewsRate it:
Culture 38 ViewsRate it:
Heroism 38 ViewsRate it:
Compensation 35 ViewsRate it:
The Snow-Storm 35 ViewsRate it:
Good-by 33 ViewsRate it:
Musketaquid 32 ViewsRate it:
Ode To Beauty 27 ViewsRate it:
And When I Am Entombed In My Place, 5 ViewsRate it:
A.H. 3 ViewsRate it:
Artist 3 ViewsRate it:
A Dull Uncertain Brain, 2 ViewsRate it:
A Mountain Grave 2 ViewsRate it:
April 2 ViewsRate it:
Astraea 2 ViewsRate it:
A Letter 1 ViewRate it:

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